Bright Red Period Blood, Implantation or Normal? (5 FAQs)


During menstruation, women may experience blood of different colors. Sometimes, the blood may be bright red, while other times it may be a deep red or brownish color. While all three colors are perfectly normal, some women may be alarmed when they see bright red period blood. Some women may also be curious if bright red blood is a sign of implantation.

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What Does Bright Red Spotting Mean?

Bright red spotting can be an indication of two things: implantation or your period.

Vector women portrait silhouette created by stains background illustration.The color of the blood is often an indication of its age. Bright red blood is fresh, meaning it’s recently been shed by the body, whereas brown or darker red blood is older.

When implantation occurs, red blood might be seen, but only in small amounts. If you’re experiencing full-flow bleeding, it’s likely a sign of your period starting. It’s not uncommon for women to see bright red menstrual blood at the beginning of menstruation and darker blood as the week progresses.

What Causes Bright Red Period Blood?

The color of the blood during menstruation is an indication of how old the blood is. Women may experience a few different colors of blood during their periods.

  • Bright red: When menstrual blood is bright red, it means that the blood is fresh. In other words, it was recently shed and then released from the body. The blood flow is typically light.
  • Dark red: Dark red blood is typically older blood that may have been in your uterus for a while. Many women experience this type of blood in the morning when they wake up.
  • Brown/dark brown: Brown blood is also old blood. Women typically see this color blood at the end of their period when the blood flow is much lighter.
  • Orange: Blood may mix with cervical mucous, which can make the blood appear orange in some spots. Orange blood can also be a sign of infection, so it is important to see your doctor if you are seeing this color blood.

In short, if you are seeing bright red blood during menstruation, it is likely fresh blood that has recently shed.

Can Implantation Bleeding Be Red?

When a fertilized egg attaches itself to the lining of the uterus, it can cause light bleeding. This is what doctors refer to as implantation bleeding. Not all women experience this phenomenon, but it’s not necessarily an uncommon symptom of early pregnancy.

Bleeding caused by implantation generally occurs 14 days after conception, which is around the same time women will be expecting their next period. It’s very easy to confuse menstrual bleeding for implantation bleeding and vice versa.

Implantation bleeding is normally very light and brown or pinkish in color. Because very little blood is shed during implantation, it takes some time for the body to release the blood. As it makes its way out, it ages and turns a brownish color.

Bright red blood can be a sign of implantation, but it’s less likely. Blood that is bright red in color could mean that active areas of your uterus are bleeding and the blood is quickly flowing from the implantation site. It may also be a sign of a miscarriage.

Is Bright Red Period Blood Normal?

Women commonly see bright red blood at the start of their period when the flow is still light and just beginning. As the cycle progresses, the blood gets darker until it reaches a brownish color at the end of menstruation. That being said, there are some women who experience bright red blood all throughout their period, while other women will see dark red the entire time.

If you normally have darker color blood during your period and now your blood is bright red, there may be a few things causing this change.

  • Miscarriage: Blood that is bright red can be an indication of a miscarriage. If the blood is accompanied by severe cramps, this may be the case. The uterus will attempt to expel anything that’s in it during a miscarriage, which is why the blood is bright red. If the blood stays bright red, the flow is heavy, and you experience persistent cramps over two or more days, see your doctor as soon as possible. Complications can occur during a miscarriage, and you want to avoid them if possible.Caucasian pregnant woman in black lingerie with abdominal pain on gray studio background.
  • Hormonal imbalance: Monthly menstrual cycles are strongly linked to a woman’s hormones. Any kind of hormonal imbalance can cause changes in the flow and color of menstrual blood. Women who are going through menopause may experience abnormal periods with bright red blood. A woman’s diet, lifestyle choices and stress levels can also cause hormonal imbalances.
  • Cysts in the ovaries: Women may also see bright red blood if she has an ovarian cyst that has just ruptured.

Bright red period blood is common in the beginning of menstruation, but if you continue to see this color blood as well as other concerning symptoms, see your doctor right away.

When is Bright Red Blood Abnormal?

In most cases, there’s no cause for concern when period blood is bright red. However, if your blood is normally darker red, suddenly seeing bright red blood can be an indication that something isn’t right.

  • Hormonal imbalance. A number of things can cause hormonal imbalances from stress to major lifestyle changes and a poor diet. Hormonal changes can also lead to ovarian cysts, which may be the root cause of the bright red blood. If the change in your blood color is caused by cysts, it’s important to see a doctor right away.
  • Unfortunately, bright red blood may also be a sign of miscarriage, especially if you’re also experiencing severe cramps. If you continue bleeding for more than a few days and cramping is severe, it’s important to see a doctor as soon as possible.

The good news is that menstrual complications are typically rare and generally not serious. If you notice any changes in the color or consistency of your period, see your gynecologist to ensure that there are no underlying medical issues causing the changes.

Remember, the color of your blood is really nothing more than indicator of the age of the blood. The brighter and redder the blood, the fresher it is. Changes in consistency, on the other hand, may cause health issues in the long run. Consistent heavy bleeding, for example, can lead to an iron deficiency or anemia. Anemia can lead to shortness of breath, fatigue and headaches. Iron supplementation or dietary changes may be required if you develop anemia.


  1. Hello. My first time getting on the depo shot was the beginning of October , I was suppose to get my 2nd shot December 31st. I am trying to get off depo. I had unprotected sex 3-4 times & my boyfriend came in me the times we had sex, it is now Jan 21st and I’ve been experiencing brownish blood or discharge . Sometimes dark brown . After sex I’d see blood and then after I will be spotting brown again . Then a week later i’d experience pinkish reddish blood or discharge that looks tinged. And the very next day there is nothing. My blood sometimes looks a bit bright or looks as if it’s a dark orange color as well. Sometimes my boobs are sore and then their not. I use to experience lower back pain and lower abdomen pain I’m just wondering what could possibly be going on.

  2. Okay I got my depo shot Dec 2015 after being off of it for a year, its now February 2016 and recently I have been bleeding bright red runny blood after sex with mild cramping after .. Am I pregnant I was on anti biotics for NY tooth I just finished..

    • I was on depot for over a year between baby number 1 and 2. I have 3 children. You will be able to conceive again once you are off the shot. The longer you are on it, however, the longer it may take your body to regain a normal hormone balance in order to become pregnant.

  3. My cycle is typical 6-7 days. My last menstrual cycle is typically 25 days in between months. On April 2, I begin to have extremely pinkish, brown blood with occasionally more brighter blood. It has been three days and my cycle is still light. What is going on. Could I be pregrnant

  4. hello..naa koy experienced krn lng jd nah akoa white blood naa cia red blood nasagol then nag change ko panty liner naa g hapon mo gawas but brown blood nh cia..nah unsa diay ko?i need your advice..salamat

  5. I have implanon, and it’s not due out until 2018 & now I’m experiencing bright red spotting after some pretty deep sex..sorry to be so detailed. What does this mean ? It’s nearly pink.

  6. Hi I’ve had the implanon in twice since 2010 I had it removed in May I had unprotected sex and I’m now having bright red blood could I be pregnant

    • I have had the nexplanon for about five to six month I have not had my period for about 4 since I have had it on and I have had unprotected sex with my bf and since the last time we did it and that was about two weeks ago I start to feel very weird I couldn’t describe it and for 9 days now I have been bleeding first pink then red then brownish then red again but not as a flow it’s spotting tbh I feel like it’s a waste of padd I don’t. Know what I feel like this

    • I have had the nexplanon for about five to six month I have not had my period for about 4 since I have had it on and I have had unprotected sex with my bf and since the last time we did it and that was about two weeks ago I start to feel very weird I couldn’t describe it and for 9 days now I have been bleeding first pink then red then brownish then red again but not as a flow it’s spotting tbh I feel like it’s a waste of padd I don’t. Know what I feel like this I just feel like I am but idk I have sharp pain at the lower part of my tummy and especially my sides and back

  7. Um im young and i don’t have no symptoms of being pregnant and my period became really brighter but only for 1 days I don’t know what to think im scared

  8. I got my period a week early and it was bright red it’s usually dark red and i usually Get my period for 4. Days this month I got it for 7 days getting headaches and dizzy urinating a lot

  9. Okay so my period ended a week ago… As of yesterday I’ve been having slightly heavy bright red bleeding. I don’t know what this could be and I’m freaking out. Any suggestions? Please help!

  10. I am mid period..43 .. i got dark brown blood discharge cramping and my breasts are temder.and have been for about a week. the next morning it was bright red and more severe crampimg.. any thoughts

  11. my period is 28 cycle normal but after 34 day getting bleeding and was late for 6 days and weeks before my period was due I started having back pain and it never stop as I get closer to my period due date I started having abdominal pain also and then frequently going to the bathroom to pee and Then all sudden I started bleeding like blood so I am just wondering can I be pregnant or not

    • Comment:I’m experiencing the same now and really worried if it could be a miscarriage though I was not sure whether I was pregnant but earlier on after my period was due I was experiencing pregnancy symptoms

  12. I am 6 days late and haven’t done a test yet to see if I’m pregnant or not. I have experienced light bleeding (bright red) and some light cramps. I’m not sure if my period is coming or whether I’m pregnant and if I am, then should I be worried? Thanks.

  13. Hello, My name is Keahnu-Alana. I am 19 years of age and have some concerns in regards to my period i just recently got. My period is usually regular and never comes late, but this time it came two weeks late and in a very vibrant colour of red. It was not a light flow either, it was chunky and very heavy in the beginning with severe crampings. its now going on to my second day with it and the crampings arent as painful at all but i still get those random chunks. Im concerned of the colour because my blood usually comes out a dark red with chunks. i always have a heavy flow with painful crampings, but this time i have never felt anything like it. what could be the cause of this change? please help.

  14. Hi am yorsalem from uganda my period has come on 24days for th first time also has small amount with light red but on the night with sever abdominal cramp so what that is that period or implantation bleeding

  15. I had intercourse with my boyfriend on September 28th that same day i received my period lasting till October 6th. My period usually last 6 days the most but in the month of October it lasted for 5 days then three days after my period ened my
    Boyfriend and I had intercourse then the next day i received my period but this time i saw light flow then got heavy then saw a couple blood spots come out of my vagania

  16. Figured I give it a shot and leave a comment on whats going on. I have the copper wire IUD and have been having some issues with discharge I messaged my gyno and she recommends coming in to be seen, but my insurance is inactive at the moment, so I’m not able to go see her currently. I’m a bit concerned about my ovulation. On 10/26/17, it was clear with some light blood streaks & it was in huge quantities each time more than what I was used to, the following day 10/27/17-10/30/17, it was all light pink blood with no clumps, and I did not have sex that weekend. On 10/31-now (11/8/17), my ovulation is light brown blood with no clumping, and I did have sex (11/4) and it remained light brown, I had sex (11/5) and this time it turned bright red, which I think was possibly from strings cutting me a bit. I felt for the strings today (11/8) and they feel slightly further up than where they were last time, but it also could be that they are in a wad up by my cervix. I also am having mild cramps since 10/26-11/8. I took an ovulation & pregnancy test that I got from a dollar store, both said negative. It has been a total of 14 days for the light bleeding and I’m supposed to be starting my period in 2 days, but I’m worried I might not. I don’t think I’m pregnant since I have the IUD, but it is possible.

  17. Sooo. I started birth control pills at 14. Not Because I was having sex but because my period was EXTREMELY HEAVY. I mean when I say Extremely There is no Blowing it up. I would bleed HEAVY for Almost a month Straight sometimes with it stopping & starting back up again the next day. My mom took me to my doctor & They gave me a whole new diet. & put me on The pills. It Regulated my Periods but My CRAMPS They Scared me into not wanting any kids. They Were SOO BAD. I Couldn’t Even Sit Down Comfortable. It hurt. I was Snapping on teachers & students. Because I could Not Sit Down Without the pain shooting threw me. So eventually they put me on The shot which slowly took my period away. I Stopped the shot at 16. My period didn’t come back Until I was 17. & Even Then It was like every 6 months then every 4 months etc. I am now 21 & my periods are Irregular but almost every month towards the end. I always know when I am About to start because My Breast are Extremely Tender for about a week or two before I start. But this Time.. My Breast Have Been sore For Almost 3 weeks Now which Is not normal they feel more heavy & Swallon. I didn’t think tenderness could get this tender. Jumping jacks would kill me. My Man Says My Nipples have gotten bigger. I finally started cramping about 3 days ago. Very Light Spotting like barley any blood. I was all happy for the first time my period was coming. But then No blood. Very Light Spotting a few hours later. So basically something is Wrong. Because I am a Heavy Bleeder & its been three days of spotting.. What is going on?.

  18. Last night my husband and i had sex and I was on day four of my period, almost gone, this morning I experienced bright red bleeding and now cramping. We are trying to get pregnant, I’m just unsure what that all means as my periods have been irregular as i have been under a whole lot of stress.


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