Best Black Lipstick: How to Select for Your Need (2018 Guide)


Using black lipstick is an exciting and trendy way to stay glammed up; especially if you can wear it the right way.

As a rule, wearing black lipstick means you should know how to balance it out with other parts of your makeup. Otherwise, one careless brush stroke or inappropriate color mix will not only defeat the purpose, it might as well get you a free pass to a Halloween-themed party. At least you get to party!

But, no, we think if you must use a black lipstick you should do it the right way. It also goes without saying that lipsticks in darker hues are absolutely not for the faint-hearted. And although we hope that many more people embrace and cheer on the boldness that comes with wearing the almighty black lipstick, trust us, the narratives really haven’t changed much.

We still live in a world where black lipsticks are associated with counter-culture and a certain kind of fringe. Plus you may also get the not-so-nice tag: ‘Hey, look! There goes a rebel’.

But who cares?

Coupled with the need to wear black lipsticks well is the need to find the right one. Even if you are a makeover pro, the thin line between stepping up your glam game and ruining your reputation as a makeup artist has a black lipstick on it.

This is why we have put this guide together just for you. As you keep reading, you’ll get to know our top 5 black lipsticks, how to choose the right black lipstick, and how to wear and rock the black lipstick like a true diva.

Highlights: Our Top 5 Black Lipsticks

  NYX Macaron Pastel Lippie in Chambord Covergirl Katy Kat Matte Black Lipstick Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Matte Lipstick


Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Nayeon Wet n Wild Megalast Vamp It Up Lipstick
Net Weight 0.16 ounces 0.12 ounces 0.16 ounces 0.10 ounces 0.11 ounces
Item Dimensions Not specified 0.8 x 0.8 x 2.8 inches 3.8 x 0.9 x 0.9 inches Not specified 0.8 x 0.8 x 3 inches


Most Popular Black Lipstick Reviews in 2018

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1.NYX Macaron Pastel Lippie in Chambord 

[amazon box=”B00K4EQHGI” template=”vertical”]

The Chambord Lipstick by NYX is absolutely gorgeous. This black-pigmented lipstick offers a deep and very black color with a brilliant luster and neutral undertones.

Applying this lipstick to your lips is pretty easy. It also sits in fairly well. This rich and creamy-textured lipstick offers ample pigmentation on the lips – even though we wish it offered more. Don’t worry if this black lipstick is the poison you’ll love to pick, you can achieve the right look by applying two full swipes on your lips to build the intensity you love.

We also love the fact that it doesn’t leave a dry look and it doesn’t get the lips hydrated. It’s just good. As with most black lipsticks, it’s best to line the lips first with a darker shade of black to avoid feathering.

However, if you are a sucker for NYX products and you are thinking of a black butter gloss with more quantity, you can try the NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss. It comes in a 0.27-ounce bottle, has a sweet scent and leaves your lips looking luscious and supple.


  • Sits in on the lips well enough.
  • Has a good and creamy texture.
  • Quite easy to apply on the lips.
  • It is affordable.


  • We would have loved it more if it offered more pigmentation.

2.Covergirl Katy Kat Matte Lipstick

[amazon box=”B01E527A9M” template=”vertical”]

If you love a good matte black lipstick and are as daring as we hope you are, then the Covergirl Katy Kat Matte Lipstick is that must-have lipstick to own. And if you love Katy Perry, what better way to show some fan love by going for this gorgeous lipstick. And beyond fan love, we think you’ll love the fact that this black lipstick has a beautiful blue-base – quite different from the usual black lipsticks.

It also offers a nice and soft finish. And thanks to the Shea butter infusion, it leaves a creamy and moisturizing feel on the lips. You certainly don’t want to pass up on the velvety and luscious feel of this lipstick, do you? So go for it already.

However, if you are in the market for a matte lipstick that is equally awesome but in pitch black, then you should check the Maybelline New York Color Sensational Matte Lipstick in Pitch Black.


  • It applies easily and evenly.
  • Shea butter-infusion conditions and moisturizes the lips.
  • It’s a perfect lipstick for dry lips.
  • Has a rich and creamy lipstick formula.


  • We only wish it had better staying power.

3.Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Matte Lipstick

[amazon box=”B00JH2B182″ template=”vertical”]

The Velvetines Matte Lipstick by Lime Crime offers an opaque and bold style for the audacious woman. It is specially formulated to help women express their style and personality. This black liquid lipstick is that lip stain that truly lives up to its name. Its unique formula also ensures that the liquid dries into a perfect matte.

What’s more? It is transfer-proof, touch-proof, long-lasting and definitely addictive. Hey Vegans! Not that it has been tested on animals but you can rest assured the materials used are 100% vegan.

The Nosferatu Manic Panic Lethal Lipstick by Tish & Snooky is another gorgeous black lipstick to check out. It comes in a studded case and contains antioxidants for softer lips.


  • Offers an opaque and bold finish.
  • It dries into a perfect matte.
  • It is touch-proof and transfer-proof.
  • It lasts on the lips for a very long time.
  • Made from high-quality and durable materials.


  • Sadly, the applicator can be a real pain in the neck.

4.Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Nayeon

[amazon box=”B077LBZ6FL” template=”vertical”]

Kat Von D’s Nayeon lipstick is in a class of its own. It’s not the everyday black lipstick but that black lipstick that comes with a good dose of frost finish. If you’ve been looking for the right black radiance lipstick that boasts a subtle but daring metallic finish, then you should go for this lipstick right away.

We love the sleek and chic packaging of this lipstick and can vouch for its unique formula to bless your lips with some good grace. From recent reviews on this product, we gathered that a good number of people will vote this lipstick as one of the few creamy lipsticks on the market.

It also applies and glides evenly without the need to pull or press it down on your lips. Just one full swipe on your lips and you can be sure you won’t be needing a touch-up for many hours.

All that said, you may also like the Clinique Almost Black Honey Lipstick. It is creamy and smooth on the lips without the dry or gummy feel from regular lipsticks.


  • Has a creamy and smooth feel.
  • It lasts long on the lips.
  • The color can be built up to achieve desired look perfectly.
  • Applies gently and evenly.


  • Application may be uneven if it is not applied properly and with precision.

5.Wet n Wild Megalast Vamp It Up Lipstick

[amazon box=”B0190ZIXYU” template=”vertical”]

The award-winning Vamp It Up Lipstick by Wet n Wild is formulated for the fearless woman. This lipstick boasts hyaluronic microspheres that are infused to sit in nice and good on the lips for long-lasting use. And by long-lasting we mean you can have this lipstick on your lips for a little more than 4 hours before a touch-up is needed.

The unique polymer complex of this lipstick also leaves a plump, soft and cushiony feel on the lips. It also contains plant extracts like Q10 as well as vitamins A and E to smoothen the lips.

Still wondering why it won the Allure Best of Beauty Award? Save your precious thoughts and go for this semi-matte lipstick.

Wet n Wild also offers its Halloween Fantasy Megalast Lipstick in Eerie Onyx. This is a long-lasting lipstick with a rich color that doesn’t bleed, feather or cake. You should check it out too.


  • Lasts for long hours on the lips with a semi-matte finish.
  • Formulated to make the lips plump and cushiony.
  • Made from plant extracts and vitamins, for smooth lips.
  • Glides and sits in evenly on the lips.
  • Rich and velvety color doesn’t cake.


  • Requires multiple layers for a full look.

Tips on How to Pick the Perfect Black Lipstick

The fact that you come so far with us on our review on black lipsticks says a lot about your intention to get a black lipstick for yourself.

Like we mentioned earlier, it is almost certain that you won’t go wrong with the right one. So here are a few things to note before you make a selection:

  • Irrespective of the kind of lipstick you fancy – glossy, matte, or liquid – ensure you pick the finish that matches your needs.
  • Granted that there are some really dry lipsticks out in the market, even the right one can produce a poor result if you fail to exfoliate your lips. You definitely don’t want to go on that date with flaky lips poking out of your black lipstick.
  • Black is bold. And, oh yeah, beautiful. So, in wearing black lipstick, you’ll do well for yourself if you avoid bold makeup since your lips will already be doing the talking.
  • Black lipsticks unsurprisingly look flat when applied. But you can achieve a great look by swiping a layer of clear gloss.
  • If you are going all black-bold then you should be ready for the maintenance that comes with it. In essence, you need your lipstick in your purse so that you can touch-up when the need arises. Not forgetting that you may also need your clear gloss to avoid the scary flat look.

How to Wear Black Lipstick

With lipsticks, it takes some nerve to advance into the darker sides of the spectrum. And often times, newbies need the right level of guts to actually wear and even flaunt these colors.

Wearing black lipsticks, for one, is going to the far end of the traditional color palette. And in going that far, you’ve got to do it right or it will be a colossal mess. So, we mean every single word of it when we say wearing black lipsticks requires a good dose of attitude and hardihood. And, by the way, the goal is to have a striking and not a scary look.

All that said, the real question here will be: how do I wear black lipstick?

Hey! We’ve got you covered. Come along and let’s guide you on a stepwise tutorial on how to wear the black color without apologies:

how to wear the black lipstick

Deal with the dryness

If you wear lipsticks often you should know by now that most lipsticks become streaky after a while. Black lipsticks are die-hard criminals when it comes to these flaky after-effects. But, except your lips are really chapped, it’s no reason to drop your diva goals.

All you need to do is to take off the dryness on your lips by scrubbing gently with a good brush. A toothbrush will do. After exfoliating, you’ll need to add some suppleness to your lips by moisturizing them with coconut oil or a good lip balm.

Outline your lips

The next thing to do is to line your lips carefully to assume the perfect shape you desire. Doing this defines the look and makes it intentional. Otherwise, the lipstick will gladly run outside your lip edges; making you look messy and smudged.

Don’t have a black lip liner? Don’t worry; black eye pencil will be perfect for the purpose. It will also help to use a liner that is one shade darker than the lipstick for a perfect outcome.

Fill in with a good lipstick

The most effective way to swipe a black lipstick on is to use a good lipstick brush. What if you don’t have one? Well, hope is not lost. You will only need to spread your lips wide enough while you apply the lipstick.

The purpose? The lipstick needs to get into every crease on your lip. And these are effective ways to get the job done. Once you are done, smile wide in a mirror to check for areas that didn’t get the right amount of lipstick and apply appropriately.

You’ll also need cotton wool to tidy up the final look in case you got some color outside the outline.

Add another coat of lipstick

Hello ladies! We know lipsticks fade after a while, don’t we? Well, if you didn’t know, they actually do. Hence, the need to apply a second layer for a long-lasting look. In doing this, just apply the lipstick directly, instead of using a lipstick brush. And, take one final look in a mirror to be sure you did a great job.

Finally (not really), finish it with a gloss

Black lipsticks tend to look flat on the lips. So, you’ll need to finish up the look with a good layer of your favorite clear gloss. The luster is sure to give the black color some real depth while preventing unpleasant streaking or fading.

Finally (for real), ensure you have your favorite black lipstick with you


Say you attend a cocktail party or a fundraising dinner and you get to the restroom only to find out the black isn’t as black as it was. Having one in your purse will be all you need to save yourself from embarrassing questions like ‘*insert your name*, are you feeling well?’ or ‘Did you catch something?’

More so, when black lipsticks fade, they tend to look drab and gray. Either way, you’ll need to touch-up before the event is over. Here is the video teaching you how to wear black lipstick.

How to Balance Black Lipstick with Makeup

Black lipstick already makes a bold statement. So, you must be careful with the rest of the makeup. While there’s no hard and fast rule or template to balancing black lipstick with makeup, there are a few things you may want to keep at your fingertips on this I-don’t-really-care-what-people-say journey. So, here goes:

Ensure your face is neutral and clean

Wearing excessive makeup with a black lipstick may be quite distracting. So, it is recommended that you use a good neutral foundation (something very close to your skin color). And instead of overwhelming the black lipstick with bold bronzer, blush, and some other face color, you can apply mild colors in little amounts to your face.

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Use a black eyeliner

Bare eyes may be too contrasting. Even though the goal is to not do too much, it will never be out of place to use a black liner or a touch of mascara. Cat-eye looks win most times while smoky eyes are a complete no-no because they replace striking with gothic.

Apply eyeshadow that have jewel tones.

Some color is actually necessary to brighten up your face a bit. Using a jewel-toned eyeshadow on your lids is a perfect way to balance your make up

Try other dark-colored lipsticks

Balance Black Lipstick with Makeup

If jet black is too dark for you then you can try some other dark-colored lipsticks. There are colors, like dark purple and maroon red that will have the same head-turning effect like black lipsticks. So, you can try them out instead.

However, the rules are the same: exfoliate and use a moisturizer, use a darker lip liner, apply two coats of the lipstick and finish it up with a clear lip gloss.

How to Pair Black Lipstick with Accessories

Winter? Rock it with clothes that have dark-jewel tones

You probably wear more dark-colored clothes in winter than any other season of the year. And nothing stops you from rocking a black lipstick during this period of the year. However, jewel-toned clothes in dark colors often go better with this hue than any other tone.

Ruby red, dark fuchsia, or sapphire blue-colored clothes will do just fine. For example, pairing a black office pencil skirt with a silk blouse in green color will be a good outfit to match with your black lipstick.

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Summer? Go loud a little

You can also rock black lipsticks in summer especially when you pair a good one with bright shades.

We get the contrast. But it’s nothing to worry about because it is quite easy on the eyes. You may want to wear a wispy black gown and a pair of hot pink glasses on a day you decide to wear your black lipstick.

Preppy outfits could also work

There are some preppy outfits that are considered traditionally perfect with tame lip colors like a lip gloss in pink color. However, you can decide to get playful a little by adding a little extra to your usual, everyday preppy outfits.

A light blue sweater on a white skirt or a white blouse on preppy jeans will be the right kind of outfit to pair with a black radiant lipstick.

Total goth isn’t always scary

Yeah, we know things could get so gothic that they can turn an innocent vampy look into a disturbing vampire look. But there’s no harm in trying out a completely black look.

Flaunt the black in a stylish way with a black jacket, dress, skirt, or pair of jeans. You can also decide to pair it with black boots and fishnets.

If you are really so daring, you can coat your nails with black polish or dye your hair jet black.

But watch it! Too much black may be scary after all. Oh well, except it’s Halloween season; in which case, you can unleash the dragon as you please.

Our Top Pick of the Best Black Lipstick

While we love all our top 5 lipsticks and their alternatives, our No.1 pick is easily the NYX Macron Lippie in Chambord. This lipstick is super easy to apply, has a good and lustrous texture, lasts really long on the lips and costs next to nothing to have.

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