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It is almost summer and swimsuit season here. Being pregnant may make it difficult to enjoy the beach altogether. That is where the maternity swimwear comes in! It has been designed in such a unique and innovative way to provide a certain level of protection, relief, and as much comfort to the user as possible. Good swimwear is difficult to find because not all kinds of swimwear are as comfortable and resist constriction as specialized maternity swimwear does. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best maternity swimwear available on the market.

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Review of 5 Gorgeous Maternity Swimsuits

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1. Prego Maternity Women’s Tankini

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Prego is one of the leading manufacturers of swimwear around the world. Like most swimwear, it has been carefully manufactured using 80% nylon and 20% spandex. It is a highly versatile and comfortable product aimed to provide maximum convenience to those women, who are pregnant and wish to go to the beach on a long summer day. This plus size maternity swimwear also sports wide adjustable straps. The wideness of the straps ensures that the lower body weight does not put a lot of pressure on the shoulders. The adjustable straps ensure that the swimsuit can easily adjust itself to your growing tummy and conform to your changing body. It has a roll-up waist, which allows women who are further along in their pregnancy to kick back and relax as the garment takes care of the stretching and adjustment for you. To make the swimwear look fashionable and stylish, this plus size maternity swimwear sports shirred sides and sewn-in cups to provide maximum convenience. The bottom of this swimsuit is on just the right height.


  • The Prego Maternity Women’s Tankiniis definitely tougher and does not wear out as easily or as early as others do.
  • It sports wide and adjustable straps, which ensure maximum comfort and less inconvenience when it comes to tankinis.
  • The roll-up waist allows users to comfortably fit the swimsuit to their needs and even roll it in for extra support.
  • The Prego Maternity Women’s tankini has breast pads sewn into the suit, which ensures that this sensitive area is as comfortable as possible.


  • The bottom of the swimsuit may be too loose for some people and it may start to flap about, which can look really unstylish.
  • The swimsuit is really low-cut, even after adjusting the straps it may still feel too low.


The Prego Maternity Women’s Tankini is one of the more affordable items on the market. While it does not deliver as other products do, they are more durable and less expensive, which might attract more people. This may be the reason why Prego has been so successful and is listed as one of the best maternity swimsuits.

2. Prego Women’s Empire One Piece Swimsuit

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The Women’s Empire One Piece Swimsuit by Prego is one of the best maternity swimsuits available on the market. Another product by Prego, which was built with sophistication and careful manufacturing, this product has been rated as the most comfortable and convenient. This swimsuit is constructed using 80% nylon and 20% Lycra that is a special kind of fabric used for close-fitting garments. Due to its unique one-piece style, it eliminates the need to buy a separate bottom and top for the swimsuit. The best part of this swimsuit is the wide adjustable straps, which help in facilitating your ever-growing tummy. It provides proper support and stretches in order to make you feel as comfortable as possible while you enjoy the beach or a nice swim in the pool. This maternity swimsuit is very comfortable because it uses a soft cup bra construction, which eliminates the need to buy a separate bra. It also helps to give you a maximum level of comfort.


  • It has been made from 20% Lycra that is a highly stretchable material.
  • The Prego Women’s Empire One-Piece Swimsuit has been constructed with a soft cup bra which has been built inside of the swimsuit itself which eliminates the need for a separate bra.
  • The swimsuit has been manufactured in a one-piece style, which ensures that there is no need to buy a separate top and bottom.
  • The stretchable fabric makes for an ideal swimsuit for pregnant women.


  • After a lot of use, the stretchable fabric will start to become see-through and saggy which can look very unappealing.
  • The locking mechanism on the swimsuit is a bit difficult to get around to.


Undoubtedly, this is one of the best maternity swimsuits available in a premium price range. It is highly useful and comfortable and makes for a very convenient swim or a day at the beach.

3. Momo Maternity Swimsuit

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The Momo Maternity Swimsuit has been carefully engineered to facilitate pregnant women who wish to enjoy the beach or go for a relaxing swim in the pool. It has been constructed using 82% nylon making it easier to fit and wash, and 18% spandex rendering it tough and sturdy. Momo has been very clever in picking the right kind of fabric of its product, and for this plus size maternity swimwear, it has effectively chosen a soft and fitting fabric which will surely make you feel comfortable in the swimsuit. It also sports soft and sewn-in cups for better support while you swim or just enjoy a day at the pool. Since it is a one-piece maternity swimsuit, it makes the overall garment, free from any hassle. This also makes it budget friendly as you don’t have to worry about which kind of top or bottom to buy for it.


  • The Momo Maternity Swimsuit is easily machine washable in cold temperatures.
  • It is an extremely durable product because of its use of spandex which is a tough material.
  • The sewn-in cups on this swimsuit are a major feature because not only are they soft, they provide plenty of support.
  • The product also boasts a halter neckline making it stylish and fashionable at the same time.


  • The colors are neither vibrant nor durable on this swimsuit as they start to fade away after a few swims.
  • The fitting may not be ideal and some of may not like the fact that the back is not lined properly.


Being a premium swimsuit, it definitely does not offer everything it should. It is definitely not the worst out there, but not the best either. It is highly durable which is why it has been listed here.

4. Oceanlily Ruched Front Women’s Swimsuit

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Oceanlily is a great manufacturer when it comes to producing budget products. It has ruled the lower-price market for a reason. The Oceanlily Ruched Front Women’s Swimsuit is a tankini top only. This could be highly inconvenient for numerous women as then they would have to buy a separate bottom for this swimsuit. It comes with adjustable straps on the top, which make it comfortable for the user to wear. One of the key features of this swimsuit is the fact that it is highly chlorine resistant which means you can forget about it being too smelly or rough after a relaxing swim in the pool. It has been constructed with 80% nylon making it stretchable and breathable, and 20 % spandex, which renders it durable and tough. It also has a mess-lining in order to avoid any kind of water retention which can be embarrassing and inconvenient at times.


  • This swimsuitis available in several sizes and can fit you well through all three trimesters as well as post-partum.
  • It has a soft sewn-in bra, which is a major convenience to the user.
  • The Oceanlily Ruched Front Women’s Swimsuit is highly chlorine resistant which means the suit will never get rough or coarse by the harsh water.
  • It is very durable and sturdy.


  • The colors on this swimsuit easily fade away with time and can quite dingy once that happens.
  • Some online stores show the straps to cross in the back, however, the real product may not be so.


Being a budget-friendly swimsuit, we would definitely rate it as one of the best maternity swimsuits out there. It has all the necessary features to be right on top of the list and is completely affordable making it a must-buy.

5. Momo Maternity One-Piece Swimsuit (UPF 50+)

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This maternity suit offers not only coverage but also a great support. It comprises of a sewn-in bra cups and adjustable shoulder straps to support your breasts. The adjustable straps make sure the swimsuit can comfortably adjust itself to your growing stomach and conform to your changing body. Numerous pregnant women find these straps comfortable while swimming. Moreover, the neckline is quite high; you would not feel like you are dropping out of the top. In addition to that, the design is modern and cute, and the nylon embraces built-in sun protection.

Choose this one-piece maternity swimsuit and it won’t pull or bunch in odd places. It would not feel constricting and make you feel confident.


  • It is available in two colors i.e. Ivory and Navy.
  • It comprises of five different sizes to fit women of all the ages.
  • Provides extra support for belly and back as compared to other swimsuits for pregnant ladies.
  • A key feature is the adjustable shoulder strap that supports breasts.
  • It is made up of a superior quality fabric and can be washed in the machine.
  • Entails soft sewn-in bra, which is a major convenience to the user.


  • The size of the product might be loose and won’t exactly fit the women.
  • The chest paddings could be huge as compared to rest of the suit.


A well-designed one-piece that would not only make you feel relax and enjoy in your swimsuit without worrying about a humiliating slip-up. It also provides support to your belly and back. An affordable swimsuit that embraces all the comfort and several features.

Best Choice for Maternity Swimwear with Underwire

how to choose maternity swimwear

After careful analysis of all the products and reviews, we found that while all these products are unique and amazing in their own way, the Prego Maternity Women’s Tankini outshines all the rest. Not only is it because of its outstanding price range and amenities, but because of the style and aesthetically beautiful looks it has. It is highly convenient and comfortable to wear while also being budget-friendly.

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