How to Make the Vinegar Pregnancy Test at Home


The ancient way of checking pregnancy

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During the ancient times, there were methods used to check if a woman is pregnant or not. During those times, the number of doctors available then to treat certain kinds of ailments or to check if a woman is pregnant or not is not that huge. As time went by, the doctors were the ones helping women to know if they are pregnant or not. Though most of them are faced with curiosity if they will go and visit a doctor or not. There are lots of women then who are not calm every time they come to see a doctor, especially if they will be checked if they are pregnant or not.  So, women just came up with the conventional way of testing methods, while others are using home substances to check if they are pregnant or not.

Homemade Pregnancy Test

Someone is doing prgnancy test by using binegar and urine.

There are alternative ways in doing your own homemade pregnancy test like the use of vinegar. Do you know that you can also use vinegar to know if you’re pregnant or not?  Who would think that vinegar is just for cooking? This is not just a simple ingredient that can be used for cooking and as a condiment to make the food tastes good. This can also be used for pregnancy testing. For you to do this, you need a cup where you can put your urine along with the vinegar. After mixing the vinegar with the urine, you just need to wait until the mixture change its color.  If the mixture will not change in color, that only means that you are not pregnant.

But of course, this could be a false negative result or a false positive result may also show up. To be sure, you still need to go to your doctor or better yet buy a pregnancy stick over the counter. Vinegar is used for cooking and you know the power of vinegar at home for different purposes it may serve. The taste of it and the smell are distinct so you can easily tell if its vinegar or not. There are foods that are better with it, while some are not. With this substance, you can easily make any meal taste better and you can make any food fresher too.

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But do you know that this powerful ingredient can also be your pregnancy test at home? A lot of women have tried it and they have proven that this is really effective along with the over the counter pregnancy kit. Aside from trying it out just to experience it, the process is also harmless and easy to do at home.  The homemade pregnancy test using vinegar is one of the best solutions for those who would like to check if they are pregnant or not without spending money.

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The Downside of Homemade Pregnancy Test

The downside of using vinegar as a pregnancy test is that you will never know the quantity of the urine and the vinegar that must be used for the solution. Pouring uncertain amount of the substances may lead to confusion of the result.


  1. Hi my name is ntombikayise i’ve been trying to use these home pregnancy test i don’t seem to be sure of them i’ll just have to wait for my results but all of them become positive but i still don’t trust them.let u know guys after my results

  2. hi, evry morning i warm water with a lil bit of apple cider viniger js to minimise my belly n itz works, so i tested my preg afta av drank that, are the result stil trustworthy?

  3. Hi the Dr tested me and the results came positive but the positive line was faint ,then I did the homemade test with vinegar my urine became cloudy after few minutes…Does that mean am pregnant or not.Pls help am confused because the doctor was not sure either.

  4. Hi I used this vinegar test today and I mixed everything and the result is darkish like brownish I don’t know what to do I’m soo confused with the result

  5. Hi Chelsea, I use the vinegar, and my test showed positive. I believe and if you notice vinegar is also white so, mine showed up as cloudy, and not darkish brownish.


  7. so i tried the bleach test and the moment i added my urine to the bleach it foamed then fizzed then started to foam agin and i actuslly did this because i have been having pregnancy symtoms although i am on birth control pills..i am really nervous and i decided to ask some of my friends to try the bleach test as well and compare their results and if its different from mine i will go ahead and try a real test..


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