Top 7 Eyeshadow Palettes of 2018 with Practical Buying Guide


Makeup is a trend going around for years and with time it has made an evolution that has eventually led to a great market. Almost every girl in the world wants the right products for makeup but because of the many options in high and low prices, the choice is almost impossible.

Therefore we have come up with some of the best products to narrow your search.

Reviews of Best 7 Eyeshadow Palettes

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1. Best Pro Eyeshadow Palette Makeup

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The best pro eyeshadow palette makeup is a palette that holds colors perfect for a smoky and nude look for a night out. The creamy texture allows women to enjoy their night without worrying about fading eyeshadow.

The palette holds 16 different colors that are nude and smoky at the same time. The ultra-micronized allows the color to become highly pigmented and makes it waterproof for a long-lasting impression.

The cherry on top is the slim packaging that allows you to carry the case anywhere you like conveniently. The overall product is also light in weight which makes it easier to carry around.


  • Sixteen nude and smoky colors available in the palette
  • Eyeshadows are shimmery for a glowing effect on the eyes
  • The creamy texture makes it perfect for a long lasting venture
  • Shades are made waterproof to avoid dripping even with sweat


  • There is no mirror in the kit
  • The shades do not come with an application or blending brush

Bottom line:

The best pro eyeshadows are a piece worth buying. Their waterproof feature makes them best for oily skin and for women that might sweat a lot.

2. A. Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow

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L.A Girl is a makeup brand that is spreading like wildfire because of the quality makeup they produce. Their brick Eyeshadow set is a set of 12 colors which are mostly nude.

A combination of mattes and shimmers make this palette perfect for a day nude or a night party look. An attached mirror along with the lightweight and travel-friendly size of this product makes it perfect to fit into your bag.

An applicator of two sides also comes in the case which helps in applying the shades smoothly. The L.A girl eyeshadows are cruelty-free and they are safe to use on everyone.


  • The case comes with a mirror and a dual-sided applicator
  • A combination of shimmers and matte make the kit perfect for any look
  • The colors are cruelty-free and safe for all skin types
  • The entire case is travel-friendly with lightweight and compact size


  • The shades are very dusty and they tend to stain the whole face
  • The pigmentation is light which makes wastes more product

Bottom line:

The L.A girl eyeshades have a luscious finish with their matte and shimmer all in one. The wide variety in about 12 colors only makes it one palette that you cannot miss.

3. Morphe Pro Eyeshadow Palette

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Morphe has been a studio makeup name since it has arrived in the market. They provide palettes that are highly competitive in the market and the desire of almost every girl.

These 35 matte shades in one palette make it perfect for you to go from work to party with just a few touch-ups. The colors are highly pigmented which is why they work best on all skin types.

Each color is made to bring out finesse and last it all day without smudging or falling off on the cheeks. High quality mineral oils in the makeup assure the safety of your skin all the time.


  • There are 35 color range perfect for any occasion
  • The shades provide a rich finesse and are durable
  • Colors do not smudge when worn for a long period of time
  • Mineral oils in the pigments ensure that the skin remains safe


  • There is a lack of mirror in the kit
  • An applicator or blender is not given with the kit

Bottom line:

Morphe produces colors that are perfect for any look that you would like. The matte colors in this kit are made to have a smooth and not creased look which makes it a must-have makeup.

4. Best Pro Eyeshadows

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The best bro 16 shadows kit is made for girls that like to make a statement with bold and beautiful colors along with keeping their style intact with nude colors. The shimmery range helps you in making a statement anywhere you go.

With up to 16 colors, you can get almost every look that you desire in your bag. The lightweight and compact size make it perfect for you to carry around and touch up from a day look to a night look.

These powdered shadows are a makeup necessity for beginners and intermediate users.


  • The powdered shadows are perfect for all users
  • There are up to 16 shimmery shades there to help you make a bold statement
  • The shades range from nudes to smoky so you can achieve any look with this palette
  • It can be easily carried in your bag for a transitional touch-up


  • The powder and shimmer fall on the cheek easily
  • They hold no mirror or application brush

Bottom line:

The best pro powdered shadows make a perfect fit into your vanity case with their different colors and great pigmentation of the shimmers.

5. BYS Shade Matte Eyeshadow Palette

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The BYS shade matte Eyeshadow palette consists of 12 shades that are matte in texture and are perfect to carry around anywhere and make a look for work, party, or an intimate night with your closest friends.

The shades come in a tin packaging which gives them less of a chance to break if they fall down. A double-ended applicator with a brush on one end and sponge on the other are given with the palette along with a mirror so that you can wear your look anywhere. 

The dusty eyeshadows are made to last a long time and not smudge.


  • There are twelve different dusty colors for any look
  • The colors range from smoky to nude
  • Tin packaging reduces chances of breakage in cake in case of fall
  • A mirror and a dual-ended applicator comes with the palette


  • The powders are too dusty and fall on the cheek easily
  • An extra amount needs to be used for perfect pigmentation

Bottom line:

The BYS eye show palette has great colors for a relatively low price that help in achieving the perfect makeup look. The variety of colors and the durability make it great to keep in your bag or your vanity box.

6. L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Eye La Palette Eye Shadow

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L’Oreal Paris makeup is known to impress women with the great quality and the application that it had. This particular palette holds no exception to the great makeup.

The nude intense eye palette holds basic colors with a few bold crease colors that help you achieve a rich, subtle, and intense look with just a few brush strokes. There are ten well pigmented powdery colors with three colors to finish your look.

The container has a mirror and a brush with a blending one on one end and an application one on the other end.


  • There are nude shades with three makeup finishing shades
  • A mirror and dual-sided application brush is included in the kit
  • The colors are powdery for a better pigmentation in the humid weather
  • A finesse is found in the after look and the colors do not smudge


  • There are just a few tame colors in the set
  • The finishing colors are entirely matte

Bottom line:

L’Oreal is a highly trusted brand with the great quality makeup. This palette is perfect for a day in day out kind of a look. The kit has everything that you need to make your eyes pop out in a subtle way.

7. BH Cosmetics Supernova Baked Eyeshadow Palette

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BH cosmetics are known for being affordable and loved by almost every girl. The highly pigmented metallic colors make your look exceptional for a party night.

The bright colors help you in making a statement; mix them with the deep shades to get a wild look that is bound to make heads turn. The baked shades are made ultra soft for picking the color with precision and for perfect blending without leaving crease lines or making it uneven.

The palette comes with a mirror that will help you wear your makeup on the go. The whole kit including the brush is made cruelty free for a safer makeup approach.


  • 18 bright and deep metallic colors perfect for almost any occasion
  • A mirror and brush are included in the compact for a go-to approach
  • The colors are baked to softness for a fine blend and easy pigmentation
  • The colors do not dust off the eyes on to the whole face


  • There aren’t any matte colors in this palette
  • None of the colors can be used for a daytime look

Bottom line:

This BH palette is a set of very soft and blending colors that give your eyes the perfect and bold look. The best part about this palette is the very reasonable price of such sharp colors.

Top Eyeshadow Palettes Buying Guide in 2018

To help you reach out to the best Eyeshadow palette we have written this buying guide which has focal points before purchase, frequently asked questions answered to remove any confusion, and a bunch of the best Eyeshadow palettes of 2018 that we found the best in the market.

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Pick the Purpose

Makeup is done for various occasions and purposes; so the first thing that you need to choose is the use of your palette. You can choose between an everyday look and a party look. For an everyday work or daytime look, you will need a few nude and matte shades that do not seem overdone.

For a party look, you can go for shimmers, bright mattes, glitter Eyeshadow, and smoky looks. Some palettes are big enough to hold on all the types together. You can choose according to your needs.

Pigmentation Eyeshadow Palettes buying guide

One thing that customers tend to forget while buying Eyeshadow palettes is to check their pigmentation or the ability of the color to hold. Do not get intrigued by the colors only, swatch them on your wrist to see how they are holding up and what amount do you get a light finger swatch.

Some palettes will require excessive effort to pick up the color which will eventually waste the product.

Creamy or Powdery

With eyeshades, you have the option of keeping them creamy or powdery. To each skin type and artist their own type, however, you can use the following under these requirements.

  • Creamy:Use creamy shades if your skin is dry and patchy. These will stick on for a long time and will not smudge on your skin type. You can also choose these shades in the dry winters for oily skin.
  • Powdery:The powder form is best for all skin types but for flaky skin. The powder shoes true pigmentation and is likely to manage easier than the creamy shades. The powder type is the most used and is rather cheaper than the former.

Travel Size or Vanity Size

If you are a working girl with a full social calendar most of the time then you will want a palette that you can easily fit in your bag to touch up after a hard day of work. If you are someone that likes to wear makeup for special occasions only then you can go for a vanity case one that is bigger than the other one.

The vanity box ones will always give you the option to have more colors and a better variety. It will not matter if they do not have a mirror or a brush as long as you have one at home or in your studio.

The travel case, however, will need to have a mirror and a brush that you can carry easily anywhere and use to apply your makeup.

Matte, Glitter, or Shimmereyeshadow palettes buying guide

You can choose your eyeshade type. There are three basic types that are matte colors, glitter colors, or shimmers. Glitter and shimmer and may look alike but shimmers are light glitter only for a look.

Glitters are full of glitter that is colored and easily put on the eyes. Make sure that they are not powdery enough to fall in your eyes.

9 FAQs about Eyeshadow Palettes of all Time

Buying the right makeup is essential if you want to take care of your skin. While buying the best eyeshadow palette you may have some questions which may cause hindrances in your buying experience. We have answered a few of the buyers’ queries to the best of our knowledge for a better experience for the customers.

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◆ What kind of brush should the palette have?frequent questions about eyeshadow palettes

The idea of a good brush is one that helps in blending the shadows perfectly. However, most palettes do not have a brush that is for blending purposes. Some palettes have a dual-sided brush that has one end for picking the product while the other one helps in touching up and blending.

There are many different types of Eyeshadow brushes, which is why you need to make sure that you palette holds a brush that is helpful in applying the color.

◆ Why does my eyeshadow palette need a mirror?

Your Eyeshadow palette needs a mirror if you are going to keep it in your bag so that you can see while you wear your makeup anywhere you like.

It is ideal to use the Eyeshadow wide mirror at home as well because you do not want to risk your application by leaning into the mirror and losing your hand grip overall.

◆ What colors should there be in a travel compact?

In a regular case you can have as many colors as you want but when you are buying a traveling case, you will need to have a few colors that are perfect for you on the go. There are no defined colors but you will need a few nude colors that will make up the base of a skin color, beige, and other shades of the kind.

You will also need to have a few dark shades that will bring finesse to your makeup and will help you achieve a smoky look in times of need.

◆ How can I ensure my skin is safe?frequent questions about eyeshadow palettes

The best way to keep your skin safe while you are wearing makeup is to check the ingredients. Anything that you do not recognize should strictly be questioned upon immediately. Make sure to look for mineral oils, essential oils, and other helpful vitamins and minerals for your skin so that the least amount of damage is made to your natural skin.

Another way to ensure the safety of your skin is to buy makeup items that are of well-known brands since they use quality ingredients.

◆ How can I save my product?

You do not need to use heaps of your Eyeshadow just to get slight color on your eyelids. If you find the need to do this then you are wasting your product and the colors and not good quality. To save your product, you will need to make sure while buying that the pigmentation of the colors come naturally even with a small amount used.

A large amount of color will simply finish the product faster and it will give you bad crease lines and a lack of finish on your eyes.

◆ Which palette should I choose for sensitive eyes?

If you are someone with sensitive eyes that you will need to make sure that the palette you purchase is hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic makeup will not contain ingredients that are more likely to be irritants in your eyes. It is crucial to check thoroughly for sensitive eyes so that you do not end up injuring yourself.

Fortunately, with the evolution of makeup, you will easily be able to get all kinds of Eyeshadow palettes for sensitive eyes.

◆ Which Eyeshadow palette is most durable?

Eyeshadow can break easily which is why you are probably looking for the one that is most durable. Unfortunately, none of the cakey mixtures is strong enough to hold on to a fall, which is why you need to take care of the palette like your baby.

A tin structure shall help the container take the fall and save the shadows but there is no guarantee for that as well.

◆ Which powder does Eyeshadow fall most?

There is no answer to which one falls most on the cheek, but yes most of the fall on your cheek. Of course, this is something that you do not want which is why you need to check the ingredients and find the ones that have either no talc or the least amount of talc in it.

Talc makes the product lighter and drier which easily falls from the eyes and does not stick through. Eventually, this causes bad makeup that is something you want to avoid.

◆ What additional features can I get in my Eyeshadow palette?

Makeup is always full of surprises which are why it is ideal if you can find a few additional features in the palette. You can also use eyeshades for multipurpose like pink and reds for blushes and lipsticks.

Some Eyeshadow palettes also have creamy lip tint sections along with other little sections to help you in carrying a whole little kit around.

Choose the Best Makeup Palettes 

So far we have given you all the information you need to make a final decision. Now it is your turn to pick the best eyeshadow palette for yourself. Top products are reviewed by top brands. Pick the one which suits your needs the most.

Still, if you’re not sure which one is the ideal then go with our Editor’s choice and that is none other than Best Pro Eyeshadow Palette Makeup.

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