Best Postpartum Girdles for Mom to Wear after Giving Birth


Did you just have a C-section or a difficult delivery? If so, welcome to the recovery stage – where you’ll be battling aches and pains for the next few weeks.

You can’t find a comfortable nursing position because your tummy is still sensitive. You still haven’t figured out how to wear regular shirts because everything that touches your stitches hurts. If you want support, comfort and a little help getting back your pre-pregnancy body, a postpartum girdle may be exactly what you need.

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But not all girdles and corsets are created equal. In this guide, I’ll share my top seven postpartum belly wrap reviews and why I like each one.

Top 7 Postpartum Girdles We Pick for You

1. Serena 3-Piece Slimming Body Shaper Pospartum Binder Girdle

Beige,   Free size,   $34.57

Serena 3-Piece Slimming Body Shaper Postpartum Binder Girdle

There’s a lot to like about Serena Three Piece Shapewear.


  • It is breathable, comfortable, easy to wear, and it’s basically three belts in one.
  • If you want to completely control over the compression and support your girdle, Serena’s girdle may be the right choice for you.
  • This wrap makes you look instantly slimmer, too, which will give you a nice confidence booster.
  • The fabric is lightweight and breathable for a more comfortable fit even for long periods of time.

There are three adjustable parts to this belt, so you can find just the right fit for you. Each one is designed for use at certain points after you give birth

  • Belly Belt: Worn 1-7 days after giving birth. Helps get your organs and belly back on the road to normalcy.
  • Waist Belt: Worn 1-6 weeks after pregnancy. Helps flatten the belly while defining your waistline and providing back pain relief.
  • Pelvis Belt: Worn 7-42 weeks after giving birth. Helps speed up the uterus’s recovery.

Overall, I love Serena’s postpartum wrap. Each piece is designed to give you support exactly whenever you need it in your post-pregnancy recovery. The fabric is breathable, and you look instantly slimmer the moment you put this on.

2. Kira Bodysuit Open Bust Slimming Body Shaper Postpartum Girdle  

Black and Beige,   M to 2XL,   $25.91

Kira Bodysuit Open Bust Slimming Body Shaper

Kira Bodysuit Shapewear offers complete coverage, and is – in my opinion – one of the most comfortable postpartum girdles out there.


  • This wrap is more like an open-chested tank top, so it can really compresses and shapes your entire upper body.
  • Its flexibility enough to be comfortable even if you wear it for long periods of time.
  • The body is made of jacquard, while the shoulder straps are made of 78% nylon and 22% elastane.
  • The mesh lining gives you tummy and side control, which is ideal for moms who’ve just had a C-section.
  • You can still wear your nursing bra, because this shape-wear is open-chested.
  • It doesn’t bunch up either – which can be so annoying under clothes.

The Kira comes in four sizes:

  • M: 39″-41″ hip
  • L: 42″-44″ hip
  • XL: 45″-47″ hip
  • 2XL: 48″-50″ hip

If you don’t like wearing girdles or corsets that have boning, you’ll love this shapewear. It gives you firm support, but you still have some flexibility.

3. Yura Slimming Body Shaper Postpartum Binder Girdle

Black and Beige,   L to XL,   $20.39

Yura Slimming Body Shaper Postpartum Binder Girdle

The Yura girdle, coming with beautiful lace in its faux front, is made from 86% polyester fiber and 14% spandex.


  • The faux front has clasps for you to take off when on bathroom breaks.
  • There is still a main body that gives a firm compression and is further supported by the faux front for tighter fit.
  • It is breathable and comfortable for you to wear even when layered with clothes.
  • The hook-and-eye closure lets you customize the fit and make it easy for bathroom breaks.
  • The Yura is suitable for post-partum user but can also be worn for workout sessions, special events, and everyday use

4. Rosé High Waist Shaping Panties Postpartum Girdle   

Black and Beige,   L to 2XL,   $22.83

Rosé High Waist Shaping Panties Postpartum Girdle   

The Rosé, likes a bodysuit, is a true postpartum girdle. If you’re serious about your recovery, this is the corset you want in your closet.


  • Rosé Shapewear Panties comes equipped with a reinforced abdominal panel to give you compression and support.
  • The material is breathable and flexible, so you never feel discomfort (great for moms who just had a C-section).
  • This support girdle will do more than just help you recover from pregnancy; it will also help improve your posture and alleviate back pain.

I’ve seen photos of moms who went from baby bump to flat six-pack abs after using this girdle. It’s comfortable, has a high-quality design for moms who have C-sections.

If you want a girdle that was designed with new moms in mind – not just ladies looking to wear a corset for waist training – the Rosé is the right choice for you.

5. Islim Asha Slimming Body Shaper Postpartum Binder Girdle    

Beige,   XL to 3XL,   $13.23

Islim Asha Slimming Body Shaper Postpartum Binder Girdle 

Every new mom wants to feel sexy again, the Asha gives you some of that confidence back. After I had my baby, every mom friend I had tried to sell me the Asha postpartum girdle. And after wearing it, I really know why this is one comfortable belt.


  • Asha’s contouring shape-wear smooths your midsection while enhancing your natural curves.
  • This corset does so much more than just flatten your belly and enhance your curves; it gives you support, too.
  • The Asha girdle does have boning, which keeps it from bunching up. The boning is flexible for maximum comfort.
  • The corset is made from 90% terylene and 10% spandex.

While most of us want to buy this shape-wear to get that extra support we need, Asha’s shapewear provides other benefits, too, like:

  • Toning and tightening of the stomach
  • Better posture

Islim Asha’s postpartum corset is one of the best postpartum belly bands you can buy, and it’s so comfortable that you’ll forget you’re wearing it.

All in all, I’d recommend Islim’s corset over most other options on the market. It’s comfortable to wear, and it comes in a wide range of sizes to accommodate all moms.

6. Adena Slimming Body Shaper Girdle

Black and Beige,   M to 3XL,   $14.09

Adena Slimming Body Shaper Girdle

Adena Slimming Body Shaper Girdle looks sexy, which one of the first thing that drew me to this corset. Don’t let the poorly-worded product description turn you off – this belly binder really does give you the support and slimming look you want.


  • Adena’s corset has a mesh design, which means it’s more breathable and comfortable to wear – even in hot weather.
  • It has three rows of clasps, so you can adjust to your size and comfort level.
  • Featured with a fishbone structure for the frame, this corset is highly durable and it can take a beating without bending or breaking.

It comes in several sizes:

  • M: 28″-30″ waist
  • L: 30″-32″ waist
  • XL: 32″-34″ waist
  • 2XL: 34″-36″ waist
  • 3XL: 36″-38″ waist

The only real complaint with this corset is that it can sometimes bunch up in the back, which can be a little uncomfortable at times.

All in all, the Adena corset is breathable, easy to wear and built to last. It comes in a variety of sizes, and the three rows of clasps let you customize the fit even more. This is also one of the most affordable girdles after birth.

7. Nala Slimming Body Shaper Postpartum Binder Girdle    

Beige,   Free Size,   $15.67

Nala Slimming Body Shaper

If you’re looking for the best belly band after pregnancy, the Nala Shapewear should be at the top of your list. You’ll love how comfortable this band is and how easy it is to put on. When you’re caring for a newborn, you don’t always have the time or patience to hook a dozen clasps.


  • Nala’s postpartum abdominal binder just wraps around your belly, and the lightweight fabric is so comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing it.
  • The Velcro closure creates a custom fit.
  • The fabric is flexible.
  • It still creates enough compression to give you that support you need in the recovery phase.
  • The Nala is made from 80% polyester and 20% spandex.

If you’re not a fan of the traditional corset, this is the best postpartum faja. It does have bones, but they’re flexible. And the material won’t irritate your skin.

If you’ve just had a C-section, you’ll really appreciate this wrap because it compresses and supports in all the right spots. Women who’ve had issues with hernias also found this wrap to be extremely helpful.

Overall, the Nala Shapewear is a great choice for post-pregnancy recovery. It has a supportive feel, but isn’t as rigid as a traditional corset. It has an adjustable fit, too, so you stay comfortable all day. And the mesh design keeps you cool.

3 Reasons to Wear a Postpartum Girdle

Post-pregnancy corsets are a little controversial. Some moms swear by them, while others say you should just let your body do its own thing. But there’s a lot of anecdotal evidence to back claims that a corset can help you bounce back more quickly after pregnancy.

Some of the many benefits of postpartum girdles include:

Body Shaping

One of the most obvious benefits to wearing a corset is that it helps move everything back into place. In other words, it helps you get back to your pre-pregnancy shape.

Many moms swear that their post-pregnancy corset helped them get right back into shape. And corsets can do something else that us new moms don’t really want to talk or think about: prevent sagging skin. It happens, and it’s nothing to be embarassed about. When you have a baby, you gain weight and your skin stretches. Now that things are getting back to normal, your skin needs a little extra help getting back to its original shape.

Support and Pain Relief

Whether you’ve had a C-section or gave a vaginal birth, you could use a little extra support after your baby’s delivery. You might be in some pain, too.

The compression effect of a postpartum girdle not only gives you support, but also helps alleviate back pain.

Confidence Booster

You’ve just given birth. You’ve just gone through an emotional nine months. Right about now, you might need a little confidence booster.

A corset will instantly make you look slimmer, which may help you regain some of your confidence if you were feeling self-conscious.

Top FAQs about Postpartum Girdles

1. How Long after Pregnancy Can I Wear a Girdle?

FAQs about Postpartum Girdles

In some cultures, women start wearing girdles or corsets immediately after they give birth to help them get back to their old shape quickly. As long as your doctor says it’s okay, you can start wearing a girdle immediately. For best results, wear the girdle daily for six to eight weeks.

2. How Long after Giving Birth Can I Wear a Girdle?

Girdles can be worn the day after you give birth and for as long as you want, provided your doctor says it’s okay.

Most moms will wear them for six to eight weeks, but you can continue wearing it if you need extra support or want to improve your posture.

3. How Long after C-Section Can I Wear a Girdle?

Most women can wear a girdle as soon as their incision wound heals. Talk to your doctor about the best time to start wearing a postpartum corset.

5 Pro Tips on How to Wear a Post Pregnancy Girdle

Ready to start wearing your postpartum girdle? Use these tips to get the best results:

Tips on Wearing a Post Pregnancy Girdle

1. Choose a Girdle with a Crotch Flap

If you’re going for full coverage, choose a girdle that has a crotch flap to make bathroom breaks less of a pain. With a flap and clasps, you’ll wind up having to raise and lower the girdle, which can be difficult if it’s tight.

If you’re wearing a belly wrap and not a true girdle, you won’t have to worry about crotch flaps – or bathroom breaks for that matter.

2. Always Hand Wash

The vast majority of girdles and corsets on the market today require hand washing, so don’t just toss it into the laundry pile.

You  may wind up ruining the boning or the stitching of the girdle.

3. Wear Daily for Best Results

Moms say they get the best results when they wear their corset daily. Some wear it day and night, but you may want to give your body a rest at night.

Always make sure that you listen to your body. If the girdle or corset starts to feel extremely uncomfortable, take it off and try again later or the next day.

4. Make Sure It’s Not Too Tight

Corsets should never be so tight that you can’t breathe or you feel lightheaded. The girdle should feel supportive but still comfortable enough to carry out your daily routine in.

5. Pick the Right Size

Check the size chart before you buy or order a postpartum corset. Girdle sizes are different from clothing sizes, so if you normally wear a large, you might need a bigger (or smaller) size. Always check the sizing chart first before making your purchase.

If you’re not sure what size waist or hips you have, use a soft tape measure to find out. All size charts list their sizes by inches.

  • Measure your waist (the area just about the hips).
  • Measure your hips (around the widest part of your bottom).

A postpartum girdle can provide you with support, pain relief and body shaping benefits. Whether you’ve had a C-section or a vaginal birth, you can kick-start your recovery by wearing a belly wrap all throughout your recovery.

Click here to learn more information about the postpartum belly wraps.


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