Heavy Implantation Bleeding – Why is It a Concern?


Implantation is a beautiful process that occurs in a woman’s body after the egg and sperm have fertilized and the cells begin to divide. As a woman, implantation can be thought of as the very moment that your baby attached to your uterine wall where he or she will remain until birth occurs.

Heavy implantation bleeding can occur, but the bleeding isn’t always heavy.

Can Implantation Bleeding Be Heavy?

Different degrees of red color on the white.

Heavy bleeding is uncommon. For the majority of women, bleeding is not heavy. What happens is that there is a space between the uterine wall and the egg. When the egg attaches, implantation occurs, which can produce blood that will result in vaginal discharge. However, the blood is often minor.

There is little space – if any – between the wall and egg.

Of the one-third of woman that experience implantation, many will experience the following:

  • Light colored discharge that is normally pink or brown.
  • Spotting that is often abrupt and not recurring.

There are women that experience heavy implantation bleeding. This occurs when there is a wider space between the uterine wall and the egg, allowing for more blood to flow out of the vaginal opening.

Heavy bleeding concerns

For the most part, there shouldn’t be much of a concern for heavy bleeding. Some women may experience bleeding that is just as heavy as their period, but this is not as frequent. Normally, heavy bleeding due to implantation is:

  • Not painful
  • Does not last long
  • Lessens quickly
Blood on white background.

Since blood can only be released through a small space, the flow will not be able to be maintained like a normal period. Typically, women that have heavy bleeding will have it subside rather quickly and turn lighter in color.

Implantation bleeding can last hours to several days, but heavy bleeding will not remain consistent. One of the biggest signs of caution is bleeding followed by pains. With implantation, you should not feel intense pains. If any of the following occurs, it’s recommended that you consult with a doctor immediately:

  • Bleeding accompanied by pain.
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness.
  • Pelvic pains.
  • Heavy bleeding with clots.

Clotting with heavy implantation bleeding is not normal. This may be a sign of a miscarriage, and you should immediately consult with a medical professional. If the bleeding remains heavy and is not your period blood, it’s also recommended to consult with a doctor at this time. Severe pains or even a higher intensity of pains should not be a result of implantation bleeding and will need to be examined by a doctor.

Treatment options

Implantation bleeding can be heavy, but there is no cause for concern. There are no treatment options, and a woman will need to simply wait until the bleeding stops. The typical bleeding experienced will only last 2 – 4 days for the majority of woman.

It’s advised to call your doctor if you’re:

  • 100% certain it’s not period blood
  • Bleeding lasts beyond 4 days

It’s not normal for heavy bleeding to be prolonged in the case of implantation. While there is no treatment, an underlying issue may be causing the blood. Women can wear pads at this time to protect clothing from being stained.

Note: Birth control will not stop the bleeding from occurring and should be avoided at this time.

How to determine if it’s period blood

Bleeding in the sanitary pad on the pink.

Bleeding out of the vaginal canal is often viewed as period blood. However, this isn’t always the case. Instead, this can be implantation or a more serious medical condition that will need to be examined and verified by a medical professional.

There are a few ways to tell the difference between implantation bleeding and period blood. Implantation bleeding will be:

  • The blood will be on and off and not flow consistently like period blood does.
  • Pinkish or brownish in color. The vaginal discharge from implantation is not bright red or heavy like a period in most instances.
  • Not on your normal cycle. Periods normally follow a pattern, so if the bleeding is earlier than expected, it can be a case of implantation.
  • Seen 6 to 12 days after ovulation.

The entire cycle before implantation occurs can be several days. Since sperm can live in the body for 5 days, implantation can occur 6 to 12 days after sexual intercourse. If you’re past your normal period date, it is a wise choice to take a pregnancy test. Enough time should have passed that a pregnancy test will have an accuracy rate of 99%. However, if your normal period cycle has not passed, tests can be negative until the pregnancy hormone is allowed to accumulate within the body.

Can implantation bleeding be heavy? Yes. But, you want to ensure that your bleeding does not clot, doesn’t last for more than 4 days and isn’t accompanied by pain. If you suffer from any of these symptoms, it’s highly recommended that you seek the advice of a medical professional.


  1. Hi im confuse i got heavy bleeding and cramps before my period for 4 day and i got bad pain.nausea.back pain.am i preg

  2. Last month i had heavy bleeding for 2 days which is extremely unusual for me i have a 4-6 day light period every 27. To 28 days this month I had heavy bleeding then stopped after a day in a half 5 days before my exspected period. Im not sure if whats happening to me is normal if im pregnant if i should get checked out its 10 days after i ovulate today. Im worried about my health or being pregnant that the baby isnt in the uterus if i am pregnant please help with any information

    • hi cassie 2015 when I got prego with my last born I got my period the same way you had I also thought that no way I cant be prego cause I had a period type of flow n just to find out a week after the flow I was prego…..hope u find an answer

  3. This information has been so helpful. I am about 3 weeks pregnant. Tested positive for pregnancy after what I can say was implantation bleeding.however 4 days after, I had huge clots with bleeding that lasted less than an hr. A week later I started bleeding like periods,2nd day on.my Dr did ultrasound to check sign of missed miscarriage and there were no trace,did hcg level and I am at 739 which high enough indication of pregnancy.he says the pregnancy could still be early for ultrasound to show.just on bed rest now for two weeks scheduled for repeat of hcg and ultrasound. Anyone who had such experience and pregnancy went on well?pls share

    • I had bleeding about right after me and my bf had intercourse a week ago which my period was suppose to do be due that day and the bleeding was heavy with clots and it lasted for atleast a hour and then i started to have brown discharge and just regular discharge then slight pains in my abdomen and tender breasts i took a pregnancy test it was negative but I will retest in a few days again and as of right now yesterday we had intercourse i starting bleeding in the morning and it’s light and had bad cramps I’m so confused if anyone knows a answer let me know

  4. aarifahuddin, did you had any of the early signs of pregnancy prior to the bleeding? What specific preggo signs did u have? Thank you

  5. Hello I started my last period aug 30th 2017. Today is September 16th 2017 I notice light pink while wiping and then later that evening it was heavy. I am not on birth control and have been using unprotected sex. I am on a diet pill phentermine I’m not sure if it’s irregular period or if I’m pregnant. I notice mood swings as well. It’s to early to take a pregnancy test as well.

  6. Hi I’m in the same boat I think I had implantation around a week n 3 days ago usually my cycle I get pains and start off heavy to medium to light then discharge but a week before my next period i had odd cramps dizziness feeling sick then I had a brown discharge which lasted about a hour then stopped the morning after woke up with cramps again had a heavy bleed which lasted a few hours then got lighter then night time nothing there day after still really light then ended up with the brown again in total the bleed I had only lasted about 2 n half days on and off but still get odd cramp and backache headache dizziness a week later negative tests what would you all think

    • Hey, can you give an update.. I just experienced the exact same but am to nervous to take a test since I’ve had my tubes ties but this is so unusual. I’ve had my tubes ties for over 4 years now

      • Hey Love, did you get an answer? I don’t need to know for me or anyone else, I’m just curious. And every year after a ligation (tie) it adds a 1%chance of getting pregnant.

  7. Helllo. My husband & I have been trying for baby #2. With our first, we didn’t know I was pregnant until I was 2 1/2 months. I never had any signs that I was pregnant until then becuase I was puking for 2 weeks. Anyways, my period is nornally 6 days long and I didnt start unil the last three days and only bleed for those 3 days and it wasnt a normal period at all. I have had major cramping, not normal cramping. I’ve had more headaches then usual. I have taken 2 pregnancy tests that have came up negative.. but they were also negative with my first. Please help. TIA!!

  8. i had bleeding after intercourse and my periods have 6 days to come so there is a chancs of getting pregnant..
    plz give appfopriate reply

  9. heey I had sex sperms got in my vaginal on Wednesday then Thursday evening I can’t recall well the colour but its like periods then over night nothing came the next day I had a heavy bleeding.on Saturday the bleeding was minimal then on Sunday its like it was over then on Monday just allitle discharge all through no pain later even after this was over have been felling nausea could I be pregnant ???

  10. I can not even go on reading this article. I thought I should let you know there is an insane pop up add for WWW download app b.s. and it’s just flying all over the page as I scroll. I just gave up. I feel nauseous and I can’t even catch the darn thing to close it out. It’s like a flying strobe light pop up sure to cause a seizure in some. Very annoying

  11. I shouldn’t start my period for another week or more but yesterday and the day before I was having some spotting so I thought maybe it was implantation bleeding, or at least I was hoping. But today I woke up and have been having heavier and more red colored bleeding so now I’m not sure what this is. It doesn’t feel like a period or a miscarriage but last time I had a miscarriage, I was 12 weeks but I couldn’t be that far along this time so maybe if I was, it wouldn’t feel as bad. Idk what to think. Just really wish that I would get a positive on any test whether pregnancy or ovulation. They’re always negative so I don’t know anything. I also use bbt and it’s all over the place as well. And my CM never changes either so…

  12. Hiya, well I had rough sex on Sunday night (4th), and I defo got a couple of tears (as in cuts) which caused a fair bit of bleeding, so I got washed and continued, and again I bled, what I find strange is I have continued to bleed up till now (Weds 7th) varying from light to abit heavy, iv also had cramping pains (like period pains in the lower abdomen and back). I was not due till the 13/14th this month, and I never come on this early also never hav cramps past day 2 of my periods n that’s at a push. Anyone know whether iv just come on the same time I was bleeding from being cut or should I be concerned that it’s something else?? Thanks

  13. Hi I’m new at this I’ve been experiencing something rather odd okay here it goes I had sex on April sixteenth and it’s now may second I had some pregnancy type of feelings I felt sick very tired bored craved and still do actually a lot of sweets more than usual and my nips are popping out a little bit and the veins in my chest and shoulders and my breasts are very visible also at the very end of my second week I master you know whated and not long at least fifteen to twenty mins later I was bleeding rather strong but not very very strong it was a brown color at first with some reddish maroon like color to it and it’s on and off a little I mean it will stop for at least a minute or two it will be light than it will be a little bit heavier and it’s kinda darkish light bright looking with gooy bloody slimy stuff in it it’s lasted at least three or four days now I started bleeding on April twenty ninth 2018and it’s now the ending night of may first 2018so what’s happening to me and my tummy is kinda funny feeling and when I suck it in the very bottom of my tummy isn’t going in with the rest of my tummy it’s still kinda flabby it’s not very hard yet but before I ever had sex even that part of my tummy went in when I sucked it in so can your tummy start to grow and stuff and not be able to be sucked in at three weeks pregnant if I even am so that’s what I’m really scared and trying to figure out and this would be my first kid if there is any kid but. Yeah I’m a very young child who tried jumping into the game of life a little to early let’s say but yeaaa if I am I know exactly who the baby daddy is so no need to try to figure that one out thank goodness but yeah I’m almost an adult tried to be one a little to soon though and wasn’t expecting to have to take a bunch of tests and worry about being pregi at my age so,yeah if anyone ANYBODY ANYWHERE who has gone through any of this and ended up finding out they were pregnant and had a baby without any probs can you tell me or just tell me what’s happening a couple more things I wasn’t supposed to start my period until the third of may but I started a day in April before my implantation day which was the thirtyth of April and at least a week before period was to be due and at least two weeks after sex well at the very end of it the second week thank you for any one with infomation I know how to spell information I just didn’t feel like it ?

  14. Hi I just wanna ask because im very confuse. I had my piriod last April 28 to May 2. Then my husband and I intercourse May 19 unprotected. My expected piriod will be today may 28 but it came early I had my piriod last saturday may 26 until now it continuesly bleeding. Am I pregnant ? Im confuse beause usually before my piriod I felt strange cramps and breast tenderness. But this time its mangable feeling its not strange than usuall what happen is it normal ?

  15. Hi am 36 years old and my period late 22days I I make pregnancy test and come 1light pink and 1pink and I tried 2 again and came negative and after 22days came my period and now came Harvey period what I do I am pregnant


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