What Kind of Baby Shower Cake Sayings are Most Popular?


A baby shower is such a fun event where families come together to celebrate mom and baby! If you follow Pinterest or any social media outlet, parties can be pretty extravagant down to every last detail. With a baby shower, this includes what is on the cake. Not only does the cake need to be delicious, it also needs to be cute. A sweet saying is a great additional touch.

Just like with any party planning, doing some research and asking questions beforehand is smart. Do you know the sex of that baby? Are the parents religious? Do they have a name picked out for baby? Are they having TWINS?! We have compiled a list and created categories of baby shower cake sayings that you may want to keep in mind while planning your baby shower.

Just For Girls Sayings

Pink cake for baby shower
Source: http://hellobabybump.com/
  1. Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice.
  2. Sweet Pea.
  3. Thank Heaven for Little Girls.
  4. Little Princess.
  5. Ribbons and Pearls, It’s All About the Girls.
  6. Pretty Dresses, Little Curls, Oh Thank Heaven for Little Girls!.
  7. Nothing’s Sweeter in All the World than a Precious Baby Girl.
  8. Give a Twirl For Our Precious Little Girl.

Just For Boys Sayings

  1. Planes, Trains, and Tonka Toys, Thank the Lord for Little Boys!
  2. Thank Heaven for Little Boys.
  3. Little Prince.
  4. A Giggle, a Toy, a Sweet Baby Boy.
  5. Baseball, Football, Tennis Anyone? Look Out Little League, Here Comes Our Son!

    Baby shower cake for boys
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  1. Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun!
  2. Our Family is Growing By 4 Feet!
  3. Twins are Coming From Above, All The More For Us to Love!
  4. Twins are At Stake, Let’s Cut the Cake!
  5. Twice as Precious, Twice as Fun!
  6. Doubles Blessings, Double Fun, Half the Sleep for Everyone! 

Baby Shower Sayings You Can Create a Theme With!

  • “A Baby is Blooming”

Create a flower themed baby shower with flowers or a general garden theme. Perfect for spring or summer!

  • “Cute As a Button”

You can use all sorts of colors and sizes of buttons to create a fun theme.

  • “Lucky, Ducky” or “Rub-a-Dub, Baby to Love”

Nothing cuter than a bunch of rubber ducks everywhere!

  • Diapers and Pins, the Fun Begins”

Create a theme that includes large diaper pins and diapers. There are tons of fun baby shower games that involve both of these baby necessities.

  • “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”

A celestial theme with lots of stars and moons is sweet and fun.

  • “Little All-Star”

If you have a little boy on the way, make it a sports theme with footballs, soccer balls, and basketballs everywhere!

  • “Hoot, Hoot Here Comes Something Cute” or “Who, Who Will Baby Be, a He or a She?”

Owls and forest friends are a fun and popular theme.

  • “Hip, Hip Poohray, Baby is On Its Way!”

Winnie the Pooh is a classic and a great way to celebrate a baby.

  • “A baby Will No Doubt Be Sweeter than Honey”

A bee and honey themed baby shower would be perfect for spring or summer.

  • “Welcome to the Circus Little Peanut”

How cute would a circus themed baby shower be? With little peanuts as snacks!

  • “Up, Up, and Away! Best Wishes for Baby and Family”

Take a favorite Pixar movie and create a fun and colorful baby shower.

  • “Ships Ahoy! It’s a Boy”

Perfect for a boy and nautical themed baby shower.

  • “Baby, It’s a Wild World”

A cute and fun saying for a zoo themed baby shower.

  • “Love you, to Neverland and Back”

If you are a Disney movie fanatic, creating a theme around Peter Pan and this sweet saying would be great!

  • “Little Hands, Little Feet, Hello Baby, Goodbye Sleep!”

A great saying for a Dr. Seuss themed baby shower!

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Gender Neutral Sayings

Baby shower gender neutral cake with a big question mark
Source: http://cakes.photosbyvalleau.com/
  1. A Tiny Baby, Small and Sweet. Mom-to-Be Can’t See Her Feet!
  2. Welcome New Arrival.
  3. Congratulations Mom-to-be!
  4. 50% Mom, 50% Dad.
  5. Pink or Blue. We Do Love You!
  6. Oh, Baby.
  7. Labor Day.
  8. Boy or Girl, We Will Just Twirl.
  9. Pink or Blue? We Have No Clue!
  10. Ten Little Fingers, Ten Little Toes, You’ll Love Your Sweet Baby The More That She/He Grows!
  11. Showers of Happiness, Showers of Love.
  12. Pink or Blue; If We Only Knew.
  13. Bottles, Booties, Diapers & Pins, This is Where the Fun Begins.
  14. Rock-a-bye Baby.
  15. Pitter Patter Little Feet, Babies Make our Lives Complete.
  16. Girl or Boy, a Bundle of Joy!
  17. Here is to Sleepless Nights and Dirty Diapers.
  18. Welcome, Little One.
  19. Congratulations Mom.
  20. Welcome Bundle of Joy!
  21. Get a Mop, Somebody is About to Pop!
  22. Babycakes!
  23. First We Had Each Other, Then We Had You, Then We Had Everything.
  24. Be Brave Little One, You are Our Greatest Adventure!
  25. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star… How We Wonder What You Are…

Religious Sayings

  1. Children Are Gifts From God.
  2. Pink or Blue? We have no clue! God Bless Baby & You.
  3. God’s Most Precious Gift.
  4. Blessed Child.
  5. Straight from Heaven Up Above, Here is a Baby for You to Love.
  6. All of God’s Grace in one Tiny Face.
  7. Every Good and Perfect Gift Comes From Above.
  8. For This Child, We Have Prayed.

    Baby shower cake with a name on
    Source: angelabartonscakes

If You Know The Baby’s Name Sayings

  1. Let’s All Cheer, Baby _____ is Almost Here!
  2. Hip, Hip, Hooray, Baby ______ is On His/Her Way!
  3. Someone Special, Someone New. ______, We Love You.
  4. The Time is Near, Baby _____ is Almost Here!

There is no right or wrong way when creating the perfect baby shower cake saying! Take one of the suggestions above and tweak it with your own special touches to make it perfect for the big day!

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