11 Health Symptoms After Sex: Sex Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore


Women, due to their physical characteristics, are prone to different issues related to sexual intercourse or their menstrual cycle. It has been studied and reported that during their life a great number of women experience irregularities in their periods and also encounter different light infections such as candida yeast and other similar infections. Usually, these types of female health issues are easily treated with hygiene care and minor medical treatments.

There are specific cases when women should be aware of physical symptoms and should contact related health care centers for more information and/or advice on any issue. These symptoms may or may not be worrisome, since as already mentioned, most of the time the issues do easily heal, but with more information women can identify the cases that need medical assistance or supervision.

Listed below are most of the symptoms related to sexual intercourse in order to better understand their appearance and severity. This information can help women understand when a health care center or health care practitioner should be contacted for further details on the issue.

  1. Bleeding after sex
  2. Vaginal discharge after sex (white, pink, brown, yellow, etc.)
  3. Abdominal pain after sex
  4. Stomach pain after sex
  5. Pelvic pain after sex
  6. Itching
  7. Vaginal dryness
  8. Sores or Lumps (uterus pain)
  9. After-sex glow
  10. After-sex smell
  11. After-sex headache

We will further discuss each of these issues and symptoms one by one in order to provide necessary detailed information.

Sex Symptoms You Should Know after Sex

Bleeding After Sex

There are several causes of bleeding after sexual intercourse. Bleeding after sexual intercourse might indicate a possible health issue such as the ones listed below. Most of the issues related to bleeding after sexual intercourse are benign and do not represent any specific risk to women’s health if kept under control (in terms of hygiene and regular examination). It should be mentioned that there are a few cases when bleeding after sexual intercourse might be cancer (a vaginal/cervical type of cancer).

  • It might be an infection. Usually, these types of infections include PID, or one of the different infections that are transmitted through sexual intercourse (herpes, chlamydia, etc.)
  • It might be the case of a damaged vagina that due to the friction that happens during sexual intercourse, gets inflamed leading to bleeding.
  • Another issue might be the growth of certain polyps in the uterus walls or in the cervix lining.
  • A dry vaginal environment might lead to inflammation due to friction. Dryness does usually happen before the menstrual cycle days and usually after menopause.
  • Cervical erosion is another factor that might be behind bleeding after sexual intercourse.

Once the occurrence appears to be worrisome, individuals are suggested to immediately keep in touch with the health care center or health care practitioner. Depending on the situation, these medical representatives might order different tests or examinations. These tests might include:Pregnancy blood test on the ground.

  • Pregnancy test
  • Pelvic examination
  • Speculum examination of the cervix
  • Further examination might be ordered

Vaginal Discharge After Sex (White, Pink, Brown, Yellow, etc.)

Usually, vaginal discharge is expected when sexual intercourse happens. Vaginal lubrication is produced during sexual intercourse in order to help make intercourse pleasant. Lubrication might keep discharging even once intercourse has finished.

Female Ejaculation

There is a vaginal gland that produces ejaculation fluid each time a woman is aroused. This fluid is likely to be water but this does not happen to every woman and it is not related to orgasm itself.

Mucus Released From the Cervix

As far as the menstrual cycle is concerned, there is a mucus being produced from the cervix with the function of supporting the sperm to reach the egg in order for fertilization to take place. This mucus being produced might be of different consistencies.

We have discussed conditions where the vaginal discharge after sexual intercourse is normal. But, there are cases when it has to be considered abnormal discharge. In these cases, the vaginal discharge will not have the same natural whitish color, but it will be pink, brown, and/or yellow. These are usually caused by a possible infection or a damaged vagina. Women are strongly suggested to contact their health care provider if they come across the symptoms listed below. The symptoms might appear singularly or in combination.

  • Changes in discharge quantity and/or occurrence
  • Urination associated with a burning sensation
  • Itching
  • Soreness
  • Rash appearing
  • Discharge that has a foul odor and textured with grey/white/yellow/green color

A woman is holding her nose.

Vaginal discharge can also be beneficial to a woman. The vagina can act as a cleaning mechanism for a woman meaning that it can discharge risky compounds found in the body.

We strongly emphasize that women should contact a health care provider in any cases where they encounter any change in vaginal discharge that might be associated with other symptoms. These symptoms might be related to the overall well-being, for example tiredness or loss of appetite.

Abdominal Pain After Sex

Abdominal pain or cramping happening after sexual intercourse is usually related to issues affecting the reproductive system. These issues are considered serious, and that is why they usually need to be treated with the supervision of a health care professional after necessary examinations have been done. The broadest reasons for abdominal torment after sexual intercourse include aggravations, sore or cracked ovarian tissues, or vulvar and vaginal injuries. Also, hypersensitive responses might be an underlying factor behind this type of concern. If these conditions are not identified in a timely manner and treated with professional medical care, they might lead to more severe reproductive issues.

If a woman experiences abdominal pain after sexual intercourse, examination is needed to check for possible infections such as chlamydiosis and human papillomavirus. These infections might negatively alter the protective mucus and cause different negative reactions and further infections.

Women affected by this type of infection are advised to seek medical help together with their partner since these types of infections are considered to be sexually transmitted.

Stomach Pain After SexYoung woman sitting on the bed with stomach pain.

Different studies have reported that there are frequent cases of stomach pain after sexual intercourse. But what are the main reasons for this condition and how is it related to sexual intercourse in itself?


For women, the stomach torment might be a consequence of an over compression of the vaginal and uterine areas brought on by penetration of the penis and climaxes. This contracting can cause stomach pain.

Emotional Affect

People respond differently to sexual intercourse. Feelings such as tension, stress, pity, etc., can be converted into physical side effects that for instance might include stomach pain.


Fibroids is a profoundly regular condition that frequently causes no issues since it mostly appears and disappears on its own. That being said, fibroids can prompt pain during sex, heavier menstrual periods, and bleeding. Fibroids can be dealt with in various ways, which is why a visit to the health care provider is suggested in order to decide the best course of treatment for the individual.

Read more about Fibroids


It is also conceivable that stomach pain is the consequence of a disease, for example, a gynecological or urinary tract contamination. In order to understand what stands behind such a condition, a visit should be scheduled with a health care professional.

PID – Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

X-ray female pelvis with marked hip-joint.PID can be brought about by sexually transmitted infections, for example, chlamydiosis. This condition when the uterus and the fallopian tubes infected, creating pain and potential harm. Despite the fact that very few indications are connected with this condition, pain is a sign to visit the doctor, who will probably treat it with a course of anti-microbial treatments/drugs.

Pelvic Pain After Sex

Women can experience pelvic pain after sexual intercourse, and this is mainly due to natural causes. Naturally, when a woman is sexually aroused, blood circulation will increase in the pelvic area. When an individual achieves orgasm after sexual intercourse, the situation will calm down immediately after the act. In those cases when this calming down does not happen, or it takes more time than usual, it can result in pelvic pain.

This condition might be alleviated by a woman talking to her partner and improving sexual intercourse. If despite this there is still pelvic pain after sex, it is strongly advised the woman schedules an appointment with a practitioner and receives a medical opinion for such a painful and stressful condition. This appointment would be more beneficial if the woman is accompanied by her partner.

ItchingWoman are scratching the crotch.

It has to be considered that itching and smoldering are not typical impacts of sex. Instead, they can be signs that something is wrong in the vaginal environment. There are a few occurrences that can bring about itching and smoldering.  Provided below are the most common infections that are associated with itching following sexual intercourse.

Itching is one of the side effects of a yeast contamination which is commonly known otherwise as candidiasis. Different manifestations of a yeast contamination incorporate a curd-like, thick, white vaginal release and swelling of the labia. Yeast diseases can sometimes be spread through sex, yet not generally. In the event that you speculate a yeast disease yet have never had one, see your specialist. Women who have recurring yeast contaminations may use over-the-counter antifungal creams or vaginal suppository medications.

  • Vaginitis

This is a nonspecific term that alludes to irritation of the vagina. Vaginitis can come about because of sex or another variable that upsets the ordinary environment of the vagina, which contains microorganisms that purge the vagina and keep it normally wet.

  • Trichomoniasis

A solitary celled parasite that can likewise live in men’s prostate organs, trichomoniasis can bring about foamy, yellow-green vaginal release, and in addition tingling. It can’t be treated with over the counter items, so visit your specialist on the off-chance that trichomoniasis is bringing on your symptoms.

  • Vaginal Irritation

Components that are related to sexual intercourse and that can bring about the vaginal disturbance, itching, and blazing incorporate the utilization of cream and jam spermicides or other vaginally embedded contraceptives, including the wipe. Menopausal ladies, whose lower estrogen levels can at times cause vaginal diminishing and drying, may likewise discover sex particularly aggravating to the vagina. Over the counter vaginal creams may offer assistance.

  • Unfavorably Susceptible Reactions

A great deal less regular than diseases, sensitivities can also bring about vaginal itching and smoldering after sex. Ladies can some of the time be hypersensitive to semen due to specific proteins contained in semen. Ladies who speculate they are adversely affected by their partner’s semen can try using condoms during intercourse. In the event that her past post-sex side effects vanish, semen sensitivity is probably going to be the offender. Condoms themselves, be that as it may, can likewise bring about after-intercourse tingling and blazing in ladies who are sensitive to latex, the characteristic elastic generally used to make condoms.Pink condoms on white ground.
Individuals who are latex-delicate regularly find this through presentation amid different encounters, for example, restorative methodology including latex gloves. Since latex hypersensitivities can be no joke, bringing about undermining side effects such as breathing challenges, ladies with this condition are encouraged to utilizes non-latex condoms or different strategies for contraception.

Considering the expansiveness of potential outcomes, on the off-chance that a woman does encounter itching or smoldering after sexual intercourse, she ought to call her health care provider for testing, analysis, and fitting treatment for the related issue.

Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness is one of the main concerns women might face and experience during sexual intercourse. Vaginal dryness might negatively impact the sexual act in itself since it does emphasize friction levels and even contribute to vaginal damage. But, what are some of the factors behind vaginal dryness? We have gathered information from different researches and studies and below are some common ones:

  • Changes in hormones – As per latest case studies and their reported feedback, a standout amongst the most widely recognized reasons for vaginal dryness is the reduction in estrogen levels during menopause or perimenopause, after labor period, or during breastfeeding. Taking into consideration that the vagina relies on upon estrogen for well-being, changes in the hormone levels can contribute to dryness which in return can contribute to irritations.
  • Lack of sexual excitement – at times, vaginal dryness might be created by a low drive or sexual issues with a partner. This is an issue that might be solved by discussing with a partner how sexual intercourse can be improved.
  • Drugs – medical treatments which include ingredients of antihistamines and additional asthma pharmaceuticals can have a drying impact inside the body and cause decreased vaginal mucus.
  • External factors/elements – there are some ingredients found in different cleansers and scents that may bring about dryness. There are a lot of reported cases of women experiencing irritation due to the usage of these cleansing products. Irritation might also be caused by the use of different towels to which the woman might be highly hypersensitive. Other products or materials that are come into close contact with the vagina can also cause issues.
  • Mental stress – anxiety and uneasiness can meddle with sexual craving and prompt vaginal dryness when typical vaginal lubrication does not happen. When individuals feel stressed the blood levels do decrease, and so does vaginal lubrication.

Natural Treatments to Prevent Vaginal Dryness:

The respective treatment to be considered is related to the factor causing the dryness. Women who are encountering issues with vaginal lubrication due to hormonal changes can profit with estrogen treatment. Other treatments include:

Oils – There are plenty of greases that can help vaginal dryness. They incorporate silicone-based, oil-based, and water-based ingredients. Oils are generally used to make sex less uncomfortable.

Creams – Over-the-counter vaginal creams can be a compelling approach to minimize vaginal dryness for more than a few days with one application.

Sores or Lumps (Uterus Pain)Woman with uterus pain.

Genital sores or lumps might come up as bumps or even blisters. They usually are small in size and have the same color as flesh. But, after a time, they might change in terms of size or consistency. These sores or lumps are not a great experience for the woman and her partner. There might be even cases when these sores are associated with other symptoms as well. The most common symptoms reported would be:

  • Region pain
  • Pelvic pain
  • Itching sensation
  • Continuous pain in the region
  • Burning sensation
  • Bleeding
  • Trouble urinating

The main causes of genital sores and lumps in the female genital area would be sexually transmitted infections. The most common sexually transmitted diseases would be:

  • Genital herpes
  • Genital warts
  • Bacterial infections
  • Syphilis
  • Molluscum Contagiosum

There are also some continuous skin issues that might be the cause behind the sores and lumps. These skin issues might include itching sensations, chronic burn, and torment. The main common skin conditions that have been found to be related to the sores and lumps would be:

  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Vulvovaginitis
  • Contact dermatitis
  • Noncancerous cysts
  • Skin cancer

What would the proper diagnosis of female sores and lumps associated with pelvic pain be?

As soon as a woman encounters a sore or lump in her genital area, she should immediately contact her health care center and schedule an appointment with her health care provider. Different examinations can be ordered to look into the underlying factors that are contributing to the genital sores and lumps. The doctor can advise do a pelvic examination and ask questions regarding the woman’s general well- being and sexual history.

After Sex Glow

There has been a lot of speculation regarding the phenomena called “after sex glow.” The existence of such a condition has been questioned, but it seems that lately it is widely being accepted as a real condition occurring after sexual intercourse. As already mentioned, sexual intercourse does increase blood circulation into the vessels, in turn, this releases amounts of oxygen to the skin. The end result is a general brighter overall appearance. It has been scientifically proven that normal sexual engagement improves our general health which in turn can be translated into a younger appearance and overall feeling. Collagen, a natural ingredient which when lacking contributes to age spots and wrinkles, is naturally increased with sexual intercourse. Those hormones that are released during sexual intercourse contributed to glowing skin and stronger finger nails.

After Sex Smell

For a woman in generally good health, vaginal smell is natural. But there are cases when this smell is not a normal one and might be a sign of an underlying medical issue that has to be treated. As we already mentioned above, the vagina acts as one of the body’s self-cleaning mechanisms as far as the reproductive system is concerned. Sometimes if an excessive smell happens after sexual intercourse, it can be because of a possible infection occurring in the vaginal area. Such infections are mostly associated with other symptoms in conjunction with the after sex smell.

Some of the possible causes that might contribute to the after sex smell:

  • Bacterial Vaginitis

Diseases like Bacterial Vaginitis cause an abundance of awful microscopic organisms. This causes a runny release with an unsavory scent. With BV, the vaginal scent after intercourse smells considerably sharper with the addition of semen. Vaginal diseases are effectively treated with anti-infection agents.

  • Certain Drugs and Medications That Are Prescribed for Other Health Conditions.

Anti-infection agents, specifically, alter the delicate balance of microorganisms in the vagina. Antihistamines can dry out the vaginal discharges. Natural cures, contraceptive pills, hormone treatments and vaginal creams will likewise influence vaginal scent.

  • Eating Regime

Some foods can influence the vaginal odor when devoured in huge quantities, for example, onions and garlic.

  • Over the Top Sweating

The genital region is inclined to sweat, and the folds in the genital region cause sweat to collect and can make microscopic organisms putrefy. Wear dampness wicking fabrics and change sweat-soaked exercise clothing at the earliest opportunity to minimize upsetting odors.

After sex smell is to be taken seriously when the woman is experiencing a very unpleasant and abnormal smell. Timely medical treatment might be necessary in order to treat the condition.

Below are the most common smells that have been reported through different case studies and research:

  1. Fishy Odor – this can be because of contamination like Bacterial Vaginitis. A specialist’s visit will be the initial step in getting rid of it. The health care specialist will most likely prescribe a course of anti-microbial treatment in order to cure this condition.
  2. Yeasty Odor – All ladies have solid yeast in the vagina. A candida yeast contamination happens when there is a candida excess. The release connected with this condition is a “curds” release which is thick and white.
  3. Harsh Odor – The trichomoniasis disease can bring about a sharp scent and a noxious release. It is a sexually transmitted contamination, and that is why a prompt health care provider should be contacted to start treating this issue.
  4. Rot Odor – This can be because of an overlooked tampon. A tampon forgotten in the vagina can bring about an awful stench and conceivable contamination. If this is the case, as also specified on the tampon package, a specialist should be promptly contacted in order to get the entire tampon evacuated and to ensure nothing is left inside.

After Sex HeadachesWoman having headache on white background.

A number of patients have reported unstable and exceptionally extreme headaches that appear around the moment of climax. There are even reports of dull migraines in which the agony expanded all the more progressively. Generally, 50% of the patients said they could decrease the seriousness of the migraines by backing off at the time of sexual climax.  Scientists reason that these sorts of migraines happen in individuals that are between 20 and 25 years old and in those between 35 and 45 years old.

It is not yet scientifically understood why there is this connection between sexual intercourse and possible headaches and migraines developing.

It is believed that men are more prone to develop such a condition although women are also prone to a headache after sex; most of those cases involve women already affected by migraines.

A dull headache and a sudden stabbing headache are the two common types of headaches after sex. Some individuals might experience both of them at the same time. Usually, these after sex headaches do not last long (just a couple of minutes).

If an individual is experiencing several occurrences of after sex headaches, it is recommended to consult with a professional care practitioner. It is also highly recommended when a headache is accompanied by these symptoms:

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Vomiting
  • Stiff neck
  • Different other neurological related symptoms
  • Harsh pain that lasts more than 24 hours


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