When to Take Pregnancy Blood Test? Options, Cost and Accuracy


A pregnancy blood test is the most accurate method to determine pregnancy. When trying to determine pregnancy or validate an at-home test, the only method with near 100% accuracy is a blood test.

pregnancy blood test

10 Pregnancy Blood Test Questions Reviews

Q1: How Soon Can a Blood Test Detect Pregnancy?

There are two types of blood tests: quantitative and qualitative. The former measures the exact amount of hCG in the body, while the latter provides a yes or no answer to your pregnancy. These tests can be performed, with accuracy, 7 – 12 days after conception has occurred.

Urine sample and blood sample on white background.
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Urine tests are not accurate until 14 days after conception.

Blood tests allow for results nearly a week earlier than their counterparts, but there is a wait time to find out the results, which will be discussed in detail shortly.

Q2: Can A Blood Pregnancy Test Be Wrong?

Yes. All pregnancy tests have a slight error of margin. A negative blood pregnancy test has a higher level of error than a positive test. The main issue is that a lot of soon-to-be mothers choose the qualitative test.

With this test, the results may be given sooner, but they’re slightly less accurate.

The qualitative tests will show a positive pregnancy when a reading is just 25 hCG in the body. While this amount does indicate pregnancy, the quantitative test would show the exact amount. A woman with a reading of 100 hCG is, with near certainty, pregnant. However, a woman that has a reading of 25 hCG could be having other issues causing her hCG levels to spike.

Q3: How Long Does A Blood Pregnancy Test Take?

No exact duration can be given for the time it will take to receive the laboratory results on your pregnancy test. Each laboratory is different, and the precise timetable will be explained by your doctor.

Under normal circumstances, tests will be returned to the doctor in 2 – 3 days.

A small amount of clinics may have an on-site lab that will conduct blood tests in-house. In this case, the results may be provided within hours of taking the test.

Q4: How Accurate Are Blood Pregnancy Tests?

Pregnancy blood test results have an accuracy rating of 99%. These tests can accurately measure hCG when the levels would be otherwise undetectable using urine or other methods of testing.

This accuracy level increases later into the pregnancy. Even a couple days will provide results that are more accurate.

In comparison, the standard urine test that you’ll find in many pharmacies have an accuracy level of 97% on average. There is always a chance that your test will come back with an erroneous result, but the chances are 1 in 100 for blood tests.

Pregnancy blood test levels of hCG need to be much lower to determine pregnancy, which is why they’re the preferred method of pregnancy detection.

Q5: Where Can I Get A Blood Pregnancy Test?

The doctor is taking blood sample from the woman.
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A blood pregnancy test can only be sought at a medical facility. Your OBGYN or medical doctor will be able to provide you with a test. Nearby clinics for pregnant women will also offer a low-cost method for pregnancy tests.

Q6: How Much Does a Blood Pregnancy Test Cost?

A major consideration is the cost of a blood pregnancy test. Unless you’re able to get a free blood pregnancy test, offered at few clinics, you’ll either need to have an insurance provider cover the cost, or pay the bill out-of-pocket.

Ask your insurance provider if a pregnancy test will be included under your policy.

In the event that your provider will not cover the costs, it’s important to note that many tests will also check for various diseases and illnesses. This will raise the price of the test dramatically. A test that does include all of these extras can cost $900 or more in some circumstances.

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Note: The doctor and lab costs will be returned in separate bills, so expect a bill from each provider following your test.

A standard pregnancy blood test will cost $50 – $200 with the doctor’s bill not included. Planned Parenthood offers a sliding scale rate so that women pay only what they can afford for pregnancy tests. This is a figure derived from your current income level. Many of these facilities have been closed down or are now underfunded, so they may or may not exist in your area.

Q7: Are There At-home Blood Pregnancy Tests?

Blood tests must be conducted at a medical facility. The main issue is that blood needs to be handled properly and sent to a professional lab where the testing procedure can take place. Urine pregnancy tests are nearly as accurate, 97% accuracy, and can be performed at-home.

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Q8: Why Are Pregnancy Tests Inaccurate?

When a test is wrong, there are a variety of factors that need to be considered. First and foremost, the test may have been handled inappropriately, degrading the blood sample. There is also a possibility that an error occurred due to the fault of the laboratory where the testing procedure took place.

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Some women will not produce hCG as fast as others, so even a slight delay in the production of this hormone can cause qualitative tests to be wrong.

Certain diseases or sicknesses can cause hCG to be present in the body even if pregnancy has not occurred. Cancer has been known to produce a positive pregnancy test that was inaccurate due to the presence of cancer in the body.

If you’re not experiencing other pregnancy symptoms and signs shortly after the test results come back, it’s important to keep a clear line of communication open with your doctor. Thorough testing can be performed to ensure that pregnancy has occurred and that you and the baby are both healthy.

Q9: Why Are hCG Levels Calculated?

A woman’s body, more precisely the placenta, will start producing hCG when pregnancy has occurred. This happens so that the body dos not reject the fetus because it’s a foreign body. These levels will double in a short amount of time and continue to do so until they have reached a very high level.

Pregnancy tests will test for the level of hCG in the body.

Urine tests and the qualitative blood test will trigger a positive result when hCG levels are above 25. In this case, there are very few errors in testing as there are few circumstances when hCG is produced by the body.

Quantitative tests are a little more data dense and provide the exact level of hCG in the body. Even small amounts can indicate that pregnancy has taken place. In essence, the quantitative test can demonstrate, with a higher level of certainty, that a woman is pregnant due to the precise data points present.

Q10: Should I Opt for a Blood Pregnancy Test?

Under normal circumstances, women will use an at-home test due to the lower pricing and the level of privacy experienced. If an at-home test is positive, it’s important to consult with your medical doctor to have further testing conducted.

An in-doctor visit is the best way to ensure that pregnancy has occurred.

In the event that a test is negative, retake the test within one week. This allows enough time to pass for hCG levels to reach detectable amounts. If the test was negative twice, there is a good chance that pregnancy has not occurred.


  1. I bled and spotted for a week on my implant and had pregnancy sings but took two tests and they both came back negative now waiting to hear back from my blood test

  2. My period was spotty and only lasted about 2 days. Usually fine lasts close to 5 or so.. I’ve been extremely tired all the time, my choice in foods has changed as well. I feel as though ive had quite a few of the symptoms to look for pregnancy. I’ve also started this discharge thing. It’s thick and milky white looking with almost no odor, however it’s been almost 2 weeks since my period. Should I take a pregnancy test or is this normal?

  3. I got a pregnancy blood test after 8 days of my periods timie and the results were >1 (a), does any 1 know what it means? Is it a yes or no.?
    They told me I had to go to the Dr so he can read me the results but it is very expensive for the visit. If anyone knows how to read blood results, please let me know.

    • A 1 is very low so that’s a no but I mean ur hcg proli wasn’t high enough bcus that happened to me but mines was 2 n now it’s 99 n I took them like a week apart n the 99 is highly positive!

  4. Hi. My lmp was sept. 2, 2016 and had sex with my boyfriend on sept. 14 and sept. 28 but he uses condom to both. Now, it’s already 20th of october and still not having my period. I took 2 tests and both shows negative. What can you suggest? Do you think i am pregnant? I need answer, pls do. Thanks.

  5. I had my last period on 19th febuary but since the i have not see my period,i went blood test yesterday and it was negative. now is a month and 13,i ve seen .pls could it be

  6. Heya! I am panicking! So I just started my contraceptive pills for the first time. On the same night, I had sex with my boyfriend, but we did not realize that the condom broke. He did not finish inside of me, but we still had sex before to find out and I am extremely worried.It has been 5 days since. I have mood swings, but that could easily be due to the new hormones (pill) that I am taking or the fact that I am stressing myself. It’s too early to take any test as the urine one won’t be efficient… Do ou think that I should be panicking?

  7. Why don’t people ever update these post? These post tend to help other people -especially when they update others on the end result.

  8. My period was 9 days late and has always been regular .I took 6 pregnancy tests all very faint lines and clear blue digital came out not pregnant. I started feeling very dizzy and was nervous I was getting false results. I went to the hospital and my urine and blood work came back positive with results of a 25 hCg, very low the doctor said it can be too early for my levels to be high but I was bleeding and then my period came the next day, now I’m taking prenatals and getting blood drawn every 2 days to make sure my levels are going up as per my OBGYN , has anyone experienced this ? I’m anxious to know the outcome because I’m praying everything turns out good.

  9. I am 44 and approximately 10 days late for my period. I had a quantitive hcg blood test performed on day 6 of being late. My results being <2 . According to my research and what the lab told me anything over 5 can be considered a possible pregnancy. According to this I am not pregnant. Can I consider these results to be accurate?

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