Best 8 Makeup Sets for Your Lady ( Valentine’s Day Review)


Every woman is naturally beautiful, and that gorgeousness deserves to be appreciated, noticed and admired. When a woman enhances her beauty, she exudes more confidence and her life changes. Surgery and pills may be an expensive way of enhancing natural beauty, but a little makeup is affordable, safe and makes dramatic changes. Therefore, a gift box with a makeup set this Valentine’s, is a true way to your lady’s heart.

Here is precisely what to wrap this February 14.

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Best 8 Makeup Sets for Your Lady

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1. Hanza

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Hanza is a complete makeup brush set with ten pieces of oval brushes. They can be used for priming, applying foundation, concealer, powder, cream, eyeliner and shadow, contouring, blending, highlighting, and setting. They are suitable for liquids, creams, and powders. Therefore, it is a set that is universal and efficiently works with any beauty product.

The brushes’ handles are anti-slip with a 90-degree flexibility design for stability and firm grip. The bristles are dense, fine and easy to clean by hand. So, whether your girl is a beginner or expert in makeups, she will produce loveable results with this universal set. Furthermore, it comes in a sleek-design box package.

2. MOcean Cosmetics

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If you love seeing beautiful eyes and lips, then this is the perfect set to pick. This five-piece MOcean Cosmetic set includes one big mascara, two long-lasting lip glosses, one eyeliner and one eyeshadow palette. The mascara highlights and complements natural eyelashes, to make them look fuller and longer. The eyeliner has two sides, one being superfine and the other side has slightly larger tips for different purposes. The two glosses are chestnut and berry wine colored. They last for more than 12 hours and are transfer resistant as well. Their main selling point is their ability to lock in moisture. They are therefore not drying to the lips.

The shadow palette has eight different blendable colors that are highly pigmented and formulated with minimal oil to give the eyes a perfect balance and highlight. The items are already packed in a lovely gift box, perfect for special occasions.

3. L’Oreal Paris

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L’Oreal Paris’ makeup kit has everything for a smooth and even finish for your lady’s face. It highlights to illuminate a bold look, hides imperfections and enhances defined features. They are lightweight, blendable and made to match any skin tone. It includes a color-rich lip palette that combines attractive shade ranges, a primer that builds lashes and gives five times more volume effect, a multicolor shadow palette with four unique shades and three different finishes, and mascara for luxurious lashes finishing.

The mascara also conditions and strengthens eyelashes over time. It is a favorite for many women because of its clump-resistant and flake-proof properties. The colors of the palettes are expertly curated to blend and flatter every skin tone easily. Thus, it allows women to play around with different looks for different days.

4. Shany

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If you are not sure of the type of makeup that your loved one is suited for, then you better choose the Shany All-in-One Makeup kit. You will not get it wrong with 168 eyeshadows, six lip glosses, three powder blushes and ten reusable applicators. Its versatile design and color options make it ideal for beauty beginners, experts, women of any color and every skin tone. In the box is also a medium-sized mirror.

The colors are highly pigmented, meaning that one only needs to apply a little of it. The palette has a stylish design with sliding compartments, which are easy to use and convenient to display all the colors. The items are packed in a sophisticated sturdy makeup kit with handles.

5. Clinique

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This seven-piece Clinique set contains a moisturizing lotion, black high-impact mascara, chubby stick for lips, a shadow quad, eyeliner, pop lip color and happy perfume spray. The moisturizer is a moisture surge extended relief that preps the skin for over 24 hours. The shadow quad is crease and fade resistant, the eyeliner an intense and easily noticeable glider, and the high impact mascara adds volume and length to the lashes. The packaging is a perfect girlish zip-up bag.

6. NiceFace

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The NiceFace package includes an eyebrow pencil brush, concealing pressed powder, a six-shade contour palette, mascara and its brush, highlighter, and an eyeshadow palette. It simply contains all that a woman needs to get her face ready for any casual or professional look. It creates full-looking eyebrows, highlights the beauty of the eyes and sculpts each contour. The color ranges include both the shy cool options and the hot bold and vibrant colors. The colors are also hyperpigmented and extremely blendable.

The products are skin friendly and ideal for all skin types, whether oily, dry, normal, sensitive or mixed. The box is appealing and even comes with a surprise card.

7. Huamianli

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Huamianli seven-piece gift set has matte powder, concealer, lipstick, foundation brush, mascara, puff and an eyeliner pen. The pressed powder is in four colors (contour brightening, transition embellishing, light and deep shadow) which cover flaws and brightens the skin. The lip gloss is moisturizing, and the eye mascara together with brow powder create a bushy and curly eye look. With the color combinations, it is possible to create different looks for various occasions. The products are gentle on the skin and do not need any makeup remover- warm water will do.

8. BR Makeup Set

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BR makeup set has a trendy shell shape, sliding design and convenient travel size. It includes eyeshadow, blush, lip gloss, eyeliner, a sharpener for the eyeliner, mascara and makeup brush. It is divided into various sections- the top and second layer are the shadows, the third powders, blush, and contour, fourth lip colors and the bases have eye primers, mascara, lip and eyeliners, sharpener and the brushes.

The set has a nicely perfumed scent, and the mascara has a strong floral fragrance. The shadows are hyperpigmented and easily blend. The top lid doubles up as a mirror. There is the video shows the the Valentine’s Day makeup ideas.

Final Thoughts about Makeup Set

If you have never used makeup or bought such a gift, it may be an overwhelming experience with all the choices and products in the market. Different products have different purposes and for different skin types. Thus, it may be tough for you to discern what your lady needs. However, we have made the shopping easier for you by researching on the best products that are nearly impossible to fail with. Our suggestions can be used to create many looks and are suited for most skin types. It is all up to you to enjoy choosing the best one for your love.

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