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Best 6 Homemade Pregnancy Tests

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Pregnancy is not a new phenomenon. Women have been getting pregnant and giving birth for many thousands of years, and it is almost a certainty that they have been trying for the same length of time to find ways of confirming their pregnancy in its early stages. The options of visiting a doctor or buying an over-the-counter pregnancy test from a pharmacy were not available to the ancestors of modern women. They relied on what is now called a DIY pregnancy test, and their traditional methods can still be used today.

10 Best Ride-on Toys for Toddlers



Ride-on toys are a fun way for toddlers to develop hand-eye coordination, balance, and muscle strength. It also compels them to concentrate on the coordination of their body movements for a prolonged time. Ride-on toys give toddlers the opportunity to experience control over increased mobility and are a gateway to things like bicycles.

Ride-on toys are wheeled devices that enable toddlers to propel themselves forward with a motor or their legs. The latter is excellent for muscle development and physical fitness, and definitely not a bad idea if you are thinking of getting your toddler a ride-on toy.

Another big benefit of ride-on toys is that they encourage creativity. A toddler on a ride-on toy may imagine driving like a grownup or something else they saw like firemen or policemen. This prepares them for real life situations and develops right-brain thought processes. It also gives them the inherent motivation to learn and eventually grow up.

Birth Control Pills: Facts You Should Know



The combined oral contraceptive pill has been an approved form of contraception since 1960 in the United States. Birth control pills, or ‘The Pill’, as it’s commonly called, is developed for women to take orally, primarily to prevent pregnancy.

Birth control pills are incredibly popular around the world. It comes in a blister pack that has a round or rectangular shape. Usually, these packs contain 28 pills, one for every day of the month, but it can also contain 21 pills if you are taking one week off in a cycle.

Preventing pregnancy is just one of many uses the Pill has. Birth control pills lower hormone levels and regulates the menstrual cycle.  This means that they are also used by adolescent or younger women that struggle with things like irregular menstrual periods, PMS, acne, or menstrual cramps.

Birth control pills are easy to use and can enhance your lifestyle significantly. Keep reading to learn more.

20 Baby Shower Gifts Ideas Moms Will Love



Baby showers have been around since the Baby Boom in the 1950’s. Back then, ladies started organizing these little events for their relatives and friends to give them a little economic head start before the little pink foot is born. Over the years, baby showers evolved into events that are rich with tradition, excitement, and celebration. The biggest part of baby showers, however, remained the same – to shower the glowing mom and her unborn baby with gifts.

Choosing the best baby shower gifts can pose a challenge, especially if there is no registry or wish list. If you are struggling to find a gift that will be unmissable and valuable to the new mom, take a look at our list of 20 baby shower gifts that you can buy online. These unique baby shower gifts have been tried and tested and are loved by thousands of moms around the world.

10 Best Sensory Toys for Toddlers



Hands-on activities are one of the biggest contributors to  toddlers’ sensory development. It is also called sensory play and simply comes down to exploring the world that they live in. Sensory toys are the product of extensive research and aim to improve language development, cognitive growth, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, problem-solving skills, and social interaction.

Bright colors, different textures, sounds, and aromas or flavors are all used by these products to teach children how to get information by using their senses. Sensory toys for toddlers may specialize in their own area of development or in the overall development of specific age groups.

If you want to optimize your toddler’s sensory development but struggle to find the right toys for their specific needs, you can start by taking a look at this list of 10 best sensory development toys for toddlers. All these picks are safe and you will be able to buy most of them online.

Diaphragm Birth Control: Exactly How Diaphragms Prevent Pregnancy


A diaphragm is placed inside your vagina and it overlays and shelters your cervical orifice during sexual intercourse preventing you from conceiving a baby.  This is a cuplike shallow structure, which you can bend to fit into your vaginal cavity if you want to experience exactly how diaphragms prevent pregnancy.

If you want to understand the utility values of this birth control apparatus, and how to apply it for positive results continue reading this diaphragm birth control reviews.

Top 10 Baby Gates in 2018 – Review of Best Products and Buying Guide



Safety is always the number one priority if you have a baby. However, toddlers can be crafty little humans, always moving quietly and swiftly when least expected.

Being a parent of an active toddler, you certainly attest to the fact that it is impossible to keep an eye on him/her all times. This is especially true when they start exploring the house.

There are certain parts you don’t want them in, perhaps calling for the importance of having baby gates. Baby proofing your home undoubtedly comes down to restriction, which can be achieved by installing the best baby gate in your home.

These gates are designed to section off rooms and spaces to prevent toddlers and babies from dangerous places such as kitchen and staircases.

That said, finding the best product can be daunting due to the overwhelmingly saturated market for baby products. However, worry not as our baby gate review outlines some of the best products as well as buying guide to help you make a good choice.

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