10 Best Mineral Makeup Product Reviews in 2018


If you have an interest in beauty or makeup related news, then you have probably seen countless women jump onto the mineral makeup bandwagon right along with vegan diets and natural hair products. Every day it seems stores and beauty companies advertise new lines of “green” makeup products.  They seem like a tempting way to refresh your daily routine.

The question is whether or not the trend holds up to the hype. Conventional makeup is often easier to come by and sometimes more affordable, but is it worse for your skin than mineral makeup? Surprisingly, most research points to yes.

Here are some things you should know about mineral makeup, as well as the best brands to try for your skin type and specific needs.

Get to Know Ingredients in Mineral Makeup 

1.The Best Brand of Mineral Makeup to Shop

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So, what is the overall best brand of makeup to turn for natural mineral makeup?

Well, the answer seems like kind of a no-brainer: bareMinerals by Bare Escentuals. You’ve most likely seen their items advertised many places, and their company name practically shouts “we make natural products.” After glancing at their merchandise, you probably shook your head and wondered if such hefty price tags could possibly be attached to excellent products.

According to avid fans, they can. bareMinerals sells concealers, eyeshadows, and blushes that are truly wonderful for your skin and overall appearance. All of their products come in a range of stunning colors that can be worn on an everyday basis or special occasions.

If you’re looking for a makeup line that focuses on eliminating harmful chemicals, oils, preservatives, and fragrances, then you really won’t find anything better than bareMinerals. For $49.99, you can purchase a Get Started Complexion Kit that comes with primer, foundation, concealer, powder, a face brush, and a mini concealer brush. Not a bad deal if you consider the quality of the items you’re purchasing.

2.Second Best Company to Shop for Natural Makeup

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One of the most influential makeup companies in the world, MAC, has joined the mineral trend. The company’s Mineralize Skinfinish Natural face powder has won the hearts of many beauty lovers, and at $34.00 per pack, it’s very reasonably priced.

Easy to apply and surprisingly long-lasting, the powder will leave your skin looking better than ever. It’s recommended for skin of all types, including sensitive and acne-prone skin. Some women prefer to wear another foundation underneath the powder, but if you choose to use the powder on its own, it can give your skin the fine finish it deserves. It’s been dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested, and it features the trusted Multi-Mineral Complex developed by MAC. There’s also a beneficial dose of vitamin E, so you can feel confident that you’re helping your skin as you contour with this popular product. It’ll give you bold color without clogging your pores, and it’ll provide extensive coverage without lending your face an overly made-up appearance.

3.The Mineral Makeup That Will Make Your Skin Glow

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Sometimes, it’s difficult to achieve that effortless facial glow without looking glittery or fake. However, the Laura Mercier Mineral Illuminating Powder can give you the miraculously perfect balance between shimmery and healthy. Reviewers say that it makes wearers look “lit from within.” At $42, it’s no steal, but it’s certainly one of the most reasonably priced mineral-based products you can find.

So, how does the product give you such a natural but obvious glow? It contains Mica, which imparts a youthful look to any wearer. Enriched with active acids that defy aging and foster healthy skin cell growth, the powder will protect you from the sun while also giving you an effortless, long-lasting appearance. It’s waterproof and oil-free, so you can wear it all day long without worrying about reappearing flaws. Shoppers with especially oily or acne-prone skin will appreciate the impressively natural look of this powder, and some even say that it works better than bareMinerals. Considering what we know about the Bare Escentuals line, it’s safe to say that any such comparison is a huge compliment.

4.Where to Shop for Cheap but Quality Mineral Makeup

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Not willing to spend an excessive amount of money on mineral makeup when you could stick to cheap drugstore brands? Consider some of these budget-friendly makeup brands that are great for your skin and your wallet.

NYX Professional Makeup is well-known for its low prices but high-quality products, so it comes at no surprise that the company offers a Mineral Stick Foundation that’s both natural and affordable. The stick’s size makes it the ideal purse companion for emergency touchups, or you can directly apply it to your entire face for extensive coverage. It’s easy to work with, so you can give your face as much color as you’d like. Although it might not stay on as long as some of the other more expensive mineral makeup products do, it’s a great deal for the low price. People with sensitive or acne-prone skin will love the lightweight feel, and since the foundation is only $10, you can purchase the stick as often as you need to without busting open your piggy bank.

For just $14, Ulta sells a Mineral Powder Foundation that’s wonderfully natural and effective. Made with pure, crushed minerals and soothing extracts of ginseng and chamomile, the powder is an excellent source of healthy skin coverage. Despite its low price, the foundation is long-lasting, as well as lightweight. Incredibly, it’s fragrance, sulfate, and silicone free, so you don’t need to worry about applying any of those harsh substances to your delicate face. The soft, creamy texture is simple to use, and it will immediately even out any bumpy surfaces and cover ugly blemishes.

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Want something you can pick up at almost any drug or superstore? The Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Compact Powder Foundation ($12) is a cheap option that can enhance your skin clarity, tone, and texture without clogging your pores with harmful ingredients. Neutrogena is known for its amazing products for those with sensitive-skin, and its mineral makeup foundation is no different. The inclusion of dermatologist-selected minerals and lightweight formula make it a healthy choice for any makeup user. Like many of the other more expensive brands, the foundation uses Mica to add a beautiful shine and Titanium Dioxide to give your face a lovely finish.

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5.The Best Mineral Makeup for Sensitive Skin

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Tired of developing annoying rashes every time you try a new brand of makeup? Then you’ll want to give the L’Oréal Paris True Match Loose Powder Mineral Foundation a chance. You can purchase the makeup in every color from very light nude to dark shades, and the satin finish will leave your skin naturally glowing. If appropriately applied, it won’t even look like you’re wearing a layer of foundation. That means you can rock your “no makeup” look to the office, out on the town, or while running your daily errands. Smooth skin is always in style, no matter the occasion. Plus, your sensitive skin will thank you for this foundation’s lack of fragrance and gentle properties. There are also no preservatives, and each ingredient was carefully selected to give your skin the best treatment possible.

The most shocking part of this L’Oréal product? It’s only $10.  Natural, mineral-based makeup doesn’t have to break your budget. The makeup glides on effortlessly and provides tons of coverage, so a little goes a long way. With any luck, you can switch to this mineral-based makeup line for sensitive skin and save money in the long-run.

6.Natural Makeup That Will Last All Day

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Throughout your day, your makeup will start to fade as you sweat or touch your face. That’s why finding a brand that will give you 24-hour coverage is so difficult. However, there is one brand that reviewers across the Internet claim can give you intense, long-lasting coverage with natural ingredients: Sweat Cosmetics. Their Twist-Brush + Mineral Foundation SPF 30 ($42) is the way to go for all-day wear. Although the makeup is lightweight and breathable, the powder is both water and sweat-resistant. Tested by professional and Olympic women athletes, the foundation will stick with you through rain or shine and give you the coverage you’ve always dreamed of.

The best part is that you won’t even have to sacrifice your skin’s health for Sweat Cosmetics’ durability. There are no nasty parabens, sulfates, or any other pore-clogging ingredients. In fact, dermatologists have approved the product. It will protect you from damaging sun rays while also infusing your skin with antioxidants and vitamin E. Even the packaging is all natural. So, apply as much of this product as you want and feel entirely guiltless as you attain perfect, beautiful, long-lasting coverage.

7.The Mineral Makeup Line That Is Keeping Skin Cancer at Bay

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Regardless of what kind of skin you may have, sun damage is no joking matter. Just one severe sunburn can significantly increase your chances of developing melanoma later on in life. So, why not start protecting yourself on a daily basis?

Although most foundations come with at least some level of defense against the sun’s dangerous rays, Colorescience’s The Beauty of Protection ($128) is the best makeup protection you can buy. The set comes with portable sunscreen brushes that allow easy application of natural color and SPF 50 protection from UVA/UVB rays. The powder sunscreen is unlike most others, and it’s water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about reapplying frequently. The light tint of color gives you enough coverage to make your skin look fresh, but it won’t clog your pores with chemicals or grease. If you want more coverage, you can apply this natural product over your usual foundation.

Another bonus that comes from spending your money on this set? A portion of every Colorescience Sunforgettable Brush goes towards the fight against skin cancer by helping educate children on the dangers of UV rays. The donations go to Sunstoppable, an organization that is working to “sunproof” elementary schools by donating shaded structures and trees.

8.What to Use to Pamper Yourself

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In the mood to treat yourself to a mineral product that feels and looks great? The Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals A Foundation is a hydrating dream on the face. The light-reflecting formula reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores while smoothing out your skin’s overall appearance. There is no SPF protection, so you’ll need to pair it with another product for defense against harmful rays. At $52, it’s a somewhat pricey splurge, but reviewers love the smooth feel of this liquid foundation and say it’s one of the best mineral products available. Makeup users with dry skin will especially appreciate the supreme level of hydration the product offers, as well as the lovely neutral shades it comes in.

The Benefits of Using Mineral MakeupBenefits of Using Mineral Makeup

If you are hesitant to take the leap and switch to mineral makeup products, then it might interest you to know that there are dozens of benefits for your overall health if you start shopping for all-natural makeup.

First of all, pure mineral makeup adheres to the oils normally found in a person’s skin, which prevents it from seeping into pores and leaving product build up over time. It can also protect your skin while you are wearing it by creating a barrier between your face and the environment’s negative impacts. Who knew makeup could defend your skin from environmental pollution and chemicals?

Secondly, mineral makeup allows your skin to breathe much more than conventional makeup does. Instead of smothering your skin, the makeup works with your natural oils and chemicals to provide a makeup look that’s light and airy.

Additionally, you don’t have to re-apply mineral makeup very often. Natural makeup products tend to have pretty long shelf lives, so it doesn’t require the user to repurchase them very often. A little goes a long way when it comes to coverage.

Perhaps most importantly, mineral makeup should never contain harmful additives, dyes, or chemicals. That means you can feel confident about the safety of the products you apply on a regular basis. Plus, mineral makeup foundations can defend your skin against the sun’s harmful UV rays. No, they don’t contain chemical sunscreen, but they do have minerals that protect against potential skin damage.

Do you regularly battle annoying acne? Then you’ll love to hear that mineral makeup is less likely to irritate your skin and leave you with clogged pores than traditional foundation. Fewer gunky pores and less redness means substantially less embarrassing blemishes for you.

Most Common Ingredients in Mineral MakeupMineral Makeup

There are minerals in this all-natural type of makeup, but what ingredients are in the popular products? Well, that typically depends on the brand you shop, but there are some common minerals that are found in most mineral makeups.

Mica often gives mineral makeup foundations that extra pearlescent shine for a glowing, natural appearance. Titanium Dioxide gives a nice finish and contributes to the natural sunscreen protection while covering any flaws. Tin Oxide helps give your skin great coverage while also making sure it can breathe underneath mineral makeup, and Kaolin is a form of all-natural clay that helps control oily skin and calm blemishes. Zin Oxide and Iron Oxide also contribute to UV ray defense, and they give the makeup the lovely tones that complement your skin.

Be careful when doing your research: Many ingredients claim to be natural, but in reality they are frauds. Just because a product is referred to as “mineral-based” doesn’t mean it truly is. For instance, you can stumble across supposedly natural makeup lines that use parabens to extend their products’ shelf lives. However, parabens are chemicals that have been found to negatively impact people’s health. Similarly, toxic metals are often slipped into makeup items, and if you don’t pay attention, you might expose your skin to harmful effects. When in doubt, read the fine print and do your research to figure out what ingredients are good for your health.

How Mineral Makeup Is Different From Totally Organic MakeupHow Mineral Makeup Is Different From Totally Organic Makeup

Although mineral makeup might seem entirely natural, you’ll never stumble across a mineral product that is completely organic. Why? Because the minerals in the products are still inorganic. Therefore, it’s actually impossible to manufacture a mineral-based makeup line that is also 100 percent organic. Now, that’s not to say that mineral makeup won’t occasionally include organic ingredients. In fact, you can often find natural ingredients in mineral makeup that are extremely beneficial for your skin. Still, don’t pay extra for makeup that claims to be both completely organic and mineral-based because it’s a scam.

Finding a store that sells mineral makeup in your shade isn’t tricky. Instead, the challenge is deciding what brand offers the best ingredients and quality for the most reasonable price. Should you wish to give the mineral makeup trend a try, you’ll find that your skin feels less irritated and healthier.


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