Vitamin C Abortion (at Home)? Read the 5 Bloody Myths First


No matter where in the world you live, abortion is still a taboo subject. But for some women, it is a necessary choice, and not a decision that is made lightly. Because of the shame and guilt that often surrounds this procedure, many women look for safe at-home alternatives to abort their pregnancies privately. Many women claim that a vitamin C abortion is both effective and safe.

First, it’s important to remember that herbal remedies and at-home abortions should never be considered unless you have exhausted every single other option you have. Always seek the help of a medical professional who may guide you through this process or recommend an alternative option. Check with local clinics in your area, which often offer care at reduced costs or for free.

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If you are still considering a vitamin C abortion, here are five things you need to know:

1. Vitamin C Abortions Are Not Always Effective

Vitamin C concept.Please keep in mind that while this method is effective for some women, vitamin C does not induce an abortion for every woman. For some women, the protocol leads to an incomplete abortion, which means that fetal tissue still remains in the uterus. To make matters worse, if the protocol does not work for you, you may be harming the baby or yourself in the process.

If you do choose to go this route instead of seeking safe medical help, don’t set your expectations too high. You may still be pregnant, and you may have limited your options by wasting time.

2. There is NO Evidence to Support Vitamin C as an Abortifacient

To date, there is absolutely no clinical evidence that vitamin C or ascorbic acid can actually act as an abortifacient. Of course, a quick search on Google will tell you otherwise. There are hundreds of thousands of results – all claiming that vitamin C really does induce an abortion. However, most of these claims are made by people with no credibility.

Remember, your health and the health of the baby are at stake. It makes logical sense to opt for a method that is proven to be effective and is safer. Medical and aspiration abortions fall into this category.

3. You May Experience Unwanted Side Effects

Just because a method is natural, that does not mean it is safe or comes with no side effects. Because vitamin C abortions require high dosages of the vitamin, you may experience uncomfortable side effects, such as: hot flashes, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, constipation, gas, kidney stones, rashes, headache, fatigue, hemorrhage and trouble sleeping.

4. High Doses of Vitamin C is Not Safe for Everyone

High dose vitamin c infusion.High doses of vitamin C can be deadly. In no way should you ever attempt this protocol if you have the following:

  • Sensitive kidneys
  • Kidney stones
  • Kidney disease
  • Are on anti-coagulant medications
  • Trouble metabolizing vitamin C
  • Sickle-cell anemia
  • A deficiency in glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase
  • Hemochromatosis or hemosiderosis

Please know that when you attempt the vitamin C protocol for an abortion, you do so at your own risk. If you have any of the conditions above, seek out another abortion method.

5. Know the Recipe and its Origination

The idea of using vitamin C to induce abortion originated in the 70’s in the feminist community. One of the oldest “recipes” for this protocol can be found in the book A Woman’s Book of Choices by Carol Downer and Rebecca Chalker.

Many women claim that the recipe has a decent chance of success up to the 4th week of pregnancy. After this point, the effectiveness of this remedy is significantly reduced.

Some women suggest combining the vitamin C protocol with parsley. The parsley can be drunk as a tea, and/or inserting into the vagina much like a tampon. According to the claims, the parsley must be touching the cervix for this to work. Reportedly, the parsley works to “shake” the pregnancy loose by opening up and softening the cervix.

While there are claims that vitamin C has been used to abort pregnancies for decades, there is still no clinical evidence that this protocol actually works. Even those who support the method admit that it only has a success rate of 30% to 40%. If you are considering an abortion, please consider safe, proven ways, such as medication or aspiration.

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  1. what type of drug i can use to stop bleeding after the abortion,i have being bleeding about one month now and the blood is coming out small small and it is smelling. i dont know the type of drug i used but i inserted it through my vigina

  2. This is very true. I tried using votaminC and it did not work for me. I have decided to carry on with the pregnancy so hopefully I haven’t damaged my baby in the process

    • if you dont mind me asking what kind of vitamin c did you take? i took the one in the packet that is 1,000mg. i just want to know if im waisting my time as well. ty

      • Hi. I took vitamin c 1000g and it worked for me. For a week 2 pils at 2-3 hrs interval. I was 3 weeks in. It worked for me. I’m discharging something that looks like period blood.( I had my period at the beginning of march then i had a sexual intercourse which of course ended up in pregnancy ) I don’t have a lot of pain but it’s there. All the best for those whom are trying !!

      • I’ve been sterilised so there’s no chance of pregnancy for me but when I’m late I always use vitamin c to bring on my period, it works without fail every time.
        I’ll take an extremely high mega dose in one go – most advice says to take so much per hour but one lot works fine for me, I’ll take 15+ 1000mg tablets ( yes, that’s 15,000mg ) and within 24 hours I’m in full flow.

  3. I have tried using vitamin c, parsley combo ‘tea & insert sprig’into vagina and dong quai capsules. Yes, this method works for me 7 days the bleeding start. I am almost 5weeks pregnant. Now, i got my period’s back.

    • This worked for me. Period was due on the 6th and was exactly one week late with sever nausea and fatigue. On the 12th I took a pregnancy test and had a very faint positive. So I started vitamin C and parsley. I took 1000-1500 milligrams every hour until I reached around 12,000mg. For some people’s body this will be Way too much and may cause harm but for me it did nothing except some dihharea. I also did parsley tea and insert. After one day Of trying it that night I got severe cramping. The next day I started again. My pregnancy symptoms started to go away. Thay night I got cramps again and at around 6am I started to bleed and passed a clot! I took another pregnancy test and it was completely negative showing my pregnancy hormone levels have gone so low they were undetectable. I’m still in the process but it is working.

  4. Currently trying to use vitamin C however will be making parsley tea and buying some blue cohosh as I have no started bleeding. I’m taking between 12,000mg and 24,000 a day which is more than the recommended dose of vitamin C and I understand the risks. I also have been taking hydroxycut elite for three days as well because of the herbs and high amount of caffeine they contain. The biggest thing with all this is persistence and you need to understand that if you don’t miscarry initially you should by the tenth week of pregnancy.

  5. Im 1 day delayed last period was last feb.11 i expect to come this march 9 but it never so worried cause i never be delayed its always advance 3days..i take pt twice its positive so i try this vitamins c and parsley tea and parsley in is 2days what i felt is cramps in my stomach…hope it will work for me??

    • omg that’s so sad! I hope it works for you 🙁 I’m currently freaking out as well because I have really bad anxiety and I’m afraid I might be pregnant (long story). My period is supposed to start in a few days, but lately I’ve been bloated and I’ve been really hungry and I I’ve been peeing a lot (everything happened 3 weeks ago). If I don’t bleed, I’m doing this method and praying it works (my best friend did it an she said it worked for her). Best of luck <3

      • Could you tell me how well that worked for you? Weve started with 1000MG every two hours (so basically 500 ever hour) for convenience sake and we’re getting parsley to make tea too, did this plan work for you?

        • Hi. I took 2 pils of 1000mg for a week at a interval of 2-3 hrs. (1000 for 1 hr 1/2 ) it worked for me. It will take few days to start the bleeding but until then do continue the trearment to complete 7 days

  6. I am 44 years old. Recently my doctor advised me to stop family planning pills because it was causing me health problems. I stopped and my periods became irregular. Before I could decide what to use next,my periods delayed for 5 days and i suspected I was pregnant. I couldn’t imagine giving birth again after 12 years. I started the vitamin c supplement intake plus the parsley tea and it worked in the second day, i received my periods back. I took 500gm after every hour for twelve hours amounting to 6000gms per day.

  7. I am pretty sure I should have gotten my period right about now. I very lightly spotted yesterday. I’m going to try 1000mg bit c every hour and hope it brings on my period. If not I am going to a “clinic” this week. I’m almost 40 & already have a 15 yo son. Not to mention I am in no way in a position to start motherhood much less a relationship with anyone. I can’t believe I’m even in this situation presently FML ?

  8. im also trying this but im 5weeks pregnant, i blended the pasley and drink a 1cup 3 times a day, nd i bought ascorbic acid vitamin c i take 4 every after 1hour im on the second day,i will give up after 3days.

  9. So I am two days late and I’m worry I was wondering is does the vitamin C method work and how do I know when it’s working and when to stop please answer I’m worry and scared .

  10. I started doing Vit C today, I am 5 weeks and 2 days. I was taking 1000 mg a day for last week and i started brown spotting 2 days ago that gave me a hope that if i increase the amount it might just work.

    I also have my clinic appointment booked for next Saturday so if it doesn’t happen before that i will go for procedure but fingers crossed that i don’t have to go through all that and it will happen on its own.

    • Hi there.. I tried it and it worked for me and another upside was I usually have bad period cramps but had none of that when my period finally came.. Please make sure that the vitamin c that you use does not contain rose hip as this actually strengthens the fetus… I took 7000mg per day for the first 3 days and 8000mg on the following 3 but reduced it to 5000mg on the 7th day. It did indeed work with no side effects… My skin actually glowed a little more.. Be sure u drink more water as well (never tried it with parsley though)

      • Hey! I’m interested in trying the vitamin c way, but was looking at your numbers and got a bit confused. I read an article that said the max limit is 1250mg/day. So, after taking such high dosages, how did you feel, and how do you feel now?
        Also, what kind/brand of vitamin c did you use?

        • Hey girl, definitely confusing the way it’s written. Typically that is the max recommended dose, however to cause an abortion you’ll need much higher levels. I suggest 1 500mg vitamin c pill every hour for 12 hours (which will equal to 6000mg). Vitamin c by itself has a small chance of working, add parsley to this and the chances of it working will be much higher.
          Get fresh parsley and add it to boiling water for tea, (let steep for 20 mins- 2 hrs, longer it steeps-higher potency) drink at least 4 cups of this a day. You can also insert fresh parsley sprigs into your vagina. It MUST touch the cervix (it will feel hard, it is not difficult to find). You can also add some dong quai herb as well.
          I am on day 5 of this regime (I started the day after unprotected sex as it was on my day of ovulation) and so far I have been cramping a bit. I will be adding the song quai today to see if that helps things period is supposed to be due in 3 days, so we will see how this goes. Good luck

          • Can I ask how things worked out for you?

            I’m in a similar situation. I had sex on the morning of my ovulation day some days ago. Due to a hectic and busy schedule I couldn’t get to a pharmacy and not only that my finances are poor so I didn’t have the money for the morning after pill. I brainstormed for a day and a half thinking how I’m going to get the time to go to a pharmacy. Eventually I thought back to a few months ago when I tried to bring in a period early. I used vitamin c and heat. I’m not due my period for another 10 days and that’s if it comes so I don’t want to bring it on too early so I’m not taking mega doses of vitamin C. Did things work out well for you?

  11. I started with the 1000mg pee day for three days then boosted to 1500 for another 3 days. I passed out a huge piece of clotted blood, preceeded and followed by the bleeding. I’m still experiencing the symptoms of nausea, vomiting. I pray this stops very soon

  12. Im 9 weeks pregnant. Im taking 6,000mg of vitamin C a day, 12 tablets/500mg per hour. Please give an advice what should i add more. ?? I dont know if it will work on me.

  13. Does putting Vit C inside the vagina helps? Ive been drinking Vit C as well but its not working for me. Ive been delayed for 3 days now and Im really scared.

  14. I’ve been feeling somehow for days now and i’m suspecting its pregnancy tho my period is in five days from now. No test yet to confirm if i’m pregnant. But i shld do that tomorrow. Just wanna ask in case if preggy is the case. How and where can i get the pasley leave? And also wanna know if i can just but any sachet vit c from d pharmacy or is their a particular brand that works for that?

  15. Hi thought l would share after being over two weeks late l took a test came back positive, so instead of doing the whole Drs, I tried the vitamin c and it worked with in three days, l used 1500mg vitamin c tablets bought really cheaply online, took five tablets through the day so 8@m, 12, 4pm, 8pm, 12pm, kept it the same fir the three days had cramps for first two days not bad like normal period pains third day by the afternoon l started passing clear discharge followed by spotting and then the sack and thick lining, and now have a full on heavy period so will stop taking the vitamin c, l had no side effects of headaches, and have been able to go to the gym like normal, so much nicer and less painful than a medical termination which l had a couple years ago

  16. Hello I am 10 days late I take Vitamins C for 1000 mg per day I wait for three days
    to have my period hope it will work. Please advice…

  17. Just took my first pill hope this work…. I don’t want n e kids I’ll get parsley tomorrow I’m 3 days late

  18. does the vitamin c powder help? I am not sure if I am pregz or not. think its my 2nd week now but I feel really bloated and constipated and also feel as if I have to go pee very often and I only have vitamin c powder, which I mix with juice to intake the vitamin c. do you think using 6000 mg a day will help?

  19. Hi I have done a test and it ses I am 2 weeks and have just brought vital tables from Tesco will they work and if so ho many a day should I take they are 500mg

  20. Hi. I am 10 weeks pregnant. I wanted to try these vitamin c remedy intead of cytotec.i just want to know for those who tried and been successful in getting the pregnancy gone, what is the brand name of that vitamin C you took to have your menstruation? I want to have this specific name of that vitamin C so I can be sure of doing the procedure. Thanks. 🙂

  21. Hi, I think I am pregnant….. I had an abortion 2 months ago and I don’t wanna go through that again, I feel so disappointed for letting this happen again, I started with the vitamin c this morning I took 2 tables that contained 1000mg each. will this work I think I am 2-3 weeks pregnant. please help I need advice on this……..

    • Did it work for you? I am in the exact same situation? If it worked, what dosage and how many time did you have to take?

  22. If you take vitamin c with rose hips 500mg is that effective? Was Supposed to get my period June 14th but it’s now 8 days late

  23. Exactly what kind of pills are you taking? And just wondering if any of the other pregnant women have experienced muscle soreness in their bellies? I’ve heard it’s a sign of pregnancy but i haven’t heard it from credible sources.
    My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex while my nuvaring had been expired and now I’m fearing that I may be pregnant, due to late periods, muscle soreness as if I’ve been doing sit ups, severe hunger, and other things.
    Does it matter what time of pill you take? And is it only for a week, or until you see blood?

  24. can you use vitamin C with rose hips in it or does it need to be rose hip free please let me know asap im about 15 weeks and want to abort it natrally

  25. Ashley, can I ask how things worked out for you?

    I’m in a similar position. I had unprotected sex on the morning of the day of my ovulation. I think I definitely felt my ovulation too. I usually do.

    Needless to say, I’m beside myself with worry. A hectic schedule prevented me seeking the morning after pill. I’m not in a position to have a baby. Two days after the unprotected sex, and battling with time and figuring out how to get to a pharmacy, I started taking vitamin C. Not so long ago, I googled how to hurry up a period and vitamin C and heat were two ways. So my thinking here with the vitamin c is to shorten the cycle some what by bringing on a period early. I don’t want to be too early either because I’m due my period in 10days time. If I could bring it on 4/5 days early that would be good with me. So, shortening the luteal phase in the hope that if an egg is fertilised, it would have difficulty implanting.

    I’m not taking an exceptional high dose of vitamin c. I’m taking 1000 – to 1600mg a day. I’m off work tomorrow so I’m going to increase it the dose for the day so that I can deal with any side effects if they happen like cramping. I will continue the high dose until 6DPO just in case implantation happens and reduce the dose of vitamin c or even stop it. Just in case implantation was successful. I don’t want to harm a growing baby. I don’t know if I will be able to go down the route of a home abortion through vitamin c.

  26. please help i am 6 week pregnant i dont baby right now.. i eat abortion pill last month now i dont want to take pill again.. i eat vitamin c 500 mg tomorrow 5 times.. but dont work.. and in my city there is no pasley available..
    plz suggest any other natural remedies…

  27. i am 5 week pregnant.. i dont want baby..
    i alredy have 1 year baby.. i dont want to take any medicin.. i take vitamin c two days but dont bleed.. and in my city parsley is not available. plz suggest any other home remedies…

  28. i missed two months periods and i get to know i am pregnant.can this vitamin c to avoid that ? plz help me if u know …. how many mg i want to take for avoid this pregnancy??????

  29. I had sex on the 7th day of my cycle and now I’m 2 days late. I’m suspecting pregnancy though I’ve had two negative results. I’m starting the vitamin c tomorrow and I hope it works for me but what brand worked for you and what dosages

    • I also suspect i am pregnant i am aboht a week or so late and both of the test ive took hsve been negative i also will be trying the vitamin c tomorrow or the next day

  30. Hi! I missed my period. roughly a week now. What kind of vitamin c pills should I take? what are the pill ingredients i should have?

  31. Help
    My youngest baby is 10 months old
    I just got 6 faint positive tests
    My period is not regular
    But was ovulating on the 4th of August and had unprotected sex…..
    I got vita c and cinnamon capsules
    Started them today
    Also sprinkling parsley on everything I eat…..
    question is
    How much vita c should I start with
    Also I’m breastfeeding so should I give my baby bottles until I’m done with vita c therapy or will he be ok to nurse

  32. Happy to report that this worked for me. I was two weeks late, and I just knew the morning after pill had failed me. Bought a pack of 100 500mg ascorbic acid and took the recommended dose daily. On the fifth even of taking them, my periods came and that was yesterday.. no pain nothing. It’s was so quiet I had even lost hope but here I am today with blood in my pad and mild period like cramps. Only side effect I endured was a headache and that’s it. I am happy with the positive response. Good luck to those under the same situation but it worked for me. Just drink lots and lots of water

  33. This actually worked for me this time around.
    I just missed my period got a confirmed pregnancy test.
    I took 1000mg every few hours. I also took 10,000 mg of cinnamon capsules every so often, it caused itching if I took it too much. I also took black cohosh, 400 mg, it came in 60mg, so I had to take 10. I went through the bottle quickly. Then I read ibuprofen increases your risk of miscarriage. So I took 800 mg starting day 3 along with the constant vitamin c. I started this on a Thursday. Mind you I drank every night, took hot showers and baths, mowed my lawn, masturbated a lot, and constantly took the vitamin C. I also ate ice cream and milk, lactose intolerant so it makes me poo.
    This morning I had small spotting after I took my vitamin c and motrin, then I masturbated, and went to the rest room and an ovule fell out, and now having a Normal period. I was 5 days late and caught it in time. Pp would not even see me until 5 weeks and wanted to charge me 700 for a pill force me to get a ultrasound and go through mandatory counseling before they even let me get the pill.

  34. How long will it take for the bleeding to start??????
    I started taking 500mg tables I’ve taken one every hour to every 1 and a half. But how many days should I do this for?????

    I’m about 4 day late for my period I think I’m about 2 or 3 weeks.

  35. Hi! im Rose 22 yrs old. My last period was in August 30 and it took 5 days bfore it finish. Now im was worrying bcoz i havent had my period. im currently 2 days delayed, but my breast is tendering and itd little pain when i touch it, which is the normal sign for me if im expecting my period, still im worried if im pregnant or not bcoz im delayed.But in 28th i feel something in my lower abdomen like the sign of having period and the smell of the white blood from my underwear is like the smell of 1st day of period, but i had sex in 28th and now i didnt feel any symptoms of having period i only have my pain breast, which is i experincing now. Wht i will do,? please help me.. Am i Pregnant?

  36. My last period was sept 12-14. Any idea how many weeks am i now? Did pregnancy test and the 2nd line was blurred. Had some spotting before doing it but it was too little. Almost like a drop. I’ve been taking dong quai and vitamin c for almost a week but still no bleeding. Need help. What are the other options? Thanks

  37. Hi all. Im currently 4 weeks pregnant and trying to conduct a home termination. Im raking 1000mg of pure vit c and parsley pessaries. I cant drink the tea as it makes me puke. Currently on day two and no cramping as such just a bit in my ovary area. Hot baths and lots of ibuprofen also. Wish me luck will keep you updated

  38. I missed 3 mos.of my period i took pregnancy test and its positive what should i do? Im not yet ready to be a mother soon i alreadh took a cytotec but its not working

  39. Am taking 1000mg every 3hrs (8000mg per day), I hope it works. Am 3days late and too afraid to even take the test, I have started having cramps, should I increase the dosage?

  40. I wanted to share my success story with everyone here. I’ll give you all of the facts so you can make up your own mind about this.
    About 3 days before I was due for my next period, I had unprotected sex with my partner. It was, in all honestly, a spontaneous and silly situation that we should’ve considered more, but we didn’t. I didn’t manage to get emergency contraception until around 48 hours later, in which the chances of the emergency pill working drops to below 85%. About four days later, I noticed my breasts were very tender and had heard this usually begins between weeks 4-8 of pregnancy, but sometimes also in the first few days of pregnancy. My period hadn’t come and I was getting nervous. I’ve had scares like this before. One was founded and I had a medical abortion in the past, which I never wanted to repeat. There was NO chance I was pregnant prior to that unprotected sex, but I just had a suspicion that the emergency pill had not worked. I know my body and remembered what the first pregnancy had felt like when I had needed the medical abortion. I took a pregnancy test about 8 days after the unprotected sex (during the Vitamin C treatment), which came back negative (test could detect pregnancy anywhere between 7-10 days), so this means I was under 8 days max pregnant.

    I began taking vitamin C 5 days after the unprotected sex. These were 500mg chewable tablets with no rosehip or other additives. I took one tablet every hour throughout the day, and took 3-4 just before bed to get by through the night. All up, I probably had around 12-14 tablets in a 24 hour period. I also vaginally inserted parsley stalks to sit against the cervix, replacing the stalk about 3 times a day and sleeping with it in overnight, and I also drank parsley tea around twice a day (hold your nose when you drink it! It is vile!!!!). I continued all 3 of these methods for 4 days total.

    After about 5 tablets on the first day, that evening I began to feel pains in my lower abdomen, similar to cramps but nowhere near as severe. They lasted about an hour before fading away. I experienced them again the next night, but no signs of spotting and didn’t have cramps throughout the day.
    On the evening of the third night, I noticed signs of blood when removing the parsley stalks. The next night (night 4) I was bleeding as if I had my period. However, my normal period is light, very thin blood. This was heavy, with fairly large particles of flesh, mucous, and pockets of blood. I am CERTAIN I was very, very, very early pregnant (under a week) and had aborted due to the Vitamin C and parsley treatment. It is now day 5 and I am still bleeding and expelling unusual blood with a lot of clumps. I realise that the uterine wall would not have thickened so early into pregnancy, so I really have no clue what these blood clots and fleshy particles are, but they are not a normal period for me! I am still taking Vitamin C, just in case, but only one every few hours, and I’ll stop completely tomorrow.

    So women can see this comment and get lots of facts in one hit, this treatment is expected to work only for 40% of women, with many of those abortions attributed to natural causes rather than the Vitamin C overdose. It is, however, possible that many women attempt this natural treatment far too late into pregnancy. The Vit C treatment success rate drops rapidly after 4 weeks pregnant. The Vitamin C overdose cuts off progesterone from the uterus, making it difficult for an embryo to implant into the uterus wall and form a stable connection. This pretty much starves the embryo and causes the abortion. The parsley is said to relax the cervix, making contractions more likely to push the embryo out. It is said that it’s safe to try to Vitamin C treatment for 7 days, and if you see no signs of an abortion occurring, then you need to see a doctor.

    If, like me, you get to emergency contraception late and have worries, don’t delay in trying the Vitamin C treatment! This treatment, though not scientifically studied, is likely to be more successful the earlier into pregnancy you begin. I was lucky to start it as soon as I did. I would not attempt it after 4 weeks, because a good connection is formed between embryo and the uterus wall by then, and you’ll likely just end up stunting the growth of a potential child. If you’re over 4 weeks, get a medical abortion! You only need to take a pill at home and it works in a similar manner to the Vitamin C treatment: cutting off essential hormones to the embryo and then causing contractions of the uterus.

    Though it isn’t a pleasant experience, regardless, good luck, everyone : )

    • Same story. I had a miscarrage and have done DC to clean about 1 year ago.
      Heres my story..
      I got unprotected sex on oct 27. Got my last period on oct 10. I knew then and there that I might get pregnant. I used contraceptive pills as an emergency pill, I took 2 on the first day and finished the whole pack. My breast got tender for like 1 week and Iwaited until november for my period but there is no sign of mens. I already finished my pill yet there is no sign of period coming. Nov. 25 I pt to test if I am pregnant and yes! its 100% positive! I was so divastated. I dont knot what to do. I start right away the vit c and parsely to induce abortion.. I took almost 12 tablets per day drink parsley tea and put some in my vigina but nothing happened for 4 days.. vit c and parsley is all a lie.I am so stressed and dont know what to do anymore. I am in a country which abortion is illegal and abortion pill is nowhere to find.

  41. this does work. Tried it when about 4 weeks. Took suggested vitamin c tablets no rose hips etc. don’t give up it takes awhile. The last couple days I started drinking parsley and taking ibuprofen. After about day 7 maybe I started spotting then my normal period came.

  42. Hello there im still waiting for my period, i was delayed 5days ago of my mens and starting taking the vit C right now. I just want to know if its safe to take while its in the middle of the nyt? Thanks!

  43. I did used vitamin c and parsley and it didn’t work. I am 2 to 3 weeks pregnant that time. Please never believe what u read on the internet.

  44. what I used was cinnamon, 1/3cup added to a glass of water for a week straight and it worked, I under how most may feel. I was depressed and down with no hope until I came across the articles and suddenly gained hope, I really hope you all see this comment and do the same.(take 1/3cup each day for a week)

  45. It really works . I was 4 weeks pregnant. I took 2,000mg every 2-3 hours. The third day my period came. No pain just a light period cramp. The only side effect that I felt was a headache.

  46. I’m currently 5 weeks, began vitamin c last night at 5pm, taking 1000mg every hour. Already breast tenderness is significantly less. No bleeding yet, am beginning to experience light cramping, but I will update in a few days. Also planning on lots of long hot baths in jet tub and possibly adding Dong Quai supplements after 3-5 days. Best info I found online came from a site called sisterzeus, lots of great info, other natural/herbal methods. I am 37, was always told I would never be able to conceive, and have never thought that I would be in this situation. Extremely distressing and depressing. Found a wealth of information and support through sisterzeus, I would recommend the site to every woman!! Will update to see how this goes, please wish me luck!!

  47. Im probably like 3 weeks pregnant i weight like 105 can anyone tell me if its okaii for me to take so many mg a day to have an abortion, plz anyone i dnt want anymore time to pass by. Or what exactly can i do i jist started the vitamin c brand naturemade from walmart idk if those work bt i just started right now will b taking 2 500mg every two hours for 12 hours a day and see what happens, bt please can someone help me

  48. Currently about 3-4weeks, took two tests one positive the other negative. Decided to start this regardless because I was told I’d have a very low rate of pregnancy… my breasts hurt, I’m mildly moody and hungry all the time but food sounds disgusting! Started the 1000mgs every 2.5hrs. Will update once I know better what’s going on, only 3doses in. Cramping has already started. Fingers crossed!

  49. (Len) is lying or confused ! Started taking on a Monday stopped on a Wednesday thought it wasn’t working took about 5 more to finish the week in attempt to try again! Monday of following week started to abort! This surprisingly works ! I had less pain then the medical! 1000 mg 6 a day I’m heavy so this dosage worked for me ! Also drank mommy breast milk tea ! Researched it can bring new mommies into early labor …pregnant doctors don’t recommend also common since.

  50. hello.. had stain in 2 May but on had normal flow on 6 May. had unprotected sex in 16 May but he said he did not ejaculate inside me. Took vitamin c 4000 mg night of 21 May and 12000 mg thereafter daily until 29 May. 30th May i took 2000 mg bec there was stain already but have normal flow in 6th June only. Could I still be pregnant now? im confuse.


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