5 Best Postpartum Pads for You after Giving Birth in 2018


Childbirth is exciting, probably the most life-changing experience ever. But it’s also messy. For weeks after giving birth to your child, your body will work hard to return to a semblance of what it used to be. There’ll be icepacks, hormones, and you’ll feel like you’re having the longest – heaviest period ever.

To be absolutely prepared for the mess you are about to face, you need not just the best baby diapers (for those explosive poops) but the very best postpartum pads as well. You need time to bond with your baby so it’s best to make yourself as comfortable as possible.

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Best Postpartum Pads Full Review

Let’s get into the details of why these are the best post birth pads for your postpartum sanity. 

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1.Always Maxi Overnight Pads – Best postpartum pad for overnight use

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The thing about postpartum bleeding is that the flow is usually very heavy so you’ll have to use post delivery pads that rival the power of overnight pads even in the day time. For night time of course, overnight pads are the only pads you should use if you want a chance at a good night’s rest.

From experience, we’ve found that the width, length and wings of the Always Maxi Overnight are all that you need to protect yourself from leaks. With a raised core, it feels like it molded for your body unlike flat pads. The length is about 15 inches and its back portion is extra wide so you don’t have to worry about sleeping in a face up position – this is gold for breastfeeding if you plan to co-sleep.


  • The super absorbency means better comfort and sleep.
  • It has a raised core that fits your body like a mold.
  • If you are sensitive to scents, these are fragrance-free.
  • It has a leakguard core which means no fluids and no accidents.


  • The size of it may feel like you’re on diapers rather than pads, but honestly we’ve never seen a small pad that’s really good for the first postpartum days.

If you have stitches you may want a pad without mesh like the Always Radiant pad.

2.Always Radiant Pads – Best Pads to Use With Stitches

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Most women dread postpartum stitches than the birth itself, and for good reason. You feel raw, inflamed, fraught for relief, and definitely not in the mood to put anything on there. Normal pads have mesh loosely woven enough that it may catch in your stitches but this thin pad (which holds a lot!) is so soft and extremely comfy to wear you may even forget you are wearing them.

The pad features a flex foam that can sop up 10 times its tiny weight, uses strong adhesive so it stays in place (no sliding here) and have wings. We cannot stress enough the importance of wings for your protection.


  • They are extremely comfortable.
  • They are so thin you may forget you are wearing pads.
  • They don’t slide or move out of place.


  • These are somewhat pricey compared to ordinary disposables.
  • They are scented so not ideal if you are sensitive to scents.

3.Dutchess Cloth Menstrual Pads – Best Postpartum Pad for the Green or Money Conscious Mama

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While not as handy as disposables, postpartum cloth pads are softer for you and much kinder on the environment and your wallet. It may seem like a huge investment upfront but only few months of use will completely pay for it.

To use, secure the cloth wings with the snap or fold and snap together to store compactly. We particularly like the natural dark color of these pads. Unlike with light-colored pads, the double charcoal bamboo layers easily hides stains.


  • They pads are anti-odor.
  • The pads are incredibly soft to wear.
  • The pads are great for your body and the environment.


  • Since they do not have adhesive, they are prone to moving out of place.

They aren’t very breathable so can get a little warm.

4.Organyc Pads – Best Organic Chemical Free Postpartum Pads

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Now that you are having a baby, you may have started to research ways to stay chemical free and this is one such option. These pads, made from 100% organic cotton, are a great chemical free alternative to regular postpartum sanitary pads.

You also don’t have to worry about your impact on the environment because these are biodegradable. Thankfully, these also have wings so you are leak-protected and chemical free.


  • They are 100% chemical free.
  • They don’t cause skin irritations.
  • They are biodegradable so more environmentally friendly than regular pads.


These are pretty pricey both upfront and because you need to change pads more often.

5.Seventh Generation Overnight Maxi Pads – Best Maxi Postpartum Pad

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Maxi pads are huge lifesavers postpartum; nothing does a better job at protecting you against leaks. These are made of cotton and are heavy enough to be used as maternity pads.

The Seventh Generation pads are not just lifesaving maxis, they are dye, fragrance, and chlorine free too. You may not realize how important staying away from potential irritants is until you are already raw and mostly irritated. These are literally the best maxi pads for postpartum bleeding on the market.


  • The pads barely have any irritants in them.
  • They are a good price.
  • They are winged for added protection against leaks.


  • While they are a pretty absorbent, they don’t sop up the fluid super quickly.

The cotton tends to gather once the pad gets wet.

How To Choose The Right Postpartum Pad

In order to choose the best pads for after birth bleeding, here are some questions you should ask…

What Features Should The Best Postpartum Pad Have?

While your postpartum experience and personal preferences are unique, there are a few things that should stand out in good postpartum pads.

  • Wings – Wings help make sure that you don’t lose any panties or even clothes to stains
    choose Right Postpartum Pad

    from leaks. They protect your sheets at night and ensure you have better sleep.

  1. Softness –  Softness should always be a priority for pads especially in the first week, it’s going to feel really sore down there so you need all the cushiony relief you can find.
  2. What should I Consider When Selecting postpartum pads?
  • This largely depends on your preferences but there are still some general rules you should follow.
  • You May Need Different Ones – It’s best to hold off on buying a large stash of the same pad because things will change, sometimes unpredictably. Your best bet is to buy loads of overnight pads for the first week then some less bulky ones and even panty liners for when the flow begins to taper off.
  1. Cloth or disposable – Cloths are softer and more pocket and environment friendly than disposables. However, you may have to consider the strength of your flow and what constant cleaning will do to an already overwhelmed new mom.
  2. How Long Will I Need Pads?

We think it’s important to ask this question before you start buying pads so that you can make your unique budget serve you well. You may want to use organic pads for example but your budget may only take you halfway through, in this case knowing how long you should expect to use them will give you a clue as to which pad is right for you and your budget.

  • You start to use pads at the hospital immediately after birth. With all the mucous plug and breaking waters, you may even start earlier to contain the mess if you are laboring at home.
  • For the first 3 days or so, expect to change pads as often as every hour to hour and half.

Some women have used two at a time whenever they needed to sleep.

  • The general rule is to change pads every 4 hours. This will help keep irritations and infections away.
  • The first few days are the heaviest but the postpartum bleeding (lochia) should last for about 3 – 6 weeks.

You should have enough supplies that you don’t have to ask your partner to go grab some from the convenience store because he’ll come home with the exact one you didn’t want, true story.

Tips To Make Your Postpartum Life Easier

  • Do not use hospital postpartum pads, they are so uncomfortable.
  • Stock about 180 postpartum pads in case you end up bleeding more than you expect. Better more than less. Besides you can still use them for your next birth or even during your regular period.
  • If you use cloth pads, choose your number depending on how often you intend to wash. Between 6 – 10 pads should serve you for a day.

Our Favorite Pick Postpartum Pad

For the soft, super absorbent, and stitch-friendly features, we would go with Always Radiant pads every time.

Did we mention you can forget that you are wearing these? The comfort Always Radiant pads provide is what moms need for the endless condemned-to-wear-pads-while-serving-a-demanding-newborn postpartum weeks. We think this pad makes sure that moms, during those very sensitive times, do not have yet another nonreason to implode.

The postpartum weeks are infamous for their messiness and discomfort, but they are also a magical time. Fingers crossed; you’ll find the magic in every bit of your mess and discomfort.

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