Awesome Postpartum Weight Loss: Belly Wraps, Supplements and Books


Embracing the joy of motherhood can last as long as you feel empowered and filled with self-love. A look in the mirror can either shatter your self-confidence or enhance it. Getting fit while having a newborn is easier said than done because now you are assuming new roles. However, in this digital era you have lots of resources at your disposal to help in baby weight shedding. For instance, mom’s have been wrapping their bellies for centuries now to trim their waists and get back their curves. Supplements are a useful way to curb appetite healthfully and postnatal books will motivate you while providing insights for your weight loss plan.

Therefore, here are the belly wraps, supplements and books useful in reclaiming your best body yet.

 The 3 Best Belly Wraps for Postpartum Weight Loss

1. Goege waist trimmer

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Goege offers a waist trimmer belt for postpartum support, weight loss goals, body shaping, hips lifting among others. Its fabric is soft, comfortable and elastic while its Velcro allows double adjustment. Goege waist trimmer has 4-panel abdominal binders that enhances abdominal compression while offering a firm grip that prevents it from rolling up and down.


  • It is comfortable, and it does not scratch
  • It helps in burning fat
  • Provides relief from back pain
  • Easy to adjust
  • Offers back support


  • It may not be a good fit for larger women
  • It can be bulky under clothes

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2. UpString Baby belly wrap

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UpString belly wrap is a postpartum support band that encourages weight loss. It offers compression for an excellent fit to promote tummy shrink. Also, it instantly enhances slimming after delivery for both C-section and vaginal delivery.

UpString belly wrap is made of soft fabric that is mesh-like to enable aeration of your waist. The material is also latex free.


  • It promotes postpartum recovery
  • It offers back support
  • It can be adjusted to fit


  • Can be noticeable underneath clothes
  • The Velcro can roll down sometimes

3. Gabrialla belly girdle

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Gabrialla delivers an abdominal binder for support of abdominal surgeries, C-section, postpartum, hernia and as a tummy shaper. The belly wrap is elastic and breathable which promotes quick healing after birth, and it gives you back your pre-pregnancy body fast. The designers carefully crafted it to fit the feminine body with consideration of women’s curves. Therefore, when you wear it, it gives an impression of a slimmer waist.

Additionally, it provides extra support with its two-flap design that provides the structure and support you need for recovery.

Gabrialla’s abdominal binder embraces versatility. It also provides breast support and menstrual cramps relief.


  • It betters your posture
  • It shapes your tummy
  • It prevents jiggling of the belly that can be painful after a C-section
  • It is stretchy and easy to wear
  • It is adjustable


  • It can be uncomfortable if you are active
  • If worn on bare tummy skin it can scratch

Postpartum Weightloss Supplements

1. Elevate recovery postnatal fat burner

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This fat burner promises to slim down your body post-delivery by pumping up metabolism and regulating cortisol the stress hormone causes weight gain.

It is packed with natural ingredients that help in curbing your appetite and in burning fat. One primary ingredient is the garcinia cambogia. Four capsules should be taken daily with meals or with a doctor’s recommendation. However, it is not recommended for nursing moms


  • It is caffeine free
  • It assists in shedding weight
  • It is more efficient with light exercises and healthy eating


2. Elevate recovery baby weight buster

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This is an all-natural baby weight loss supplement with ingredients such as raspberry ketone, apple cider vinegar, grapefruit and more. It should be taken daily with every meal to supplement your diet. However, nursing or pregnant mothers should consult with their doctor before use.

Elevate recovery offers a money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction.


  • It suppresses appetite
  • Energizes your body
  • Easy swallow capsules
  • Helps in metabolism
  • Burns fat


  • It may not be useful for some people
  • Its impact on weight loss may not be instantaneous

Step-By-Step Guide Books for Postpartum Weight Loss

1. Jackie Keller’s body after baby

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Get this book from Amazon that details how to lose baby weight with a 30-day nutrition plan. It also includes insights on easy prep-meals, and light, quick daily exercises


  • Helps you to consider your nutritional needs
  • Assists in checking your portion sizes
  • Gives advice on body moves you can do
  • The advice aids in weight loss


  • The shopping list for the nutrition plan may be unrealistic
  • The program needs a lot of food prepping and cooking

2. Erin Cox’s One Hot Mama

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The writer taps into the feelings of a new mom to offer a comprehensive guide to fun actionable ways to lose the baby weight through nurturing and supporting them. Erin believes that women need empowerment and emotional support to make healthy life changes.


  • It is inspirational and offers practical tips
  • It addresses the experiences of a woman at this phase
  • It empowers one spiritually, mentally and physically


  • It may be too wordy for some people

3. Lindsay Brin’s postnatal slim down

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This is a workout DVD for weight loss. It considers the fact that new moms are occasionally tired and short on time. Therefore, the workouts are short, timed and targeted. This DVD also includes a nutrition plan, fast track calendar, and a mobile device calendar.

Also, it has modifications that target the rectification of Diastasis Recti


  • Customizable calendars depending on your level of fitness and days you set aside for exercising weekly
  • The workouts help strengthen the inner core
  • The workout routine is motivating


  • The exercises can be tough for beginners.

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