Implantation Bleeding or Period? An Early Sign of Pregnancy


If you are planning and actively trying to get pregnant, then you are probably watching and waiting for every sign of early pregnancy that you have researched online or read in a book. This means that you might have read that the presence of implantation bleeding and the absence of your period is a good sign that you may be pregnant. But what exactly should you expect to look for when it comes to implantation bleeding and how would you differentiate between this very early sign of pregnancy and the onset of your next period?

Ways to Distinguish Period From Spotting

What Is Implantation Bleeding?

Implantation bleeding is characterized by brown or pink spotting that happens shortly before the menstrual cycle. Although this form of bleeding usually signifies that your menstrual cycle is about to start, it could also be a sign that you are pregnant.

Implantation Bleeding or Period? 5 Ways to Tell the Difference

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After the sperm fertilizes, the embryo from the egg begins to divide and grow. The walls of the uterus, also known as the endometrius, start to change. About one-third of all pregnant women experience implantation bleeding, and while it may be alarming to see, it is, in fact, natural. It happens so early on in the pregnancy, however, that a lot of women mistake it for the beginning of their period. The color, thickness and duration will help the woman differentiate between the occurrence of implantation bleeding or a period.

Endometrial thickness is critical when it comes to successful implantation. The thickness should be at least eight to nine millimeters thick and appear to have a healthy appearance. If it looks homogeneous or whited out, it will not be suitable for implantation.

Spotting during implantation bleeding occurs even before HCG tests can give a woman a positive pregnancy result. Some women might not even notice any signs associated with implantation, but instead notice the other early pregnancy signs later on.

There are several things to look for when trying to determine if you’re experiencing implantation bleeding or your normal period.

1. Flow

  • The primary difference between implantation bleeding and menstruation is the flow. Bleeding caused by implantation is very light and will stay light. For many women, menstruation starts off light and gets heavier over time. Bleeding from implantation will not cause blood clots like normal menstruation.
  • Heavy bleeding is not normally associated with implantation. Bleeding caused by implantation is almost always light, so heavier bleeding is either menstruation or a miscarriage.
  • Simply put, implantation bleeding is very light and stays light. If the consistency of the flow gets heavier, you are likely getting your period.

2. Color

  • Discharge or light bleeding that is brown or pink in color may be a sign of implantation. Red blood is a sign of menstruation.
  • In rare cases, implantation blood is a light red color. This indicates that the blood has just been shed from the uterine lining.
  • Brown blood is older blood that may have been stuck in your uterus after the egg implanted itself. Most women report seeing brownish smelly blood during implantation.
  • It’s important to note that women rarely experience red blood with implantation. It takes time for the blood to move out of the body, which causes the blood to age and turn a brownish color. Some women may even experience dark brown blood.

3. CrampingWoman cramping on white background

  • Menstruation and implantation bleeding can both cause cramping and pain. Menstrual cramps are generally more intense than cramps caused by implantation. If you are experiencing light or faint cramps that never increase in intensity and light pink or brown discharge, this is a good indication of implantation bleeding.
  • Why does implantation cause cramping? The fertilized egg burrows and attaches itself to the uterine lining, which can cause the uterine muscles to contract. When these contractions occur, they can pinch the nerve endings and cause pain that feels similar to menstrual cramps. Cramps may last a few hours, or a few days.

4. Consistency

  • Is the bleeding on and off, or consistent? With implantation bleeding, spotting will come and go. During menstruation, the bleeding will continue throughout the full duration of your period (typically 4-7 days).
  • Bleeding from implantation will generally last for one to two days, but some women may experience spotting for a longer or shorter period of time. Every woman and pregnancy is different, so the length of bleeding can vary from one woman to the next.
  • For some women, bleeding will only last a few hours before it stops. Other women will experience spotting on and off for two to four days.

5. Other Implantation Symptoms

Implantation may also be accompanied by other symptoms, including:

  • Spotting instead of period
  • Light cramping

Some women will experience cramping as the egg attaches itself to the lining of the uterus. However, these cramps are usually much lighter and milder than the pain women experience during their period.

When cramping and light spotting is accompanied by other symptoms of early pregnancy, it may be time to see your doctor, or take a home pregnancy test.

Other early pregnancy symptoms include:

  • Nausea: Morning sickness is one of the first signs of pregnancy that women notice. An aversion to certain smells, nausea and vomiting are common.
  • Fatigue: Most women feel unusually fatigued during the first trimester. This level of fatigue is much more intense than what you may experience if you’re just lacking sleep or overly stressed.
  • Breast soreness or tenderness: In the early stages of pregnancy, a woman’s breasts undergo many changes. The increased blood flow to the breasts makes its veins more noticeable, and its milk ducts are growing in preparation of breastfeeding later on. All of these changes can cause your breasts to feel sore, tender or swollen.
  • Change in bathroom habits: During pregnancy, a woman’s body is constantly changing, and these changes can have an effect on your bathroom habits. Pregnancy can cause frequent urination and constipation. If you cannot find an explanation for your increased urination and sudden constipation, you may be pregnant.
  • Mood swings: A woman’s body undergoes some major hormonal changes during pregnancy. These changes can impact your mood, causing you to feel happy one minute and crying the next.

Implantation Bleeding VS. Period: 11 FAQs

1. When Does Implantation Bleeding Happen?Happy young woman looking at pregnancy test

2. No Implantation Bleeding

  • If you have been trying to conceive, the absence of symptoms like implantation bleeding can be discouraging to the expectant mother. However, it is not a common symptom in all women; it is simply a change in the vaginal mucus discharge rather than an entirely new discharge. If you do not see any bleeding, it is not a sure sign that you are not pregnant. Pregnancy varies from woman to woman, and all signs and symptoms could be different. Implantation bleeding is a symptom due to the ovum’s attachment to the uterine lining and can often even be misconstrued as the beginning of a period. Although the implantation bleeding occurs much sooner, there is only a small amount of discharge, and there is a marked absence of the usual period symptoms and is replaced by new symptoms.
  • Period pains that women experience monthly are usually more painful and include worse cramps and longer bouts of pain and discomfort. After implantation, you may also notice other sure signs of pregnancy such as morning sickness, general fatigue, swollen breasts, or taste disturbance. If the bleeding becomes worse and intensifies in strength and is accompanied by nausea or vomiting, then it could be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, or the fertilized egg could be developing without an embryo. You will need to consult your doctor if your pain or bleeding worsen over the course of the days you are experiencing it.

3. Implantation Bleeding After Missed Period

  • Implantation bleeding will only last for a day or two before it goes away, unlike a period where the discharge is heavier, and usually lasts several days. This kind of bleeding is not a sure sign of pregnancy, though. It is recommended that you wait until after you have missed your period to take a pregnancy test, otherwise the results may not be as accurate.
  • There is a very slim chance of experiencing implantation bleeding several days after you missed your period. The best way to be able to tell the difference between implantation bleeding after fertilization and bleeding due to your period is to get to know your body. Pay close attention to your menstrual cycles. Check how heavy they are and when they usually stop and end.If you suspect it is implantation bleeding, then taking a pregnancy test can put your mind at ease. It is always best to test your urine for pregnancy right away in the morning when your HCG levels will be at their highest.

4. Key Differences Between Implantation Bleeding and a Menstrual Cycle

Types of uterine fibroids

The biggest way to spot the differences between implantation bleeding and the beginning of your menstrual cycle is to take note of the flow, the timing, and the color of the blood that you are seeing.

  • Spotting is light bleeding that can occur between periods or even in the early onset of pregnancy; it could also be a symptom of a miscarriage. Other elements that can cause spotting are pelvic exams, sex, or even irritation of the cervix. A little light spotting is perfectly normal in the early weeks of pregnancy, but if you see the color changing or the flow increasing, then it is recommended that you consult with your doctor to rule out any other medical complications for you or the baby. Spotting may also be caused by uterine fibroids, which are benign tumors that grow in the uterus and trigger bleeding in the middle of menstruation. Other conditions that can cause spotting include: pelvic inflammatory disease, hormonal imbalances (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), the use of an intrauterine device (IUD), sexually transmitted infections, and certain forms of cancer, including ovarian cancer.
  • Heavy bleeding is not a symptom of implantation bleeding. Implantation bleeding is light and tends to stay light; more massive bleeding may be a sign of a period onset or miscarriage.
  • The color of implantation bleeding should be brown or pink in color; menstruation blood is red. If the blood is a brownish color, it only means that it is older blood that had been stuck in the uterus after the egg has implanted. The blood is this darker color because it takes some time for it to make its way out of the body. This means that the blood will begin to age and turn this darker brown color rather than a red color.
  • Cramping can be seen in both menstruation and implantation bleeding. Menstrual cramps are usually more intense and last a longer amount of time than cramps due to implantation. If your cramps are light and do not increase in intensity and pain and the discharge is a pink or brown color than it is most likely due to implantation bleeding, not your period.

5. How Long Can Implantation Bleeding Last?

  • The earliest implantation bleeding will occur is within three days of ovulation. The latest you will experience bleeding is after twelve days. The bleeding typically only lasts for a couple of days, but then again, every woman is different. The duration can be different for everyone as well. It is usually only noticed once or twice in the early portion of the pregnancy and is one of the clear signs available to show pregnancy, even before a pregnancy test has been taken. The length of time may depend on how much blood was released during the egg attachment process and how long your body is going to take to get rid of it. Therefore, the duration is from a couple of hours to a couple of days, or even not at all.
  • While menstruation is characterized by a reddish color, implantation discharge is characterized by a pink or brownish color as a result of the time spent by the fertilized egg implanting itself into the uterine wall, and restricting normal blood flow. The implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterine wall will eventually cause a partial, but harmless, rupturing of the wall which causes the discoloration in the blood.
  • Some women who experience implantation bleeding will wonder if it is one of the cervical mucus stages or bleeding due to implantation. A woman’s cervix produces cervical mucus on a daily basis, and the cycle occurs every month with several stages, including egg white cervical mucus, watery cervical mucus, creamy cervical mucus, and sticky cervical mucus. The amount of mucus depends on the amount of estrogen that is found in the woman’s body and sometimes they may not notice any at all.During implantation, the cervical mucus can be a little different. The spotting or bleeding usually occurs when you are not already supposed to be on your period, and it is very light in most cases. The amount of mucus will increase to levels that can be seen as similar to their ovulation levels. The mucus may contain more water and is there to protect the egg.
  • The color of the blood after implantation is based on the amount of time it takes the blood to expel from the body. Fresh blood leaving the body like when you are on your period is usually brighter red in color, while blood from implantation bleeding takes up to twelve days, so it turns the darker brownish color and is no longer considered fresh blood.

6. How Heavy Is Implantation Bleeding?Young woman covering her belly lying on sofa

  • When it comes to how heavy implantation bleeding is, it again depends on the cause. Most implantation bleeding is characterized by very light bleeding, and, in some cases, may not even be noticeable. Bleeding through implantation does not trigger a blood clot and any bleeding associated with a heavy flow, or a blood clot must be investigated because it may be a result of a miscarriage or another complication. If the consistency of implantation bleeding becomes heavier, then you might be going through menstruation.
  • In rare cases, implantation bleeding may be characterized by a very light red color, as opposed to a brownish or pink color. Implantation bleeding may be accompanied by cramping and pain, but cramping and suffering caused by menstruation are much more severe than those caused by bleeding due to implantation. If you are experiencing heavy bleeding after implantation, it is not considered standard. The ovum is not large and will not destruct blood vessels enough to produce that much blood. If you are experiencing heavy bleeding with intense cramps after conception, this could also point to an ectopic pregnancy. Heavy bleeding can also occur if the fertilized ovum attaches itself to the abdomen, ovaries, fallopian tubes, or cervix. Symptoms accompanying this type of occurrence include dizziness, shoulder aches, pelvic pains, and bloody discharge with the presence of clots.
  • The bleeding should never last for more than three days at the most, and, if it does, it is highly recommended that you seek medical assistance for the health and well-being of yourself as well as your unborn child. It is particularly the case if the pregnancy has been confirmed and the bleeding is accompanied by dizziness and acute pain.

7. Implantation Bleeding Timing

  • Implantation bleeding timing cannot be controlled, but it typically occurs between six and twelve days following conception. The main reason why implantation causes cramping is that when a fertilized egg burrows into the uterine wall, it causes the uterine muscles to contract. This contraction causes a pinching sensation in the nerve ends. Cramping associated with implantation bleeding may last for just a few short hours to just a few short days.

For some women that only experience the bleeding for a few hours can also experience other symptoms such as light cramping, nausea, fatigue, breast soreness or tenderness, and mood swings.

8. Signs of a Successful Implantation

  • After the successful fertilization of the egg by the sperm, it travels through the fallopian tube and into the uterus where it attaches itself the lining. The process of fertilization to implantation should take between nine and ten days, but when the implantation is not successful, the body will flush out the egg through light bleeding. In most cases, a successful implantation can mimic a menstrual period, and one of the signs of successful implantation is developing menstrual cramps that may last for up to a week and the shape of the uterus can also change.

9. Other Early Pregnancy SymptomsWoman experiencing morning sickness

  • Other than the presence of implantation bleeding, other early pregnancy symptoms can include: nausea or morning sickness with a sensitivity to certain smells. Fatigue that is considered more intense than if you just aren’t sleeping well or are stressed. Breast soreness and tenderness, along with increased blood flow, which can make your veins more noticeable, as well as frequent urination, and constipation. Mood swings, due to hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy, can also be considered an early symptom of pregnancy.

10. When Must You Consult a Doctor?

  • Light bleeding and brief spotting, associated with implantation bleeding, can be normal but could also be a sign of some other underlying medical condition. If you have confirmed that you are pregnant and your implantation bleeding has become heavier, then you should see a doctor immediately. The bleeding should not last for more than two days. If it does, you should visit your doctor.
  • Stomach cramps and bleeding alone cannot be relied upon as symptoms of implantation bleeding because other conditions, such as appendicitis, late periods, and bladder infections may also cause stomach cramps. If your implantation cramping is accompanied by fever, chills, and heavy bleeding, then you must also consult your doctor immediately.
  • An increase in progesterone which is a hormone produced by the corpus luteum is what keeps your menses from starting. The progesterone supports the thickened uterine lining, and this is what allows the embryo to implant itself and grow ultimately. The implantation bleeding occurs as the embryo begins to burrow itself into the uterine lining but by the seventh week of pregnancy this symptom should be gone. If the bleeding is still present after the seventh week, then you should seek advice from your doctor because excessive bleeding during early pregnancy could signal a miscarriage which can occur in around fifty percent of pregnant women still experiencing the bleeding after this time frame.
  • When trying to conceive a woman will watch carefully for any and every sign that could point to a successful conception. Implantation bleeding would be one of the very first noticeable signs of pregnancy, but while only about one-third of every woman experiences this, it can be disheartening for those that are waiting and hoping for this sign. Not every woman or even every pregnancy is the same. What might occur with one woman may be absent the next.

11. When to Take a Pregnancy TestPregnancy test flat icons

  • If you’re engaging in unprotected sex and are experiencing light spotting right around the time of your period, you may be pregnant. If you’re also experiencing other signs of early pregnancy and your period is late, consider taking a pregnancy test or seeing your doctor to confirm your pregnancy.

Remember, implantation bleeding is light in flow, pink or brown in color and short in duration. If bleeding gets heavier and lasts more than a few days, your period has likely started. However, if the bleeding stops, was very light, and your period does not start, you may be pregnant and should get tested as soon as possible.


  1. Is it possible to get implementation bleeding exactly after a period?
    I was on my periods 2 weeks ago and stopped , exactly 3 days after there’s been pink and brown discharge coming out , sometimes with brown flakes.again I’m getting cramps but they come and go.
    should I be worried?
    should I

    • I’m having He same probl m this exact moment , and my period only lasted for three days was off today(Saturday) and later in the night it was brown , kinda thick, ion know thought it is possible to get your period and still be prego !

      • Im so confused coz my period start pinkish watery and 2day igthblood like a pinkish blood i though my period start 3rd its on and of ligth brownish and 4day ligth brown and on and off so i though its just stopped but whe. I see my pad in the 4day didnt full my pad its just like a watery ligth brown am i pregnant coz i experience all of the synthoms like mild cramp nausea morning sicknesS cough diarrhea ..Help me pls

  2. I’ve had light spotting brown in color for FIVE days now. It started 9 days before my expected period and 7 days after ovulation. Light cramping on and off – it feels different than period cramps but that could be wishful thinking. Oh, and I cried in front of my boss the other day – for no reason! I got a negative pregnancy test this morning, 5 days before my period. Very confused…

    • You should test after your missed period. I know your comment is a couple of weeks old but did you ever get some good news?! I’ve been spotting brown then light pink, and now back to spotting brown and my period is due in 2 days. I’m trying to hold out on testing till after my period is due, at least 3 days afterwards. Let me know PLEASE!

    • i’m in a similar boat, only 51% of pregnant people can get a yes 5 days early though so could just be needing to test again in a few days

  3. I am experiancing spotting of pink color of 19th day after finishing my period we had intercourse during ovulation timing but dont have cramps. M very confuse about this spotting what should I do?

  4. I had my period last month on the 25 of July. My period only lasted two days, which isn’t normal. I noticed white/pink discharge when I wipe. It’s lasted for two days now. There’s a chance I could be pregnant. I took a test today and it came back negative. Anyone have any ideas what’s going on?

  5. Im having some brown spotting going on now for 3days now and and I took a pregnancy test yesterday and came back positive, then I had my blood drawn today and my level was high 26.5 is this still implantation bleeding or miscarriage. Im very worried

  6. My feionce and I have been trying for a bit now and the pass 2 days when I wipe I get nothing but when u look in the toilet there has been spots about the size of pin head and seem solid. It does not hurt when I pee either. My period due sometime this week. Could this just be the precurser to implantation or what. I have not taken a test yet but Monday I have a doctors appointment.

  7. I have brown spotting, and just got my period back off the depo shot. I got my “period” 3 times in maybe 3 weeks. Is this normal for first getting your period, after the shot wears off, or could it be spotting ????

  8. My husband and I started trying in August for baby #2. I bought an ovulation kit this time because I was nursing earlier this year and did not get my first period back until mid June. My periods are still irregular and are 35-39 days. I took a digital pregnancy test on Sunday (10/2) and it said “yes”. I decided to take a clear blue test just to see how far I am and this time it came back “not pregnant”. I took several other tests (I know I shouldn’t have but it’s so hard to wait) and out of 6-7, one more came back as a VERY faint positive. I called my doctor and I got blood work done on Monday (2 days ago) and it came back as a 9. Anything 6 or under is negative. So, I was shocked that I was slightly above. They want me to go back today (48 hours later) to see if my HCG levels go up. However, in the mean time, last night I started to spot light pink and then dark brown this morning. I have a pad on and it’s starting to get heavier and now more red. I’m wondering if I am truly not pregnant and if it is just my period..? It’s just weird that my HCG level is registering as pregnant? I know the chances are very slim, but could it be implantation bleeding? or an early miscarriage? I’m assuming it’s just my period, which stinks. I am still going in to do my blood work today just to have piece of mind. Thanks for anyone’s help in advance! Sorry for the novel!

  9. i had a light spotting on Monday being the 23rd of my period with lasted for few hours… could it be implantation bleeding??

  10. i had a light spotting on Monday being the 23rd day of my period which lasted for few hours…. could this be implantation bleeding??

  11. I dont feel pregnant thou am having some light bleeding brown in colour.comes only wen am walking and doesnt come at nyt totally.had sex in sept n nw its oct n still no periods jhus bleeding n its on and off.plz hlp m out

  12. Am having 28 days cycle and my last period should be 4th Oct, which I did not see dat day. And av done home urine test d day after my actual period which is positive but I am seeing blood on my underwear today , which is a little bit much. pls am I still pregnant?

      • Oh! Didn’t see the part that said and it came out positive. Mine came out negative and now I have brownish light blood stains . Could I be pregnant or change in menstrual cycle?

  13. I’m late for my period by a week, I’ve been experiencing pregnancy symptoms; bloating, always needing to pee, throwing up, tired, boobs are sore. I went to the doctor and done a test and it came back negative, yesterday I started spitting brown stuff and that was on and off. Now it’s turned to a reddy colour, but not heavy like a normal period. Is there a chance I’m pregnant?!?

  14. I’ve had the mirena for about four and a half years now and have consistently gotten my period like clock work every month. I’m over two weeks late for my period and after sex, I was very lightly bleeding which usually means I got my period but then it stoped by the next time I went to the bathroom. In the morning, there was very faint blood when I wiped and it was a light pink. Then it completely stopped and i still haven’t started. i don’t have many symptoms of pregnancy but I have a couple and my at home pregnancy test came back negative. Anyone else experience this? Am pregnant?

  15. My BF and I have been trying to conceive. My ovulation day was the 17 of November. I started spotting on the 17th. It is not the 22nd and the bleeding is red but not enough to soak a maxi pad. Should I be concerned?? Does this mean I could possibly still have implantation bleeding?? Please give me some insight or information. Thank you all that reply

  16. Hi, I’m one week late for my period and tested negative on the pregnancy kit. Today I experiencing spotting and cramp. My last unprotected sex was 9 days ago. Could I be pregnant ?

  17. I started having pink bleeding… Not heavy just light since last night , Friday Dec 2… And today Dec 3.. It hasn’t gotten heavy its about the same
    with some lining in the toilet. Sorry tmi. Is this implantation or ? I took two test Friday and they were negative. I had unprotected sex a week ago.. Is it possible to b pregnant this soon?

  18. My periods is due on the 17th but had some blood coming out 4 days before my was not spotting though-it was just blood coming out for 2 days..could it be my early periods OR implantation bleeding?

  19. I had sex January 1st and then had what seemed like my period on Jan 1st that lasted about 4 days. Usually my cycle is pretty regular and consistent no bleeding in between.

    Then I had some spotting Light pink blood on January 13th-14th lasted 1 1/2 day ish.

    And now today Fri Jan 27th around the time my period’s due I have brownish/light pink/red discharge with no cramps, I can’t tell whether it’s my period or if it’s something else.

    Please Help, I am so confused by all of this.

  20. I finished my period around thur 19th, today i had light pink, brownish coloured bleeding with mild cramps only lasted an hour or 2 im not dueto ovulate till tomorrow (according to my diary & give or take a day or 2 forgot to put start and finish days for my period).
    Could this be implantation bleeding?

  21. Had my period 1/13/17-1/18/16 heavy then my ovulation time was from 1/26/17-1/31-17 then I started bleeding on 2/3/17 but only for 2-3 days cause when I woke up on the 6th at 6am I wasn’t bleeding then around 1:30pm started lightly pink bleeding again. Possible pregnancy?


  22. So my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex a day before and a day after I ovulated. I took a pregnancy test 5 days before my missed period ( first response to be exact which is supposed to detect the pregnancy hormone 6 days before missed period) but tested negative. Today which is two days before my period I started experiencing some brownish spotting with no other symptoms such as tender breast or nausea or any other pains. I have had an early period in the past, as early as 5 days. Been keeping track of my cycle for the past 4 months and the time of my ovulation has been pretty consistent. The wait is killing me and don’t know if spotting (I’d that’s the case) means I have enough hormone levels to test positive If I were to be pregnant!!!

  23. I been nauseated for two weeks now, my last period was 1/5/2017 , my cycle is usually within 30 days — it is the 14th of February today and I’m not sure if I just had a miscarriage (I hope not) , period , or implantation bleeding. it was brownish in color and sorry to be descriptive but so far a teaspoon amount and not too heavy.. kinda watery

  24. My wife saw her last menses on the 21st of January 2017. By 21st of February she missed my period. But today, being the 12th of March, she saw some traces of blood on her underwear. Could this be implantation bleeding?

  25. I had protected sex n still missed my period I m seven days late already but from yesterday night I have very thin watery bleeding I never have this type of bleeding before I m confused Is it a implantation bleeding or my periods started…

  26. i had period last march 23 2017 and its stop on the 25th day after that on the 26th day evening i got brown blood half of my pantyliner and stop on the midnight on the following days i just experiencing light brown discharge … may i ask what does it means ??? .. THANKYOU for the help.

  27. Hi guys…my period was on 25 Feb 2017…I tested for pregnancy on 28 march..its shows light pink …which indicates as positive…today 31 march got light bleeding…..any one plz tell..what does it mean..its a normol or not?

  28. Halo ladies
    I had unprotected sex with my bf on the second day of menstruation 23.2.2017 and I didn’t take any contraceptive pill and on 4.3.2017 I had unprotected sex again but got pill on 6.3.2017 and on 16.3.2017 I had sex again and had contraceptive pill on 17.3.2017 . On 25.3.2017 , The day that my period is due , I got brown discharged with a little red included for 3 days . On 26.3.2017 and 27.3.2017 I passed tissues like thing ( look like raw chicken ) combined with blood and for the last 3 days, there were bright red blood , not much like normal period but have to wear pad . I haven’t take any uterine test but I had ultrasound, the doctor says She sees nothing. Today , My breast and cervix area have mild pain . There’s no other pregnancy symptoms. Anyone similar with me ??????? Does anyone know what is happening to me ????? I need to know pls help me

  29. Aftet my ovulation period i experienced vomiting nausea constipation hot flushes and fatigue…my periods got delayed by 2 days and then the next day there was some blood but it was like dark brownish colour…just a few drops the next day it turned dark reddish and there was more drops than at the first day and the next day it was just a few drops of dark brownish stuff…im not sure if this is my periods or just implantation periods are normally very very heavy and always last 7 days this felt different…could i be pregnant? Or is this just a defective period?

  30. Hello my beautiful queens .
    I have been read in all of your posts and just wonder if maybe I’m going crazy. I have been getting my period for about 28 years now. For as long s I can remember it is so pain full and heavy. The cramping puts me out commission for days on end. Last month I thought i had a normal flow super painful as always. Then after 2 to 3 days it ended and there s a lot of brown coffee ground looking blood. Chalked it up to just my period. Somewhere round that time I remember telling my fiance it was real weird. I also has wiped and this thick thick white mucous was present … Again thought it was used but shrugged it off. The next couple of weeks breast were still super sore. Followed by bouts of nausea and lots and lots of fatigue. slept A lot. Then i had a of severe mood swings confusion for a few days and hot flashes that made so mean. I as super frustrated for a few days. Moving forward I wasn’t sure when last period had come it till sore breast that never went away. Then it came or I thought. It was dots of real light brown for one day then went away. The following day really rally light bleeding from light ink bright red back to really light pink. VERY LIGHT LOWER BDOMAL CRAMPS.. On either side with bouts of pelvic pressure and then nothing. The ext morning one last hoora brown discharge with a amount of pink very gewy. And gone. Couldn’t shake the dreams of me giving birth. Feel positive I’m pregnant. But I’ve never had any kids I am 38 years old and tried for 15 years then ultimately gave up. Went to the ER. Tests were neg. QL blood and urine. Vaginal ultrasound also ok. But I still feel very heavy and have a small amount of bloating with even the smallest of meals. Still occasional bouts of just nausea. Breast not so sore anymore. Constipation then diaeeah for a couple days. Lower back pain and heaviness in low low abdomen. Still little flutters here and there. Oh ea I was also super gassy those two weeks I had all those other symptoms. No food a versions I’m actually eating more but not gaing weight. Ok so yesterday had felt me I had been sucking on pennies. Now I ave made an appointment as I go pre every r it seems. My dreams are more frequent and I feel like I’m just going nutts! I can’t shake the preggo feeling in my heart. I don’t know to do. Can someone please help me.

  31. my period dont come until seven days but i experinced bleeding seven days before my period its light though what could that be

  32. Hi,I had my last period on january 15th and after that i have this dark brown discharge until now. I already had a pap smear test and it says normal. what could this be. please help.

  33. I have had 3 miscarriages in the past year. My fiance and I are trying to have our 2 Nd child together. I was 2 weeks late for my period, instead I only lightly spotted pinkish brown for 4 or 5 days then stopped for a week and spotted pinkish overnight then stopped. Is there a chance I could be pregnant.

  34. I feel pain in the abdomen and bleed took place before 15 days than normal periodical cycle.
    I feel fatigue, tasteless.
    Ur view plz

  35. I’m freaking out a bit and am plain confused. I know that right now it’s just a waiting game but it’s killing me. My guy has been really adamant and more than clear he doesn’t want children and we’re always protected or use the withdraw method. So Sunday 3 days before I’m due I notice pink spotting when I wipe and I’m like ok period starting. It went away then started brown that night. Today it is still brown and there are no cramps. My breast are tender but they always are before my period and I’ve been knock down drag out can’t keep my eyes open tired. Also normal before and first day or so of my period. It’s not spotting more a light constant flow. But not enough to even fill a panty liner. My periods are usually super heavy and chunky. The cramps are generally unbearable for the first two days. I’ve had none of that. I mark up the slight nausea in the mornings to my allergies draining in my stomach. Again normal. The super light flow and complete lack of cramps has me freaked out though. I’m pretty gassy and my hormones are little less than twice what they usually are. I didn’t have implantation bleeding with my first two pregnancies. One was a miscarriage the second was my 5 yr old son. I can’t really figure one way or another bc the test I took was negative but it’s also two days before my expected period and some of the blood is a dark brownish red when I do an internal tissue test but on the pad it’s brown and I haven’t bled enough to halfway fill even one pad in two days. Like I said not spotting but not normal heavy flow either. I know I’ve been really stressed with my new job and usually that makes my periods twice as bad. I’ve never had a light period in my life and the blood is never brown until the fourth or fifth day when I’m finishing. Does any one have experience with this. Is implantation only spotting or can it be a light flow? I guess I’m just trying to get the freak out or don’t freak out until I can accurately test sat/ 3 days after missed period.

  36. I took a PT at home even before I miss my period to check if I am pregnant and the first result was positive and the other results was negative. I’m currently experiencing blood flow but I don’t know if it’s my period since it’s very light and I’m not experiencing heavy cramps like I used to. Is this spotting?

  37. HI, ummm well I’m on depo provera sine September of 2016 now its may 26, 2017. On Friday the 19th I woke up with a light pink spotting on my toilet paper when I wiped, that Saturday and sunday I didn’t have any spotting Monday morning I had a dark brown on my panties so I thought I should wash off and put a pantie liner on, at work that same day it was thee same size but when I wiped it was pink …Tuesday nothing wed. I had a little bbit of dark brown then red when I wiped Thursday it was a beige looking like color AGAIN IN SMALL AMOUNTS and now Friday again its just like a light clear color idk if I’m pregnant or not I have been having a lot of heat/ hot flashes and horrible headaches and I’m nauseated before and after I eat ….HELP PLEASEEEEEEEE

  38. Ok, I had unprotected sex on may26,27 n 28 which was my fertility window,ovulation day was on 30th. And on 4/5 june ive been experiencing light brown spottings on my panties….. my period is due in 8days what could possibly be wrong? Pls i need an answer. Thank u

  39. Hey I’m new at this. But I was having the brown discharge and the I started bleeding it was light the it would stop. Then when we had sex it would start back. Then it would get worse and least a few days. I have been feeling tired and feel sick and my head has been hurting and my breast are sore but I take a homemade pregnancy test and it don’t do anything. What can that be.

  40. I haven’t had my periods since September 2016 after I stopped breast feeding in July 2016. I July 2017 I have noticed slight bleeding once and frequency and urgency urination what could be happening?

  41. Hey gals sorry I’m kinda new at this but ime tired of thinking about it so okay so I’m 19 an I have a heavy flow an mild cramps every month on my period but this month I started my period early an it was lighter then usually an the cramps wasn’t as bad as there usually are i had my period for about four days then about a week an 1
    an half to two weeks later I started having a light Brown discharge that lasted for about two day I have cramps here an there is there a possiblity I may be pregnant I wanna take a test but I feel like I should wait

  42. Hi All, need ur kind support here.I m on medication to get conceived
    My last period was on 8th of July and my cycle is of 24-25 days.My doctor has asked to come on 12th of August after i miss my periods dates…But today on 5th August I have lil bleeding which is lil red in color and my lower abdomen n lower back is also paining…not feeling any cramps or any other issues now but yes yesterday had some vomit sensation very bad cold and headache…pls help me to know what this cud be.Totally confused n i really want to get pregnant

  43. I have had light cramps for 6 days, heavier breast and tender as well. I feel nauseous a little. With high and soft cervix and creamy cf.
    My period came a day late. It started a some little heavy cramps but now it’s light again.

    I have tested negative about 5 times in 2 days.

    Sooo desperate to get pregnant. Could I still be?

  44. Hello Beauties!

    I recently had a miscarriage (July) and we are trying to get pregnant again. I had what I thought was my period about a week early September 7th it was suuuuper light and brown and lasted 3 days i wore a panty liner but never got more than a few drops on it. I took a pregnancy test 3 days later (when I was originally expecting my period) but it was negative…but the last couple days I have been getting nauseous & dizzy spells. could the bleeding I had have been implantation bleeding? I am so confused

  45. So I’ve been feeling really crappy the past few weeks, angry and sobbing over the stupidest things even my son’s tv shows. I’m two weeks late as of yesterday I woke up Monday morning with my panties soaked in clear discharge then Monday night I started cramping Like I have the past few weeks and Tuesday morning I saw brown when i wiped also today I have seen it but it went away tonight and it’s more watery now with tinges of brown and red …. really confused as to if this is a late period or possibly I ovulated late and am pregnant… tests last week were negative 🙁 also nipples feel llike pins and needles

  46. Hi so I was suppose to start my period on the 15th sept didnt start till the 18th but only lasted 4day first day light pink then brown.. I feel and tired low back pain. Light cramping and moody I haven’t took a test yet.. Do u think i could be pregnant..

  47. Comment: my bf and i had sex on the 9th and 10 of September. then i went for a test 10days after it came negative. been having symptoms like swollen breast and change in taste. so this morning noticed spots on my undies like brownish. been having severe cramps.

  48. HI! I Breastfeed my 13 month old son on demand and we cosleep and he nurses through the night he still nurses a lot. So I haven’t gotten my first pp period yet. We had unprotected sex 2 days before I believe I ovulated or a day before I believe I ovulated (I’m just guessing so there are 2 different dates) either the 15th or the 20th. So on the 25
    I noticed there was lots and lots of stretchy ewcm thick and stretches far without breaking. I thought maybe this could be ovulation but I also know some woman experience that in early pregnancy. I took an opk and it was negative with a faint line. Later that day I started getting light cramps and when I wiped there was a very light coloured brown discharge on tp I noticed that I few times so I thought possiblely implantation bleeding. If so that would be 5dpo or 10dpo.

    thought my first pp period started but only light brown and sorta red when wiping. tiny amounts of light brown spotting and feeling nausea sometimes there was a thick amount when I wiped but I hardly spotted enough to fill a liner and from everything I’ve read most woman have very heavy first pp periods and besides this doesn’t look anything like period blood it’s not bright red and there are no clots. I woke up today 27th with zero spotting and only brown discharge when wiping. I’m not here to ask anyone of I am pregant but I am going to test in a week probably next Tues and update my.comment for anyone who is curious to know and hopefully it will help others experiencing this.

    • So what ended up happening was it inplantation bleeding or flo? Im curious to know cause my situation is a little bit similar

  49. My husband and I have been trying to make baby for about 3 months now. he does not leave in the country with me. my period delayed for two days which has never happen before and eventually came. i always have 28days cycle and i seriously need to get pregnant as my husband is due to travel back. my period started today 10/18/2017 and my husband is expected to travel back on 10/24/2017. will it be possible for me to get pregnant 4 days after my menses and if yes what can i do to make that possible.
    Urgently need your positive response.


  50. My lmp was cycle is of 30 days..pregnancy test is positive.but today I had brown discharg with it sign of miscarriage

  51. Hi everyone can any one slove my problem my last period was on 25 oct for 28 days regular on nov 5 it is 12 days last periods date i was spotted lite brown discharge till 9 days 13 nov and on 14 nov the flow became heavy with some clots what would be the problem please help me out..

  52. Hello ladies gm. I am Stacey my period is dued next week Saturday and I saw my normal period on the 3rd of November finishes the 7Th and on the 28Th of Nov I started bleeding again I bled for four days not very hard kinda brown when it just started Pink in between and then brown again I am so confused can someone help me plz mild cramp one day only ntn after.

  53. I started my period on 11/23/17 and we have been ttc for over a year. Last night 12/5/17 I noticed a pinkish tint when I wiped could this mean I could be pregnant?

  54. Im having issues. I’ve had 7 miscarriages and have had irregular cycles. Had the Mirena for 3 years. It was removed April. 14, 2017 and my cycles have been regular. My fiancé wants us to try for a baby in whuch I agreed. 12/16/17 I took a home pregnancy test the lines appeared then disappeared it did with with 2 test. I waited and took another one it showed positive. Made an appointment at clinic and. Their test showed negative. Im having all these pregnancy symptoms. So 12/26/17 i started spotting then a light flow off and on for 3 days. Now my discharge has changed from what it normally is to now thick, sticky egg white looking mucus with a little light pinkish tint to it. I dont know what to do or think? What is this?

  55. We are planning for kids. My perious are quite regular my last perioud was on 22nd jan 2018
    Next period should be on 22feb r 23feb. But i got on 14th feb i,e 8days before my periouds date.i got brest pain very sensitive to touch from feb 7to14 bests got paining now Dark brown discharge no it implantation bleeding or normal menstrual cycle……

    • Hey sagarika,
      How are u? Since your post is very recent and im also sailing on the same boat…what happened in your case, my period is due on 28 this month and on 19 i got very slight bleding/spotting…wait for the time to come to check..

  56. Hi, my last period was on 14 Feb and today 18 March i have got very slight bleeding with no cramping and pain…i had check pregnancy test on 16 march and its Negative…can anyone help me out of rhis?
    Is this my regular periods or Implantation bleeding?

  57. I had sex on 4th feb. again on 18 feb i had unprotected sex but i took unwanted 72 within 48 hrs. my period date was 18feb which didt statred. i had took test in 23rd it was negative. i got my periods on 25th feb which was light n brown or black but on nxt day no period in morning again it started in evening with little n brown. 3rd day it was still little and black or brown. why ths happen? Again i took test on 3rd march it was still negative..again i took it on 18 it was march i didt get periods.on 2nd april i had a protected sex. on 11th april i took test it was negative ?on 18 april i saw red or brown cercical muscus i thgt my period will start bt didt started.. today is 20 april stil didt started??wat ds ths means? for 1st time in feb it happen coz of unwated 72. bt why this time?? am i pregnant? whn shld i tk test? or should i take tablets ton induce periods?? plz reply soon ..its urgent..


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