Baby Shower Fun: 7 Out of the Box Baby Shower Prize Ideas


So you are all set for your impending baby shower: you have all the games planned, the decorations are on point, and the food is to die for…But what about the prizes for those games and activities? Don’t stress! Prizes can be a unique and fun way to add your personality to your shower, and send your guests home with prizes they will remember for a long time!

Prizes can range from simple and cheap to more complex and expensive, so below we have provided you with a variety of options to fit your budget and style.

7 Best Baby Shower Prize Ideas

Themed Prizes

Baby shower theme prize

Do you have your heart set on a specific theme? Why not build your prizes to fit the theme? Some popular ideas include creating a movie themed gift: a nice popcorn container, movie tickets, theater candy and a little sign that reads “Ready to pop!” Perhaps your theme is sports; why not include some tickets to a local sporting event? If your theme is a specific color, you could pack a plastic tumbler cup with candy of the same color, and tie a ribbon around it.

In addition to actual themed gifts, keep in mind that if you would like to adhere to your theme, you can also simply change the packaging for the gift. Rather than giving away a photo frame covered in rubber ducks, maybe choose a nice quality frame and wrap it in cute rubber duck cellophane, or tie a duck theme ribbon around the gift. This way you can still revel in your theme, without stepping over into cheesy, and allow your guests use the prizes they receive without embarrassment.

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Homemade Kits

Other popular and well-appreciated prizes are homemade kits. Oftentimes these are packed into gift boxes or small bins with a ribbon wrapped around the bin. You can fill these bins with anything. One such idea would be to fill it with ice cream cones, sundae syrups, sprinkles, or nuts, and create an “Ice Cream Social” kit. You could also make a coffee kit, with packages of coffee, biscotti sticks, and a nice travel mug. A crowd pleaser, as well, is a Spa Day Kit. With this one, feel free to fill it with bath salts, loofahs, moisturizer, eye mask, or back scrubber. You could also add some cute custom soaps or a bath bomb. To go the extra mile, you could also attach a note that reads “From our shower to yours!” for added fun.

Homemade Prizes

Baby shower prize with nest egg butterfly decoration

In a similar vein to these homemade kits, you could also include other handmade prizes such as personalized sharpie mugs, sugar scrubs, and soaps. For the mom-to-be who loves to bake, assembling Cookies-In-A-Jar (including the ingredients to make a batch of cookies) or Hot Cocoa-In-A-Jar could also make interesting and unique baby shower prizes. Making your prizes by hand adds a level of charm to your prizes, which is sure to please your guests. If you are looking for a comical prize to give your guests some laughs, you could create handmade trophies out of bottles or diapers. One idea is to spray-paint the bottles or diapers and attach them to a plastic candlestick base. Having a gold, silver, and bronze trophy can turn playing the baby shower games into a fun and lighthearted competition.


A non-traditional prize to be sure, but a nice bottle of wine could be a great prize for the games and activities at your shower. You could wrap it up nicely with tissue paper or a nice bag or you could shoot for the kitsch factor and attach a bottle nipple to the top of small bottles of wine, making it into a mini wine-bottle.

Crafty Prizes

For the more craft-loving baby shower goers, you might want to make your prizes something that they might be able to do themselves. For example, including a Paint-Your-Own Piggy Bank, a recipe binder with printables included, or even a pattern to create their own string art on canvas. Another trendy art-related prize might be adult coloring books with colored pencils and markers included. Allowing your guests to win these types of prizes will hopefully help bring out their inner child while helping to celebrate your new baby!


Baby shower green plants prize

A more traditional baby shower prize that I feel most people have seen but is still loved are plants and flowers. Often used for the centerpieces of a baby shower, the guests are invited to choose one and take it home as a prize. Normally, an arrangement of flowers, a potted plant could be a great alternative. This allows the winner to take the plant home, keep it in their gardens and have a more permanent reminder of your special day. Another interesting take on this idea is to provide Grow Your Own Prize and to provide seed packets, or even a silly novelty chia pet or something similar.

House Wares

The last few types of prizes that your guests could appreciate and find enjoyment in are those that can be used in the home. These types of presents include the aforementioned picture frames, but also candles and blankets. Candles are a popular prize for baby showers due to the variety of scents and different types of candles including Yankee Candle and Bath and Body Works brands. They look nice in gift-wrapping and provide long lasting enjoyment for the winner. Blankets, specifically soft fleece throws, make an excellent prize as well. They can be used year round, and while they might be more expensive, it is a prize that represents value to the winner. Simply roll them up into a small bundle, tie a ribbon around them, and you are all set!

When deciding on prizes to complete your baby shower, look for items that will not be tossed in the trash or put up on a dusty shelf somewhere. You, or your loved ones, will be spending your hard-earned money on these, so it is important to make them a reflection of you and your baby. Whether it is something simple, sweet, and homemade, or something more expensive and classy, these prizes will be sure to bring even more joy to your baby shower!

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