10 Best Backpack Diaper Bags 2018 Reviews


Right backpack diaper bags may spare you lot of headaches when you go out with your baby. Changing diapers when you are not at home are not always easy, so the great bag will help you a lot assuring you took everything you need and keeping it well organized for easy-access. What also makes the choice difficult is the fact there are thousands of diaper bags on the market today with endless possibilities.

There are plenty of different colors, limitless carrying options diaper bags for first time moms and diaper bags made for moms of multiples. So which one to choose? Where to begin? Before you start searching, have one thing on your mind: there is no perfect diaper bag, but there is one perfect diaper bag for every individual mom! It is not matter if it came to emergency diaper change or a weekend at Grandma’s.

What it really does matter is that diaper bag fits everything you’ll need to take care of your baby. Don’t forget to plan space for your own things, because you’ll need it everywhere you go when you become a mom. What are usual things you carry with you?

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Blue diaper bag for baby.
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Items for baby:

  • diapers
  • wipes
  • rash cream
  • sacks for dirty diapers
  • changing pad
  • burp cloths
  • change of clothes
  • nursing cover
  • bottle(s) or sippy cup(s)
  • binkies and toys
  • sunscreen
  • snacks

Items for mom:

  • water bottle
  • hand sanitizer
  • snacks
  • wallet
  • cell phone
  • keys
  • sunglasses
  • makeup and sunscreen
  • reading material

The way you can save your money is to use a bag you already have. There are parents who find a structured tote like a laptop bag and it can work well, but don’t forget the fact that original diaper bags have more pockets that can be very useful. Some of them have up to 14 pockets. That is not the only advantage of original baby backpack diaper bag. There are also useful standard elements: a washable diaper-change pad, insulated bottle pockets, compartments for baby wipes, and lightly padded shoulder straps. Don’t forget your partner when choosing a bag because one of you might prefer a backpack style to more evenly distribute the bag’s weight, while another might like a messenger style. If you can’t make decision to choose one bag, get a second one and stock them so you are both ready to go out.

Top 10 Backpack Diaper Bags in 2018

We have prepared the diaper bag review, 2016 in order to help you make the best choice.

1. Vilah Bloom Harbor

Vilah Bloom Harbo is a preppy tote including both fashion and function. You can wear this diaper bag over the shoulder, like a tote, or attach it to stoller with included clips. There is enough place for all items you need bacause it contains 9 pockets and 2 bottle pockets. This diaper bag is easy-accessible, innovative and the best choice for handling a mess fast

2. Pacapod Portland Bag

Pacapod Portland Bag is messenger-style bag that beside nice style also has expandable panel and three-in-one pod system that separates feeding items from changing stuff. This is the reason why this bag is one of the best sold Pacapod brands

3. Bumkins Nixi Arcata Diaper Bag

Bumkins Nixi Arcata Diaper Bag is an eco bag made of recycled fabric. This durable diaper bag has 6 exterior pockets and 5 interior pockets making all the items you need well organized. Items will never get too bulky because of the lightweight design

4. Storksak Ariel Diaper Bag

The main feature of Storksak Ariel Diaper Bag is discretion. No one needs to know you have dirty diapers in your bag. It is easy to wipe clean because of the silicone material and stroller clips will help you when you travel with your baby

5. JJ Cole Collections Satchel

JJ Cole Collections Satchel has 7 exterior pockets and looks always so elegant giving you extra space in the same time. There are 4 interior pockets so you really have enough space for all the items you need

6. Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared Bag

The producer of Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared Bag thought definitely of everything when made the diaper bag from the stain-resistant Teflon material and antimicrobial lining to the “crumb drains”. This product is great thing for overnight trips, plane rides or for moms of multiples. For fashionable moms there is offer of 13 different fun prints

7. Babymel Striped Satchel

Babymel Stripe Satchel looks like an ordinary shoulder bat at first glance. None won’t believe that it has two large pockets inside full of diapers and wipes

8. Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag

Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag is a right model for you if you pay attention to fashion. This over-the shoulder tote can be also converted into a stroller bag. Skip Hop is a stylish bag that helps you easy organize all your items thanks to 11 different pockets

9. Phil&teds Diddie Diaper Bag

Diddie Diaper Bag is a cool, urban-chic, both dad and mom friendly bag. This is messenger type of bag including a changing pad is easy to clean up and has enough space to host even a laptop beside the baby things

10. Nest Designs Keira Clutch

Nest Designs Keira Clutch is one more fashion bag that doesn’t look like it is made for diaper changing all the time. This leather diaper bag has detachable diaper pocket and bulkhead for a wet wipes. You also have a pocket just for your things to put your phone, keys and anything you need

4 Types of Diaper Bags: Pros & Cons


Grey backpack diaper bag for baby.
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Backpack is the newest type of diaper bag on the market. This type of diaper bag allows you to lug around baby gear and helping you in the same time to have free hands to carry the baby and do many other important things. When looking at backpack it will see no difference in comparison to a regular one. The things change when you open a backpack. A lot of pockets! Some of them are special made to make you easy access, too. Depending on quantity of stuff you put inside it, diaper bag can quickly get heavy.


  • Free up arms.
  • Weight is more evenly distributed.
  • A better option for those who suffer from back pain
  • Men and Women’s styles available
  • Can be worn while exercising

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  • Not overly fashionable.
  • Not suitable for twins or more.
  • Cannot be accessed while carried
  • This type is the best backpack diaper bag for parents who are less focused on looks and just want a very functional diaper bag that makes both arms free up.


Messenger bags are also called sling or satchel diaper bags. This type of diaper bag is flat, stylish, and hangs off carrier’s shoulder. Its major advantage is that you don’t need to take the bag off in order to retrieve diapers of baby wipes from inside. If you pay attention to fashion then this is the best choice for you. These bags can be found in a huge variety of styles and patterns.


  • Retrieve items from inside without placing the diaper bag down.
  • Slim.
  • Men and Women’s styles available.


  • Many designs look a little too manly.
  • Not suitable for twins or more.
  • Messenger diaper bags are the right choice for modern parents who share a diaper bag and want to fit enough gear inside to last all day or just for dads.


Light green tote diaper bag for baby isolated on the white.
Source: http://www.bestproducts.com/

Totes are the bulkiest diaper bags (that’s without even stuffing your baby gear inside), These diaper bags provide organized and roomy solution when it comes to taking baby’s gear with you when you travel. In the same time, this is the most popular type of diaper bags on the market. That is why they are available in many different designs and are very popular among parents.


  • Lots of room inside.
  • Many different designs to choose from.
  • Have large compartments


  • Can be bulky, even when empty.
  • Very few (if any) dad friendly designs.
  • Cannot be accessed while carried.

We suggest tots for moms who want an abundance of room to store enough baby essentials to last a full day out.

Stroller Handlebar Bags

Stroller Handler Bags are pretty bad solution. It attaches directly to your baby’s stroller. This type of diaper bags can be very safe when are used correctly. It requires attention to detail. Bag’s safety depends on two things:

  1. The weight of the diaper bag– you can forget carrying 50 pounds of baby gear in a stroller diaper bag
  2. The weight of your stroller– The heavier your stroller, the more weight it will take to tip it.

Stroller diaper bags are not suitable for everyone. In a case you are the person that likes a little more storage and has excellent understanding for the above two conditions, then the stroller is the right solution for you.

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7 Features of Diaper Bags

Before you make a final decision which diaper bag to choose, consider the features you and your baby need.

1. Construction

The brown bag is full of baby products to show the construction.
Source: http://cribs2college.com/

When it comes to diaper bag’s construction it is important to be wide, situated with adjustable belts that won’t hurt your shoulders. Seams need to be finished and strong in order to avoid fraying during usage and washing. Pay attention to stress points to be reinforced with a rivet or zigzag stitching. Hardware must be good-quality like heavy-duty plastic or metal zippers with sturty closures. What will make opening easy are zippers with large teeth and tabs.  Choose diaper bag with zippers and avoid magnetic closures because zippers will help ensure your stuff won’t fall out if diaper bag tips over. A flap that closes over the bag will give you better protection against drying than open-type tote with just a zipper.

2. Changing Pad

Majority of bags on the market have rectangular changing pad that folds up, fits in the bag and can be easy wiped clean.

Most bags come with a rectangular changing pad that folds up, fits in the bag, and can be wiped clean. The good thing is if you find bag with pads that fit into a designated pocket because isolating the pad can prevent it from contaminating the rest of the bag, and make it easier to find.

3. Handles

Tote-style bag should have handles short enough to avoid dragging the bag on the ground when you carry it like a briefcase, but it would also be long enough to be slung over a shoulder like Sally Spicer diaper bag. There are diaper bags that have variety of handles, a short “grab handle” or “lug handle” and backpack straps, too. Belts that are well-padded and wide are more comfortable. If you want free arms, you should definitely choose messenger, backpack or sling-style type of diaper bag. Make sure that shoulder of backpack should be adjustable for proper fit.

4. Fabric

You can find variety of choices in fabrics starting with modern brocades to coated, glazed canvas. Don’t pay attention just to a nice outside design, but also check if it is durable.
Look for something more practical like a moisture-resistant nylon or microfiber bag. Avoid vinyl bags if you live in place with cold climate because they can be broken when the temperature falls.

Different kinds of diaper bags for baby on white background.
Source: http://www.bestproducts.com/

5. Color

“Baby colors” and light-colored prints may be very attractive, but don’t forget they will easy show dirt or stains in comparison to dark shades. The good side of bright-colored diaper bags is that you can easily see what’s inside.

6. Storage

It will make your life a lot easier if you find the bag with easy-to access zippered interior and exterior compartments, that can function as a wallet and storage for things you always need, such as baby wipes, pacifiers, and your cell phone. The best place for keeping items like diapers, wipes, sanitizer, etc. are clear vinyl, fabric, or mesh pockets. If you are planning to travel then you should definitely consider the option with an insulated cooler section to keep baby food fresh.

It is good to have bottle pocket, but check if it suits the brand of baby bottle you are using. Pockets are very useful because you can keep dirty diapers separated from baby food and bottles.

7. Weight

It is very important to check the diaper bag’s weight when it is empty. If it weighs 3 pounds before you put items to it, it will become very heavy load when you add them. The best solution is to have two bags: one for long trips and one for quick outing.

Buying Guide FAQ of Diaper Bag

What Types of Backpack Diaper Bags Can I Choose From?

The most popular types of diaper bags on the market are messenger bags and tote bags. Messenger bags have a long belt that goes over the shoulder or across the body. Tote bags look like handbags and they are equipped with a top handle or two.

What Features Should I Look in a Diaper Bag?

  • Pockets and compartment dividers

The best backpack diaper bag is the one containing multiple pockets and internal compartment dividers that will help you access items you need easily and quickly at any time.

  • Food storage compartments

Food storage compartments are significant part of a diaper bag so it would be good to find some with insulated bottle holders and food storage pockets to keep drinks and baby meals at optimal temperatures.

  • Fabric that’s easy to maintain

You should always choose a diaper bag easy to maintain because they are bound to get dirty. There are many bags on the market made with water- and stain-resistant materials to make the cleanup easy and those with antimicrobial lining as a prevention from bacteria growth, mould and mildew.

Diaper bag with its accessories and some baby products on white backdrop.
Source: https://www.diapers.com
  • Diaper bag accessories

There are lots of useful accessories for a diaper bag that can make your go out with a baby easier. There are built-in change pads providing sanitary, simple diaper changing anywhere.

If you need to carry soiled clothing, you can choose a wet and dry bag model, while there is lunch bag solution for having warm baby meals and cool baby bottles.

7 Buying Tips before Buying Diaper Bags

1. Consider How You Will Use Your Diaper Bag

Before you make final decision about the diaper bag, think about your family’s style. Will you often keep the bag on your stroller or you are going to take your kid to day care?  Where are you planning to keep your bag when you don’t wear it? Will you  carry a diaper bag  on a stroller , or the bag will spend most of the time on your shoulder?

2. Try a Bag On

Parents often use diaper bags for a longer  period, for a year or more even when their babies grow up because these staff are very useful. That is why it does matter what choice you will make. In order to make the best decision try different bags for feel, look and size. It would be also good to try a diaper bag carrying baby’s stuff and some of your items you have in your own bag every day. The diaper bag should be comfort and easy to use in the same time. The bag weight when it is empty is not negligible beause the items you are carrying weigh plenty enough.

3. Bigger Diaper Bag is not Necessarily Better

Yes, bigger diaper bag is more comfortable especially if you take into account that your baby grows up and needs bigger diapers and bottles that take up space. On the other hand, too big bag may cause loosing things or bumping into people. For example, a deep hobo-style diaper bag is definitely too big for everyday use if you have one child, but perfect if you have twins.  The bag that weights more than your baby is not good and can ruin your posture.

4. Look for Extra Compartments

Compartments will provide you efficiency and good organization. It is priceless when you are in hurry and need to clean spit-up from your shoulder and find a clean diaper, all at the same time, being able to easily reach the necessary items in a moment. It is lifesparing when you have the changing pad in the pocket and just grab a wipe and a diaper from there and go. Too many pockets can also slow you down giving you many choice so it is good to keep the bag packed the way it is easiest for you to grab, because you spend half the time you are grabbing it with a kin in your hand.

5. Material

Different diaper bags on white background.
Source: https://www.etsy.com

There are materials that stain easily, break easily and are hard to wash off. The best solution is a bag that won’t give you a headache by looking old and dirty too soon. Dark colors are better than light ones and coarse fabrics are more durable. Diaper bag’s material must be easy to maintain.  We strongly recommend you to find a diaper bag that was made of easy-to-maintain material. However, a bag that you can throw in the washing machine is a dream. At the very least, find a bag that you can wipe clean both inside and outside. Some companies offer bags with Agion, an antimicrobial finish, which is a very cool feature. Diaper bags in particular are very susceptible to growth of microbes.

6. Patterns

When choosing the pattern for the diaper bag you should think about who will be carrying baby’s diaper bag most often, and whether others will use the diaper bag occasionally, too. What if sometimes dad uses a diaper bag he may balk at carrying a feminine diaper bag with a bright floral pattern. For the case both of the parents share diaper bag duties we recommend you to choose neutral bag style. Neutral doesn’t have to be boring, though. Many messenger or backpack diaper bags are available in unique colors or subtle prints for visual interest.

7. Keep Price in Mind

Sure you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a diaper bag when you can afford the one between $20-$30.  Don’t spend your money on the first bag that fits your budget. You should look till you find the bag that fits all your needs and your budget at the same time. There is also a fact that price doesn’t always mean good quality. You can find good diaper bags at discount stores and at specialty shops at widely varying prices.






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