Can You Feel Implantation? 4 Early Conception Signs Exposed


When you’re trying to get pregnant, you scrutinize every sensation in your body. Was that a cramp, or implantation? Most women will never know that they’re pregnant until they get tested, while others swear that they knew they were pregnant from the moment of conception.

Can you feel implantation, or is it just wishful thinking? Here are four early signs of conception. Click here if you want to check a more detailed list of early pregnancy signs.

4 Common Signs for Early Conception 

1. Cramping

What does implantation feel like?

If you asked most women this question, they’d have one answer: a lot like your period.

Young woman in pain lying on couch at home, casual style indoor shoot.As the fertilized egg buries itself into the uterine wall, you might feel some cramping. Yes, cramping after conception can and does occur. Those women who swear they felt something almost immediately after conception were not lying.

Unfortunately, this cramping can sometimes mimic the same cramps you feel just before you get your period. This makes it difficult to determine whether a successful implantation has occurred, or if your period is on its way. Generally speaking, though, cramping caused by implantation is lighter than period cramps, and usually goes away within a few hours or a day.

2. Spotting

One of the more common signs of fertilization is spotting. Light spotting can occur after implantation. When the egg implants itself into the uterus, some shedding of the uterine lining can occur. You may see very light bleeding, usually bright pink, but anything heavier than spotting may be a sign that your period is starting.

Some women may see brown blood instead of bright pink. The color of the blood depends on how long it takes to leave the uterus. If the blood takes a few days to make it from the uterus to the vagina, the blood will age and turn brown before it leaves the body. If it only takes a few hours to leave the vagina, the blood will be bright pink (fresh).

3. Breast Changes

Woman holding breast with pink ribbon over white background.Many women experience breast changes very early in their pregnancy. Soreness, swelling and tenderness are all common after implantation. These changes occur because your hormone levels are fluctuating rapidly right after conception.

It’s important to note, however, to pay attention to the timing of these changes. If they’re occurring seven days after ovulation, there’s a good chance that implantation has taken place. On the other hand, if you’re experiencing this the day of or just before ovulation, these changes may just be a sign that your body is ovulating.

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4. Frequent Urination

Woman needing to urinate and holding a toilet.One of the most common signs of early pregnancy is frequent urination. Many women find themselves making repeated visits to the bathroom just a week after conception. If you’re urinating more frequently and only passing small amounts of urine, this may be a sign of pregnancy.

When the egg implants itself, the body starts secreting more of the hCB hormone. This signals the body to pump more blood to the pelvic region. As a result of the increased blood flow, the bladder becomes more irritable.

Many women find themselves waking up several times in the middle of the night to use the bathroom early in their pregnancy.

These are four of the most common signs of early conception. Cramping and spotting are the most common signs of implantation, but many women also experience breast changes and frequent urination. While these may be signs of conception, only a pregnancy test can confirm whether or not you’re pregnant.


  1. Wonder if some one could help , my husband and I had unprotected sex on the 4th of November , I was due to ovulate on the 6th but no sure how accurate this was , on the 17th I experienced a light pink blood discharge and assumed my period was starting , I normally have a heavy flow with clots this was not the case , during the 17th the blood stayed light and had no clots at all this continued onto the 18th both the 19th and 20th I experienced brown discharge every now and again with no real quantity, today I feel little dizzy and have mild cramps any idea what this could be .

  2. My period came on on the 26th of last month and then it came on the 3rd of this month but now im having cramps nausea is it because my period is trying to come back on


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