Period Blood Color: Dark or Black? 7 Causes and 5 Reasons to Worry


Black period blood can happen for a variety of reasons. Many women will experience this at some point in their life, and in most cases, even black period blood is not always a cause for concern. In fact, if you are near the end of your period, it is likely normal because the changes in your blood color depend on the length of the period when your blood is exposed to oxygen.

Types of Your Period Blood

Your blood can change its color depending on its age. That is a reason why you can experience various colors of your menstrual blood during only one period.

Dark red (brown) thick menstrual blood is pretty standard in the very beginning or the end of your period. That only means that the blood is old. It is usually about the blood of the previous period that has been left behind in the uterus for some reason.

Bright red menstrual blood is the new blood which has no time to darken before exits your body.

Pink secretion or spotting is a small amount of blood present in your mucus which occurs out of your regular menstrual period.

Gray discharge is always a sign of miscarriage or infection.

When your menstrual blood is fresh, it stays red, but at the end of the period, black-looking period blood is pretty usual. The reason is that this blood is not evacuated from your uterus in time. It becomes deoxygenated, old and dry, which changes its color. The older the menstrual blood is, the darker it gets.

The color of your period blood can range from brown to black depending on the percent of new blood mixed with the menstrual blood of latest period. It seems that woman’s health condition directly affects the length of the period. All in all, some women almost always experience black blood at the end of the period. For the others, it is not typical. One thing is sure; both variants are pretty common and not worrisome.

The Most Common Reasons for Black Menstrual Blood

Black Menstrual Blood

The beginning of the period

Dark brown or even black secretion is very common at the beginning of the menstrual cycle. Sometimes you may see some dark mucus or blood clots from your vagina before your period starts. It is the process of the elimination of old blood remaining from the previous cycle. That activity represents preparation of your reproductive organs for the new period. After a day or two, your period should start to be ordinarily red. If it lasts more than two days, you should see your gynecologist who will check if you have some polyps.

Also, if you have intercourse during your cycle, it is very likely that you will experience black bleeding. The reason is that the vaginal contractions push blood back into the vagina where it stays trapped until the next period. The result is black blood at the beginning of your period.

The end of the period

During some of your menstrual cycles when the flow is slow, menstrual blood can lay dormant in your uterus and won’t be expelled fast enough. If small bits of blood remain there for a long time, it may appear dark brown or black.

Sometimes black menstrual blood means that there is something wrong because of infection, improper or lack of nutrition, change in menstrual cycle, birth control pills intake, disease, and so on.

Irregular menstrual cycle

You can experience dark or black blood if your menstrual cycle is irregular. The result is that old blood passes during your period because of changes of your menstrual flow. Many other things can cause the appearance of irregular periods including stress, changes in hormone levels, or changes in weight.

If you use hormonal birth control, you probably have a thinner uterine lining. That is a reason why there is a high possibility to have an irregular period and get a black discharge in the middle of your cycle. However, if your period becomes irregular, with abdominal pains between periods and abnormal heavy vaginal bleeding, make the appointment with your gynecologist.


When developed follicle split during ovulation and release a fertile egg, you can consequently notice slight dark or black bleeding from your vagina about a week after the end of your last period.

Blood clots

Usually, the menstrual blood is bright red and a jelly-like texture, and the occurrence of blood clots is entirely natural when you get a period. If you notice black blood clots between two periods, you should start to worry and visit your doctor to discuss a further internal issue.

Blood clots can also occur for up to six weeks after your labor along with heavy bleeding (lochia). Women who gave birth by cesarean sections may face this heavy bleeding within the first 24 hours.


If you don’t have any infection but notice black blood a few days before your period, you can be pretty sure that it is implantation bleeding and you are pregnant. Implantation bleeding typically begins before your next menstruation cycle, and it is considered a very reliable early symptom of pregnancy. Some women can confuse it with their menstruation.

Usually, if you are pregnant, you shouldn’t have any periods, but some women can get their period during the first month of pregnancy. However, while not a common occurrence, this menstruation will not last long and usually looks like more as a black spotting than a heavy flow. According to The American Pregnancy Association, more than 20% of pregnant women experience bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy. Unfortunately, half of them will lose their babies.


You can experience periods with dark brown or black menstrual blood during your menopause transition. In that time, ovulation is less regular, and your menstrual flow will start to be lighter and less frequent. Accordingly, some old blood will be kept in your uterus, and you will experience black release.

When You Should Start To Worry

If black blood is not recurring and frequent, you don’t have a reason to concern. You should start to worry if you notice a lot of black blood followed by other symptoms. There are some of the most pressing reasons for concern:

Uterine polyps – The uterine (endometrial) polyps grow on endometrium (the inner wall of the uterus). They are benign but prevent the blood from flowing from the uterus. That blood gets old, dries up, and changes its color becoming dark brown to black.

Hormonal imbalance – One of the serious causes of black discharge is a hormonal imbalance due to the severe medical conditions.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease – PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) is an infection of reproductive organs which can be a reason for the occurrence of the irregular menstrual cycle. Consequently, you can notice black period.

STD – Sexually transmitted diseases or various uterus infections can be a cause of your black period blood occurrence.

Cancer – It is not an overly common disease, but cervical and endometrial cancer can be a cause of dark period blood especially if you experience abnormal, heavy, and/or irregular bleeding.

What to Do if You Notice Dark and/or Black Period Blood

As I have already said, a black period is nothing more than old blood that stays in your uterus too long. Every old blood is dark or even black when eventually expels through the vagina at the end of your next period. Sometimes this black blood can be connected with the irregular menstrual cycle, but there is usually nothing to worry about.

However, you should try to pay attention to your menstrual flow and the whole menstrual cycle. If you notice any irregularity in your period, schedule an appointment and ask your doctor to do adequate tests if it is necessary.

When to Visit Your Doctor?

a women and a women doctor

Although experiencing black period blood is not abnormal in most cases, you should go to your gynecologist if you notice unusual vaginal bleeding and if:

  • The significant changes occur in your menstrual cycle.
  • You have more than two menstrual cycles within 35 days.
  • Your period lasts longer than a week.
  • You lose a lot of blood due to heavy periods.
  • You have vaginal bleeding when you are in the menopause.

Black blood is not a cause for concern or worry unless it is frequent and recurring. If you experience slight black bleeding, it is likely that it won’t occur again. If you are suspicious and believe that something is very wrong, listen to your intuition and go to see your gynecologist. He will do all tests you need and find out if you have any severe issue. Otherwise, don’t worry and relax. After all that old blood expels, your reproductive organs will stay clean and healthy.


  1. Hi. I appreciate ur cotribution on the topic of black period blood. But i would want to knw what could be the cause if it occur on the first day. I experience it on the first day

  2. Hi P.I I’m experiencing the exactly the same thing, expect yesterday morning I had a slight pinkish colour when I wiped & then clear all day until this morning when I leaked black. But no one ever seems to ever answer any of these questions people have…

    • I was told its either an infection, old blood from your period you had last month or you could be in the stages of early pregnancy if you had unprotected sex

      • My menstruation came with this dark black blood the first day very black
        I had unprotected sex but after 2 weeks i saw this blood is it posible am pregnant?

        • good day I have been in periods 3 weeks ago and I stop for only 4 days and become bleeding a dark period and I’m scared

  3. Hi.JUST wonted to know have anybody had a period stayed on for 3 days went off next week came back on an is black what causes this.Please give answer. Scared to death..

    • Don’t be scared, it was the end part of the same cycle . Yes it can happen like that. It seems to be gone after three days, some days later accumulation clears out. No worries 🙂 Lastly with anything related to the body, if you are feeling real fear still, always see a Dr. to relieve your fear

  4. I love to always have a positive perspective to everything I am going through…having read all the comments though my heart is just scared but I choose to believe that I am pregnant

    • I am experiencing black spotting for over a month now, or I may say 6 weeks. I always have to wear a panty liner and even a pad at times, now for 3 weeks I have been experiencing pains (like period pains). Worse 7 weeks of my life.

    • As the article says: “Black blood is not a cause of concern or worry unless it’s frequent and recurring”. So unless its most months from beginning to end – don’t let your heart be scared. Either way don’t let it be scared, infections and endometrial problems have treatments and cures. If you are pregnant, congratulations! Don’t be scared.

      • hi, mine has been reoccurring for almost 3 to 4 months now. I am so worried because it is black and it doesn’t flow well. What do you advise

      • Wen someone have the signs that she is pregnant with some symptom and first she saw brown stain before she went for test negative same week she saw her period and is black since then the period is not flowing well and is not bright what is the causes

  5. I had a baby about 3months ago and I was told irregular periods could happen. I just got off my period about a week and half ago. Now this morning I started bleeding a dark brown color and enough to fill a pad. I just put a tampon on is this normal!?!!!!

    • hi, im 9 wks pp, got my period at 5 wks and so light, im ebf.. today im expecting my 2nd period but it came out very dark brown and thick. im so worried.

  6. I have a had this happen one time before and when visiting the ER I was 3 in a half month pregnant. And now 13 years later it’s happening again.

  7. I am abbot worried and concern, all of the articles I have read have me thinking and asking myself one question is my wife unfaithful. Black blood at the end of her period, viginal odor and longer period than usual. Can someone please explain. I have been nothing but faithful to my wife and will like to get this though out of my head.

    • Dark brown to black blood at the end of a period is normal for women. That is just the period blood that has begun to dry up. Sometimes it all comes out nice and quick and red and sometimes it likes to linger inside the body and come out slowly. As for a longer period this is also normal but can be caused by many things in a women’s life but the most common cause to a change in the length of a women’s period is stress. Sometimes this can be a physical stress like a sickness or an outside of the boddy stress like deadlines or having a rough time with work, friends, or family. As for a change in smell that also could be caused by a number of reasons. A chnage in diet, how much water she is or isn’t drinking, fluxuating hormones, stress, sickness, and a whole bunch of other health related reasons.

    • Matt she could have a bacterial infection it’s very common in women she would have to go to doc. To get it checked an get meds.

  8. hi in a month i experienced three times period but in black or dark colur but few drops then stop again ten to 12 days after black color few drops and stop again. but never it happens beforeexcept last month pls reply

  9. My period blood was black the whole period, from 1st day to last.. and I only bleed for 3 days.. my rubes where tied 19 yrs ago, and im going to b 43 this year, do u know why and should I b concerned. . Thank u

    • i am also experiencing the same thing, black clots throughout my periods, from day 1to the last day, say at least 4 days. it happened in my last periods, and i am alos experiencing the same these month. am so worried. please tell us something.

    • Did you ever get it sorted I had same symptoms with excruciating pain in abdomen on and off for 15 years it turned out my fallopian tubes were twisted round ovaries both sides it’s called an adrenal torsion

  10. i also had a black clots during my periods, though out my last month period, from the first day to the last day. am also experiencing the same these month. started with black clots.

  11. Help! I recently had sex unprotected i was late on my period for 8 days and i just got my period but in the begging of my period is a brownish color but then it goes to like a black red. Can that be a sign of pregnacy? I took a home test and it came negative

  12. My period was about 5 days late last moths and almost 10 days late this month, I’m sixteen and my period was coming exactly every 28 day, but it just came Yesterday and the blood is black and gloopy, and there is almost none compared to my usual extremely heavy flow. I can’t be pregnant, so i don’t know what it is

  13. My periods are fine but this month I have seen black blood like periods every thing is fine only 3 days of mensuration black blood is coming out not red is it cancer or any thing dangerous pls tell

  14. Hi I also have my periods is black blood nd it’s my first day…… last month first day was pink nd de pad was not full. So m so confused can some1 help

  15. I miss had in protected sex a month ago the next day I got my period now I just started with old black blood so really curious what this could be I never start with old black blood

    • What ended up happening? I had the same thing happen and am curious if you’re pregnant or was there something else about the black period/blood?

      Thanks in advance!

  16. hi am also going through the same thing right now, I don’t know what do to about it… I experience that on my first day and am still experiencing it. TODAY will make it the third day

  17. hi iam 26yrs old hv a 2yrs baby this mnth I hv period in black color I have lot of pain in stomach so shall I concern to doctor or its normal

  18. I’m scared coz my period wasn’t normal last month and this month it was just stains of blood and now I have round little black solid coming out of my vagina, I don’t know what to think

  19. Approx two to three months ago I had the Birth control implant nexplanon put in my arm and had unprotected sex with my husband all the time. My problem is that I had heavy black and fresh blood for about 7 weeks now straight. I was told it was a side effect of prolong periods but they never mentioned it would be heavy black periods with cramping.I felt pregnant signs like vomiting, nausea, food aversions. Recently I felt grief and deppression and hormonal. Can someone who had experience of misscarriage let me know what can confirm If I had a misscarriage or still if I can be pregnant?

    • I’ve been on nexaplanon for almost a year, next month, I didn’t start having sex until like 3 months ago in july. I had my period a few day after losing my virginity and haven’t had it since. Nexaplanon makes you have irregular periods and for some terminates. I thought mine had ended. Got it yesterday. I’ve been pms-ing but I’ve had like symptoms but no period so I thought this was like many other prior cases. My blood was brown not reddish brown, brown like feces. The next morning the blood on my pad was completely black and a pasty looking consistency. Whilist showering I cleaned myself and a black clot came out. Ever since my first time I’ve been having unprotected sex and he’s ejaculated in me each time… It has now gone to red.

  20. Before two days of my menstrual cycle Dard brown spot came out very next day again little black blood came out, my doctor said start medicine from 2 day of period for conceiving. what should I do? Should I wait for proper period or what? ? My due date for periods is 30 oct

    • Me too hey,what worries me the most is whenever l discharge that thick black blood.l feel pain on my left started 2 days a happens once/twice per day.just wondering what could it be

    • Me too hey but am not on my periods
      .What worries me the most is whenever l discharge that thick black blood.l feel pain on my left started 2 days a happens once/twice per day.just wondering what could it be.

  21. I’am 1. I already had mensuration at the start of this month, and it was completely normal. But yesterday morning it started again and this time it is thick black blood clots like bleeding. Is thier anything to worry about or is it normal?

  22. I’am 16. I already had mensuration at the start of this month, and it was completely normal. But yesterday morning it started again and this time it is thick black blood clots like bleeding. Is thier anything to worry about or is it normal?

  23. also going through same thing,I did my mensuration on 30th October and I did another one on 23november and the mensuration black in colour for two days instead three worried what happen to me.

  24. I have been seeing black blood for 4month now,sometimes I do see it for 2-3days but now I’d only one day. What is happening to me. Please help me out

  25. HHi iam 37yr. I have had a history of off beat pregenancies . I have two boys my first i dont know i was having him till i was about to be four months nnd my youngest i was a week from being five months. For like about five months now i been have like black or brown cycle. I always been 7days on heavy but niw its like four days if that home test never worked for me i have got three blood test all say iam not pergant but for last few months now i cant lay on my stomach it feels like something is thumping me around my belly botton an some times lil higher with my youngest i did have a cycle till i was six months it was light blooding red nothing like this but befor i knew about him it was only four day cycle . And when i eat even if its just a peanut butter and jelly it feels like i have liee ten meals . Iam a large woman an i try for ultra sound but they will not give me one cause the blood test i tried everything . I dont know what to do or think at this point . Its dec 21 2016 my cycle here now i only knew cause when i wipe theres red blood but no flow and its a blackis brown on the pad but when i wipe or pee its red if u know nnything plz help thank u.

  26. Hi, i am in my late 52 year, i have stop period for 3 months. Recently my period comes with very little but in dry dark brownish colour like black colour. May i know what happened?

  27. Hi i am 24 years old..
    My menstrual started when i was 15 or 16 years old i guess.. since then my period was irregular until now. I’m married now for almost 2yrs. But my mens is still irreg. And it becames worst ’cause my blood was black and not flowing well. I actually has a period now started 2days ago (i used napkin but when i saw it after a whole day it was not full of blood i only saw a little blood a black blood like a dark chocolate)i discovered this colour twice the other month and this month.
    I didn’t used napkin lastnight but i didn’t see anything in my panty only a black spot.

    Pls help me i need to know what is wrong with me..


  28. Help! I’ve had my period for 3 weeks and 4 days going on a month 🙁 light dark brown to black and some chunks I don’t know what’s happening to me Im 21 I’ve had erigular periods all my life but nothing like this is there somthing wrong?could I be pregnant? I can’t get to the doctors for a nother week and I’m freeking out please give advice!?!

  29. Hi, I’m 24. It’s been almost one month since I noticed, instead of having my period, I’ve seen just a bit of brown almost dark blood. I’m very concerned about that. I remember on time I had it and my doctor told it was normal but I’m not it is. It pissed me off. If someone knows what it might be I’m willing to listen to you. Thx…

  30. please i want to know i have seen my period two weeks back suppose to be ovulating and started black blood please what is the cause

  31. Ive had my period for 3 weeks and after the first week, the blood became minimal but turned brown/black, idk whats happening, help?! I’m only 13, idk whats wrong

  32. Hi it’s my first time ever having my period and it’s black on my underwear (accidently) but it red on toilet paper would this be because it has dryed in my underwear but ishe fresh on the toilet paper?

  33. This is weird for me because I am 14 years old and have never had sex before so I know I am not pregnant but my blood is black and my period just started, so I don’t know what to do.

  34. i had tetanus toxoid shot on and had sex on same day….and i later took unwanted 72 can the tetanus effect the working of umwanted72

  35. Pls i want to know d cause for black period from d begging of menses to d end and the menstral flow lasted up to 3 days

  36. My cycle was of 30days now days r increasing like 35days n before periods having brownish black bleeding…. Sum dots like for two days n normal periods starts later… Is it normal..? I m 32 n iIhave one kid..

  37. My menstruation is black and it’s in the beginning Of my cycle,this is the second month happening…what could be the problem please help I’m scared

  38. ive got the implant (nexplanon) and my periods are normally at the right time always a normal colour and usually last 3-6 days but now ive been bleeding for just over a week and it’s been brown to black since day one with a little bright red sometimes, it’s quite a lot aswell? ive tried to google it but can’t find anything, anyone got any ideas please???

  39. Wow,noticed black blood on day 3. It’s been a scanty period. And this period came with serious pain. On day 2 I had a severe pain that lasted for 30 seconds, thought they were ripping me off.

  40. I have pid
    It’s so difficult to treat
    Been to different doctors
    Now I’m experiencing large clot and black blood during menstration .
    I’m so scared , I hope my uterus is okay

  41. I’m having this problem also I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend a day before my period started I missed my period & then this dark brown stuff started happening this would be my 9th day having this color discharge or whatever it is … I’m also having cramps & im always nauseous … could I be pregnant?

  42. This is my second one this month I started on the 1st bleed for a week.and then started again on the 19 and it’s very black ??? With very bad migraine everyday this time

  43. Hi ladies,I have been experiencing the same as you all and I decided to look for more answers so I looked on YouTube and It says you may have been laying down too much and oxygen has dried up your blood or that’s old blood from your last period escaping your vagina .Don’t worry it will go away .Try to drink tea or detox yourself with fruit in your water.I hoped it works for you but reply if it doesn’t I may have a solution….

  44. last month i had periods… like 2-3 days spotting and then pinkish period started with its heavy flow…this month again , from last 2-3 days m spotting only , no heavy pink or red blood yet…the reason i feel is i am exerting my body a lot in swimming and that may cause it … So m less scared n still hope my periods will come with full flow…

  45. My period came with a lot of pain on the first day and it flowed normal red and the second day I started experiencing a black drop and it lasted for 5 days pls what could be the cause. Am really worried

  46. Hi, i am pregnant n I went to the doc and he checked me and told me that the pregnancy which was about 3weeks Was brown in colour,which is the blood ,he didn’t understand it either ,pls what does it mean

  47. I have been having the black blood fir close to 2 years now…have gone to the hospital for check and after several tests i was prescribed some drugs but no change and mine isn’black just at the end of my menstrual period but always and don’t know what is happening nor what to do please

  48. Umm my period usually lasts 8/7 days but the lest three months on the 5th day my blood turns brown or black and keeps going for 3 days it’s annoying and scaring me. I eat healthy and I’m not fucking anyone I’m a virgin so what’s the cause of this please help or give me response I really am concerned. I miss my dark red blood the light brown when im near end of bleeding not this stuff. You response will be highly appreciated thank you!

  49. I’m 11 years old and just discovered brown and very dark black blood on my maxi pad. I started my particularly heavy period on July 1, and my heavy periods are usually the shortest, lasting 4 or 5 days. It is now July 5. I was scared at first, but now I am not. Thanks for helping!

  50. My periods is due on 23-7-2017 but exactly a week ago some black discharge happens but it’s not blood. From fast three days this black discharge is going on but not very heavy

  51. When I’m having my periods I notice black blood on my first day although when it’s my first time it’s bright red or sometimes brown.. But the past years past months I’m having my periods the first day it’s always black blood.though some time it’s red.. I’m really worried about it..

  52. I had got my period after 11 days of my exact date …my exact date is 9 …but now whem I had my periods it’s of brown colour and spotting on the pad in a circle …not normal periods ….I m scared ..plzzzz help …..your feedback will b highly appreciated …

  53. Hi! Last month my period only last 3 days and those 3 days most of it is black blood, only very few red blood and there’s only few of it came out., it’s like I don’t have period because of how small fluid came out. I was a bit scared and thinking maybe it’s just normal I just have to wait on my next period which is this month. Finally I just had my period for this month but it was worst than last month. This time it’s completely black and eveytime I check my pad it’s just like a spotting for 4 days straight.

    By the way, My last sex was last year and I’ve been depressed for how many months now.

  54. It’s my second periods after delivery and it’s my first day
    The issue the blood is black should I concern my doc or not

  55. My baby is one year four months now, I want another baby, for the past 3months now I have been making love during my ovulation period still I will see my period at the 28 day of my cycle and black blood normal 3/4days flow. am sacred am I ok ??

  56. So what does is mean if I have black period blood through out my entire period? I can’t have an STD or anything because I have never had sex so what could be the issue? I have been freaking out!

  57. It’s the first day of my period but I have taken my pad off to get in the bath and it is black/dark brown and leaked entirely through. I’m really confused as this is unusual for me, I get it at the end usually but not like this and when I just wiped it was half brown half bright red which is fine but still concerning.

  58. I need help normaly i get heavy flow since i started menstruating 15yrs ago,but this month it became dark brown,light,thick goes with cramps which press onto my left leg and havin strange smell. Help pliz

  59. Menstration is black and clotted for four days and I dnt have the normal menstrual feeling I do have before everything changed am scaredbif that’s not infection or what

  60. Am 18 this my blood color was normal for the first 4days but from the 5th day its a black blood and have been bleeding for 10 days now in addition with the normal 1st 4 days. I had unprotected sex on the 2nd day of my period too. Pls I want to know what is wrong with me. Thank you

  61. I haven’t had a period for 6 weeks, but my previous period was black to start then very heavy and i never get them heavy. Just done pregnancy test says negative, what the hang is up!!!!

  62. No-one answers any questions, kinda sad considering some of us want to know some advice before spending a lifetime at a doctor’s office. Guys I’m in the same boat had my normal period for my 5 day cycle than continued to have black blood for an additional 4 days. Bad back pains and stomach pains shocks up my chest and legs. I want to know if it could be something to do with the fact I had a tubal ligation it’s been like this sense I had my son 8 months ago. And no-one knows anything not even a damn doctor they keep saying everything is fine. Can’t find out anything
    Probably sitting on a law suit and don’t know about it because No one knows anything! If anyone reads this please give me some advice it is really needed

  63. For the past 1week have being in pains, back pain, waist pains, breast getting big but just this morning I woke up, I notice I was bleeding but it was black and thick, please what is the cause.

  64. My period start 5th feb and end at 10th feb 2018 from 10th upto 17 i am ok now from tomarrow i saw a little blood before lunch after that at night i saw a black blood today the same what is the reason behind this

  65. Hi, Im experiencing the same problem.. this is the second month i experience black blood on the 1st day of cycle. I use to have irregular periods for ages and eveytime i see a doctor they just find out all is clean and nothing is wrong with me its only stress and psychological concerns and so on.. because I always have family troubles since my parents have seperated.. anyways, im really worried because blood flows toooo slow! Only few spots.. I never experienced a heavy flow in my life.. i really need it to flow normal and regular.. im about to get married and dont know what to do to fix these issues. Ps. Still im virgin

  66. Hello my period came out at the first day dark brown color and is like spotting but am not pregnant, have gone for hvs test and am very fine no infection what could be the problem?

    • Hey so what was the issue? Because I am currently going thru the same thing except my menstrual was a wk late and now Im seeing black blood for the 1st time ever?

  67. hi.,im arcelie i have been mentruation last march 30 to may 7 2018 and then after two weeks now i have dark spot menstruation it sign for pregnant?

  68. I’m am 53yrs old I thought my period had stop for good,I haven’t had a period for 8mons, well surprice… three days now having very heavy black to dark red bleeding,some cramping,small clots,have no insurance at this time so I’m riding it out, anyone else going through this ???

  69. Hi girls & ladies. Calm down. Ive been told by professionals that it’s normal to have black/brown blood as this is what I’ve been experiencing. Im 32 years old. 4 children. When I was younger my periods would last for 5 to 7 days every 28 days. And we’re bright pink and sometimes deep red. Around 3 years ago I started to be on normal for 2 days off for a day then back on with brown blood. Now I start red for 3 days off for 1 maybe 2 days with a black or brown blood. Also for those who are scared about brown blood or black being a sign of miscarriage. In my experience when I misscarried and didnt know i was pregnant I didn’t have pain. I came on my period as normal so was unaware I was pregnant. But bled for over 3 weeks. Normal red blood. When I bled for that long. My doctor sent me to hospital and a vaginally scan confirmed miscarriage.


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