4 Amazing Ways Your Dog Knows You are Pregnant


Science has not yet proven that pets can be aware that you are pregnant, but if you ask any trainer about the same, they will have tales that will amaze you. A dog might not understand that after nine, months, the family size will change, but it will see how your moods have been deflecting of late. Your posture is changing not to mention how your behavior has transformed – a clue to the canine that there are some tremendous changes taking place inside you.

The friendly tamed ‘wolf’ is a master at picking up the right signs. They learn your body language which means that they will know when your movement starts getting weird. It will also know that your daily schedule is changing. You are not taking your dog for a stroll as you used to and the couch has become your new companion. The family members suddenly start to treat you with great care and caution but as all these changes are taking place, what you do not know is that the pet is taking notes.

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Dogs Are Amazingly Protective

Dog Knows You are Pregnant

Since man began taming animals, dogs have been known to protect their owners from harmful things, making them man’s best friend. Recently, health specialists have commenced on using dogs to test whether patients have cancerous cells or not among other diseases. Smelling a disease is one of the most fabulous training that canines have faced, and it is working!

As amazing as dogs can be, it would be absurd to think they cannot tell when you are pregnant, even before you notice the changes. Among the numerous capabilities that dogs can do with their senses, sensing a coming baby is one of them. They will react differently on your pregnancy status – getting over protective or becoming extra social and caring but they can still be controlled.

Below are some of the ways that your dog will utilize to sense your pregnancy and how they will behave once the knowledge is within their grasp

Power in The Eyes

Dogs observe, and it is a well-known fact, with eyesight getting better during the night. We know the excellent sense of smell, but vision contributes to how your dog perceives things. They use observation skills to guide their life and function appropriately. Take a guard dog, for example; he sees what is around him, so he knows what to protect against attacks. If you are out on a hunt, they will use their eyes to get the prey. This means that as far as smell is essential to our favorite pet, a combination of a reliable pair of peepers is inevitable.

Everyone in the house is noting that you are adding some pounds even when your partner has not suggested it. If you thought that the dog knows nothing at all about the weight gain, you are on the wrong side of the hemisphere as far as dog eyesight is concerned. It knows what size you are and a gradual increase in the size of the round protrusion will also be jotted down in the dog’s memory. If you are wondering how they know it, a dog will notice the slightest change in your body whether it is gaining some kilos or changing your posture.

Are you slow or fast? Is it hard for you to get up? Are you crawling or something? They will be able to identify all of these and report to you in frequent barks.

An Outstanding Sense of Smell

dog know that you are pregnant

In the previous section, we lightly touched on a dog’s sense of smell which is, of course, excellent and it is what this animal friend has been known for, since time in memorial. From locating the prey in the fields to securing the airport from smuggling activities, dog noses have given them perfect jobs to have a keen sense when finding danger, illegal goods especially drugs, prey or even humans.

With such capabilities, your pooch cannot go wrong with knowing that you are pregnant. They do not know that later, you will have a new family member, but they can sense that there is something different with the woman around. The excellence of how well your dog can smell is built on your body odor, how you smell and the breath, the scent of your cologne and last but not the least, what endocrine glands secrete; your hormones.

So, when there is a sudden rise in the hormones produced due to pregnancy, they will be all over the room accompanied by constant sweating which comes with its odor. A dog’s nose has numerous olfactory receptors that enable them to sense the change in the air and conclude that you are not alright. So, your dog may tell in advance that you are pregnant even before you realize it. The olfactory receptor cells in a canine’s nose are about 300 million which is 50 times more than the number of the receptors in our noses. We can conclude that our all-time pets have nostrils that are 50 times more powerful than ours.

If a dog can smell up to 9 meters away from your house through the door, then there would be no trouble sensing a change happening inside your body despite how early it can be. The sensing could be a perfect idea to counter the stress we go through when performing pregnancy tests. The sad part is that we cannot fully understand a dog’s bark meaning to interpret what it just said and we do not possess such an outstanding sense of smell.

They Notice the Change in Behavior and Schedule

Our dogs are trained to stay with us so, they will take note of what you do every day and in what order. They will master the protocol better than you do since they have a habit of following you in every direction you head and know why you are doing what you are attending to in different areas. That is how they see that you are not observing the regular schedule when a change is introduced.

How exactly do they know that your behavior is no longer the same? You begin with morning sickness which takes most the daytime. The regular sleeping and waking patterns are not in the usual evening and morning times respectively. As pregnancy progresses, the sleeping habits become weird, and you find yourself staying in bed longer than before which will raise the dog’s alarm.

Now that everything is about the baby, your daily routine is also disrupted since you will have doctors’ appointments to fulfill not forgetting all the major and minor changes you are doing in the house as you prepare for the coming baby. It changes the general dictation of the atmosphere in the house and more agitation results from how everyone is treating and behaving while around you. The canine will know there is something different from the order of the day.

There is more evidence for the pooch to justify the change case if you just made a secluded room for the coming family member and there is entry denial. The dog will be more anxious so, expect some action when there is a part of the house that is no longer accessible. You can avoid dealing with the dog as you are working on the baby space by trying to accommodate the dog during the whole pregnancy period. The gratitude will extend to having an easy time when you finally deliver and bring the young one home.

On the other hand, the dog’s ability to notice the change does not encompass knowledge of your geared pickles craving. It will, however, detect the different presentation of the atmosphere in the house, which you also feel.

The Superb Hearing Feature

Your Dog Knows You are Pregnant

Apart from the eyesight and sense of smell, we also know that they are attentive to whatever is disrupting the peace and recognize the noise if it is a familiar one. So, they can tell that you are around from the way you breathe or walk by the sound of your footsteps. It can differentiate the sound of your car as you arrive from that of a friend’s or stranger’s car. Cool, intelligent pets you might think!

As your pregnancy advances, the baby’s organs are slowly developing and starting to function. The shocking part is that the dog can hear the fetus’ heartbeat among other movements and pounding organs inside you. A dog’s ear sensitivity to sound is compared to the stethoscope since its hearing ability is just brilliant. Its hearing range is 50,000-60,000 cycles, which is higher than the 20,000 cycles for human beings. When a dog is barking due to an external noise cause, it might make the unborn to cry. The funny part is that it can hear the baby crying inside your tummy. Marvelous!

When you are lying down on the floor or couch, and the dog is there providing some cuddle service, they tend to place their ear near the belly as if trying to listen to the internal affairs in your womb. We do not know how well a dog can hear the baby as it develops but they can listen to the movements.

We will not focus on what the dog can exactly hear in your body and how much since we cannot measure the pet’s hearing sensitivity. Despite the quandary, a canine’s cuddle and attention is comforting, an idea that first time mothers can find soothing if they are somehow nervous about the whole pregnancy situation. Let it be by your side as you nurse your already heavy body. If you bought some toys during preparation of the son or daughter to be, make sure the dog is familiar with the insights and sounds before the bundle of joy arrives.

How Do You Make the Dog Calm Down and Comfortable?

Your dog know that you are pregnant

  • Pay attention: Pregnancy should not terminate or hold back the things you usually did with your domestic dog. If you used to play around, go out for a walk and engage in a brushing session, it should continue to avoid suspicion and raising questions. When you feel that you are not up for the task, call somebody that the dog is aware of to handle it for you. Unknown persons might not like the adventure since there will be minimal cooperation.
  • Keep up with your routine: If you do not want your dog to act weird during pregnancy, try not change your daily schedule regardless of how you feel. It can be hard to do so, and sometimes impossible but it is the only way to make the pet to feel comfortable and still wanted. Upon maintaining your daily routine, your dog will know that everything is running as usual despite your ongoing transformation.
  • How about spoiling your dog a bit? Do you think that your dog needs something extra to make it feel loved? Before you contemplate on that, here is the answer; you need to do it once in a while because you will not be giving it the attention it needs and still focusing on gestation matters. That is why you need to surprise them with cute treats from time to time. Some good food or giving in for a belly rub session will make them feel that they are still part of you. Forgive them since they are just dogs, and the only exception is that you know each other. They are not the smartest animals but living with them comes with advantages such as the notion of having a companion and a protector by your side at all times if not most of it.

So, Do Dogs Know when You are Pregnant

Dogs are incredible carnivals to live and we get to enjoy time we spend together with them. When pregnancy comes knocking, it can be a tough or smooth road for the pet when trying to cope and grasp what is happening. As you have seen, they make good use of their senses and will know when conceiving takes the toll since you will not be functioning as you used to. Nevertheless, with a little maintenance of what your routine resembles and keeping the pooch close to you during the difficult period with ease things and avoid complication.


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