7 Best Setting Powders That will Amaze You (2018 Review)


Beauty has always been an important factor among women of all ages. Every makeup has to have a perfect finishing touch. Earlier people used starch, chalk or flour as powders but now as technology has emerged so has the makeup.

Setting powder is one of the most popular makeup items used all around the world. It locks your foundation and concealer application so that there are no cracks or breaking points thus giving a smooth look on the outside.

Our Picks for Best Setting Powder Reviews

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1. Derma Blend loose setting powder:

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Formulated according to the standard dermatological standards, Derma Blend setting powder is all you need for the best final makeup look. Whether you are going to a party or have to wear makeup for a long time, this setting powder lasts for 16 hours with a consistent color wear. So, no need to worry about touch-ups again and again.

This setting powder is formulated by a very lightweight micronized powder. It ensures smudge-resistance and consistent wearing. It is an ultimate finishing layer with a fragrance-free ideal for you.

Tested for any allergic reactions, this is the safest setting powder you can apply on your bare skin as well. It is non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic loose setting powder which gives you the best results. With an easy to apply by a brush, you are set to go with it.


  • This setting powder is available in three shades, original, cool beige, and warm saffron.
  • It gives you the perfect matte finish without any excess shine.
  • It is equally suitable for oily skin.
  • You can buff off just after 2 minutes.
  • A very smooth setting powder and not patchy.


  • It is shinier than other setting powders.
  • It is a little expensive and does not last that long.


For those ladies looking for a perfectly smooth, smudge-resistant look with a choice of colors, this setting powder by Derma Blend is a good choice with an easy to apply quality.

2. Mehron makeup Ultra fine setting powder:

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Made in the USA and of highly imported ingredients, the Mehron Ultrafine setting powder is the definite choice for your makeup finishing needs especially for your play performances. It is a finely processed powder which does not has any clump.

This setting powder is ideally suited for the oily skin with its moisture absorbing quality which gives you a fresh look all day long.

Having a longer lasting effect, captivate anyone you meet. This is really easy to apply setting powder which can be applied with a powder puff or a brush as you wish. From a company with over 90 years of experience, this setting powder is dermatologically tested for any allergic reactions or acne.

It has all those ingredients which are medically correct for your skin. Equally great for the under eye area, this is one of the best setting powder for you.


  • This is a perfect setting powder for performances and Halloween parties.
  • It does not produce crease under eyes like other setting powders.
  • A very soft to touch the powder.
  • This setting powder by Mehron works well in hot and humid climate as well.


  • It sometimes gives the chalky appearance as have put on a talcum powder.
  • Its main product is the only talc.


If you are a play performer and worried about the outlook for your horror play or Halloween party, this is the right choice which will not affect your skin cells.

3. Laura Mercier loose setting powder:

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One of the finest setting powder, Laura Mercier setting powder is the best touch for the final look of your makeup. It is made of the finest Cashmere talc which makes it smooth and silky over your skin.

It does not give the cakey appearance and every feature is nicely covered. With prolong wearing ability, you can wear it all day long without feeling any weight.

It’s easy to apply quality makes it the most convenient for a quick touch-up. You just saturate the puff, dab it in the powder and roll it over your face’s skin to have the perfect blend.

Furthermore, it is a pigmented loose setting powder which gives off the perfect velvety look after application. With tested ingredients, this is a must buy for your makeup needs.


  • This powder gives smooth and flawless output.
  • It gives the moderate shine after applying and does not over shine your face.
  • It is a very light product and keeps your face matte all day long.


  • The container is smaller than it shows.
  • It sometimes makes you look old.


A perfect setting powder with a moderate shine and a lightweight, this setting powder is a good choice for your daily makeup needs.

4. Aesthetica banana loose setting powder:

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With a more refreshing feature without any talc, the loose setting powder by Aesthetic banana is surely a magic. It gets adhered to your skin for many hours and you don’t need touch-ups again and again. Reducing eye circles and covering up any red blotchiness, it has banana tint tones which is an ideal quality of a good setting powder.

It is an easy to apply powder with oil absorbing quality to remove any excess oil from your skin. Not only has this, its velour puff and a handy appearance made it travel-friendly. It has medium to deep skin tones so you can choose from a variety which suits you perfectly.

This is a very lightweight powder while hiding fine lines. Complement the perfect contouring, it is set in just 5-10 minutes and you are ready to go. Also, it comes with step by step instructions.


  • It is a dermatologically tested powder and a vegan.
  • Covers shine well.
  • Does not crease in the fine lines and covers them properly.
  • This is a talc and paraben free powder.
  • It works great for a dual combo skin as well as oily skin.


  • This is a cakey product.
  • The shades are quite darker. It should have lighter ones too.


This setting powder by Aesthetica Banana is preferred by many for its light weight and moderate shiny appearance. Absorbing all extra shine, this is a great purchase for you.

5. Aesthetica setting powder:

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A high quality setting powder that sets your makeup all day, Aesthetica setting powder is a wonder for your makeup needs. It adheres to the skin for many hours. Its moisture absorbing quality absorbs any moisture from your face. It soaks your oil by softening the fine lines and pores.

Not only this, the powder is a cruelty-free & a perfect vegan. It is 100% gluten free which makes it ideally suited for every type of skin. The powder is sifted to avoid any clumps and ensures smoothness. With a simple step-by-step instruction, it creates perfection.

This setting powder is available with a velour puff for making the perfect blend and application. A truly lightweight, it can stay all day long on your skin.


  • This powder is ideal for oily skin.
  • Easy to apply with the velour puff they give along the powder.
  • It does not cause any irritation or itch.
  • This setting powder does not give a cakey appearance.


  • It gets clumpy after some time of usage.
  • It gets a bunch up under eyes.


Overall, this product is an awesome item in your makeup kit. This will not only give the best finishing looks but also last all day long.

6. Nars light reflecting loose setting powder:

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Another setting powder suited for all types of skin, Nars loose translucent powder gives you perfect finishing look. It enhances the look of the foundation without giving any artificial look. This is a prolong makeup wear that lasts longer than you expect it to be. Not only this, it is a transparent powder with no color so gives you the best finishing look that you want.

With a new photochromic technology, it adjusts according to the light throughout the day. This is a visibly smooth setting powder which covers up fine lines and hides pores. Having a very lightweight, you can wear it the whole day.

Seamlessly setting foundation, it gives the perfect shine. With no fragrance, it is a non-comedogenic powder suitable for all skin types.


  • This powder gets into the skin without getting crease up.
  • It does not produce any patches or cakey appearance.
  • You don’t need to use much so this decreases cost.
  • The powder is very light and subtle.


  • The price of the product is high.
  • It clogs your pores after some time.


An amazing and one of the best translucent setting powder by Nars. This product has an overall good performance with its invisible quality.

7. Kat Von D lock it setting powder:

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Kat Von D setting powder is a weightless face powder which you can wear for a whole day. Whether it is your day job or invitation to a party, this setting powder will give you a flawless look and locked in the finish with its micro blurring technology.

It uses delicate mica powder which does not give the chalky appearance of many others. Due to its lightweight, it is 30% lighter than ordinary powders.

It is formulated in such a way so that it is not detectable on any skin tone and goes for all. With its Micro-blurring technology, it diffuses pores for a perfect finishing look. It gives a velvety matte finish. Apply it with lock-in powder brush for the even look.


  • Formulated without parabens.
  • This powder really lasts for a whole day long.
  • It does not leave the line and hides pores.


  • It should have more shades.


A perfect yet affordable setting powder for your everyday makeup needs, this setting powder by Kat Von has overall excellent performance.

Best Setting Powder Buying Guide

However, any mistake in choosing the right setting powder can lead to loss of money and energy. So, for your ease, we have gathered some buying guides for helping you choose the perfect one.

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▲ Look for the matching shade:

Always buy that setting powder which matches your skin tone. Any darker or lighter shade will not only degrade the outlook of your makeup but also degrade your personality as well. Give it a try from a tester available in the shops to have an idea of how it will look like when you will apply it.

▲ Look for weight:

After you have selected the matching skin tone setting powder, look for that which is light in weight. Having applied a heavier setting powder makes the foundation to look cakey and patchy.

▲ Don’t test on hands:

This is a common mistake that many women do while buying a setting powder. Testing any powder on hands will not be suitable for the tone of the face color as both have different skin tones. It is always preferred to test it on a small part of your face to have a better idea of its shade. You can always test it on cheek, jawbone or neck.

▲ Foundation powders:

There are some other powders which are marked as foundation powders. They should be applied lightly but they cannot replace setting powders. These foundation powders give cakey appearance when applied over the foundation so are not recommended to use it.

▲ Blending well:

Blending is another a little time taking an important step before applying setting powder. This is the step which when done perfectly can give out the look you want. So, always take your time and blend it well to have the best result.

▲ Choose the one which shows light:

One of the best tips while buying a setting powder is choosing the one which reflects the light. It helps in brightening up your face which makes it more appealing. In fact, they can change the outlook of an old and wrinkled face as well.

▲ Go for loose powders:

Loose powders are the one having small particles which often come in a jar. They are preferred as they are easier to blend after the application of the makeup. So, this adds to ease to your makeup routine. They are also used by professional makeup artists to have a light coating on face.

▲ Look for dates:

Some sellers remove expiry date from the bottles of the makeup. So, it is always better to look for their expiry and manufacturing dates to avoid any mishap. Also, the texture of the setting powder should be smooth with no pieces.

10 FAQs about Setting Powder

Some of the most common queries about setting powder are addressed below;

Q1. What are and how many are there different types of face powder?

Basically, there are two basic types of a setting powder. How it affects your makeup is the thing that matters.

  1. Pressed powder
  2. Loose powder

Pressed powder: these types of setting powder are the one which is compressed and formed into a cake like a shape. They give out heavier appearance as compared to the loose powder. It is applied by a sponge or a puff.

Loose powder: loose powders usually have particles which come in a jar. They are mostly used by professional makeup artists all around the world. It is brushed against the skin due to its powdery texture. Though it requires more practice to apply loose powder generally, they give more natural appearance than pressed powder.

Q2. How many different colors are available in a setting powder?

To match various color tones of your skin, manufacturers of different makeup companies bring it out in a vast range of colors. Some of the companies have only three shades while many other big brands offer a huge collection of colors to select from. There are Rachel colors, peach and golden, dark brown as well as rose and bisque shades.

Q3. What are the ingredients used in face powders and are they healthy for the skin of the face?

All of the materials and ingredients used in any makeup are not harmful unless you are not prone to any allergy or your skin is sensitive. The most common ingredients which are used in setting powder are;

  1. Kaolin: it is a type of clay which when grounded becomes dust like. This is highly essential for absorbing oil from your skin. Due to its rough texture, it is combined with other ingredients to become smoother.
  2. Talc:it is a soft mineral and has a smooth texture. So, it gives your skin a slippery feel while giving it luminous finish as well. It is combined with kaolin to reduce its roughness.
  3. Starch:as a lighting finish powder, starch is a good choice. This starch comes from rice, wheat or corn and is used to absorb oil from the skin.
  4. Titanium oxide:titanium oxide is a mineral which is used as a sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful rays of the sun. It gives a matte finish after application. This is one of the most common ingredients found in cosmetic items.
  5. Mica:it is a shimmer ingredient which gives shine and luminous form to your skin. It has a pearly shine which causes the skin to glow. It is also found in shiners, shimmers, eyeshades and shiny lipsticks.
  6. Fragrances:a light touch of the fragrance is given to make the setting powder good to apply. Also, there are no scents in the hypo-allergenic powders for people with sensitive skins.

Q4. How can we apply setting powder firmly?

Some people apply foundation by hand but to have a good result, proper use of a tool is necessary so that setting powders are blended properly on your skin.

Q5. What are the tools for that?

There are basically two tools

  1. Powder puffs:they are a spongy material which is used to apply powder to your skin. They have a soft, fluffy and velvety texture which is not harsh on the skin. They give the best touch-ups from a compact.
  2. Brushes:it is a large round powder brush which evenly distributes powder especially loose one. They are the best for giving a finishing touch in the end.

Q6. What are the basic qualities of a good setting powder?

A good setting powder should be the one which matches your skin tone color. It should be smooth and lightweight with an added moisture for softness and elasticity. If you have an oily skin, it should be able to dissolve oil from your skin without having any side effects on it.

Q7. What are different setting powder types?

There are two basic setting powders;

  1. Tinted powders:tinted powders are the one which matches your skin. They are the best when you know that you are going to a big party.
  2. Translucent powders:they are the colorless facial powder which is used just to set the makeup. They are used to give the final matte finish and add shine.

Q8. Which one should I choose? Tinted or translucent?

This is your personal preference as to choose which one. Tinted will add color according to your skin tone while translucent will just give a final touch without adding any color.

Q9. Can I wear powder without any makeup?

Absolutely! You can have a more natural look for your casual trip to your friends or family. Translucent will not give shine and will be more casual while tinted will be a good choice for an evening out.

Q10. Is it okay to choose a lighter shade of powder?

Definitely no! A face powder which is lighter than your skin and does not exactly match the tone of your color will bring you no good. This is a big mistake which many ladies make in need to have a lighter tone.

A lighter shade gives the chalky appearance and spoils the natural look of the makeup. Try choosing that shade which perfectly matches your skin tone by testing it first on a small part of your face or neck.

Choose the Best Setting Powder

Setting powders are the best makeup item when it comes to giving a perfect outlook on your makeup. There are some which include talc and paraben in them while others are cruelty-free & ideal vegan suitable for all skin types.

Latest makeup items are softer, mineralized and protect the skin from dust and harmful rays as well. Choosing the right brand along with the perfect skin tone color and smooth powder is really important. It can affect your overall appearance positively or negatively.

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