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Someone you know is having a baby! What an exciting time in their lives and in yours, as you are planning their shower! You have the activities planned; food ideas pinned on Pinterest and are dreaming up the centerpieces and prizes for your guests. However, one of the most important parts of planning for the shower is the invitations of course! Planning the wording on invitations can be difficult though, right? What is the etiquette? What information should there always be on the invitation? What about wording for requesting gifts or wording for themes? Worry not; here is an easy guide to creating a variety of baby shower invitations to suit your needs!

How to Write a Baby Shower Invitation Wording

So you find yourself staring at a blank template and wondering what exactly needs to be included on the invitation. In order to make sure you have all your bases covered, several basic items must be on the invitation.

1. Title

Baby shower flower invitation

Not many people will think about this one, but having a title or header on the top of your invitation will help grab the attention of the person you are inviting. This can be as simple as the words “Baby Shower!” in an interesting and fun font or something a little more kitsch such as “Oh, Baby!” This allows immediate understanding of what the invitation is for.

2. Date and Time

Again, this one seems quite obvious, but specifying these both on the invitation is useful to your guests.

3. Address

If the address is at a location that is not familiar to all guests, you could consider including a description such as “[Name]’s sister’s house”.

4. RSVP Info

If you would like your guests to RSVP before the event, it is necessary to include this on the invitation to encourage a response from the guests.

5. Registry Information

Asking for gifts on the invitation can be tricky, so the etiquette of such will be discussed later, but for now, just know that if gifts are expected, this information should be listed on the invitation.

6. Is It a Secret?

This is a unique item that probably will not be on all invitations, but if your baby shower will be a surprise for the mom or parents-to-be, be sure to include that information on the invitation. You would not want the surprise to be ruined after all.

The Etiquette of Baby Shower Invitation Wording

I know what you are thinking, “baby shower invitations have etiquette?” I assure you that it is true. In order to ensure that your guests have enough time to respond, plan their schedules, and purchase gifts if needed, invitations should be mailed between four and six weeks ahead of time. Additionally, as baby showers are traditionally more formal affairs, etiquette suggests that physical paper invitations are necessary. You could send invitations by e-mail or even Facebook, but it is not recommended unless you are throwing a very casual shower or potentially a “baby sprinkle” for a couple who is on their third child or more. Otherwise, it leaves the impression that the shower is more casual than you have probably planned.

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If you are requesting a RSVP, as mentioned above, the information to respond must be on the invitation itself. You should include more than one way to RSVP, such as by telephone, text, or e-mail in order to best suit the needs of your guests. If you include a physical RSVP card, it is also polite to include postage. The word “please” should also not be included in the RSVP due to the meaning of the acronym: répondez s’il vous plait. As this is French for “please respond”, adding a second please becomes redundant.

Baby shower invitation card

As for the actual formatting of the wording on the invitation, there are several conventions you should follow. The name of the mother-to-be should be prominent on the invitation so the guests know whom the shower is honoring. If you are including the names of both parents-to-be, the mother’s name should be listed first. In addition, should you be including the information of who is hosting the baby shower, be sure to list the hosts in alphabetical order. This will keep you from ruffling feathers. When writing out the basic information mentioned above, you should try to spell out as much as possible. This means that road abbreviations should be kept to a minimum and spelled out. As an example, you should use “Washington Avenue” and not “Washington Ave.”

If you are going to be including a request for gifts or including registry information, this information should be in smaller font near the bottom of the card, or on a separate card entirely.

Asking for Gifts

This aspect of wording your invitation can be one of the trickiest. The simplest way to do it could be just to include “Baby [name] is registered at [Store]”. This is easy and non-offensive to most people. Short, concise, and efficient. Other ways you could word it are:

  • “Your presence is more important than your presents”. If you and the mom-to-be are not concerned about receiving many presents or do not want to place a burden on your guests, this is a great option for wording.
  • “Gifts are not expected, but if you can’t help yourself [Name] is registered at [Store].” This is an alternative to the previous option, but includes a specific place to purchase gifts. This allows you and the mom-to-be to control the gift giving.
  • “I am baby number three, diapers are really all I need!” or “Brother and Sister have plenty to share, this is just to show we care!” Both of these wording options are ways to express that practical gifts, if any, are the way to go. This is perfect for parents who already have other kids and do not need a lot.

    Baby shower card

Nowadays, as well, you might want to include special requests alongside your request for gifts. These can include wanting presents to arrive unwrapped for the environmentally conscious, including information for guest to contribute to a group gift, or bringing a pack of diapers as entry into a raffle type game. One specific gift request, however, that should be mentioned as well, is the commonly requested children’s book. Oftentimes this can be a simple “In lieu of a card, please bring your favorite book!” This can be problematic at times, as it implies the guest needs to bring not only a registry gift but a book as well. Unfortunately, many children’s books can be expensive, and expecting both gifts might put a strain on your guests. You should attempt to word this request in a way that implies sentimentality and choice as the following example shows:

“One small request that won’t be too hard- Please bring a book instead of a card! Whether it’s Cat in the Hat or Winnie the Pooh, you can sign the book with a note from you! By signing the book, we will remember and share, this special gift for you even if you are not there. Your book can be cherished, well-loved, or brand new, please don’t feel obligated, we’ll leave it up to you!”

This wording allows guest to feel honored to be included but provides them with options if purchasing a new children’s book falls outside of their budget.

Theme Invitations

Now that you have tackled the basics, the etiquette, and the trickiness of handling asking for gifts, now is the time to plan your wording about fun things! The first creative wording choices you can make are whether you want it to reflect a specific theme for the baby shower. You can make the wording for your theme be as kitsch as possible, or simple and sweet. For a jungle themes shower, you might include “You’re invited to a wild celebration!” or “Help us welcome Baby [Last Name] to the Jungle!” If you feel the need to play off the word “shower” in “Baby Shower”, there are plenty of weather puns or bathing puns for you to play off of. One such example: “Have you heard the forecast? A new baby is brewing! Let us know ‘weather’ you can join us!” Themed baby showers are common, and if you have chosen to throw one, you have the option to really ham it up in the wording.

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Boy and Girl Invitations

Baby shower invitation card for girls

If you or the mom-to-be already know the sex of the baby, crafting the wording of your invitation to match gender norms is a tried and true method. This is a popular way of designing your invitations so if this traditional approach appeals to you, here are a few suggestions for the wording.

  • Boy Invitations:  Invitations for boys are often more designed with bold colors and thicker fonts. This lends itself well to simple and direct wordings such as “Boys will be boys!”, “B is for Bundle of Joy!”, and “Oh what fun, oh what joy, [Name] is having a boy!” These wordings do not need to be flowery, or overly cutesy, or sappy. If you want to combine a theme with a boy invitation, one example could “Ahoy, it’s a boy!” You could also include phrasing such as “A little man is on his way!” or the super trendy “I mustache you to join us for a baby shower…” with a picture of a mustache where the word should be.
  • Girl Invitations: Invitations for little girls are designed to appear softer, gentler, and the fonts used are often feminine in nature with script. They often use more reserved color choices as well. As for wording, you would be successful to include phrasing that is more whimsical and sentimental. A simple version of this would be to simply say “We are tickled pink to invite you…” but it can also be a short poem such as “From ruffles to boys, to skirts that twirl, [Name] is having a sweet baby girl!” Other styles of wordings can draw on fairy tales with “A baby is the beginning of a most beautiful story.” Another popular wording on invitations for little girls is “Let’s dance, let’s twirl, we’re having a beautiful baby girl!” Finally, delicate text combined with “A baby is brewing! Join us for a baby shower tea party!” fits well into the more feminine style these types of wordings take on.

Neutral or Gender Reveal Invitations

Neutral baby shower invitation card

If you do not know the sex of the baby or the parents-to-be have not disclosed the sex, neutral baby shower invitations are the way to go. With these, the wording is not as important as the imagery and colors. Woodland creature, baby animals, hearts, or even simple graphic designs can be used to convey gender neutrality. These can be worded with simpler phrases such as “Showered with Love”, “Oh, Baby!” or just a plain “Baby Shower!” that is well designed in a nice clean font.

For invitations to a gender reveal baby shower, the wording can be a little more elaborate. Oftentimes you can include a little poem such as “Will it be snails and puppy dog tails or sugar and spice and everything nice? Join us to find out!” or something simpler such as “Will it be a Little Miss or a Little Man? Join us for the BIG REVEAL!” A version that might be a little more sweet would include a card with some stars that reads “Twinkle twinkle little star, how we wonder what you are!” For couples with more of a sense of humor, “What the Duck are they having?!” with pictures of rubber duckies are sure to make your guests chuckle upon reading the invitation.

Multiples and Adopted Babies

There is not much that will change when trying to word an invitation for twins or other sets of multiples. Oftentimes it can be as easy as changing “baby” to “babies” or proclaiming “Twice the joy!” If you feel the need to include a cute poem in the invitation, here are two examples you might consider.

  • “Bottles and booties, bibs and more, let’s shower these babies with gifts galore!”
  • “Double the diapers, double the pins, [Name] is having twins!”

Another sect of parents-to-be invitations that you might not have seen too much of are for soon to be adoptive parents. These oftentimes will be more sentimental as the process to adopt a baby can be difficult and emotional. You could choose something as simple as “They found their missing piece!” or something more complex such as “The agency was picked, the paperwork is in, now the real fun is about to begin! Please help us prepare [Names] for a bundle of joy as they wait to be matched with a baby girl or boy!”

Baby Sprinkles

Baby Sprinkles are a unique take on the idea of Baby Showers. While baby showers are normally reserved for first-time mothers or mothers who are having a baby that is a different sex than their first who will need all new things. However, many mothers who are on their third, fourth or more kids might still want to celebrate their upcoming baby, but as they do not need very much, these parties are often much more casual and laid back than a traditional baby shower. As a result, these invitations often do not fit into the wording conventions used for the other styles of invitations. Some useful ideas as how to word an invitation to a sprinkle are as follows:

  • “Twinkle twinkle, it’s time for a sprinkle!”
  • “There’s a brand new baby on the way, let’s celebrate with a special day!”
  • “Their family is growing again! Let’s sprinkle the happy couple with warm wishes!”
  • “Another sweet smile to brighten our day, another tiny hand to hold along the way!”

Because Baby Sprinkles are far more casual, most of the etiquette rules will not apply, outside of the basics mentioned at the beginning of the article.

Couples baby shower card

The Co-Ed or Couples Shower

The last type of baby shower invitation we will be covering in this guide to wording is one of the newest forms of baby showers. Couple, co-ed, or mixed baby showers are a relatively new style of shower, as they are traditionally female-only events. Because of this tradition, your invitation wording should reflect the fact that there will be both men and women at the shower, so people are not surprised when they arrive. You should use both parent’s names on the invitation, and use the pronoun “they” to make sure people understand that men are also invited. This can be as simple as “Let’s shower mom and dad!” or “Join us for a baby shower honoring [Mom’s Name] and [Dad’s Name]!” For more complex or kitschy, these following examples should help you decide on the wording you would like to use:

  • “Guys and Gals are free to mix at a couple’s baby shower you won’t want to miss!”
  • “On travels they have gone, on amazing trips they have been. Now join in as their greatest adventure begins!”
  • “A bun is in the oven and food is on the grill. It’s the perfect reason to celebrate and chill! Join us for a Couples Shower honoring [Mom’s Name] and [Dad’s Name].”
  • “It was a joint effort so it’s a joint shower!”

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Baby Shower invitation wording is a fun thing to play with as you design and prepare your invitations for an upcoming shower. They can range from sweet sentiments to funny puns, across a broad spectrum of shower types. Hopefully this guide has given you the inspiration you need to make your shower invitations sound just like you want!


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