Best 10 Nontoxic Nail Polishes Reviews in 2018


Nail polishes are a fun and stylish way to bring an edge to your entire look. Unfortunately, most of the bigger brands make nail polishes that are very harmful to the nails and the environment. Many companies now make polishes that are made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The following guide is made to help you pick out the perfect nontoxic nail polish.

This guide will help you find the features that you will need to consider buying the best product. You can take a look at the answered queries too for removing any leftover confusion.

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For a better pick, take a look at our best nontoxic nail polish of 2018 list.

Review of Top 10 Best Non Toxic Nail Polishes

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1. ZOYA Nail Polish

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Zoya nail polish is a classic nail paint which has over 300 hundred colors for you to choose. Each polish is made without harmful chemicals that ruin your nails. The colors are easy to wear with its applicator and are smooth to put on.

The shine of all the colors is made to last for a long time. The thick nail polish is made perfect for people that have a shivering hand while doing their own nails. The nail polish formula is breathable and does not restrict the growth of nails while you wear it.


  • The formula is made without harmful chemicals that ruin your nails
  • Formula is made breathable so that your nails can continue to grow
  • There are over 300 different color shades ranging from soft to party colors
  • Color remains thick and smooth even if you wear it for a long period of time


  • The polish does not come off easily even with acetone
  • It takes a lot of time to dry

Bottom line:

The Zoya nail polish range is perfect for people that love to keep their nails pretty with different colors. It is safe and breathable which helps in keeping your nails healthy and pretty.

2. Anjou Nail Polish Set

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The Anjou nail polish set is a must addition to your vanity box for the grooming of your nails. You can choose from 12 different colors available in one set and paint your nails every day. Each polish is chemical free and friendly to the environment which makes it even better.

These polishes peel off easily so that you do not have to use chemicals like acetone to remove them. The set holds funky colors that you will love to wear to bring an impression. These nail paints are also made odorless so that fumes do not affect the environment in any way.


  • The set has 12 different colors to choose from
  • The nail polishes are peel off which reduces further usage of chemicals
  • Colors are made odorless so that you or the environment do not suffer
  • They can work for nail art purposes as well as for regular colors


  • There are no nude and simple colors in the kit
  • The colors are very thin and easily glide off the nails

Bottom line:

If you want a nail polish set then this is one of the greatest options that you will find. These nail polishes are made very friendly to the environment. You will not even have to use a remover full of chemicals.

3. Adrianne K Sheer Nail Polish

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Adrianne nail polishes are non-toxic nail polishes that come in about 27 different colors that are natural to party. The colors are each glossy and smooth which gives you more time to enjoy them on your nails.

They are further made chemicals free so that you can protect your nails while fashioning them. One of the best parts about these nail polishes is that it is made chip resistant; so you no longer have chipped tips no matter for how long you wear it.

Moreover, these are completely vegan in the crating process and are made cruelty free which means that they are a great bet.


  • The nail paints range from nude to party colors
  • They are made chip resistant and very smooth
  • Last long on your nails without fading
  • Efficient to the environment and are made without any cruelty and are entirely vegan


  • The colors are very diluted and slide off
  • These nail polishes use more acetone to be removed

Bottom line:

Every girl longs for nail paint that doesn’t chip and Adrianne brings that factor to us. These nail polishes are worth every penny because of this quality and because they are environmentally friendly.

4. Farmer’s Market Berries – Nail Polish

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The farmers market berries nail polishes are made with natural components without chemicals which helps in the safety of your nails and for the environment. They are made hypoallergenic for people that have a sensitivity to nail polish.

These colors are also made without any odor which protects the environment as long as your nails and prevents inhaling of harmful fumes. Each shade is made glossy and wild for a great party night. You can also get glow in the dark shades which will enhance your night party fashion.

Even after wearing these nail polishes every day, they will not turn your nails yellow and cause them to be weaker.


  • The formula is chemical free and does not make nails yellow
  • Hypoallergenic formula ensures that polish is for everyone
  • Odorless formula saves the environment and your eyes
  • Glossy and glow in the dark shades make for perfect style statement


  • These nail colors chip easily
  • Colors lose their shine after a short time on the nails

Bottom line:

One of the best features of this product is the glow in the dark range that makes nail polish even better. The chemical free formula is a better addition than regular nail polishes to your collection.

5. Prim and Pure Nail Polish

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The prim and pure nail polish is a brand that makes hazard free nail polish for little girls as well as for adults that want to keep their nails healthy while they can keep their fashion statement alive.

The nail polishes are made to peel off very easily which reduces the use of any spirit solution which is filled with chemicals. The formula is made vegan, non-toxic, and is not tested on animals in any way. It can dry quickly and lasts long on your nails without losing its shine.

These are perfect fits for people that want to keep their nails healthy and stylish.


  • The polishes are easy to peel off
  • The formula does not contain any chemicals and is made vegan and cruelty-free
  • Glossy colors last long on your nails without losing their shine
  • Dries quickly and easily without smudging and gliding off the nails


  • There are only three colors available in this range
  • The applicator becomes lumpy after a short while of usage

Bottom line:

If you are concerned about your little girl’s nails and she wants nail polish, you can find these ones to be the perfect option. Their easy peel off and glossy shades will make a perfect princess look.

6. Ella + Mila Nail Polish, Love Collection

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The Ella + Mila love collection nail polishes have soft and subtle colors that give your look a sophisticated and fresh look. This color is a natural color called the honeymoon bliss that stays fresh on your nails for a long time. The range is free of seven chemicals that harm the nails and leave them yellow.

The polish is made without testing on animals and with entirely vegan components. The smooth finish on these nail polishes allows them to remain glossy on the nails even after a long time of wearing them. All the nail polishes by this brand are certified by PETA.


  • All the colors are certified by PETA
  • The finish the colors give is glossy and smooth enhancing your style
  • The entire solution is chemical free and eco-friendly
  • the colors have a durable life on your nails and they remain fresh


  • You do not have many options in the shades
  • The polish comes off with too much effort

Bottom line:

The Ella + Mila nail polish collection is a great fit for your cruelty-free nail polishes. They are eco-friendly and are certified by PETA which gives customers much more satisfaction in choosing the nail color for them.

7. Peelable Nail Polish Makeup Kit

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The Peelable Nail Polish is a water-based nail polish with no toxic chemicals that damage your nails. It is eco-friendly and safe for the usage of kids. It provides an easy peel off by soaking it under warm water for 1 to 2 minutes.

The best thing is that you don’t need any nail polish remover. It gets dry quickly so you don’t have to wait now if you really want to get dressed quick. The kit comes with multiple colors that you can choose and you can even gift this beautiful package to your friends and family who is a nail polish lover.

It won’t cause any burden on your budget and you can even customize it by choosing the exact colors you want for your routine necessity.


  • It will not turn the nails yellow.
  • No toxic reactions on the nail.
  • Won’t cause any dryness to the nails.
  • It does not require a nail polish remover for removing it from the nails.


  • The lifespan of this nail polish is less than the other nail polishes. So, if you have a low budget and you really want a great lifespan nail polish kit then you have to keep searching.

Bottom line:

The best thing that you can enjoy about this nail polish makeup kit is that no more buying of nail polish removers. You are also guaranteed that this product won’t cause any damage to your nails.

8. Nail Polish – Non-Toxic Water Based Non-Peelable:

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Tired of using toxic chemicals on your nails? Do you know that even nail polish removers contain chemicals that can be a cause of disturbance for sensitive skin?

Well, try this new nail polish non-toxic water based that don’t require nail polish remover for removing nail polish. It is totally made with natural ingredients and it does not stain the nails. It comes in a package with 4 nail polishes and a top coat for the protection of your nails.

The best thing is that you can return the product if you are not satisfied with it or any default piece arrives at your door.

Provides long-lasting formulation which means no more toxic chemicals on your skin. Enjoy pretty looking hands with stainless nail polish


  • It is safe for pregnant ladies and kids.
  • Made with latest technology and formulation to produce nail polish that doesn’t yellow the nails even with too much usage.
  • It does not harm the sensitive skin so everyone can use it.


  • This nail polish kit can take time to get dry.

Bottom line:

So, for the kids and pregnant ladies, this is a safe product that they can use without any issue.

9. Piggy Paint 100% Non-toxic Girls Nail Polish

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Worried about the yellowish stains on your nails left behind due to too much usage of nail polishes?

Well not from now on, as the Piggy paint nail polishes are 100% secured from the toxic chemicals that are the main reason of yellow stains left on the nails. It is a water-based nail polish and doesn’t possess acetone and toluene that can be very sensitive to the skin.

It is made by the new formulation of a USA company that has ended up this product by forming a durable finishing. It can be used at any age.


  • It is easy to apply and quick in drying.
  • Comes with an instruction package for the ease of customers.
  • It protects the skin of the nails.
  • You don’t need to apply


  • It still contains some smelly solvents.

Bottom line:

Piggy Paint nail polishes come with a guarantee and have a very positive feedback. It has been loved by people of all ages from all around the globe.

10. SOPHi Nail Polish, World Traveler:

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Piggy paint has recently launched their new brand SOPHi nail polish that is free from chemicals that can be toxic for the skin. It is totally odorless and free from substances that can cause allergies to sensitive skin. It is a new formulation made by USA Company that has produced a water-based new variety of colors that highlights your personality. It is best for everyone.

Even it can be used by small girls who like to dress up themselves. This brand has allowed women to enjoy their manicure time without worrying because of a smelly chemical product. You get top coat free in the package for a shiny surface. The formula is safe and it is the best alternative in the market you can find right now.

It applies a stronghold to your nails too. If you have thin nails that can break easily then you have come to the right place. You can use SOPHi by Piggy paint that will make your nails strong.


  • It has a pleasant smell.
  • Durable and provides a hard finishing.
  • The shiner provides a fine finishing.
  • The company provides a change in case of default when the package is received at your doorstep.
  • No more yellow stains on your nails.


  • Not enough colors to fulfill everyone requirements.

Bottom line:

So, if you are a health-conscious woman, this product is the best for you to enjoy your manicure time even with your daughter. You will definitely fall for this range of nail polishes.

Features to Consider When Getting the Non-toxic Nail Polish

We have compiled this buying guide to help you in finding the factors that shall help you in picking out the perfect nontoxic nail polish. Make a checklist out of these points and follow it for a good buying experience.zoya Nail Polish

Check the Label

If you are hoping to get a nail polish that is nontoxic, then you will need to make sure to read the label first. Thoroughly check the ingredients and make sure that the following are absent from the nail polish

–     Formaldehyde

–     DBP

–     Toluene

Each of these chemicals plays a part in harming the environment and your nails as well.

Choose Odorless Polishes

Even if a nail polish is non-toxic it does not mean that it does not smell at all. There can be other components that make the nail polish smell bad with fumes that are equally harmful.

Check the label or if you can then open the bottle to reveal if it gives out a fuming smell or not. Ideally, you do not want a bad smelling nail polish.

Choose the Peel off Ones

There is no point in opting for chemical-free nail polishes if you are going to be using acetone and spirit to remove it. Acetone is very harmful to your skin and the environment; hence, you need to look at an alternate.

The best and most time-saving option is to buy peel-off polishes. These polishes can easily be peeled off like a sticker from your nails and can save time, money, and the environment.

Make Sure It Is Not Lumpy

The most common problems that seem to arise with non-toxic nail polish are that they tend to be a little too lumpy for use. Make sure to check the consistency of the color so that you know you are not buying one that can smudge and ruin your entire look. Use testers to test out the color that you are opting for and check with by wearing it on your nail for a better recognition.

Choose the Consistency

While lumpy nail polishes are not appreciated, diluted ones are also not an option. The consistency of the polish should be mediocre and not too thick since it will dry easily.

A more dilute solution will glide off your nails and leave a crease line easily. Hence, it is ideal to go for a very medium solution that is easy to handle and does not get thick and smudge. There is a video about the best non-texic nail polish.

7 FAQs about Nail Polish Non Toxic

When buying a product, customers tend to face many questions. The following are a few different queries that customers had that we have answered to the best of our knowledge.

Best Nontoxic Nail Polishes

Q1. How do I make sure that the polish is eco-friendly?

If you are opting to buy nail polish free of chemicals then you are already playing your part. If you want to help further, you need to make sure that the formula is entirely vegan.

Furthermore, research if it is not on the label but do what you can to make sure to never use makeup products that are tested on animals. Products can be harmful and injure and even kill the animal which is something that should be stood against.

Q2. What are five free and seven free?

Most non-toxic nail polishes have either five free written or seven free. Five free refers to five harmful chemicals that are absent from the nail polish and seven free means there are seven that are absent. Of course, the seven free ones are better but you can go for whatever level you would like. The following are the five chemicals that are free from a nail polish:

–   Formaldehyde Resin

–   Toluene

–    Formaldehyde

–    Camphor

–    Dibutyl Phthalate

The following are the chemicals that are included in the seven in seven free:

–     Toluene

–     Dibutyl Phthalate

–     Formaldehyde

–     Formaldehyde Resin

–     Camphor

–     TPHP

–     Xylene

Q3. How does the color stay on without the chemicals?

There are many other components in the nail polish that help keep the color on for a long time. These elements are there to help you in keeping your nails fresh for a long time. Color is also added to fruits and vegetables as a base that help it stick on for a longer time.

Essential oils and natural minerals and components are used to keep it attached to your nail for a longer time. However, for added protection against the color chipping off or losing its shine you can wear a top coat which shall protect the color.

Q4. Is nontoxic nail polishes long lasting on the shelf?

Since conventional nail paints have so many chemicals including ones that keep them going for a long time, they take time to expire. The nontoxic ones may lose their consistency and shape faster than the other ones.

The reason is the natural ingredients and lack of preservatives that ruin your nails and the skin. Hence, they will not survive as long. A simple trick is to follow the directions of storage on the label to keep the life as long as possible.

Q5. Will I get a wide range of colors in nontoxic nail polish?

Nontoxic nail polish is not something very uncommon or very limited. It has all the great features of a conventional nail polish has apart from harmful chemicals. You will easily be able to find almost any shade that you want and even better ones that are driven by natural ingredients and colors only.

Some brands have up to 300 and more colors to choose from only so you will be able to find anyone that you want online or from a cosmetics shop.

Q6. Are nontoxic nail polishes suited for children?

frequent questions in buying Nontoxic Nail Polishes

If your little girl wants to wear your conventional nail polish, it may be dangerous for her because of the fumes and skin irritants present in the solution. The nontoxic nail polishes prove to be a great alternative and friendly to children that want to wear nail paints.

The lack of chemicals makes it safe for children to put their hands in their mouths with painted nails and reduces chances of breathing problems when the fumes are inhaled.

Q7. Are they all made hypoallergenic?

Non all nontoxic nail polishes are made hypoallergenic. They still may contain some elements that are not suited for people with a sensitive skin. You can opt for the ones that are specially made without skin irritants and for people with allergic problems.

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Make Best Non-Toxic Nail Polish Option

So ladies, we have given you all the information you need to make your nails colorful and add a stylish touch to your personality. Now it’s your turn to select the nail polish and bring colors to your life.

Happy Coloring Nails!!!

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