16 Serious Signs of Early Implantation (Before Missed Period)


Implantation signs are the first thing every woman looks for when trying to conceive. Signs of implantation are vast and can include everything from bleeding to cramps and discharge. The following are typical signs that implantation has occurred.

What Is Implantation?Implantation

The word implantation means “to firmly settle.” This is why that is the term used to mark the beginning of pregnancy. Implantation is a natural process after a successful ovulation; it occurs when the fertilized egg attaches itself to the lining of the uterus.

This then allows the egg to grow and develop into a beautiful child. The process to achieve implantation is quite complex. It begins when the egg is fertilized by a sperm in the Fallopian tube.

The fertilized egg, which is now called an embryo, then begins to divide and move in the direction of the uterus. The egg reaches the uterus and begins to divide and reproduce. This is when the embryo reaches what we call the blastocyst stage.

The blastocyst then hatches out of its protection, which is called the zona pellucida. Once this happens, implantation takes place. The process of implantation usually completes within 8-10 days after ovulation.

Once implantation occurs, the embryo then starts to produce hCG, which is the hormones that pregnancy tests use to predict pregnancies. In a much simpler way, pregnancy cannot occur without implantation.

During this process, you cannot actually feel or notice any physical symptoms of implantation happening. Since the embryo is half the size of a dust mite, it is impossible to feel this process that is happening in your body at a cellular level.

When Does Implantation Occur?

The question of when implantation occurs promotes many answers. Remember that all human bodies work differently on a daily basis. With that in mind, we can expect this to be true during pregnancies as well.

But speaking on technical terms, implantation usually occurs 7-12 days after ovulation. Let’s say you are one who is sexually active. If you expect your period on July 23 but experience bleeding or spotting on July 16-July 23, that may be a sign.

You see, the whole process of implantation may cause blood vessels to break within your uterus wall. As a result, bleeding may occur and we call it implantation bleeding. Some women have claimed that they got their signs of implantation as early as 3 days after ovulation.

All studies on this topic have been done outside the female body, so there is no scientific proof to confirm or discredit their claims. Once implantation occurs, you can officially say you are pregnant.

16 Signs of Early Implantation8 Serious Signs of Early Implantation

1. Implantation Bleeding

Bleeding is one of the most accurate signs of pregnancy, but it is only seen in 1 out of 3 women. In fact, many women won’t even realize that the spotting is implantation bleeding and not the start of their period.


This bleeding is normally not:

Light pink or even a brownish color may be present when implantation blood is seen. This blood will not have the same amount of flow as a period in most cases. Some women do experience heavy implantation bleeding, and the easiest way to differentiate between implantation and period blood is by its consistency.

Blood from implantation does not clot, and it will be on and off. Women can expect this to last hours, or up to 4 days. Spotting is most common with implantation.

2. Implantation Cramping

One of the most common implantation symptoms is cramping. These cramps are often more mild than period cramps and should not be so bad that you wince over in pain. Mild in nature, these cramps will only last a short period of time with many women experiencing them for just 5 minutes.

If you feel any severe pain, it’s a smart choice to see a doctor.

3. Breast Tenderness

Breast Tenderness

Immediately after implantation, the body begins to change. These changes occur rapidly and will gradually increase as a woman is expecting. Breast tenderness is a symptom that is common from the fast change in hormones.

Hormones will increase, leading to:

  • Swelling
  • Soreness
  • Tenderness

Breasts will begin to be sore just days after conception, with most women experiencing sore breasts within 7 days after their ovulation period.

Note: Tender breasts is common for most women during their menstrual cycle and lasts 1 to 2 days.

Breasts will remain sore throughout the majority of the pregnancy, and the tenderness will not go away within a day or two – it will linger.

Breast tenderness is one of the most common and accurate signs that a woman is pregnant. If the breasts are tender, a pregnancy test can be used to determine the likelihood of being pregnant.

4. Increased Basal Temperature

Thermometer with high temprature on blue background.

A high basal body temperature (BBT) is used as a way to determine pregnancy. The temperature must be charted during the course of trying to get pregnant to tell if a sharp rise has been seen.

Due to progesterone increasing in the body, the BBT will rise and remain high until the progesterone levels decrease.

BBT temperatures may rise to 37.4C – 37.5C during pregnancy.

5. Cervical Mucus Changes

Cervical mucus is one of the immediate signs of implantation. The mucus will change in consistency, color and flow when a woman is pregnant. A few indicators are:

  • Mucus that is consistently white.
  • Heavier mucus levels.
  • Extremely slippery mucus.

Mucus increases due to an increased blood flow to the vagina. Pregnant women will have this mucus level increase to the point that their underwear is often wet as a result. Women will need to examine their cervical mucus by using a finger or the tissue method. Mucus levels will increase during early pregnancy before lessening as the pregnancy persists.

Confused? Keep reading Cervical Mucus 101,or Why use mucus to predict early pregnancy?

6. Missed Period

One of the most accurate signs that major changes have occurred in the body is a missed period. There are various reasons why a period can be missed aside from pregnancy, but if you have any of the symptoms listed and a missed period, there is a good chance that you’re pregnant.

Missed periods are often close to conception within a week or two from the time when women are most fertile.

It’s very important that if a period is missed, a test is taken so that you can take the necessary steps to have a healthy and safe pregnancy. Professionals recommend waiting until the day after your missed pregnancy to take a pregnancy test. This is the time when the test will be most accurate.

If a test is negative, wait a week before taking another test.

In the event that you missed your period and one or many of the other symptoms are present, make an appointment to see a physician. This will allow you to have a thorough medical exam, ensure that you don’t have an underlying medical issue, and also verify the pregnancy test.

7. Frequent Urination

The woman suffering frequent urination is running to the toilet.

Within the first weeks to a month of being pregnant, frequent urination will occur. This isn’t much of an early pregnancy indicator, but it is an indicator that a woman may be pregnant. The body is undergoing massive internal changes and making room for the baby to grow inside of the body.

As the baby forms – even when it is the size of a pea – it will start to put pressure on a woman’s bladder. This pressure means that a woman will start urinating more frequently.

When the baby develops more, fluids are retained and flushed out of the body quickly, resulting in frequent urination. The bladder will also have less room to expand in the body, causing urination to occur faster because the bladder will get full faster.

8. Food Cravings and Aversion

Implantation signs include food aversion. This occurs because a woman’s body will produce excess hormones when implantation takes effect. These hormones will alter a woman’s taste-buds, often resulting in her liking foods she didn’t like before, or disliking certain foods that she used to prefer.

Food cravings and aversions do not happen immediately.

For this implantation symptom to be valid, it must occur 7 days or more after a woman’s ovulation cycle has come to an end. If a woman is still ovulating, do not expect food tastes to change at this time.

There are numerous implantation symptoms and signs, but some women won’t experience any noticeable changes. Every woman is different, so signs should be considered valid only after a pregnancy test has confirmed the pregnancy.

9. Missed Period

This is the most common symptom of early implantation or pregnancy. This is especially true of women who have regular menstrual cycles.

However, it is important to note that other than pregnancy, losing or gaining a lot of weight as well as hormonal problems or stress can also affect your menstrual cycle.

But if you miss your period and you also observe another sign or signs of implantation, you should probably check if you are pregnant with a pregnancy test.

10. HeadachesHeadaches

Headaches are often a sign of a more serious problem. In this case, it is also an early symptom of implantation or pregnancy. This might happen before you miss a period. Hormonal changes are the reason behind the increase of headaches during early pregnancy.

These symptoms can often start as early as the first few weeks of pregnancy. However, it all depends on each woman. If you are really pregnant and you have frequent headaches, you need to make sure that you have enough nutrients in your diet to help prevent the headaches.

You can also try using cold or hot compresses on your head to help naturally relieve the headaches. Essential oils can also potentially help you with your headache. However, if you are pregnant, you should discuss this with your doctor to see if this is suitable for you.

11. Bloating

When your body begins going through changes, especially in the abdominal area, bloating occurs. With implantation, you can definitely expect to experience bloating sooner or later. In fact, pregnant women often feel bloated before their period.

Because of the timing, many women mistake this bloating feeling for premenstrual bloating, but in this case, no period ends up coming.

12. FatigueFatigue

Soon after implantation occurs, you start to feel increasingly fatigued. As with many other symptoms, the change in hormone levels take a toll on your body, which leaves you more tired than you usually feel.

This symptom appears very quickly, often occurring a week or more before you expect your next period.

13. Lower Back AchesBack pain. Athletic woman in pink sportswear standing at the seaside rubbing the muscles of her lower back, cropped torso portrait

Another sign of early implantation may be lower back aches. You may also refer to them as cramps. The strain that your body has to go through once implantation begins can really take a toll on your lower back.

Hence, you find that lower back pain can start very early in the pregnancy and actually ends up continuing for the full term. You may choose to use heat or cold treatment to relieve your pain, but you may also choose to take hot baths with Epsom salts.

This can reduce the swelling of muscle tension. You can also consider doing some gentle back exercises to help you get rid of your lower back pain.

These exercises will not only relieve some pain, but they will also help you strengthen your back muscles. Doing so will make it a lot easier to carry the incoming, growing baby.

14. Chest Tightness Chest Tightness

If you feel some tightness in your breasts, it may be a sign that implantation has taken place. This is caused by hormonal changes in your body, especially in the breasts, since all this occurs to prepare the body for pregnancy.

The soreness and sensations that you feel in your breasts should feel slightly different than the soreness that happens during your usual menstrual cycles.

15. Mood Swings Before Missed Period

Usually, you tend to feel moody during your period. However, in this case of early implantation, you may start to experience mood swings before your missed period. This sign is easy to miss, since it is easily confused as a symptom of premenstrual syndrome.

These mood swings are also a result of hormonal fluctuations; they cause havoc with your mood and feelings of well-being. Hence, you are increasingly emotional in the days before your incoming period.

If this happens, you should make sure that you get enough nutrients and vitamins in your daily meals. This is because these can boost your mood and will be very important if you are actually pregnant.

16. Lightheadedness Lightheadedness

As with many symptoms mentioned above, lightheadedness is another symptom that is caused by the fluctuation in hormones caused by pregnancy. During early pregnancy, a shift in blood circulation occurs and this restricts the amount of oxygen that goes to your brain.

This ends up causing dizziness. This symptom usually starts early in the pregnancy, but can also last into the second to third trimester.

When You Should Go to See A Doctor for Implantation

Some symptoms of implantation and early pregnancy are normal. These include light spotting, mild cramping and changes within your breasts. However, if you are rather sure that you are pregnant and/or you have confirmed with a pregnancy home test, you should visit your doctor.

The American Pregnancy Association recommends that you visit your healthcare provider about eight weeks after your last menstrual period.

This is so that your doctor can help you arrange proper prenatal care, discuss any questions you may have about your pregnancy in general as well as birth options.

When You Should Get a Test After ImplantationWhen You Should Get a Test After Implantation

If you want to check if you are pregnant, there are two options. You can either take a blood test, or a home-based pregnancy test. Blood tests can only be administered in clinics where you can get blood samples taken to be tested.

The blood test works by detecting the HCG hormone in your blood. Similarly, the home-based pregnancy test also detects the HCG hormone to determine the pregnancy, but it detects it within urine instead.

The difference is that home-based pregnancy tests require you to wait longer compared to blood tests, since the HCG hormone takes more time to travel to your urine, as opposed to your blood.

Once implantation occurs, the level of HCG hormone just keeps increasing. Every 48 hours, the level of HCG hormone doubles. For both blood tests and home-based pregnancy tests, the HCG hormone must reach a certain amount before it can be detected in the blood or urine.

In fact, the exact amount is 25 mIU/ml. If it is lower than that standard, you may end up testing negative, even if you are actually pregnant.

Typically, the HCG hormone would have reached detectable levels by the fourth or fifth day after implantation bleeding for blood tests and six to seven days for home-based pregnancy tests.

Even if you test negative, you should wait for another 4 to 7 days before you take the test again to double-check. This is especially so if you are rather sure you are pregnant or if you are exemplifying symptoms of early implantation.

You should also take note when you are shopping for home-based pregnancy tests. Some packages do indicate that they have a sensitivity of 20 mIU/ml, which means that the test is suitable for detection of early pregnancy.

Conversely, some tests only have a sensitivity of 40 mIU/ml, which means that it can probably only detect pregnancy after seven to nine days after implantation bleeding. Studies have shown that 65% of tests that are carried out 6 days after implantation often test negative.

They have also shown that false negative tests are a common occurrence and can happen to 9 out of 15 women. False positive tests can be caused by hemolysis (the destruction of blood cells) or Lipidemia (high content of fats in the blood).

Additionally, if you test negative after implantation bleeding, it may also be because your pregnancy is ectopic. If it is an ectopic pregnancy, the HCG hormone increases less intensively, which makes it very hard to be detected.

However, if you find that you have already missed several periods and you are already weeks past the date your implantation bleeding occurred, you may want to visit your doctor if you haven’t already.

This is so that they can conduct blood tests which are more accurate or help you with medical examinations that can check if you are pregnant and if you are in good health.


  1. hi iv never had kids before not sure whats going on my periods ended nov 8 we slept together since then till the 18 nov everyday this month I get cramps nausea during the day and breasts tingle and tender my husband says I have become emotional lately is it possible im pregnant as im not sure when you finish ovulate does the simtyms I feel only come from ovulating

    • It’s not when your period ended but when it started and how long they typically last. Based on your dates though it’s probably too early to know for sure. It does sound possible so I would avoid alcohol to be safe.

      My wife have through this 3 times (one baby and two miscarriages) so we kind of know what to expect, but every woman and pregnancy is different.

    • The day your period day you begin your period is Day 1………..continue counting until the day 1 of your next period. Do this for 3 months so you have an accurate length of your period. O.k. so say you counted 28days…. you begin counting on day 1 again and find your day 14 on your calender. Look for your vaginal fluids to get silky and stringy like an egg white. You want to have sex on that day to get pregnant, and avoid sex for those mid cycles days until you see the egg white mucus go away. Let me know if I can help you more. Hugs.—Deeba

  2. Hi all I’ve never been pregnant and I’m also pretty regular with my period. I’m currently 2 days late and have been having mild cramps as if I’m getting my period and still nothing has come. My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years and use the “pull ut method” lol which he usually pretty on top of however lately he hasn’t been as careful as he usually is and 2 days before my period was expected this month the sperm did go inside, do you think it’s possible I could be pregnant?

  3. Momma to two here working on our third. Four times pregnant, two angels and two blessings! Ladies, not only is every woman is different but every pregnancy is unique as well. None of my pregnancies were the same, not even a little bit. With my first angel baby, I never felt anything. No cramping, no bleeding, no tender breasts, nada. My second angel made me very moody but no physical feeling in early pregnancy. With our son, I had an easy pregnancy, mild cravings, mild cramping, no spotting very little morning sickness. Our daughter, that girl made me crazy. I had motion AND morning sickness immediately, craved Dr Pepper which is not something I usually drink (and didn’t drink much because I know it’s not the best for babe or myself!), lots of cramping, an opening cervix by month two. She wiped me out for sure but totally worth it!! Trying for our third (and final!) and I am feeling the cramping, hungry a lot, tender breasts, smells are strong. Still a few days too early to test but I am excited!! If you are late, I would definitely take a pregnancy test. Keep track of your start date because, and I have heard this a thousand times before, a late or missed period is one of the most definite signs of pregnancy!! Good luck all and I hope everything works our for you all!!

  4. Yes, I know… shame on me, I’m a teenager and I’m on this site… But I seriously need a second opinion. My boyfriend is taking me to get a test today, because for the past few weeks, he and I both agree I’ve been different. I’ll say some of my “symptoms”, and can somebody please tell me what you think…
    My breasts have been so sore and tender to the touch, that I can’t hug anyone because it hurts that badly.
    I’ve been spotting for about three days now, off and on throughout the day.
    I’ve had some sharp pinpoint pains, down… down there.
    I have collapsed/blacked out in the shower twice
    Cramping is no stranger…
    I haven’t really been eating much, I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it…
    I constantly feel tired, as usually I don’t. I’m fairly active and go for runs every day. But this past two weeks or so, I’ve been exhausted… not wanting to even get out of bed to go to the bathroom.

    And the smell of coconut oil makes me wanna vomit…

    Please, I really need a second opinion. Honestly I’m scared, and this wasn’t in the plans.

  5. Hi my period isn’t until the 8th and vie began to bleed very lightly and then it stops I don’t feel like its my period it started around 6 last night and the cramps went away…I don’t know if im pregnant or not…or is this just a period…

  6. Hello, i dont have kids but lately noticed some changes in body. I asked a cousin she thought she it sounded i pregnant. And i dont want to get a pregnancy test and it come negative so i need advice. I have tender breasts, nausea, i was cramping but not any more but i am still spotting, i am always tired. My food choices are changing as well. I am scared to find out i am not if anyone thinks my chances are great i need to know. . . i dont think i could take a negative test results.

  7. I had mild to bad period cramps for 2 days, the pain would come and go , not lasting very long.. without any bleeding which is not normal for me..i usually get cramps which last and bleeding same time.. its not like a normal period,mine are ussualy very heavy in the beginning..and lasts a while..i have bleeding now nut its more a dark brown colour no clotting,with a bit of light pink..and its very little amount,i use tampons,im seeing the difference I just don’t know if I should be worried..can anyone guide me into it please or if I should be worried,i googled the symptoms,and I do have some of them..moodiness,sleeping problems,dizziness,nausea,feeling unormaly hot,peeing a lot,bloted,tired..ive never been pregnant before,and dont know to take this,me and my boyfriend usually dont use condoms,but use the pull out method and he is very precise,accident do happen..can someone help me

  8. I have missed my period and on the “expected” last day I spotted in the am. I read that ypu shld wait 6-7 days to tame a urine test. When I tested it was a definite postive. Im excited this will be my second.?

  9. i am wondering if im pregnant
    my partner and I have tried for a baby and i miscarried and now this month well we threw caution to the wind

    my ovulation day / window was from the 7th to the 11th being the day
    I use an app called my days and with my cycle being a 28 day cycle well my last mense was on 6-27 and ended on the 3rd on july we made love on the 7 8 9 ad 10 with no ctraception and with full completion on his end. my period is due next week on tuesday the 25th could i be pregnant im nervous excited im really tired and peeing alot and i had some discharge white stuff when i peed today i read that this could be early signs does any one know. im 43 so im just scared my 2 kids from a previous marriage are grown 19 & 23 so i am quite rusty at symptoms

  10. So I’m not late on my period yet it’s supposed to come today but no cramps or anything and I just got married in April but for the past week or so I have been eating more than normal and my breast have been sore even my husband says they are bigger. I really want a baby but don’t want to get my hopes up

  11. @tammy- Since you’re on a 28-day cycle then your ferility period will be from July 7-13 in which July 10th will be your ovulation day. Since you made love on the ovulation date then that would most probably be a baby boy in case. 🙂 Not sure if you’re pregnant since we are all diff. When I was pregnant, I had spotting and my morning nausea gave me true sign which was confirmed by a PT.

  12. @concerned wife- If you’re really pushing to have a baby then I suggest you can start taking follic acid vitamins which can be bought over the counter. I did the same from 28th March bec we just started on trying from 27th March our wedding day. It’s good for the health and eventually it will be given to you by your OBGyne for the firt tri of your pregnancy since this vit is anti abnormality of your fetus’ growth. Everything was fine when I gave normal delivery of our first baby on December of the same year. 🙂

  13. hi my last period was the 21st july it was light and yesterday i was spotting red brownish and i had cramping today ive not really had a show but my boobs are tender what could this be x

  14. Hi. I’ve had 2 kids in the past. I have had my period. Its been 1 1/2 week ago. Now im noticing tenderness, in my breast, they hurt more then anything. I’ve been having to pee within 5 to 10 minutes each time. My eyes are lighter then usual, i have been tired more then ever, plus my mom’s cat, wont have nothing to do with me. What all could this relate tp other then pregnancy?

  15. I ended my period on 9/1/17 I took a pregnancy test on 9/6/17 and BFP I spotted brown for almost three days and went to DR did blood test and I am in fact pregnant. I am still so early but very confused how I got pregnant that quickly after my period. Anybody had this happened?

  16. l had a missed period for a day the next day l had a bleeding. which lasted for two days very light lmmeditly the light bleeding l had belly button pains..

  17. my last period was 25 August ……I meant with my husband during my ovulation period, I stated experience pregnancy symptoms , such as headache, vomiting, increase of breast , frequent urination, sleeping every morning, I saw some blood 19th of sept , it lasted for 4 days , which looks like my nomarl period 6 days before my normal period, I didn’t see my nomarl period on the 25 sept. I went to do hospital test 10 days after my period it saying nagetive , I am confused and I don’t know what to do

  18. On August period came 11,September on 15 but light period that was on and off for few hours,then October came 09 I’m confused cause I’m trying for baby,I experienced breast tenderness from September before period and it didn’t stop till this October.

  19. I started my period on time The 1st lasted through to the 7th I had no cramps nine which is very weird for me because I usually feel like I’m dying the very next day after my bleeding stopped I started getting these very mild cramps random spurts of nausea and well today is the 17th and my cramps never went away past two days I’ve been getting this really really sharp stabbing pain in my right ovary that shoots up my rib cage my breasts are extremely tender and sensitive and slightly swollen I’ve been extremely moody my period is due the 31st of took a pregnancy test yesterday came out negative I’ve never cramped all month like this so I honestly have no idea what it could be I caleled my gynecologist and she told me to obviously wait until I either start my period on time or I’m late then take another pregnancy test but to not take ibuprofen just in case and that if my cramps get any worse or if I start bleeding heavily to obviously come in but I’m just wondering if anybody on this site has ever gone through this and has had the same symptoms I have much help would be appreciated thank you

    • Hi We’re going through the same thing your dates are exactly the same, I took a test this morning and it was negative but I’m so bloated, neasua, feeling like I’m going to throw up but nothing coming up, very thick white discharge. I’m so confused! ?

  20. Hi my name is Jordan and my wife is spotting blood but its not bright red its like a darkish redish color and she’s been sound it for a few days now and she’s been really moody also and constantly wanting food like 20 to 30 minutes after her eating a full meal i cooked for us can you help me out and tell me what’s going on here?? ASAP!!!

  21. I tried to get pregnant with my ex-fiancé for three years straight, and it turned out he was infertile. The whole time I thought it was because of me. I lived with pain after we separated. I am now engaged again to another man, and we started trying for a baby. I am waiting until next week to test. I have no symptoms at all, besides that I’m very hungry and for so tired. I hope and pray that I am pregnant, it is the only thing I can think about.

  22. Hi my boyfriend and I have been together for two years we just had an experience where we thought I was pregnant I had two positive tests and then I started bleeding heavily so we went to the doctor and found out I wasn’t pregnant at all. So now we’ve quit using condoms and he uses the “pull out method” he came in me on October 22 (on purpose) oh my period was the 16-20 of October (which is normal for me (4-5 days) ) but on October 30th at 3 A.M. I got up to pee and was spotting a light pink color. My cousin said she thinks I’m pregnant so it could be implantation bleeding. I took a test today and it came back negative. My coming up period will be on November 11th should I wait until then to take a test or am I not pregnant. I don’t wanna get my hopes up if there’s no possible way I’m pregnant but a part of me feels like I am. Please help ?

  23. I had sex on the 31st of October and its only been 4 days but food that I used to eat, makes me sick and nauseous. I’m cramping, ligheaded and get overly hot out of nowhere. My breast don’t hurt but my nipples hurt bad, there’s no spotting. Yesterday I had thick white mucus come out of my vagina and earlier I had a liquid white discharge come out. My period is supposed to come the 17th of November. Could I be pregnant?

    • They say nipples hurting is a sign of ovulation, and according to you timing that would’ve been right doesn’t mean you couldn’t still get pregnant after that but those signs sound like you ovulating.

  24. Hi, my period is supposed to be on November 6, we just have sex and he ejaculated last October 20. I’m a 2 days late, ang I have been bleeding, is this implantation bleeding or menstruation? The bleeding is light (My menstrual bleeding is light so I dont know if its Implantation Bleeding or Menstruation, btw) I’m not experiencing tender breast, and morning sickness, am I pregnant?

  25. I have pcos and endometriosis, Dr’s say it will be hard for me to get pregnant.
    And i dont want to take a test and get my hopes up. But these are my symptoms.
    Change in my nipples they are all ways hard. I have cramps. And i camt drink anything without having to get up ans use the rest room. I been want tabasco sauce and any other food item that has vinger & spicy. I always loved spicy food tho.

  26. I’ve only been pregnant once and they forced me to terminate before I could really feel anything it’s 7 years later and just wondering could I be pregnant I have sore boobs been sore for weeks food craving and overly emotional but I had my period it was short only 4 days it ended yesterday and I’ve had a presure in my abdomen tummy area for just as long as the sore boobs it feels like all my insides are being pushed up into my ribs and I feel like I have to pee all the time… But today feels way worse its super uncomfortable to move and bend and it hurt durring sex this morning anyone know whats going on with me? With having bleed for 4 days makes me think not pregnant but idk

  27. I’ve had a tubal 10 years ago. Tubes were just clamped. Since the first week of November I have been having breast tenderness/soreness to the touch. Have been feeling very nauseated. On November 20 I got a very light period. (Spotting light pink) Last week my nipples started leaking and have been cramping. I have been urinating constantly and during the night I get up as well and before I would never get up to go urinate. Oh and I never have eaten a fillet o fish sandwich from McDonald’s have always thought it looks nasty but I have been craving it. PLEASE HELP!!

  28. OK, I’m 49, two previous pregnancies, no children. I have a regular cycle every 23-25 days. This month I experienced clear fluid discharge with slight cramping, and when I wiped, tiny spots of blood. This was 10 days ago and the clear fluid lasted 2 days. The past 3-4 days I have noticed I am peeing more often. I know I am due my period, if not late. Usually I keep a note every month, but this month I reset my agenda app, and cannot remember exactly when I last had my period, although I know it was at least 25 days ago, possibly longer. I’ve not done a stick test yet, waiting a few more days for my period to show up….. Any thoughts?

  29. My last period was on 17th November. I usually have a 35 day cycle so period is due 22nd December. I would have ovulated on 8th December and since the 12th or 13th of December I’ve had really sore and tender boobs my nipples are very sensitive my be can’t even touch them. Today the 18th of December 4 days before af is due I’ve had some spotting just a tiny amount and then nothing for the rest of the evening. Hoping I’m pregnant.

  30. Anyone please help me on this one.Hubby and I have been TTC since August 2017.I am 26 days period(always on time.Every month when it comes I get so disappointed .next period would be Jan 4 2018.I now have swollen breast ..bloated stomach and mild back ache and I am really warm from my butt area and leg esp at night but day time also too and am not sick.
    Can I be pregnant or is it sign of another period
    Help me someone!!

    • I know the feeling. It took us 5 years and 4 rounds of IVF to get pregnant with our daughter. There were many months I thought I was pregnant, but it did not happen. I know how frustrating it can be, and there are no words. Everyone is different. Most couples get pregnant within the first year (hopefully, you will be one of them!) so take a deep breath knowing you are far from alone and everything is going to be okay no matter what happens. I hope you get your miracle soon.

  31. So I had my period about 2 and a half weeks ago.. I am now bleeding brown blood lightly off and on, my lower abdomen feels heavy and has dull pain, my lower back has dull pain as well, one minute I’m fine, then I’m mad, then I want to cry. I could sleep all day if allowed to, and I keep getting headaches. Is there any chance I could be pregnant? e been spotting for 3 days now.

  32. Pls someone should help I just spot some blood for just 2 days an it stop but ave been experiencing some signs like soreness of d breast, fatigue, frequent urinatation early morning sickness and d other

  33. Ok I’m 29 a mother of two boys I’m so confused my husband and I have been trying for a while and this is the first time that my breast are killing me and the smell of garlic made me vomit I have missed my period by three days I just started to spot pink blood is this my period

  34. Can someone help me. I just have a spot after 10 days of my period. A little headache, a stomach cramps milder than when i have my regular period. Can it be a implantation? Thank you very much.

  35. Okay so I’m in need of some advice I was with my boyfriend on the 8th or 9th and I started my period on the 18th witch was normal, well I’ve been feeling super nauseous and I even had a light pink spotting when I peed 3 or 4x in one day witch was 2 days ago, could i be pregnant? I have 1 little one already but I never noticed any of the signs with her just a missed period.

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  37. I’m going crazy here. I’m 29 and I was supposed to have started my normal period on the 21st of October (like clock-work) but nothing happened until the 25th and it was light for two days and then off and on spotty for two days. Typically the cramps are incredibly painful the first 24 hours and heavy.
    Now it’s the 1st of November and I’m having (TMI) slippery like discharge that’s a rusty color, itchy breasts and tingly nipples, quick waves of nausea, mild left side pelvic cramping, gental headaches, some bloating and backaches… Not to mention frequent urination and extreme fatigue. I took two tests and one test was a very, VERY faint positive (Clear Blue) and the First Response was a negative. None of this is normal for me. No stress at home or medication and not on any kind of birth control. Had anyone else experienced this situation?


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