Mid Cycle Bleeding: 4 Common Causes to Watch Out


You’ve just woken up and realized that you’re spotting. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue at all, but you realize that you’re spotting a week before your period, or now you’re bleeding a week after your period.

Mid cycle bleeding may or may not be a cause for concern.

What Causes Spotting?

There are several reasons for spotting. Typically, spotting is seen during menstruation, but when a cycle has already passed, it can be cause for concern. Spotting can occur for a variety of reasons.

a. Cervix Abnormalities

Cervix examination with four different symptoms.
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Abnormalities in the cervix are rare, but they do occur. Fibroids or HPV are two abnormalities where you may begin bleeding mid-cycle. Pain in the cervical region should be examined by a gynecologist.

There are very rare cases where these abnormalities may be cancerous.

b. Implantation

Many people, about 33% or 1 out of 3 women, will experience implantation bleeding. This is bleeding that occurs when the egg fertilizes in the uterine lining. Many women will experience a slight pain when this happens while others won’t even notice that implantation occurred until they find that they’re bleeding.

Implantation occurs 6 – 12 days after conception, so it’s very unlikely that this is the cause if you are bleeding right after a period.

During the implantation process, blood vessels in the uterus may be damaged and will cause the bleeding to be prolonged, albeit spotty. This bleeding can occur 12 days after ovulation and may be confused with menstrual bleeding.

Normally, implantation bleeding is very light and spotty, and lasts 1 – 2 days before going away.

If you think you may be pregnant, it’s important to have a test conducted to determine pregnancy. All of the tests on the market rely on the hCG hormone to detect if you’re pregnant, so if the test is false, wait at least a week and test again to allow adequate hormone levels to accumulate.

c. Hormone Imbalance

Every woman’s body is trying to balance a myriad of hormones to help her stay balanced. These hormones regulate the menstrual cycle as well. When this axis is disrupted, the imbalance may cause a woman to have mid cycle bleeding or spotting.

There are a variety of reasons why these balance disruptions occur:

Hormonal imbalances can be corrected, but it’s recommended to be treated by a professional to fully understand why the imbalance has occurred.

d. Intercourse

When you have sex, it’s very possible for internal damage to occur inside of a woman’s vagina. This can occur when couples are a little too rough, or it can occur when a woman has lack of lubrication that causes too much internal friction and pulling.

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A woman will likely be sore at this time, and may experience discomfort and cramping.

If you’ve had sexual intercourse in the last few days, the spotting may be caused by the intercourse itself and will go away on its own in just a few days.

Can Stress Cause Spotting?

Doctors agree that high levels of stress can cause the body’s menstrual cycles to go out of sync. This is when women have extreme bouts of stress where they may experience either irregular periods or spotting that is mid cycle.

A few great ways to relax and de-stress include:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Deep breathing
  • Exercise

If you’re stressed because of life problems or work, it’s recommended that you take a mini vacation. This can be something as simple as going to a B&B, or it can be an exotic vacation – it’s your choice.

Spotting for A Week

Slight spotting for a week is not too much of a concern. This can occur for a variety of reasons, but the most common is that you might be pregnant. Women that have also changed their birth control have experienced spotting for a long duration.

If you have intense spotting, it’s advised that you seek the help of a medical professional.

An unusually light period may be to blame for your spotting, and it’s always better to get a professional’s opinion than speculate what is happening internally in the body.

Spotting 4 Days Before Period

Spotting 5 days before your period, or 4 – 6 days really, is usually a sign of implantation. This process, discussed in detail above, is often associated with early spotting or bleeding. One thing to note is that implantation bleeding does not get heavier.

Instead, it remains spotty and then goes away rather quickly.

Some women also have irregular periods, so being 4 days early isn’t too out of the ordinary for these women. It’s always a great idea to track your period using a calendar so that you can determine when you’re truly late or early with your period.

Only 1 out of 3 women will experience implantation bleeding.

A diagram of tubal implants, a type of birth control.
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Can Birth Control Cause Cycle Fluctuations?

Mid cycle bleeding after a change in birth control is a real possibility. Many of the oral birth control pills that women take are causing hormonal balances in the body to change. These are powerful medications that change the very foundation of your hormones so that you don’t get pregnant.

While many pills are supposed to be stopped to allow for a regular cycle, women often continue taking their birth control so that they’re able to skip their period – and the pain.

However, these birth control methods can also cause early spotting or spotting at any time after your menstrual cycle.

An intrauterine device inserted into the uterus may also be causing you to spot. Any woman that has one of these devices inserted inside of them should seek medical attention the moment abnormal bleeding occurs. Foreign objects in the body can cause bleeding or further complications that every woman should be concerned about.

There are numerous mid cycle bleeding causes and concerns to worry about. While disease and infection are rare causes, you may be pregnant or hormonal imbalances are causing you to bleed in between your period. If the problem persists or your spotting is getting more intense, it’s important to consult with your doctor immediately.


  1. my last period date was 28th aprl,i had sex on 2nd may ,where condom broke,within 2hours i had taken plan b pill,then on next day my period stopped,then on 12th day from my starting day of period ,i found i am bleeding,is this the eefect of the pill,or something else,pls help

  2. My last period was 24th May and on 8th June I witnessed clotting though took Clomid during my period as am trying to be pregnant. Is there cause for concern for am just witnessing it d 1st time.

  3. I had my period on 14th June finished 17th June had sex on the 19th and started spotting on the 28th I took a test and there was a strong line and a faint line left it and it became strong took another the next day and the second line was very faint the stopping keeps changing colour and constancy is this implantion bleeding or should I be worried I keep getting a warm tingly feeling in my tummy

    • Hi, I’m having the same issue. I had my period from the 4july to 11july. Then had sex two days later. Now it’s two weeks later and I started spotting. Thing is I have and iud. I had it before and never had this issue the three years before with it. But the bleeding is getting darker. Should I be worried? Is there a possibility that I’m pregnant?

      • In had sex last month close to my ovulation. I took ginger decoction and after that, my next period delayed for 8days. I had my period on the 2nd of March and on the 17th of March I began experiencing spotting, which is still continuing for the past 5 days now. Pls what could be the possible cause of bleeding?

    • ANY line on a pregnancy test, faint or dark, is a LINE. If you see any type of “pregnant” line, schedule an appointment with your doctor. A warm tingly feelING in your tummy is just your head playing tricks. If you’re hoping to be pregnant, you’re trying too hard to read your body and your brain is playing tricks on you.

    • Hi Lodge.
      Read ur topic about ur pregnancy test coming positive after 14 days of ur periods on June 2016.
      What wad the final outcome of ur situation if u dont mind sharing.
      I m going through same situation right now.

  4. Hello I am very confused at the moment. I had my last period jan 26 stopped in about 3 days, the next two to three days after that I started spotting for one night. I have been feeling weird/different since then. Within that week after spotting my breast started feeling really sore/tender and more fuller now. I have been having slight pains in my abdomin a well. I haven’t had no spotting or bleeding since then but today I started spotting again feb 14. I don’t start my period again until the end of this month around 24th. I have had a tubal ligation will be three years ago in April. I need help!! I took a test on 5 of feb came up negative as well. I need advice anything at this point!!!!

  5. I undergo a manual evacuation after then I continued bleeding for sometimes then later discharges brounish fluid and spotting for a month then started menstuarating with heavy bleeding st the first. Please advice me.thanks

  6. Will someone help me i was light pink bleeding ( little cramps) for a hour a week before my expected period… then i was 12 days late and now im showing light bleeding again ( no cramps) just had nausea,back ache,twinge feeling in my stomach, dizzy and headaches, feel and look bloated ive never been pregnant… im so confused?????

  7. Hi I saw my period the 3rd of December I start having sex with my bf rite after it finish was looking forward for it the 3rd of January it didn’t come now an my breast start feeling tender an heavy January the 16 it start spotting then get heavy for a week now am confuse can someone help me what could be the cause an am feeling real tired an sleepy lately

  8. I thanking you ladies for coming forth to talk about these issues. As a Man,and will never have a vagina I have had wives and also now two daughters.

    Please don’t think me “just some pervy guy,who likes reading about vaginas” I’m not,but I do feel that men should learn as much as they can about the female body and it’s processes,and that by doing so,It hell us to better understand the women in our lives.. Regretfully,far too many men are totally clueless about the vagina,and out of ignorance,think it is only for one thing.

  9. I had my period the 17 of January and it finished the 20th I’ve been tracking my ovulation ever since because I am TTC…. my ovulation was the 31 I think and today is the second day of February and I am seeing spottings and feeling little cramps on the left side of my abdomen could I be pregnant….? I’m worried and confuse

  10. I had a 4 day period starting on January 21st ending in the 24th. I started spotting on the 28th and I am still spotting. I took a pregnancy test today and it came back positive. I had my blood drawn this afternoon and my HCG levels were 426 and I went to the hospital this evening and they did my HCG levels again and they dropped to 361. They said that I’m super early in my pregnancy…but do y’all think I could be miscarrying? I’m currently breastfeeding my 9 month old daughter.

  11. Hi ..my last period was 29 dec 2017 ..aftr dat no period at all then me n my husband had sex on 11 feb 2018 ..then i started spotting from 15 feb 2018 and it is still going on ..i have pcos since my period started….plzz tell me wt cud b the cause for spotting ..cud i b pregnnt??


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