Do Postpartum Belly Wraps Really Work? PLUS Our Top Wrap Picks


Not sure what to wear postpartum? Are you looking for something to help you get back your pre-pregnancy belly A belly wrap may be just what the doctor ordered. While they aren’t miracle workers (you still need to eat right and stay active), a belly wrap can help reshape your hips and waist. Some of the most famous Hollywood actresses used postpartum wraps to help regain their shape.

And you’ll find stories from moms in every corner of the globe who swear by these wraps and bands. One quick search for belly wraps before and after pictures, and you’ll see plenty of inspiring pictures.

If you’re thinking of trying a belly wrap after your pregnancy, you need to know that some bands are better than others. I’m going to share some of my favorite wrap picks to help you find the right one for your needs.

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8 Best Stomach Wrap Reviews

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1. Trendyline Women Postpartum Belly Wrap

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Comfortable, breathable and stretchy, Trendyline’s belly wrap can help flatten your tummy while also giving you the support you need while recovering from a C-section. Available in multiple sizes, you’re sure to find just the right wrap for your body type.

The Trendyline wrap is made from 65% polyester and 35% elastic, making it breathable and flexible. The adjustable closure allows you to choose a comfortable fit, while the compression effect provides back support. And it’s invisible under clothing, so you can wear it discreetly when you’re working out or going out with friends. In fact, this is one of the best stomach wraps for working out.

The Trendyline wrap is available in four sizes:

  • S: 25″-29″
  • M: 29″-34″
  • L: 34″-39″
  • XL: 40″-44″

If you want a wrap that’s comfortable, breathable and easy to wear, Trendyline is a great choice.

2. Underworks Post Delivery Belt

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If you’re looking for a wrap that’s discreet, easy to wear and doesn’t have a million straps, the Underworks post delivery belt is a smart choice. Made with a blend of PolyNylonSpandex and cotton, this wrap is comfortable and breathable. The inside of the belt has a cotton tummy sheet for added comfort and to stay cool.

This wrap is available in three sizes and has a Velcro adjustment for a more refined fit. Sizes are based on post delivery waistline size:

  • Small: 26″-28″-30″-32″-34″-36″
  • Medium: 38″-40″-42″-44″-46″
  • Large: 48″-50″52″-55″

The Underworks belt can help you get back your pre-pregnancy belly, and the compression effect provides back support. With dimensions of 10″ x 0.5″ x 9,” this wrap covers your entire back and tummy for complete support and compression. And as an added bonus, the elastic band has antimicrobial effects to keep the wrap clean and sanitary.

3. Tirain Postpartum Belly Wrap

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The Tirain belly wrap is similar to the Trendyline belt. This corset-style girdle features a waistband belt for a more customized fit and added compression where you need it most. The mesh fabric is comfortable, breathable, soft and stretchy, so you can wear it for long periods of time without feeling discomfort. For moms who had a C-section birth, this belt is great for extended, pain-free wear and will give you the support you need to help you recover as comfortably as possible.

The three-step compression fastening technology helps reshape your hips and waist, while the two extra belts help you target your trouble areas.

The wrap’s boning helps provide you with back support, but is still invisible under clothing.

The Tirain belt comes in two sizes:

  • Medium: 41.3″ x 9″; maximum waist size of 39″
  • Large: 45.3″ x 9″; for waistlines between 39″ and 43″

We have just two complaints with this belt:

  • You can’t wear it during pregnancy.
  • You can’t wear it directly against your skin – you must wear a t-shirt underneath.

Aside from these two minor issues, the Tirain wrap is a great option for moms who are serious about waist training.

4. HOVEOX Postpartum Girdle

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If you’re looking for a belly wrap that offers more coverage, the HOVEOX girdle may be the right choice for you.

This wrap extends from the top of the waist down to the middle of the hips to help reshape these two key problem areas. Made from 65% polyester and 35% elastic fiber, this belt is both stretchy and breathable for the ultimate in comfort. And the material is lightweight, too, so you can wear it comfortably under clothing during the day.

The HOVEOX girdle comes in four sizes:

  • Small: 26″-31″
  • Medium: 30″-36″
  • Large: 35″-40″
  • X-Large: 39″-43″

The adjustable bands allow you to customize the fit to your body, so you can stay comfortable even when wearing for long periods of time.

The HOVEOX girdle runs a little small, so consider getting one size larger with this one.

5. UpSpring C-Panty

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If you had a C-section birth, the UpSpring C-Panty is the right choice for you. Slimming and comfortable to wear, this high-waisted brief’s compression helps slim your belly while speeding up your recovery and minimizing discomfort.

What’s nice about this panty is that it’s one of the most comfortable “girdles” out there. If traditional waistband-style wraps (like the ones above) are uncomfortable for you, the C-Panty may be the better option. There are no Velcro bands, hooks or bands to cause you discomfort. Recommended by OB/GYNs, this panty has medical-grade compression. It also has a silicone panel to reduce irritation, minimize scarring and protect the incision site.

The panty is made with 92% nylon/8% spandex.

The C-Panty comes in two sizes:

  • Large/XL: Waist: 33.5″-39″; Hips: 39.5″-45″
  • 1X-2X: Waist: 39.5″-45″; Hips: 46″-53.5″

It comes in two sizes, too:

  • Black
  • Nude

If you’ve just had a C-section and you don’t like traditional wraps, the C-Panty offers the same level of compression and helps speed up healing.

6. Leonisa Postpartum Panty with Belly Wrap

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The Leonisa postpartum panty is a lot like the C-Panty. It’s not like a typical corset-style wrap. You wear it just like a regular pair of panties, but the additional belly wrap feature helps give you the compression you need to help reshape your body. The Leonisa panty is ideal for women who want to get rid of their pregnancy “pouch” along the lower belly. The panty doesn’t come all the way up the mid-section, so you won’t get full compression or shaping. But it will work on the hips and the lower belly to bring everything together.

The Leonisa panty is made of 84.3% polyamide and 15.7% elastane, so it’s comfortable to wear and flexible enough to fit your unique shape.

The belly wrap straps are adjustable, so you can control the compression level. And if you’ve had a C-section, you’ll appreciate the PowerSlim front tummy area, which can help speed your post surgical recovery.

The Leonisa postpartum panty comes in five sizes:

  • Small: Waist: 27″-29.5″; Hips: 32″-34.5″
  • Medium: Waist: 29.5″-31.5″; Hips: 37.5″-40″
  • Large: Waist: 31.5″-34″; Hips: 40″-42.5″
  • X-Large: Waist: 34″-36.5″; Hips: 42.5″-45.5″

It comes in three colors, too:

  • White
  • Beige
  • Black

Comfortable, adjustable and easy to wear, you’ll love the Leonisa postpartum belly wrap.

7. Belly Bandit B.F.F. Postpartum Wrap

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If you’ve done your research on belly wraps, there’s a good chance that the Belly Bandit came up at least once. Belly Bandit is known for its quality, and the B.F.F. is no exception. Soft, comfortable and made with high quality materials, you’ll enjoy wearing this wrap.

The B.F.F. is made with 60% modal and 40% tencel. These earth-friendly materials feel more comfortable against your skin and instantly make you look slimmer. And like other similar wraps, it helps support your back and core muscles, which can make breastfeeding more comfortable.

Belly Bandit’s B.F.F. comes in four sizes:

  • XS: 27″-32″
  • Small: 33″-37″
  • Medium: 38″-43″
  • Large: 44″-50″

The B.F.F. has six uniquely shaped panels that hug your curve, and the dual compression zones allow for more targeted results.

Offering medical-grade compression, this wrap can help accelerate healing while preventing diastasis recti, or abdominal separation. Available in both cream and black colors, this wrap is ideal for women who want comfort, serious compression and support.

8. Salome 216 Fajas Columbianas Postparto Comfort Collection

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The Fajas Columbianas is a special kind of postpartum wrap because it’s not really a belly wrap: it’s a full compression body shaper. This body shaper is open-chested, so you can still breastfeed, but has straps that wrap around the shoulders. The shaper extends all the way down to your thighs, and wears like a tight romper.

The external layer features Powernet, which produces compression, and the inner cotton lining is comfortable and flexible. The nice thing about this shaper is that it also has a butt lifter to enhance your curves.

The flat zipper allows you to wear this shaper discreetly under clothing, and won’t irritate the incision site if you’ve had a C-section.

Salome’s Fajas Columbianas comes in a variety of sizes and in two colors: Beige and black.

Do Belly Wraps Work?

Postpartum Belly Wraps Really Work

Does wrapping your belly work? Can you really get back to your pre-pregnancy quickly just by wearing a wrap?

Yes. But here’s the thing: the wrap is just an aid. You still need to eat healthy to lose weight and start being more active as soon as the doctor says it’s okay. Don’t expect to wear a wrap, keep eating whatever you want and see results. These wraps can be weight loss tools, but they’re not a miracle cure.

We’ve heard stories of women wearing body wraps and losing two inches from their waist in just a day. But this is just hype and the compression effect is what causes this temporary loss of inches.

There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that wearing wraps helps reshape your body, prevent stretch marks and help keep your skin tight as you start losing your baby weight. And when you read reviews for these products, you can see proof of the results in the before and after photos.

One thing we do know: wraps help women who have C-sections recover more quickly and comfortably. The compression helps improve circulation and provides support. A lot of these wraps also help correct your posture, which can help prevent breastfeeding hunchback.

In short, yes – belly wraps do work. They can help reshape your waist and hips after pregnancy. And if you’ve had a C-section, they can help speed up healing.

Does Belly Wrapping Help You Lose Weight?

Can sweat wraps for your stomach help you lose weight? Many women use belly wraps for weight loss, but there’s conflicting evidence about its effectiveness – at least when you workout.

Belly wraps can help reshape your belly after pregnancy, but you may not want to wear it when you’re exercising. Experts say belly wraps can actually hinder your weight loss. And because they support your abdominal muscles, they don’t get to work as hard. These wraps can also cause you to overheat, which means you don’t work as hard and you tire more easily.

So, belly wrapping can help you reshape your body after pregnancy, but it may not necessarily help with weight loss if you’re wearing them while you’re working out.

And if you’re trying to lose weight in one specific part of the body, you’re going to be in for some disappointment. The truth is that you can’t lose weight or fat in a particular area of the body. But wearing a wrap in between workouts can help amplify your results, and eating a healthy diet will further help boost your weight loss efforts.

How to Use Your Belly Shaper to Lose Weight

Postpartum Belly Wraps helps to lose weight

A belly wrap can be a helpful tool in your weight loss journey, but you’ll need to do more than just wear a wrap to see results.

We’ve already discussed how these belly binders can actually prevent you from reaching your goals if you wear them while working out, but wearing them in between sessions can create a thermogenic effect to boost weight loss.

To make the most out of your belly wrap’s results, you’ll need to:

  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Exercise at least three times per week

Eating a healthy diet is the key to losing weight, and you can start the moment your baby is born. Stick to unprocessed foods and meats, like fresh vegetables, lean meats (if you’re not vegetarian or vegan), and some nuts and seeds. Fruits are great, too, in moderation.

Exercise also plays an important role in weight loss, but you’ll need to wait until your doctor says it’s okay to start-up your routine. You should also consult with your physician before starting any kind of workout routine to make sure it’s safe for you. Once you’re able to start being active again, you can exercise at least three times a week to kick-start your weight loss. In between workouts, you can wear your wrap to boost results.

One final tip: Make sure the wrap isn’t too tight. Not only will this cause discomfort, but it can also cause complications with healing.

How Do Wraps Work?

What’s the science behind belly wraps? How do you wear them?

A belly wrap, sometimes called a girdle or belt, wraps around your mid-section to tighten your waist and pull everything in. Wraps are similar to corsets in this way, and they can help reshape or “train” your waist.

The compression action is what creates this effect, but it also works to do other things. The boning in the wrap helps keep your back straight, so it improves your posture. The rigid-yet-flexible design also helps take the pressure off your hips and joints, which can be helpful when you’re recovering from a C-section.

The simple act of wearing the wrap also helps generate heat in your midsection, which can help create a thermogenic effect in between workouts.

Is Belly Wrapping During Pregnancy Okay?

Belly Wrapping During Pregnancy

You know how belly wraps work, and why so many women wear them after pregnancy. But what about during pregnancy? Are these wraps safe to wear, or should you steer clear?

Talk to your doctor if you’re thinking about wearing a belly wrap during pregnancy. For most women, it’s perfectly fine and even encouraged. But for some women, wraps are either counterintuitive or not appropriate for their pregnancy. If your doctor gives you the okay to wear one, a belly wrap can give you some extra support and compression to help alleviate or prevent pain. Some women also say belts and wraps helped them avoid getting stretch marks and get back to their pre-pregnancy baby weight faster.

While there are no studies to back up the weight loss or stretch mark claims, it’s worth a try. If you’re already wearing the wrap for pain relief, those two benefits are just added bonuses.


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