Best 5 Diaper Caddies to Keep You Organized in 2018


Changing diapers can be a hassle if you always have to pick the changing essentials from different places. Imagine cleaning a fussy baby when you are desperately searching for the items needed. It can be hectic. Therefore, diaper caddies are much like a basic necessity to new or consecutive parents.

Surely, diaper changing times should be a time to bond with your child. So we bring you a well-researched list of baby diaper cadies all with their unique features to meet your diverse needs.

Products Features
Hiccapop Nursery Organizer and Baby Diaper Caddy · Hanging diaper organizer

· 6 shelves and two pockets

· Fits in Hiccacop wipe warmer

Munchkin Portable Diaper Caddy · Made of 100% cotton

· 4 medium-sized compartments

· Features a collapsible handle

Parker Baby Diaper Caddy – Nursery Storage Bin and Car Organizer · Compartments can be adjusted

· 8 outer pockets

· Multi-functional

Munchkin SaraBear Diapering Organizer · Features several compartments

· The support is padded

· Easy to clean changing pad

Prince Lionheart Diaper Depot Clear · 3-in-1 changing station

· Removable side compartments

· Can hang from a changing table


Best 5 Diaper Caddy Buying Guide

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1.Hiccapop Nursery Organizer and Baby Diaper Caddy

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This nursery and diaper organizer is the definition of quality and convenience. With a cool and sleek design, grab this item and you will have made the best purchase decision ever. It comes with 6 sturdy compartments and 2 pockets that ensure you have sufficient space to store powders, creams, rattles, diapers, lotions, and baby bottles.

It is an excellent choice when it comes to how convenient it is. For those living in small rooms, it helps you get organized and neat at the same time. You can even hook it against the wall or on tables or literally anywhere where you can hang it. It also removes clutter on the changing table

A Hiccacop wipe warmer can fit on its top part comfortably without it sagging. You will never have to leave your baby unattended with this hanging diaper caddy. Everything will be at arm’s reach.

Additionally, this diaper caddy comes with a lifetime guarantee. Therefore you can enjoy using it as long as you need to.

For those looking for the perfect baby shower gift, Hiccacop has you in mind. It comes with an elegant box that you can wrap and present it as a gift. Since it is a must-have for most parents this will be a well-deserved baby shower gift.


  • Large capacity
  • It is convenient
  • Its compartments are reinforced to make it sturdy
  • Stylish design


  • It has no hole to pass through a wipe warmer’s cord
  • Its straps may not fit on some crib rails

2.Munchkin Portable Diaper Caddy

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If you are into versatile items with a touch of sophistication, then the Munchkin Portable Diaper Caddy is the perfect choice for you.

It has a sturdy wood weaving, a cotton liner and a collapsible handle that makes it stand out. It can fit in a whole container of diapers. Its lightweight nature makes it easily portable especially for postpartum moms who are yet to get back on their feet. Sometimes you just don’t want to walk to the nursery to change your baby’s diaper. You can take this portable diaper caddy in any room of your house. It is spacious enough to accommodate the baby’s essentials such as cloth or regular diapers, swabs, creams, and others.

It makes the perfect gift for a baby shower because of its versatility. You can turn it into a gift basket and place all the baby shower presents in it. Also, you can re-purpose it to a toy holder or whatever you deem fit.


  • Spacious and sturdy
  • It is versatile
  • It lightweight and portable
  • It is stylish for the classy mom.


  • The weaving can splinter if used for a while

3.Parker Baby Diaper Caddy – Nursery Storage Bin and Car Organizer

[amazon box=”B01LZ2QE21″ template=”vertical”]

For an excellent fabric diaper caddy that is also multifunctional, parker baby is our top pick. Whether you want it for a baby diaper caddy, a car organizer or a nursery storage bin this is the go-to caddy.

Moms have to juggle lots of responsibilities which need much of their focus. Therefore, this diaper caddy helps you get organized so that you save time to focus on the important things.

It features spacious compartments with an adjustable separator in the main compartment. This way, you can customize it and fit in larger items when needed. You can either purchase a regular sized one or a large one. Either way, you will still appreciate its large capacity for baby’s essentials.

Its grey color which is neither too dark nor too light makes it complement your home’s décor. So changing can be done in any room of your house without compromising the look of that room.

Its outer pockets can fit the small items such as mittens, lotions or pacifiers. For midnight feedings, you can place it on your bedside or on your nightstand for quick reach.


  • Easily portable
  • Multipurpose kit
  • Spacious compartments
  • Adjustable compartments
  • It is collapsible


  • It might be larger than you expected

4.Munchkin SaraBear Diapering Organizer

[amazon box=”B010WVHH2A” template=”vertical”]

Munchkin Sarabear is convenient for all your diapering essentials especially because it comes with a waterproof changing pad that matches the color of the diaper caddy. The changing pad is easily washable and it helps keep everything clean wherever you are changing the baby. When using the changing pad you will need to place it on a cushioned surface because it provides no cushioning

Also, with its nicely supported handle, you can move this diapering organizer from one room to another. Considering its capacity, it is spacious enough to carry your baby’s diapers, with all other odds and ends your baby needs.

You can place one upstairs and another downstairs so that your diapering needs are always at your fingertips. With its stylish design, it can complement any room features.

To keep this diapering organizer ever clean, clean it with a damp cloth.


  • Large capacity
  • Useful changing pad
  • Stylish design
  • Easily washable changing pad


  • The changing pad has no cushioning

5.Prince Lionheart Diaper Depot Clear

[amazon box=”B000056OUO” template=”vertical”]

Thinking of getting a diaper caddy that can hang at the edge of your changing table to offer you diaper changes convenience? Prince Lionheart diaper depot clear is a simple diapering organizer that offers such service.

It features a roomy diaper dispenser with two detachable side compartments. The diaper dispenser is large enough to hold 20 large-sized diapers and many small ones. The side holders are best for placing baby creams, nail clippers, powders or any other accessories. Depending on your needs you can remove the side compartments.

It is a colorless diaper depot that can fit the design of any room. Furthermore, assembling it to hang on a changing table side is a matter of seconds. It hangs on the side of a table that is up to 1″ thick thus saving the much-needed space.

This hanging diaper caddy organizers all the chaos on your changing table and you can also place a Prince Lionheart wipe warmer on the top. Therefore, next time you will know where to get the diaper rash cream during the midnight clean-ups.


  • Large diaper dispenser capacity
  • Easy to assemble
  • Organizes your changing table
  • Blends in with your décor


  • It might not hang on the edge of thick changing tables

Criteria Used to Select the Best Diaper Caddies

It is important to have the right facts in mind when you are looking for a diaper caddy that meets your needs. Although some moms can be obsessed with a cute baby diaper caddy, a focus on the more practical features is paramount. Also, it is always a pleasure to shop for an item that offers you value in the long run. So, here are things to look at when choosing a diaper caddy.

select the best diaper caddies

The type of caddy

By now you are aware that baby diaper caddies are designed to meet different functionalities.

For instance, we have a portable, hanging and stationary diaper caddies. This is the general classification. However, each has their individual features.

The portable diaper caddies are a great pick if you prefer changing your baby’s diaper in any room of the house. Thus, you will always have to carry it around. Therefore, such a caddy should be lightweight, sturdy and have padded handles that offer more support. Such a diaper caddy must also be spacious enough to accommodate all your baby’s accessories. An added advantage is if it is collapsible.

A hanging diaper caddy is the best to organize your baby’s nursery. Such a diaper caddy can be hooked on the walls or on the edge of a table. It must have strong adjustable straps and be roomy enough to fit in most of your baby’s stuff. It should be one that is well built to ensure it does not bend when loaded with items.

A stationary diaper caddy should be spacious enough. It is only stationed at one place like your baby’s nursery where you frequently change your baby.

The storage capacity

Your baby’s essentials and accessories like her favorite toy should be the things that can be accommodated in a diaper caddy. So, it must be large enough with sufficient compartments and pockets to be of convenience

The design and style

For most diaper caddies, they end up being re-purposed. Let’s say your kids outgrow the diaper stage you may use it as a toy holder or place it alongside the study desk as a holder of their essentials. Otherwise, we have seen a diaper caddy being used as a car organizer, or even a gift basket depending on its design.

Speaking of style, you may find a diaper caddy that is quite stylish with a color that blends well with your décor.

Gender neutral colors

Although this might be a personal preference, sometimes it is good to go for gender neutral colors when choosing a diaper caddy. You never know maybe you may be blessed with a child of a different gender than before and the color you picked may not go hand-in-hand with your new baby.

Material and Ease of cleaning

Cleanups can get messy real quick. Your baby’s essentials such as creams or lotions can spill. So, you need to consider buying a caddy that is made of spot-resistant, waterproof or polyester like material. While some diaper caddies may just need you to clean with damp cloth other are machine washable.

Other factors (Stroller clip and changing pad)

This is a necessity if you stay in an urban environment. You will need a diaper caddy with a short strap that you can adjust to being long. Either can do the trick. However, if your stroller has a big basket then you do not have to worry about this feature at all. For the changing pad, you should know that most changing pads are small and your baby will quickly outgrow it. Therefore, check out the size before you buy one. Otherwise be ready to carry your own blanket or pad if the one you bought is not large enough.

Other People’s Opinions

Best Diaper Caddy

Baby diaper caddies are those necessities that come with parenthood according to most mothers. Most parents are opinionated when it comes to their choice of baby diaper caddy. While some swear by the large, multi-pocketed ones some are comfortable with the most basic caddies that serve their needs.

However, for many, the best baby diaper caddy is the one that is roomy because they can never lack an item to place in there. They also prefer a diaper caddy that is convenient whether they need it to be a portable or a hanging one.

Our Top Pick of the Best Diaper Caddy

We were obsessed by the Hiccapop Nursery Organizer and Baby Diaper Caddy that is a full package of quality, convenience, and capacity. It is well built for a more extended use and it keeps your baby’s accessories organized at arm’s reach.-

Therefore, with the tips above and the insights we have provided, you can now comfortably choose a baby diaper caddy that best suits you.

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