Is It Ok to Take Emergen-C while Pregnant?


When one is pregnant, one might feel it’s an outer body experience that one never thought is quite possible. But there are so many things that happen during the pregnancy that one had no knowledge or understanding of. Morning sickness might make one crazy and tired. The cravings of certain foods might just pop out of nowhere in particular. But aside from the troubling quirks or interesting perks, pregnancy is a miracle in itself and it should be enjoyed rather than fretted over. Each pregnancy is unique to each growing baby and the mother-to-be as they form a special bond during the pregnancy months. Thus, it is very essential for the woman to take care of herself during those troubling and exciting nine months.

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Emergen-C is a dietary supplement that is consumed during pregnancy. It is mostly available in powder form and can be mixed with any beverage. It also comes in many flavors and one can choose the one that one likes best. The original Emergen-C formula contains 1000 mg of Vitamin C which helps in boosting an individual’s immune system. However, there are many different formulas available too and after consultation with one’s doctor one can choose the most appropriate one depending on one’s health. The other different formulas specialize in improving bone health, joint health or heart health; boosting energy and boosting immunity. The Multi-Vitamin Plus formula offers extra vitamins and minerals.

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Emergen-C Ingredients

Emergen-C’s ingredients vary depending upon the flavor and the formula chosen. Most of the Emergen-C packets contain fructose for sweetness and contain Vitamin C in the form of zinc ascorbate, ascorbic acid and chromium ascorbate. To enhance the flavor and color, certain vegetable and fruit juice powders are used. Also, the formula such as the bone health formula is made up of stevia, a natural sweetener. Stevia is taken in as an herb but it has not been tested yet to be proved safe for consumption by pregnant women.

Pregnancy is considered a miracle and a beautiful time wherein the mother needs to take care of herself in order to finally take care of the baby to be born. One needs to eat right to ensure the good health of the baby. It is understood that what a mother eats, the baby eats in the womb. One needs to eat healthily and avoid unhealthy foods and bad habits. Minerals and vitamins are very essential and important for the baby’s health. If a woman is deficient in some minerals or vitamins, she should take dietary supplements to fulfill the needs of her body, so that the deficiency does not harm the baby in any way.

Pregnant woman holding vitamin pill in right hand and a cup of water in another.Emergen-C is an example of a dietary supplement that might be consumed if deficient in Vitamin C or if the immune system is weak. Emergen-C supplements are easily available in grocery and drug stores. Often times, one’s immune system weakens during pregnancy; this is where the need to take Vitamin C comes into the picture as it strengthens the immune system and safeguards the woman from any illnesses. Consulting one’s doctor before consuming Emergen-C is essential to help decide which formula to consume. A doctor would be able to better prescribe the right formula for a pregnant woman.

Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are very important for pregnant women but they should only be taken under supervision or a doctor’s advice as overdose of any mineral or vitamin can have adverse effects on the woman and her pregnancy and thus the baby. If one is already taking prenatal vitamins, one should consult one’s doctor before adding Emergen-C to one’s diet as side effects of overdose can be harmful. One should not go above one hundred percent of the prescribed allowance each day. One needs to be very careful about this. The intake of Vitamin C should not exceed 2000 mg per day. If one goes beyond the prescribed limit of the vitamin and mineral intake, there is a risk of premature birth. Remember, everything in moderation.A woman is drinking emergen-c juice on white background.

Emergen-C May Not Be for All Pregnant Women 

Every human body is different and so are the requirements and needs of every human body. What might be a good choice for and a need of one individual might be a health hazard for another one due to a different medical and health condition. Thus, one always needs to consult one’s doctor before taking any mineral or vitamins to avoid any possible complications. A doctor’s job is to always be looking out for the well-being of a woman and her baby.

With the rise in women facing health issues, there is also a rise in the many prenatal drugs in the market. There is an apparent understanding of why there is desperation for such drugs but they should still be used with proper guidance from one’s doctor. Desperation can make one do crazy and risky things, but they might cost one’s health. No mother-to-be wants to risk her health or the health of her unborn child. There are many prenatal minerals and vitamins available, but choosing the right one is a priority and of utmost importance for the pregnant woman and for her baby.


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