What Are the Symptoms of Pregnancy with IUD?


Intra-uterine devices, more commonly abbreviated as IUDs, are one of the most common forms of birth control available to women today in order to prevent pregnancy. They vary in type between levonorgestrel hormone types, such as Mirena, to copper wire types, such as ParaGuard. While both methods report an average efficacy rate of 99.7%, statistics might fail you, and you could become pregnant. The symptoms of a pregnancy with an IUD often mirror the symptoms of a normal pregnancy. Below are 6 common symptoms you could experience should you become pregnant while using an IUD. If you do exhibit these symptoms and feel you might be pregnant, you will need to contact your physician as soon as possible as pregnancies while using an IUD can be dangerous.

IUD pregnancy symptoms

Things About IUD Pregnancy Symptoms

1. Bleeding and Cramping

IUD pregnancy
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One of the earliest signs of pregnancy is implantation bleeding, which occurs six to twelve days after the egg has been fertilized. This often results in mild spotting when the egg has implanted itself into the uterus. Cramping, which often feels the same as the type you might experience during your normal cycle, tends to accompany the bleeding. Many women mistake these symptoms as the beginning of their period. Related to bleeding, your vagina might also begin to excrete a creamy white discharge, which results from the thickening of your uterine wall.

Another common symptom of normal pregnancy that you could experience in rounded ligament pain. While your body is trying to increase bloodflow to your uterus, your ligaments stretch and become rounded. This creates uncomfortable and sometime painful cramping and spasms in your abdomen.

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2. Nausea

More commonly referred to as “morning sickness”, nausea during pregnancy is one of the most well known symptoms. As the nickname suggests, this nausea and vomiting typically occurs in the morning. However, you might experience these symptoms at any time of the day. The specific cause of this symptom is unknown but most doctors believe it is linked to the increased hormone levels during pregnancy.

In addition to nausea, you might also experience unusual or strong food cravings or  food aversions, such as feeling nauseous when smelling food that you might otherwise enjoy.

3. Fatigue

Another common symptom of pregnancy with an IUD is fatigue, or tiredness, due to an increase in the pregnancy hormone Progesterone. It could also be caused by low blood sugar or an increase in blood cell production. This symptom normally occurs early on in the pregnancy, starting around the first week after implantation.

4. Changes in Your Breasts

Pregnant woman having tenderness in breasts
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An earlier indicator of pregnancy is changes in your breasts. If you are pregnant, you might feel pain or increased tenderness in your breasts. They may also swell, feel heavier, or change in other ways such as the areolas darkening.

5. Other Hormonal Changes

Due to the drastic changes in your body’s hormone levels when you are pregnant, there are several other symptoms you could experience, the first of which might be constipation. Constipation is caused by the rising levels of progesterone in your system, as it slows the passage of food throughyour intestines. Often combined with constipation, you might also experience frequent urination. This normally begins though in the sixth to eighth week of pregnancy.

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Another hormonal change that you might experience includes constant mild headaches, and chronic back pain. Additionally, you could end up with mood swings, especially early on in the pregnancy.

Probably the most unsettling symptom you could experience if pregnant with an IUD is dizziness and fainting. This relates to the aforementioned round ligament dilating, lower blood pressure and lower blood sugar as well. If you experience this symptom, a visit to your doctor is highly recommended.

6. Missed Periods

Perhaps the most common symptom of pregnancy both with an IUD and without is a missed period. This symptom can often be ignored, however, for women who become pregnant with an IUD as they can cause irregular periods, or end periods altogether for some women. Roughly 25% of women who use Mirena or other hormone based intra-uterine deviceswill see their period cease while using the device. However, if you are using a copper based IUD you should see no change in your normal period cycle.  Should you experience a disruption in your cycle, or miss a period, it is a good idea to take a pregnancy test.

Risks of a Pregnancy with An IUD

Pregnant with IUD ultrasound
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If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above you should call your doctor as soon as possible to obtain a pregnancy test. Due to the effect of the IUD, both hormonal and non-hormonal, the risk of miscarriage with an IUD increases to 50%, and even after the IUD has been removed, the risk of miscarriage could still be as high as 25%. Additionally, becoming pregnant with an IUD in place could result in an ectopic pregnancy, where the fertilized egg implants outside of the uterus. A pregnancy of this type, if not caught in time, could result in damage to the woman’s reproductive system. If you are concerned about this being a possibility and you are experiencing the symptoms previously mentioned, you should also be on the lookout for these following symptoms as well:

  • Painful Urination
  • Vaginal Bleeding outside of the normal spotting mentioned above.
  • Inflammation of the abdomen
  • Internal Bleeding caused by a hemorrhage
  • Increased pressure in the rectum
  • Fever
  • Severe abdominal pain

All of these symptoms can be signs of a serious health concern and might require immediate medical assistance.

Mirena, ParaGuard, and other intra-uterine devices are some of the most common and trustworthy forms of birth control available to women today. They boast an impressive 99.7% efficacy rate, but like most things, are not perfect. If you feel you could be pregnant, it is recommended to have your doctor examine you.


  1. Good evening,
    Please I want to know what is happening am on Cooper T IUD, what amazed me was that I did my mestrual period in February, now we are in March I have not seen my menses? Pls what happen?

    • So my girlfriend and I had sex when she had her new iud implanted in her (keep in mind she’s on her period when it happened she starts around the 23 of each month and we had sex between the 25-26) I wore a condom. When we finished I realized the condom was inside her, it took less than a minute for her to get it out and there was still semen in there but we don’t know if some leaked out. so now we’re in Feb (she stopped bleeding feb 10) and she’s been bleeding since and she feels like she’s pregnant. Is there a possibility that she is?

  2. Me too had my p on February 14 and did not have one in march did a home test which says negative don’t no what happen

  3. 25% chance of miscarriage is the normal statistic for women who get pregnant without Mirena/IUD, AKA these statistics are biased. You can also bleed irregularly at any point with a Mirena/IUD and eventually should not have a period AT ALL in the case of Mirena. This article has too much inaccurate information, it leads people to be scared when some of these are totally normal. Could they indicate something else? Yes but every single symptom ever could, ranging from a nuisance to life threatening. Ectopic is your most likely pregnancy to occur with an IUD, it’s important to know if you have severe abdominal pain with an IUD to get an ultrasound. If your doctor didn’t tell you this then they suck at their job. An ectopic can cause death and termination is always recommended as there is a very low chance for survival if it is not removed. You also run a risk of infertility in the future should you have a ectopic pregnancy. All the more reason to use condoms with your IUD. “…the risk of miscarriage with an IUD increases to 50%” This I don’t understand, what I mean is they do no specify if this is during removal. If they mean a fertilized egg could be expelled 50% of the time when pregnant with an IUD then sure but even while trying to conceive there is a low chance for a fertilized egg to implant. IUDs prevent implantation by thinning the lining and or making it inhospitable for the fertilized egg to implant. Lots of eggs don’t make it to implantation, this is how couples can try to get pregnant for years without any reason not to be successful. This is why the average length to conceive for a healthy couple is 12 months. There is only one day a cycle the egg is viable, that egg has to pass your bodies viability check or be rejected and expelled during your period, that egg has to implant into a proper and thick uterine lining which the IUDs prevent. The IUD thickens your mucus increasing the change that the fertilized egg could get stuck in your fallopian tubes or other areas the egg passes. The IUD can perforate your uterus and the egg could venture into there as well, this is highly unlikely. I recommend if you actually want the stats to look them up and not articles. All these chances are so extremely low. You are talking only .3% of women getting pregnant on an IUD, of those only a certain % have successful implantation. Of that .3% only a % of that is ectopic. These are really low odds. Could the worst happen? Yes, but it’s not likely to happen to you.

    • Go to babycenter.com and Facebook page about pregnancy occurring on Paragard IUD and tell me again why you feel educated enough to make these statements-pregnancies are happening and based on the searching I am doing seems significantly more common than the 99.7 would lead one to believe.

    • Don’t say most likely NOT happen to you because even that 1% or.05% or whatever is someone! Even if it’s ONE PERSON

  4. I was using the cooeper coil for 12 month only to then find out i was pregnant however i did have my normal period has anyone else had this and is it normal to have a period on iud and be pregnant? I then had bleeding a few days after my period and was in alot of pain with it went to my GP who told me to take a pregnancy test which i did and sure enough i was pregnant i then had a scan and the hospital said there was no pregnancy i had miscarried they took a blood test which showed my HCG still high i had 3 scans and they did not notice it was in my tube it wasnt until the 4th scan they realised it was in my tube too late my tube was damaged and i had fluid in my body so i lost my right tube which was my good one the surgoen told me that my remaining tubed was slightly kinked and if i became pregnant again i was at high risk of another eptopic. Been 10 months we are still trying

    • This happened to me with my 3rd baby. I was 5 months post partum. I got what I thought was my period, then my period stopped and a few days later I started spotting. I was also really moody and hungry all the time, which I attributed to breastfeeding my then 5 month old. I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I had an ultrasound and was determined to be 10 weeks pregnant.

  5. I have mirena but last week i had a spot of blood once and only for one day, for afew weeks before that and now about a week later im soo bloated. People have been asking me several times if im pregnant. I did a test it said negative. I dont know if its just me starting to believe iam or not but now my boobs feel abit weird.

    • I’m the same as you!
      I got my hormon IUD in beginning of March (now it’s May, so about 2 months ago). I’ve had SO much pain from my IUD! Cramps and ligament pain, which has been pulling on my right thigh muscle as well. I haven’t had menstrual pain for years, because I’ve been on the pill since I was 17 and stopped 8 years later. My periods are almost gone, but there’s been A LOT of spot bleeding.
      I suddenly have this ‘belly’ that I just can’t get rid of. I’m often super tired, and have bad acne. Boobs are not sore though, and I am not nauseas. I just want to hear if any of you guys can recognise this? I am 99,9% sure I’m not pregnant, but why do I have all these symptoms?

      • Sarah, I have the same thing. I’ve had the IUD since Jan and almost right away I started getting bloated and extra weight on, only on my Stomach and boobs. I have a belly that makes me looks like I am 3-4 months pregnant… and my boobs have gotten bigger… but I have no other symptoms of pregnancy and I am pretty sure I am not. I feel aweful with the extra weight and it’s not going anywhere despite exercise and eating good. I read a lot of complaints online that the IUD does this to some women but Dr’s don’t believe them that’s it’s the cause.

      • What was causing you so muchoose pain I been doing the same thing but the Dr says my iud is fine. But I still have the pain in my left thigh muscle it feels like it’s in my leg it’s so painful

  6. I have Mirena. I had my son November 1 2016. I got the IUD implanted in January 2017. I spotted for about a week and a half and then off and on until the middle of February. I had a regular period (if not slightly heavier) in March. I did not have one in April. Here it is May and I have had very very very light spotting for about 2 days with heavy cramps and about 5 out of 6 of the pregnancy symptoms listed above. I took a test back in April just to be safe but it said negative. I thought the periods on Mirena would be more regular and taper off after a year or so. Could I be pregnant?

  7. Could i be pregnant im some what a big girl and have constant problems with my weight but i have had the mirena for over 3 years and havent had a period but for the last few months i have been really sick and my boobs hurt bad with or without support but i have been asked many times if im pregnant have been told my stomach looks biggger and so does my boobs but i have taken 2 test and bothr negative. What should i do.

  8. I’m 18 years old. I’ve been on birth control since I was 12. I went from the pill to the depo now Marina. been on it for a year now. I’ve been having most pregnancy symptoms, I’ve just haven’t gotten sick. I’ve takin 2 at home test and 1 at the doctor 2 can out negative and 1 came out positive. I just don’t know what’s going on.. do you think it’s to early?
    I’ve been having this feeling for about 2 weeks now

  9. I’ve been on Skyla for almost a year. I had my period mid June as usual. Then around the first of July, I’ve been having cramping and very tender and swollen boobs. I took an at home test on July 4th, it came back negative. Have any of you ended up pregnant?

  10. I had my son in December 2016 and had a paraguard iud placed at my post-partem appointment. I have had my period on time each month. About a week ago I noticed that my period is late and Friday night I realized that my iud has started to expell, I can feel the plastic. Could the expulsion cause my period to be late? I know there is now a possibility of pregnancy.

  11. I’ve had my iud for almost 3 years for the first year all I did was bleed. But I am now getting literally every symptom of pregnancy. About a month ago, I did bleed a little bit it was like for a day and then it I stopped. My breasts kill and they have never ever hurt before. I’ve never been pregnant before. I have cramps, peeing alot this past week. I don’t known what to do.

    • Hey, did you figure out what was wrong? I’m having the same thing. Got it inserted January 2016. I had spotting for one day on 27th April and had cramping since then. Since yesterday my boobs have been so sore and my nipples are itchy now. Also feels like I need to take my nipple piercings out cos they hurt so bad. Sore boobs has never been a symptom of mine got my period and I’ve only had maybe 5 periods since having it in. I did a test on Friday and again at the doctor’s today but the nurse suggested I go for a blood test in a week if my boobs don’t stop hurting. I am absolutely freaking out.

  12. I got the Paragard IUD about nine months ago and ever since I got it, my periods have been horrible, heavy cramping, bleeding, etc. But they’ve been consistent. This month however, (Aug) I am now four days late. I’ve never missed a period even before I got the IUD. There were also two random days at the beginning of the month that I’ve spotted. And after that and during the time I thought I was supposed to start my period I’ve had pretty bad cramping, but still no period. I have been feeling nauseous, but this occurs at different times. I’ve been feeling tired but that’s just because of the new job I started. If a week or two goes by and still no period I’m going to take a pregnancy test. Has this happened to anyone else?? I need answers and feedback. Thanks.

    • Girl. I’m 17 days late. Still no period but im cramping crazy. I’m not tired or anything else just cramping all the time like a period but there is no blood. I have paraguard too. I’m on month 10 of it. It was great till now. Then suddenly I’m 17 days late. But I have taken like 100 test and all say negative. But like why am I 17 days late then….? I don’t know I’m just praying it’s because my app is wrong and not something worse like being pregnant. I got paraguard for a reason. To NOT have anymore babies.

  13. So I had the IUD put in about 3 months ago and about about 3 weeks ago I noticed that my boons have gotten 2 cup sizes bigger and my areoles are massive now . I haven’t had my period in 2 months so I can’t really rely on that to tell me anything . Iv had no energy at all even if I do nothing plus I’m getting hungry at the oddest times even after Iv eaten already

    What do you think ?

    • It is normal to have all this pregnancy like changes, but if you are not sure get checked. I had mirena for the first time 6 months after I had my second child, had it for about 3-4 years, never had any problems nor side effects. On nov. 2016 I put a second one and I felt my brests were tender, spotting now and then and bloated (all this symptoms went away after 3 weeks or so) after that I haven’t had any problems, symptoms or complications. And I haven’t get pregnant neither time when on IUD.

  14. I missed my period in August it’s October now and i still haven’t started. I have skyla iud and i have been having my period regulary. I have no tenderness in my breast but I’m lactating and iv been feeling nauseated and tired and I run out of breath and cravings and I’m hungry all the time but there are no other signs and I don’t know if I should go see a doctor to see if I’m pregnant or not. I took a home pregnancy test and it was negative.

    • I’m feeling the same way. I have the mirena and my breast are very tender and I’m always hungry. I have to pee 5 times in an hour but when i took a test it was negative. I don’t know what to do. I wonder if i should call my OBGYN or Midwife.

  15. So, I got my Paragard IUD about 3yrs ago. My periods have been soooo much worse sense getting it. I used to have one EVERY 28 days and not a minute later. Now, they’re anywhere from 28 to 32 (happened one month and I have NO idea why). Currently, I’m on day 33, tomorrow is 34. Two days ago I had a twinge of a cramp for a couple hours but that’s it. I’ve been horribly nauseous with constant headache he’s for about 2-3days now. No spotting or anything. I’ve also been very tired. I haven’t taken any medications or been sick. Could I be pregnant or is it just another massively late period that I’m going to feel like I’m dying when it finally does come?

  16. I have currently been on the iud mirena for almost the full 5 years so 4 years. Recently found out my iud had slightly shifted according to Renown Medical in Reno. I was told to make a follow up and get it removed. Which did not happen because the hospital was having some kind of issue figuring out my insurance. So here I am still having the iud but my thing is with my mirena I stopped my monthly only have a 2 to 3 day light period. My last monthly was the 20th of November 2017. Lasted about 5 Days with some clotting and a bit heavier. Oh yeah and super painful cramping which btw never happened before I got the mirena. Anyway lately it has been super hard and painful for me to lay on my stomach, I have been having 2-3 day migraines, sore stomach muscles, all of that fun stuff… Any way wondering if I could possibly be pregnant but the last time I had intimacy was like April time I’d be around 34 weeks and 4 days if I were… Do you think the hospital didn’t tell me something important? Why else would they be all jumpy to get it out so quickly? Anyway I’m always open to answer of any kind just trying to figure out why all of sudden…

  17. Hi. I’ve been on the paraguard iud for the past 5 years I have always have a regular period the only two times I missed it I was pregnant. I am now a week late which has never happened before I took a pregnancy test it was negative I don’t know what else to do?

  18. Hello I’m worried I been using the mirenia for about 5 years lately I been having pregnancy symptoms and it’s horrible I’m super tired all time ,I’m really emotional I have mood swings I’ve gained a lot of weight I have abdominal pain my boobs are getting bigger and not so much sore but I get something that looks like dried up milk on them ,my lower back hurts most of the time my feet look swollen I’m a mother of 3 children already I have took home pregnancy test all negative what should I do

  19. Hi, I was on the IUD for two years. Am 9 days late on my period. I just took the IUD out and I did 2 home teat both was negative and 1at the doctors that was negative again. My period still has not come down. Could someone please explain.

    • Hi mam verneka, wer just the same situation,what will b the advice of your doctor? For me my last period is on nov 2017 but until now has not come down its 3 months late. But when i try to a pregnancy test last jan 2018 is negative. What i m going to do?

  20. I (19F) had a copper iud inserted on December 8th and had some discomfort that day but afterwards I was fine pain-wise, and I had sex 3 weeks later and didn’t have any pain. I had sex a week later and it hurt during and afterwards for about 30 mins. Pain during sex has been reoccurring since then.

    About a week ago, I began to experience cramps accompanied with light bleeding while I wasn’t having sex or doing any strenuous activity. This has been happening everyday for around a week now. What’s strange is that the pain always occurs between 2pm-6pm but for the past few days it’s been lasting longer until past 10pm. Even with taking multiple pain pills and having hot compresses on my lower back and uterus area, the pain is still pretty bad (5/10).

    The blood that I get with the cramps isn’t period-like blood, it’s like a very slimy pink or red discharge. Once the cramps are done with, the discharge will become brown until I have cramps the following day. The cramps feel like period cramps but stronger. But the pain I feel during and after sex is different, it’s more like an uncomfortable pain. I’ve stopped having sex for about 5 days now because sex isn’t pleasurable for me at all anymore.

    I will mention that I think I had a period from December 23rd-26th which was light and fairly short for me, I usually bleed heavy and for 5-6 days. I used a menstrual cup but I don’t think that messed with the iud because the pain during sex began way after my period.

    I’ve done so much research online about what could be wrong with me but nothing seems to match my symptoms. The possibilities that I’ve found are either perforation of uterus, displacement of iud, pelvic inflammatory disease, normal pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy. I did take a pregnancy test 2 days ago and it came out negative but it could be too soon to tell.

    All throughout my time of having this iud, I’ve continued to check that I could feel the strings and I haven’t noticed them become shorter or longer. That could erase the possibility of perforation of my uterus and displacement of the iud but I don’t know for sure.

    I saw a doctor today but they didn’t tell me what they think could be wrong but I have an ultrasound scheduled for Thursday morning (the 18th) but my fear is that the iud may appear normal since my cramps don’t usually start until the afternoon.

    If anyone could have any idea of what could be happening to my body and the iud I’d really appreciate the feedback.

  21. My last period was 1/10-1/16, had sex the 20th/21st…paragard removed the 23rd, and was ovulating. I’m now experiencing cramps, a lot of white discharge, nausea after I eat, and my breasts are super tender….my next period isn’t due til 1/7…so it’s too early to take a test…are these normal symptoms of getting the IUD removed? What are the chances of being pregnant?? (This would be my 4th….?)

  22. I haven’t seen my period about 4 MONTH,S and I have been on the iud for about 4 years and March of 2019 it is to be removed. I have been so damn sick and my body feel like shit!!!

    I recently went to the hospital for the flu and they told me I was not pregnant and that was ob December 24th of 2017.

    Now it is February 1, 2018. No period sense November of last year…scared to have a pregnancy test done because I have 5 children ALREADY!!

  23. This month a week and a half after my period, I had some bleeding, like the beginning of my period. The day after that began, I went to the gyno for my annual visit. Very glad they were able to see me so soon. They took a urine sample that said negative for pregnancy, could not find my IUD strings, and got me in immediately for ultrasound. The ultrasound tech spotted the IUD immediately, went back and the doc said it was definitely in there but because the strings got tangled back up into the IUD they will have to do a hysteroscopy (more invasive procedure to fish the IUD out). They would take blood to further rule out pregnancy or other hormonal issues that could cause bleeding mid cycle, as I had never had that and my periods are extremely predictable. The day I had the spotting, I had felt dizzy and nauseous throughout the day, my knees felt like I was walking through sand, and I was bloated with internal gas. I thought maybe that was just due to our family getting over the stomach flu the week before and I was just still recovering. The doctor called the next day and sure enough, my bloodwork showed I am pregnant. They said it must have happened the week before since my urine did not show positive (not sure if the two whole bottles of water I drank before the appointment had any influence on that). I am scheduled tomorrow for a ultrasound and hysteroscopy to get out the IUD. I am nervous as to what they will see or not see and what to expect from the office hysteroscopy. We are done having children, and are due to go on vacation to mexico in 14 days. I cannot believe we are in the tiny percentile that this happens to, however the more I research online this seems like a very common occurrence! They need to update their statistics. I’ve had this IUD for 3.75 years. Why now.

  24. Please, I need help. I had my Mirena inserted in March while menstruating. I had my period again this month. But since yesterday I have bee. Spotting and also having thick discharge. Also for the past two weeks, I have been having pregnancy symptoms. I do not know what to think or do.

  25. I have had Paraguard since June 2008. It’s been awesome. Then this past March, I went to see my doc to replace it. She could not remove in in-office due to lost strings and suggested an ultrasound. U/S showed I had (have) massive fibroids and the IUD was kinda in between them. So fast forward to May, where I was scheduled for a hysteroscopy to remove the IUD. Before getting anesthesia, nurses gave me a pregnancy test. Lo and behold. It was positive (all 3 of them were). I was floored because I was actually spotting and thought it was my period. So I got another ultrasound to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. It’s not. Baby, IUD, and fibroids are in there together. I’m still spotting every day with cramps. I’m freaking out. My IUD failed me after 9 yrs (it’s supposed to be in place for 10 years).

  26. I’ve had the Moreno iud for 3 years and I’ve bled every two weeks since for 24 hours but now I’ve not bled for two weeks so could I be pregnant

  27. I have the Jaydess IUD. It was inserted almost a year ago. I have always had severe cramping around my period time. My GYN suspects Endometriosis put me on a medication for it but hasnt done any tests. I have been experiencing ALL these symptoms of pregnancy. Took a home test and it said negative… i dont believe it to be true though. I honestly feel like i am pregnant… should i call my gyn, my family doctor or wait a week and do another test first?

  28. Been on IUD for 2years Fina b 3_years abs time to take out in January but my doctor going to take it out December 18th (only opening she had),. My head been hurting and feel sick every time after i eat.n sometimes before. My bf threw up one day at work. Body feel different Also. My cycle is 12 days late. Suppose to been came on Nov.25th and I still haven’t seen my cycle. First time this happen. Should I call my doctor?


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