What Does Implantation Bleeding Look Like?


Women that want to get pregnant must know what implantation bleeding is. This is bleeding caused by the fertilization process when the egg attaches to the uterine wall. What does implantation bleeding look like? It truly depends on the person.

Light Blood, Almost Like a Faint Period

One way to describe implantation bleeding is that it is like having a very light period. The blood is not typically heavy or dark. If the blood is heavy, you’re likely having your period and implantation has not occurred.

A few ways to determine if it’s implantation or period blood are as follows:

  • Flow: Blood flow is the biggest indicator. There are no blood clots found in implantation blood, so there will not be periods of light blood followed by periods of heavier blood. Instead, it will be light blood and remain that way for the duration of the bleeding (hours to days).
  • Color: Red blood that is vibrant is period blood. Implantation bleeding produces blood or discharge that is light pink or brown in color.
  • Regularity: Off-and-on bleeding will be present with implantation. This is usually only for a day or two. If the blood is there in the morning and gone for hours at a time, it’s likely not your menstrual blood.

Women will also be able to watch for the severity of their cramps. While this isn’t a visual indicator, it is an indicator that is very accurate. Cramping that is very mild and faint and does not increase over time is normally implantation cramps.

What Does Spotting Look Like?

Spotting and a pregnancy test kit on light blue background.

Spotting will be short spurts when spots of blood can be found. Spotting does not have a distinct long layer of blood like a period would contain. Instead, small spots of blood will be found mostly intermittently.

When you’re on your last day of your period and you’re not quite done yet, you’ll often notice spotting. These are the annoying days where spots of blood are found, but they are nowhere near the level of flow and consistency that you would experience in the middle of your menstrual cycle.

It’s important to note that:

  • Implantation occurs near the start of a menstrual cycle.
  • Spotting can be a sign of other medical issues.

Spotting will be light pink or brown in most circumstances.

In very few cases, some women may experience significant spotting when implantation occurs. This is not the norm, but it does happen to some women. It’s also important to note that only 3 out of 10 women will experience implantation bleeding, so it is not 100% accurate in predicting pregnancy.

When to Expect Implantation Bleeding

It takes quite some time for the bleeding to occur. If you had sexual intercourse today, it would take 6 to 12 days before you would expect to see any blood from implantation. It’s also more common to not have bleeding from implantation than it is to have bleeding.

If implantation bleeding is going to occur, it will:

  • Be 6 to 12 days after intercourse.
  • Occur before your normal period date.

If implantation bleeding is present, you will want to consult with a physician to see if you’re pregnant. There are other forms of vaginal bleeding, and this may be a sign of a more serious issue if you do not suspect that you’re pregnant.

You can also take a pregnancy test, but you will want to wait 7 to 10 days after the bleeding occurs to take the test. The pregnancy hormone levels in the body will not be high enough at this time to expect an accurate result from a pregnancy test – or worse – it will read negative although you are with child.


  1. My menstruation always come every 34 to 35 of months, last month I started menstruating on the 6th of February lasted for 4 days then this month I started menstruating on the 12th and lasted for 4 days before then I was feeling nauseous, back pain, weak, lower abdomen cramps, then after the menstruation 7 days after the same symptoms came back again am I pregnant?

  2. Hi, am I pregnant, my last menstruation date is may 9, and I did a urine test which is positive, and now my period comes again June 9. please I don’t know if am pregnant or not

  3. Okay so I had unprotected sex on June 13 when I was ovulating. I started what I think my period was on July 1st and it stop on July 4th it wasn’t like my normal period it was a light color pink and my period was very light

  4. I had my period on June 15th and had sex when I was ovulating, I just started to get brownish bleeding on July 12th, but it is not my period. Any idea what it is?

  5. Hello I’m going crazy trying to figure what’s going on with my body my cycle came July 3 went off on the 6th now it’s the 30th and it’s done started again went to the doctor he said I have an urinary tract infection can u please help me ease my mind

  6. I got my nexplanon removed on July 10th and have had unprotected sex three times since then. I usually have my periods at the end on the month usually around the 28-30th. Today I started having brown spotting without cramps and it’s really light. Could I be pregnant? BTW today is Aug 1st.

  7. Help I am going mad I thought I might be pregnant but then I thought my period came but it is very light pink colour and has only lasted 2-3 days am I pregnant what should I do

  8. My last day of period is on 2nd Oct and had unprotected sex with my boyfriend the next day (3rd Oct). It was very painful that he went inside so deeply. However, this morning on Oct 4th, I have bleeding and it has the color of like having the first day of period. Is it possible for me to have implantation bleeding after sexual intercourse? Am I really pregnant?

  9. hi im iregular.. i had unprotected sex. i try pregnancy test first try is negative on sept 25 and uts driving me crazy when i got bleesing light pink and brown color and not heavy. but i use second try the test oct 5 its negative… am i pregnant or what??

  10. hi im iregular.. i had unprotected sex. i try pregnancy test first try is negative on sept 25 and its driving me crazy when i got bleeding light pink and brown color and not heavy. but i used second try the test oct 5 its negative… am i pregnant or what??

  11. Hi my period came a day early on November 26th I bled for 2 days heavy and then the rest of the days I just spotted it was like a light pink and then pink and Brown I never spotted before breast hurt tired all the time feeling nausea sometimes my boyfriend said I gained weight too can this be a sign of pregnant if I never spotted before and never been so tired like I never got any rest please somebody email me quick I’m scared it might be something els I’m scared…. I’m 26 if I am this is my first child I took a test and it said negative.., can it be too early?

  12. Im confused I was suppose to start my period the third of this month March and I didnt and been experiencing pregnancy symptoms.well 2 days ago I took a test it said negative but I started bleeding march 19 but its nothing like my period bleeding its pinkish color and nothing like my period is it implantation bleeding or what ? Cause mu body aint the same sowmthing just dont feel right i need help i had sex with my boyfriend less than a month ago

  13. I am wondering if i am pregnant cuz I am going through something that never happen to me spotting light pinkish color and i known it wasnt my period because my period dont be that light or i dont spot in between it so someone please tell me whats going on please

  14. I have a similar problem I had sex when my app said I ovulated had what I thought was my period the other day 21st lasted till 22nd two days didn’t look normal was like gunky gooey pink/browny red ? IDk what to do.. ?? Help


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