12+ Top Tips for Baby Safety Around Dogs


You are expecting a little one soon already there and growing fast to become like you. On the other hand, your home also involves a dog as your best friend and companion. You have to take care of them both since your kid will get to know the dog and you have to be there when they interact. Dogs have been known to be mischievous when around babies and some go to the extreme of hurting or killing the baby. Cases have been reported where canines bite a child in the name of carrying it by the mouth just what they are used to when handling their own kids. To prevent the unspeakable, you need to align yourself with facts about dogs around babies before looking at what you should do to ensure the favorite pet does not tamper with kids in an undesirable way.

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Some Key Points to Remember

  • Your child will interact more with the dog than any other pet
  • For all parents with kids, you need to exercise precaution since your child may visit a household with dogs or meet them outside.
  • Dogs have a tendency of approaching children when compared to other pets.

Dogs and Children are Not Always Two Peas in a PodDogs and Children are Not Always Two Peas in a Pod

You cannot predict a toddler’s behavior despite the fact that you own them. Why? One minute they will be smiling at you only to find them crawling and screaming in the next. We as parents, understand the normal swing in their moods, but it is not the same case for the dog.

Canines will judge a swift change in a child’s behavior as a threat. How your child carries him or herself when around pets can be decrypted as weird according to the animal’s judgement. It is common to find kids trying to get the tail or hug them and this will make the dog to react and sometimes not in a good way. That does not mean there is no standard ground between your baby and the pet in a bid to give you an amicable solution.

There is risk of being bitten here. So, the earlier the better. You need to train your dog to be on the best behavior when around your kids and here are some of the tips to help you get there.

Baby and Dog Safety at Home Tips

Always Perform Supervised InteractionAlways Perform Supervised Interaction

They say that it is better to be safe than sorry. It also applies to your baby safety when around dogs in the sense that you should not allow your kid to play with the dog alone and there is no adult supervision. If no one is there to keep an eye on your baby and the pet, use the nursery to secure the baby and leave the dog outside the room.

Before bringing baby home to dog, apart from training the dog, you need to use baby safety gates so that it is restricted from entering the nursery. It is essential that your dog knows the area is a no entry zone. Try to restrain the dog while you are still expecting by locking it out of the nursery and only allow it when permitted. There is a lot of uncertainty if your pet can just walk in and out of the nursery without your knowledge. Dogs are not always aggressive but that does not mean you should not be careful with your baby when the friendly beast is roaming. Reports have revealed the wrath that dogs unleash to sleeping babies and it is never the best thing to hear or watch on a news bulleting when you know that you have a dog in the midst.

We have already seen that a child’s behavior is unpredictable so, is it wise to say that baby and dog should never be left alone together? The dangers posed to kids by the domesticated ‘wolf’ happen in seconds if not minutes.

Teach Your Kid on How to Behave while around Dogshow to bahave around dogs

As your kid grows, you expect him or her to be playful. That is why children will treat dogs as they do to you and their comrades too. Since dogs, react by instinct, you can avoid the unwanted by restraining the baby from touching the pet or other dogs in the neighborhood. It does not matter if the canine is always a cool one while at home. Teaching your kid not to touch the dog seems safer than allowing them with the notion there will be no danger at all.

If you look at reports where toddlers have been bitten by dogs, it is common to find that kids are offended by dogs that they are familiar with as opposed to strange ones. Regardless of the findings, it is still vital to teach kids against interacting with pets that they are not accustomed to. Unless there is permission to do so. One more thing, caution the upcoming adults against mocking the dog. They perceive it as a threat and may result is an attack as the dog aims to defend itself.

Treat Your Pet Well When the Baby is Around

There is one thing that should never be in your mind; punishing the dog when the baby is not around. They don’t take the punishment idea lightly hence the need to be careful on how you treat him. The canine will pose danger to your child at some point even when your eyes are manning all corners.

When it happens, teach your dog good manners by rewarding when it does something recommendable. There is a tendency of dogs relating punishments with the baby if you do it often. To counter what you are about to instill in the pet’s mind, inspire positive behavior when the baby is around.

One of the tips would be to give the canine a good treat when it does something recommendable. To make sure that the dog is always well behaved, have a daily 10-15 minutes training as part of your regular schedule.

Dogs Need Their Time AloneDogs Need Their Time Alone

You are human so you should know better. You always need time to think things through and dogs are no exceptional but that doesn’t necessarily mean that dogs are pondering the next move when they are lying somewhere. They just need some quiet time, peace and rest.

There is something that kids should know in relation to the above statement. When they want to play, or look for a playmate, the dog might be the suitable candidate for the adventure. If you assign a puppy to accompany the kiddo, it is okay but the kid needs to understand a dog’s moods. In the course of teaching, you need to stress on why it is essential for the kid to allow the pet to come to them and not the other way round.

If the dog does not want to play and is taking a rest, the kid should know that it is not the playing mood and should leave it. Discourage wild behavior such as the kid forcing the canine to play or making an ambush. Doing so when all the dog wants is a quiet time, your kid will be surprised by a display of hostile behavior.

How about teaching your kid to ask the dog permission to play? Well, it sounds too much but it a prized lesson if the intention is getting the baby safe. You child must respect the dog if they are to be good friends.

6 Tips to Get Your Canine Ready Before the Baby ComesGetting Your Canine Ready before the baby

It is crucial that the dog behaves well when you are preparing for the coming baby otherwise there will be instances where you will be regretting owning the dog in the first place. Here are some of the things you should do as you get ready:

  1. Take a look at your dog’s training and manners and know what to emphasize or rebuke.
  2. You should exercise on giving cues to the dog comfortably while in different positions. If you are used to giving orders while standing, for example, try the same when seated or lying on the couch or bed. Sometimes, your dog does not respond to words that you relay but the signal that you display as you issue the ‘sit’ and ‘stand’ commands.
  3. You should be consistent with what you teach your dog. Some of the things that you need it to understand include:
  4. Socializing with kids as in a controlled area or room
  5. Seeing how the dog behaves when seeking your attention
  6. How the dog reacts to specific situations such as sudden noise, fast motion

9 More Tips: Beginning A Baby Schedule for The dog

  1. Vary the feeding plan for the dog
  2. Introduce ‘dog zone’ so that it knows there will be crating at certain times
  3. There should be varying lessons routine
  4. Do not always give in to dog demands
  5. Start familiarizing the dog with baby equipment. Involve teachings that include what you want it to do.
  6. Download some baby noises or have a CD and introduce the sounds to the dog. It will be familiar when the dog and newborn baby finally meet.
  7. Have some baby lotion with you on the carrier, home, car seat among other places. Put it on some baby clothing and introduce them to the pooch.
  8. Secure the diapers in safe place.
  9. If there is someone else you need to take care of the dog, introduce them as well.

Baby Safety and the Dogbaby safety and your dog

Dogs are 100% safe when around our little ones. When dogs around newborn babies start to act otherwise and your eyes are not there, you risk bearing the pain of endangering your just born or growing future. Teach the K9 some manners first before the baby arrives and continue with the lessons while the kid is around.

Only then that you can guarantee baby and dog safety.


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