How to Cause a Abortion: 5 Ways to Have a Miscarriage (Naturally)


A natural abortion is often preferred by women, especially when they’re younger. The idea of being a mother and taking care of a child is too much for some women to handle, or financial responsibilities may lead to the understanding that taking care of a child properly is not possible.

Before discussing how to have a miscarriage, it’s very important to understand what occurs internally with a miscarriage.

What Causes a Miscarriage?

The cause of miscarriage varies from one pregnancy to the next. A fetus requires the mother’s body to produce specific hormones to act as protectants during pregnancy and supply vital nutrients to the fetus so that it can continue to grow.

Many women have a natural miscarriage for unknown reasons. Infections, diseases, age and trauma are a few causes for a miscarriage that you can’t induce naturally. Instead, the goal of most natural abortion methods is to stop the nutrients or hormones needed for fetus development from being produced. The baby and the placenta are foreign objects in the body.

Hormones are produced by the placenta that will allow it to grow inside of the body without being expelled. Many methods will block this hormone production so that the body undergoes a natural miscarriage without the intervention of doctors of medications, which can cause further side effects.

1. Vitamin C Method

One of the most common methods that people inquire about is how to induce a miscarriage

with Vitamin C. First and foremost, this method doesn’t always work and is only really effective up to the 4 week mark of pregnancy.

Many women may not know that they’re pregnant at this point.

However, many women do state that the Vitamin C method worked for them after 4 weeks, so it’s worth a try if you want to have a natural abortion. The idea is that Vitamin C in large amounts will force a woman to have her menstrual cycle, effectively expelling the fetus in the process.

You can try this method by:

  • Increasing Vitamin C intake through supplementation.
  • Increase intake to a maximum of 6,000 mg a day.
  • Slowly increase intake hourly for best results.

When following this method, you may experience unwanted side effects, such as bloating.

2. Intense Exercise


The body is in a very fragile state during pregnancy. When you’re pregnant, your uterus is growing and your body is constantly trying to keep up to ensure that the fetus remains in a healthy state.

In India, one of the most common methods of abortion is lifting heavy weights.

The excess strain on the body is not recommended by doctors and will often cause a woman to miscarry. You’ll need to undergo a very rigorous workout routine that is enough to cause the body to expel the baby.

3. Cinnamon

Two cinnamon sticks on white background.

The spice cinnamon is a natural stimulant of the uterus. You won’t witness this stimulation unless very high doses of cinnamon are ingested. Cinnamon is also known to help ease the pain of an abortion. For this reason, many women will try the cinnamon method in conjunction with other natural abortion methods to expel the baby and do so without immense pain in the process.

Do not cook the cinnamon as this will reduce the ingredients that speed up the induction of abortion.

Instead, you’re advised to take supplements or eat a lot of raw cinnamon. Supplements are better in most cases because they don’t come with a strong taste, and they’ll contain massive amounts of cinnamon. You’ll want to take these supplements slowly to ensure you do not have an allergic reaction or become sick in the process.

Being natural, cinnamon poses little side effects.

4. Black Cohosh

Black and blue cohosh are two herbs that are also commonly used in India to induce abortion. Cheap in price, these herbs are grown in poor areas and are known to be highly effective forms of causing a miscarriage.

Used in conjunction with each other, blue cohosh and black cohosh are far

more effective.

Cohosh causes the body to make oxytocin and prepares the cervix to rid itself of all contents, including the baby. Contraction stimulation will also occur as a result, so it’s going to feel like giving birth.

This method is so effective that many medical doctors will use cohosh during late pregnancy to induce labor.

Note: You need to be very careful when taking Cohosh.

Small dosages are not toxic, but taking too much will lead to toxic effects that may be lethal depending on the state of your health. It’s recommended to take a little at a time until you find the right dosage for you. It’s better to progress taking cohosh slowly than becoming violently ill in the process.

5. Parsley

Fresh green parsley leaves isolated on white background.

The herb parsley has a lot of Vitamin C, and works in the same manner as Vitamin C abortions. if you plan on taking the herb in its natural form, you’ll want to eat it raw so that it maintains all of its vitamins and nutrients that aid in causing miscarriage.

You can use parsley in a tea form with great results.

What occurs is that you’ll boil water and place the parsley in the water in bunches. This concoction should be drank often in an attempt to cause a miscarriage. Some women also state that sticking parsley in the vagina itself has helped them have a natural abortion.

Out of all the methods mentioned, parsley is the least effective, and it’s recommended using this method with the Vitamin C method for best results.

Complications With Abortions and Miscarriages

Now that you know how to have a miscarriage, it’s important to understand that there are a lot of complications that can and do arise during miscarriage.

  • Herbs and Supplements: High dosages of any herb or supplement may pose severe health risks to the user. It’s very important to practice the utmost caution at this time because, in severe cases, toxicity levels can rise so high that they can be fatal.
  • Fetal Tissue: Leftover tissue may still persist in the body following a miscarriage. Sometimes, this tissue will come out naturally, and there is nothing to worry about. If the tissue persists, it can cause harm to the woman and may need to be removed by a medical professional.
  • Medical Conditions: Women that have medical conditions may have side effects when trying to induce a miscarriage. If you have a medical condition, it’s important to avoid trying to miscarry naturally and seek the help of a medical professional.

Consulting with a medical professional is vital if you have any side effects from a natural miscarriage. While you may find that you’ve successfully miscarried, you’ll want to seek a medical professional if continual bleeding occurs or sickness is felt for a prolonged period of time.

Miscarriage puts immense pressure on the body and is riskier as the pregnancy continues.

Late-stage miscarriages pose a serious health risk to all would-be mothers and need to be conducted with the utmost caution. It’s best to consult with a doctor if you’re past the first trimester for fear that your safety is at risk.

A medical abortion is the safest method, but natural abortions are used every day to force a miscarriage.

Below is an infographic that introduces the 5 ways mentioned above.

Ways to Have a Miscarriage Naturally


        • Sorry that happened to you but don’t take it out on other people who don’t want to have kids and don’t want to use anything either. If they get a std that’s their fault for not using protection even if they get pregnant but who are you to tell someone else how to live…

        • Stfu! You don’t know everyone’s situation! There are girls being abused by family members afraid for there life or losing financial stability for their family. There are women who have been raped beaten and broken. Or who are so broken mentally and spiritually they don’t know how to say no. Bottom line your judgment helps no-one I’m sorry you lost your baby but you can keep trying. Don’t hurt people because you’re hurt.

          • //Don’t hurt people because you’re hurt.// Seriously? You are plotting and helping others to plot the murder of a person!
            Jesus Christ can give you a heart of flesh in place of that heart of stone. He can give you a heart to truly love people, including the child in your womb.
            You have transgressed against God. He loves you in that while you are a sinner He made a way to reconcile with Him through His only son, Jesus Christ. Believe on Him, repent of your sins, the murder you have committed in your heart against your child.

        • Don’t go around judging people because of the situation the find themselves in. How do you know the people seeking this advice didnt practice safe sex? How would you know if its someone that absolutely cannot afford a child. Someone that might have medical complications? You dont know what others are experiencing. I am very sorry for your loss it must be extremely difficult.

    • I think so, I recently gotten raped by my best friend. As they didn’t mean to, and I do forgive them. (They would’ve been killed…) I feel loss in motion and it’s been less then 24 hours. I feel your pain in whats going on, especially sense I’m the one that might be pregnant. But, just know that these might really work! I have hope for you, if you’re having the child or your girlfriend/lover. 🙂

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        Typically people do this because they cannot provide. This doesn’t personally impact you ,so please from all of us worry about yourself.
        This is their life , their decision.
        Life is indeed precious, but god gives us the decision. Have a lovley life.

      • It seems to me that you are the one who needs help. Please take your uneducated and irrational opinions elsewhere. An embryo is not a child. I truly feel sorry for you and I pray that God will forgive you. I suggest you seek help for your ignorance.

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          • Mind your own business. You’re religious beliefs do not dictate other people’s life choices. If you don’t want to have an abortion, great, that’s your choice. If someone else does, that is their choice and no one else’s.

      • Please express your anger and beliefs somewhere else please some people can’t help having the baby due to rape situations and others things just didn’t work. Not having sex isn’t the solution to getting rid of a baby that’s already there and God forgives all of his creatures. My Grandma had a child before she was married but tried to be rid of it and she’s a Christian through and through. She’s a lovely woman and if God hasn’t forgiven her then he’s not going to forgive anyone. So please, don’t bring these women down when they’re already going through enough, even if you believe they deserve it.

        • One does not need to make another victim because they were victimized. If someone is raped, that’s truly horrible….but becoming a murderer in reaction to that is equally as horrible (or even worse!). Motherhood is hard, but I’m such a feminist that I know women can rise up to it.

          • SOo Gina if you were raped and fell pregnant you would keep the child? i think some woman choose to rid the baby because they would be a constant reminder of a horrible ordeal that happened to them . Or what if they dont raise the chld well? they abuse the child for what their father did to them? or what if the child grows up to be a rapist themselves taking after their father. unless you were raped ,fell pregnant and successfully raised the child it would be best to reserve your comment.Thou shall not Judge

        • A pre-born child conceived by rape is no less valuable than one who is conceived in love. Please stop dehumanizing people in order to justify murdering them. Abortion and rape are wrong for the same reason…they are both violent attacks on someone else’s body.

      • I understand completely how God’s gift of life is one of His greatest miracles. I would never have considered this…until this situation has come about. I have learned from my current situation to not judge others, for that is His place. First, let me share my past…was raped by 2 illegal aliens I did not know while walking to my car from store. I conceived from that. Even from a horrific scene, I still believed in my daughter’s life and now have my successful and beautiful 19 yr old daughter. I love her with all my heart. But it would be a lie if I said it doesn’t remind me of that event. Adoption I was working with at first…but she is my blood. Grateful that something beautiful came out of something evil. But also think of how tough it is to explain to my child, once she became of adult age, who her biological father is. Simply said, “trust me in that it is better to be left unsaid and safe!” I do know their names as I did report to police and they were caught, went on trial, and deported after serving their sentence.
        But today, faced with a new trial…I’m now 45, married and had even started menopause. I am not well, as I have Multiple Sclerosis. Have had major treatments with hardcore drugs, a recent heart attack, xrays, MRI, etc. My age, my illness and extremely high risks of the baby to have major health problems. To top off, it has been said I am not likely to survive and even if I do it will make the disease progress to where my husband will have to care for me the same way as the baby. So, today, I am faced with a Huge moral and spiritual situation. God does not give us permission to judge for him. And yes, I am praying for guidance and strength. Let God judge, He asks if us is to love one another as He loves us. He’ll handle the rest.

      • I have a diagnosis called a blighted ovum, which is when the pregnancy stops progressing. My body does not recognize that this pregnancy is not viable, so it still thinks it’s pregnant. My doctor said I can wait one more week to see if I will miscarry naturally, or I have to get a D and C abortion done. If I wait too long without the D and C, I am at a high risk for infection. So, I would like to try some of these remedies to miscarry naturally as I do not want to go through a D and C. 🙁

    • i need help…. i am 14 years old and in almost 3 months pregnant i believe, i’m not really sure. and i don’t want to be a mother at 15 im really scared and don’t know what to do someone please give me some advice

      • come and live with me and have the baby and decide later if you want to keep it….and if not, then I’ll adopt it…..and maybe later , when you’re older, you’ll feel ready enough to take the child .

        • Hi Jackeline

          It’s okay to be scared. I was terrified when I found out I was pregnant. It’s not always puppies and pancakes. But there is help and hope for you today. Do you know that God says in Psalm 127 that your little baby is a blessing from the Lord? Turn to Christ and have mercy on your little baby.

          Do you have any support where you are at?

        • Um 4 months pregnant and I thot I could take care of the baby with the help of my family but noone as of their reactions seem interested. So if I can miscarry it’s better CX I hv nowhere to go

        • Hello…. I’ve just found out that I am 4 weeks pregnant and I’m scared I don’t believe in abortions but I am scared that my family will chase me out of the house and I will end up in the street I don’t know what to do

      • Jackeline Ramirez plz don’t kill your baby, you will be an amazing mom, and if you don’t want to be a mother, plenty of people will take your child for you.

    • I’m 15 and missed my period and had unprotected sex I need help how’s the best way I can cause a miscarriage I’m scared for my life

  1. I am currently using the vitMin c method and also Presley. I started 1000mg of vitamin every two hours a week ago and started bleeding lightly on and off so I thought u would use something along with it so I started drinking ginger tea yesterday and am now loosing brownish discharge. I have bought fresh parsley today and inserted it into my Virginia and also started drinking it I can feel cramps in my belly very lightly and loosing more brown discharge with a red colour too it I will keep you all informed if it works… I can’t keep the baby as it isn’t fair bringing a baby into the world with no daddy and I can’t afford too look after it. I need to wait for the right time in life for a baby am still only young my self

  2. When are these methods meant to be started? Is it when you’ve confirmed that you’re pregnant, or right after an unprotected intercourse? Also, if you’ve already taken an emergency pill like i-pill/morning after, is it safe to try these in the coming weeks, before even 3 weeks?

    • If you’ve taken the morning after pill you won’t need to try these things. The morning after pill is the strongest thing you can be given, there’s zero to no chance of being pregnant after taking the morning after pill.

      • Just a quick comment watch what day after pill you use I use the plan b at Walgreens for $40.00 an still ended up pregnant just found out when no period came ????

          • You have to take the morning pill/plan b withing 24 hours. Its effectiveness ranges up to 98% but if you missed taking it within 24 hrs, you’re dead.

          • Plus the plan b pill only works because it stops you from ovulating. So if you’ve ovulated already, your s.o.l

        • Omg im pregnant now i bought the plan b pill from rite aid every time but this 1 and only time i purchased it at walgreens and note im 9weeks pregnabt wanting to kill myself! Im so sick Mentally emotional n physically!

      • You absolutly can get pregnat on you period. The cramping before your period is your body prepareing to get pregnat. The cramping after you period us your body droping the egg… The hight of pregnacy is durring ovulation which is a fewdays before and a few days your period. So basically there is only a week out of the month you a most lkely to not get pregnat. Dont go on not taking birthcontrol and having unprotected sex. And if you do have unprotected sex make sure you are married or it is not with some loser who has no money to take care of you and a baby. As a rule… just dont have sex with broke ass men and dont have sex with more than one guy a month and always track your period and always mark the guy’s first and last name on the calender the day you had sex. =LIFE LESSONS LEARNED! If you are more than a month late you should make plans with an addoption agencey or talk to your parents. After a month of pregnancy its pretty much killing an actual baby and it is too late. If you are doing this after six month you are likly to really be causing some mental disabilities to the child. So be smart about it. Good luck ladies.

        • Lmfao……. WHAT?????? PLEASE, tell me you’re joking right? You HAVE to be. Lol your menstrual cycle is the shedding of the lining of your uterus BECAUSE an egg did NOT implant. NOT because it is preparing to get pregnant. Lol see, this is what happens when you don’t pay attention in class. But a simple google would fix that. Please dont spread false information if you are uninformed or unsure.

          • And where exactly do you think the lining of your uterus comes from?? You ovulate days before you bleed. During ovulation your egg is released. In that time, your uterus forms an endometrial lining so that a fertilized egg can implant. If your egg does not get fertilized, it will not implant therefore it will shed the longing that was meant to maintain a pregnancy! Smdh women should thoroughly educate themselves on the female body especially if your going to call someone out in it!

          • Dr will tell u another egg may already be in there & ready as u r having ur period… also learned that in health class in 9th grade

      • That is absolutely false. I took the morning after pill less than 10 hrs after intercourse. A week later I thought I was getting my period, though it was apparently just spotting, as I am now 4 1/2 weeks pregnant. If taken less than 24 hrs after intercourse, the morning after pill is said to be 95% effective, 24-72 hrs 80% effective.

        • were you ovulating then when you had the sex? If yes then that’s why you’re pregnant coz if you have an unprotected sex when ovulating and you still take an emergency contraceptive pill, it won’t stop you from getting pregnant.
          If you’re ovulating it’s best to either protect yourself or not have sex at all. That’s what happened to me. I didn’t know and am now 4 weeks gone.

          • Actually the morning after pill will work if taken when ovulating because the pill will stop the egg from implanting. One of the ways it works is it either stops ovulation or it will stop implantation. I took the morning after pill and I was ovulating and it prevented pregnancy

      • Hi there I have taken the morning after pill straight after having sex most people have said it’s effective but I still haven’t received my periods so I’ve been taking parsley and I drink ginger with boiling water can you please give me some advice for I am also not ready for a baby

      • The morning after pill is not an abortion pill it will NOT terminate a pregnancy. It is only a dose of bc pills that can stop an egg from releasing because sperm can live inside you for 5 days. If an egg has released the morning after pill will do nothing

      • Your incorrect. The condom broke and I took the day after pill and just found out I’m pregnant. So it is possible to get pregnant after taking the day after pill.

  3. I did the vitamin c supplements at 8 weeks and it worked for me..if you have any questions put them below with yvee at the end and I’ll make sure to answer

  4. Why does Noone answer any of these questions or replies? These methods are time sensitive for some of us, at least for me they are. How do I know if the method is working? How soon should I start bleeding etc…?

    • Anon, idk if you’ve heard of but it’s a great resource with lots of testimonials. Though since it’s the only thorough website I can find, I guess there’s a good chance you already know of it. I wish I could be more help but I’m in the exact same situation myself.

  5. Iam 31yrs old, 4weeks prego
    I can’t keep it since i lost my job and no money but my boyfriend agreed about abortion idea since i don’t want to take abortion pills i rather do it natural in my home here
    Today i sat in the hot tub for 40mins on temperature 104 try to loosen it up alil i guess
    And sadly i didn’t have no parsley tea bags all i had was from the rack lol so i did 2tablespoons into hot hot water and i drank it, the parsley that was all on top i took most of it out and i ate it raw and drank hot water to flush it down. But my boyfriend will pick up vitamin C and parsley regimen and even the leafs so i can put 2leafs up in my vagina to speed up the process. Ill write back once im experience bleeding and cramps and even blood clots. Good luck everyone

    • I highly doubt these will work for you. As your baby is of a larger size being 4 months I think your best chance is to book in to an abortion clinic and have them do the procedure properly. Doing this at home being 4 months could be dangerous to your health.
      Let the professionals help you this time. Good luck

      • am pregnant 2 to 3 weeks.i have eaten three lemons today with hot water.will i receive my periods tomoro?please respond to me kindly

        • I haven’t started the vitamin c supplements yet but have done extensive research. I read you need the kind with ascorbic acid-which is usually in the cheapest supplements u can find-from a drugstore, preferably generic brand because they’re made with more chemicals as opposed to being all natural. Do NOT get the kind with bioflavanoids in it because they can actually prevent miscarriage. I also read to take hourly until you reach 6000mg to ensure it doesn’t make you sick (so like 1000mg supplements every 6 hrs, and do this anywhere from 5-10 days. I plan to do 10 days unless I miscarry before the 10 day mark. Better safe than sorry! Also, adding black cohosh to the mix increases chances of miscarriage…but have read it can be quite painful and feels like labor pains ? Hope this helps. Best of luck and prayers for all of you!

  6. Situation: Currently deployed (non-combat) but no option to go to a clinic (not available in this country.
    Had period and 6 days after period ended had unprotected sex. 6 days after that bleeding bright red blood (not small but not period like) for like 4 days (not enough to fill a full tampon). Week n half later started full blown period but it was bright red with thick somewhat blood clots. The day prior I was really sick with a terrible cough (country sickness) and woke up and threw up immediately just once took a pregnancy test later and it was negative. Started feeling extremely bloated and acid reflux. Next day the same and took a pregnancy test and it was negative. The next day started the Vitamin C. I don’t really have the opportunity to get other herbs other than cinnamon. . . What more can I do? How much should I take? I need to lose weight at the same time and hide this as long as possible. If I am pregnant it would make me 4 1/2 weeks

    • Can you please help me I am so scared and confused. I don’t know what to do, I’m only 17 about 4 days ago I had sex for the first time. I really can’t get pregnant now! I didn’t think we’d go that far.I’ve had the same symptoms and I fell so horrible. I also don’t have the opportunity to get other herbs besides cinnamon and vitamin c. Did it help you? What can u do?

  7. I was 10 days late for my period and knew that it was only a few days prior when I had my whoops. I started taking 500mg of vitamin c every hour. I also made a tea with parsley and spiked it heavily with cinnamon. Lastly I inserted parsley as close to my cervix as possible. Today on day 3, I’m horribly ill. Terrible diarrhea, cramping and a headache. But…I started bleeding today. I know I’m successful with method because of the pain I’m having with it. All in all, I’m thankful I did this and look forward to this nightmare being over. Good luck everyone!

  8. Hi, I’m 18 and I think I’m pregnant. My last period was on May 1 to May 4 and then I had sex with a condom but there was a hole in the condom on May 12. The following week I was experiencing serious cramps all week and increased vaginal fluid. I was expecting my period on May 28 but it hasn’t come. Today is June 8th and I’m experiencing a bit of lower back pain and a pain in my tummy but that may be fear. Could anyone tell me how many weeks pregnant I would be and if the Vitamin C method would work for me? Thanks!!

    • Anna Just so you know I am 43 and I too am pregnant now and I just took my 6000 mg of vitamin c. Like you I just found out I was and I am in no way shape ready to have another kid. I had 2 other miscarriages naturally due to age I think but not sure about this one. I am about month along so I am going to try it and see what happens

  9. Am 23 and am almost five months pregnant and my man is really stressing me n am thinking of aborting naturally best way for me please

    • Hello dear,

      I’m sorry, but at 5 months pregnant, you can not have a natural abortion. The baby is too big. It could be fatal for you and there is a good possibility that it would not work, but could cause deformities in the baby. I suggest you contact Planned Parenthood in your area today to discuss your options. I can’t remember when the cutoff time for abortion is, but it sounds like you are very close if you haven’t already passed it.

      Also, I don’t know in what situation you are with your partner. If it is in any way abusive, I am not suggesting you stay. BUT, if the is no abuse, it could be pregnancy hormones. I felt the same way.
      I am not at all minimising if there are major problems, in which case, you should get out.

      I’m so sorry you are in a difficult situation.

      Sending hugs

  10. I think I’m pregnant and want to do the cinnamon an vitamin c method how long do I have to do it in order for it to work??? Please reply soon????

  11. hellow am two months pregnant have tryed lemon but nothing is working kindly help what else should i use i dont want to keep the baby…

  12. I started the black cohosh regimen today. I am approximately 9 weeks pregnant and I am no condition to raise a child at this moment. I have taken 500 mg every hour for the past 3 hours. I will keep you updated on whether I am successful or not.

  13. I’m 10weeks and I’ve been taken cinnamon(1000mg) and black cohosh (540mg) I been taken them twice a day but I take two of each and I done no if its working for me cause I have a half bottle of cinnamon left and 6 pills of the black cohosh left. I’m scared that it might not be working for me cause I my stomach getting a lil hard to me but I have been haven cramps and colored discharges for over two weeks… Can I get any kind of help from you lady’s cause I’m scared in don’t want to pay 650 for an abortion, let me know if I need to take something else please and thank you

  14. I am trying the vitamin c as of today im about 7 to 8 weeks tomorrow I will buy parsley as well and black cohosh tea I will let you know if it works also im using the vitiam c packets that you drop in water and drink it it has 1.000mg I will also be buying the vitamin c pill

    • Update I took 2 40mg black cohosh and I took 1 pill every hour well so far I took 2 but every hour and I feel some cramping but pressure at the same time I used to feel like throwing up all the time but after taking the vitamin c yesterday that urge stopped

  15. I had sex on the 20th of June condom broke. I have taking three pregnancy test so far all came back negative. My period is almost a week late. I’m not ready for another baby at the moment can anyone help me on what vitamin c pills to take

    • So your girlfriend is 1 month pregnant. Do you know what you want to do already? Do you want to be a daddy or you are unprepared?
      If unprepared, tell her how you feel and if abortion is an option, try out these home remedies,

      I think so far, 1-3 tablespoons Cinnamon every hour and 1000mg of Vitamin C per hour, 1-2 papaya a day and maybe 1 bag sesame seeds per a day will help big time.

      All of these are natural so there should be big side effects besides cramping, bleeding, etc.
      If you want to be more sure, go to the doctor.

      All in all, it takes 2 to tango, so decide with your girlfriend, and remember it’s your girlfriend who is carrying the child, you should think of her too.

      until next time, good luck

    • Hey people,

      I have had many questions and was really worried as well but i finally figured it out and i wanna tell you all how. Well first I recommend eating limes/lemons and placing a hot waterbottle on your stomach! This does cause your period bc well i got mine it took a few days of eating lime though , the hot pad or bottle definitely helps though good luck! But next time guys use pretection????.-.

  16. Hey everybody,
    I had sex on a very dangerous day, *slaps forehead* and unprotected sex too.
    So I should be about one week away from my period but I am not taking any chances if I am pregnant or not. I want my period to come like it is supposed to.
    I just started by taking two tablespoons of cinnamon, I think I will take about 1 tablespoon every hour after this one and I take about 1000mg per hour also. I just started. I will let you know how it works.

  17. Too much risks .Rather go to planned parenthood .You never know what can theses herbs cause later in the future to your body.

  18. I’m 9 weeks and 6 days pregnant. Im 17 I’m young to have a baby. What would be the best option to loose this baby.

  19. Period 6 days late. 5 negative at home pregnancy tests. 1 negative doctors pregnancy test. Trying to induce period just in case hormone levels are too low to register on a test.

    Started with 3000mg of vitamin c and 1000 hourly up to 6000mg. No period, but bloating, swollen breasts and cramping. All my normal period symptoms. Will check back for day 2.

  20. Hi I’m 16 and I am a week late on my cycle. I don’t know if I’m pregnant or not but I have period symptoms but no bleeding. The question I’m asking is what method do yall prefer me to use for my situation.??? Plz reply

  21. Ok ladies, I’m on day four using vitamin C, cinnamon, & parsley. I’ve taken 6000mg of vitamin C, 200mg of cinnamon & drank parsley tea daily. So far no symptoms that suggest it is working. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

  22. My bf rub his penis on my vgina with a condom 2 times it’s a week ago nw i have nausea n cramps in my belly n headach too i can’t buy vitamin c n parsly but have Cinnamon at home.. What should i do .plzzzzz help . m 16

  23. Hi..I’m 21 i lost my virginity and I came across this blog in may when i missed my period for 5-6days after having unprotected sex twice a week to my supposed period.. I was so devastated cos I’m in a medical school and cant afford to get pregnant.Then i bought a lot of oranges and a whole pineapple and ate them all up.. The next day i ate only oranges and stressed myself a lot.. Cramps came in, then later brownish discharge then i got my period a day later or so but it lasted for just 2days instead of 3 which was the 5the of June and in July my period came normally but i had sex few hours after my period started but the condom tore but my bf who is a doctor said its cool and i cant get pregnant but im now 12 days to my next period and im scared.. What can i do??

  24. Did i forget to add that i have 2 apps tracking my cycle and i have irregular periods on the average of 33days and on one on the trackers i was meant to ovulate 2 days ago and on the other im meant to ovulate today. But not virginal discharges on any of those days except last week when i had a creamy discharge for abt 3-4 days but now its all dry..should i be worried..pls help

  25. hi guys,pls help,im 3 weeks late on my period,i have severe morning sickness,i dont want a baby,my boyfriend wont talk to me after i told him i might be pregnant,i have 3 kids already,the last is 10mnths old,im 25,unemployed,pls help.
    i want to try the parsley and vitamin c,but i dont know where to buy the vitamin c,im in swaziland,does any kind work,plss help im desperate

  26. Pls I’m 9weeks and I’m not in a position to care for a baby now, Pls I want to know what kind of vitamin c that I need to take and how long I need to take it, I don’t have access to cinnamon and parsley. Pls help me!

  27. I’m 2 months and a week pregnant . can herbal abortion method still works ? I started taking dong quai(530mg) + vitamin C (500mg) + parsley infusion today . I take one tablet of the two every hour with the parsley . will it work ? Need some advice .

  28. hi I’m four weeks pregnant, I used misoprostol, it didn’t work, I tried cytotec, it didn’t work and I used d cytotec again didn’t still work I don’t know if I should try d vitamin C method

  29. I’ve been taking vit c up to 6000 mg a day for the past 3 day today I start my 4 day and I had a lot of cramps but thats it can anyone tell me how long should I wait till I see bleeding.

  30. I will start taking cinnamon but can anyone tell me how much should I take a day? I really don’t want to go to one of those clinics since I don’t have anyone to take me

  31. I’m 14 weeks pregnant and don’t want to keep the baby what is the best way to lose the baby I’m not ready to bring up a child without its dad and don’t really have the money

  32. I’m going to beggin the procedure. My plan is begging whit cinammon tea and VitC, eat a lemon daily and put warm water on my belly. Can someone advice me if it’s safe or if it’s better to try them for separate?

  33. I try the vitamine c and I was told by some one that this methods doesn’t really work best thing is to go to a clinic I was told that you don’t need anybody with you

  34. So, I’m not sure if I am or I am not prego but I have all the early symptoms and it’s been 2 weeks I’m suppose to get my period on the 7th which is this Wed.
    But I am not getting my regular “about to get my period symptoms.

    I am paranoid and I really can’t waste another minute.
    I’m 27 currently unemployed and kids are not a thing I want and I still can’t find a doctor that will be willing to tie my tubes…

    So, since I’m trying not to take any chance at having a mini me in me what’s the best method and fastest. Should I wait to see if I miss my period?
    What if I miss my period because I am so stressed over this bs.?
    Idk what to do any more. I’ve been literally drinking way too much wine and other kinds of alcohol bev. I think thinning my blood should help, right?!

  35. i took cinnammon and started to have light bleeding..after a week i took again en had clots like blood and the pain is driving mi crazy i cnt sleep

  36. I could b two weeks preg n my lo is 11 months and its 3 days i have missed my menses..Im scared to do a home test i want to induced period..Someone advice on the best way

  37. I am on the vitamin C and the pineapple as well as the hot bath i started it two days ago…At least should there be any signs that it is really going to work..

  38. Hi, i took a pregnancy test today and the last time i had sex that i was somehow fertile that time was about 14-18 days ago. will the vitamin c work for me? and should i supplement it with something more? should i start today right away? please help me. i cant have this baby because im at work in a country where it is prohibited to be pregnant when you’re not married. i need a reply asap pls.

  39. Im 8 weeks pregnant. Do you think this will work for me?? I started last night putting some parsley in my vagina and make a infusion of parsley and drinks it .. i also took vitamin c 500mg/hr and i already took 6 of it now.. i still don’t feel anything .. please help me and advise please

  40. I found out I was pregnant a week before my missed period. I have children and know my body so I took a pregnancy test. I immediately started taking 1000mg of vitamin c six times a day. 6000mg a day. I also made a parsley tea and inserted 2 sprigs into my vagina. I did this 2 days. On the third day I added 4 capsules of dong quai. I started to bleed the next morning. For everyone on here 8 weeks and over in their pregnancy you should know it is going to be harder to do an herbal abortion. It is best if you are very early on. If you take herbs past this point and start to bleed, you have to go to the doctor to make sure it is a complete miscarriage or else you can get an Infection that could be deadly. If you take herbs and it did not work, the baby could have birth defects. Vitamin c is safe, it will not cause birth defects if it doesn’t work. However there are powerful herbs that will cause birth defects and if you are doing research online please be aware of that. Good luck everyone.

  41. Hi, I need answers! What type of vitamin C did you girls take? I’m not ready for another baby, I currently have a 5 month old & my husband really wants another one but like I said I’m not ready.. Please help me, I need to know how you did it, I’d appreciate it so much, thank you

  42. Hello evione,

    dis Lois, sisters l just dnt recal d day dis sperm fertilize cos we both follow my cycle,only sm few days back l realized “potent sperms” live for 3 – 4 days b4 they die off.

    Now my Fiance want me to hv his baby, Charley, u cud testify d wat eva in Gods name would happen. Am a nurse myself b
    ut now want to try d VitC method, cos l Dnt just want him to know lv done dat n inform him lv had a miscarriage. Hope it work early cos am startn rit today ASAP. baebs l need ur prayers cos l want dis tn to cm on Wednesday .am in deeeeep pit trouble. wl update. u ladies .????????

    • Alx can you please tell me what you did to make it work at 5 weeks I’m 4 weeks pregnant and need help I can’t afford abortion pill at a clinic it’s almost $600 please tell me what you did and how many you took a day ?

  43. I was 4 weeks pregnant and had to use a mix of black and blue cohosh (any vitamin store will have it) along with dong quai. I did this 11 months ago and it worked. I miscarried about a week to a week and a half after starting the methods. The cramps were extreme and I drank a lot of alcohol at the time, but it worked. I was blacked out when someone slept with me and I had no idea who the father even was, so I was definitely not about to bring a baby into the world!

  44. I’m 11 weeks and 3 days pregnant I’m not in a stable or healthy relationship to have this baby please someone tell me what will work

    • Hey, did you ended up trying anything. I am also 9 weeks. I did the vitaminC at 6 weeks.but only did it for 3 days and didn’t work. Let me know if you tried anything thanks

  45. Sir my wife has 1 child of 7 month and she daily feed it now she is 8 week pregnant
    She and I don’t need baby please help any one
    What to do
    Can your process can create any problem in my 1 child feeding

  46. Hi, I actually tried vitamin c did took 1000mg i was 11 weeks and i was really running out of time so i gave i a try and i did start getting here and there cramps and started spotting and lil brown discharge and took me like 2 to 3 weeks to actually have a miscarriage . One day i had really awful cramps i couldnt take it and started to bleed more then usual and i went to the bathroon and notice i had a miscarriage.

  47. im starting to do this ..i hope it works ..i have unexpected pregnancy , we (my husband) and is not ready for the next baby ..i was late to discover i am pregnant ..i am 4weeks pregnant ..can you help me?? how can i do it? i cried everyday bcoz of this problem ..i hope someone here help me ..reply with this comment and ill give my yahoomail to discuss this

  48. I was 5 weeks pregnant and even though I loved the idea of having a baby it wasn’t the right time. The miscarriage happened really quickky so I am not sure if I was mis carrying anyway. but it only took me one day to miscarry. I drank 5 cups of black coffee and cut a whole lemon in small pieces sprinkled salts on them and ate them with their skin and I had 2 vitamin c 1000mg. the next day I started bleeding. it has been a week now I’m still bleeding and yesterday I was passing out red cloths.

  49. I’m suppose to have my menses on the 10 but had sex that same day and the condom burst. Till now my menses have not come. Could I be pregnant? I still have cramps and my breast is not with a little or no tenderness and the areolas are normal. Pls could it be that I’m pregnant.

  50. I’m 9 weeks pregnant found out I was pregnant last week the baby daddy only gave me 250 for an abortion I sat cross legged on my bed bouncing hard up and down and twisting my stomach side to side I got till next week be my 10 week anyone have any tips or ideas I’d greatly appreciate it I am 21

  51. I havent started my period in 3 weeks i took a pregnancy test the first week a missed my period and it came out negative. Its not like me to miss my period. What should i do?

  52. Hi good day,, since this is my option i would need help. I could not bring the baby in ds world without father. My bf left me, even in phone i cant reach him so i decided to terminate this ,we had sex on 03/23 and 03/30, without condoms, its stupid u know.. On 04/6 i expected my period but it hasn’t come so i took PT on that day but found negative after 7 days i took again then it came positive, i thought I’m not pregnant cuz i didn’t felt any symptoms even sore breast i didn’t felt, after i took PT im so scared. I research google and i know there are lot of herbs that can cause miscarriage. I bought parsley and vitamin C 500mg, i took vitamin C everyhour per tablet.on the first day i took i feel pain in my lower abdomen and in the back of hips and my breast came sore and i feel my stomach bloated. I drink a parsley tea also and put a sprig in my vagina i changed it every 12 hrs. I ate pineapple and drink a cinnamon also. I lift heavy things ….Today is my second day i used this method. Hoping it will work i don’t know what to if it is doesn’t… I’m about to 6 weeks pregnant. Need somebodys help…

  53. Hi I’m 12 weeks pregnant and is in a bine!!!!I’m not financially stable…..and can’t afford to take care of this baby….I just found out yesterday I’m 12 weeks …I’ve lost a lot of weight I Dont eat very much..A few months ago I was 205 now I’m 165….I really could use some help…….any suggestions…

  54. @Yvee
    Im 8weeks too
    I wanna try the vitamin C method
    please tell me how you took your vitamin C n how long did they take to work for you?

    • My girlfriend try doing all of these and did not work. She even dud drugs and large amounts of alcohol. However, i heard the the plan b pill conceptive pills help you cause a miscarriage if your No more than 12 weeks.

  55. Hi am Linda i had sex on MY fouth free day and now am 5days late the thing is that i have this irregular period but i feel some abdominal pain i wanted to try the vit c method what should i do please i really need an answer

  56. I will share my experience I used to onset my period/miscarriage. I always write down my periods and when my last one didnt come on time I did research right away. My period usually comes on the 23rd til the 28th of the month and when the 25th came and I still hadnt had my period I was not about to wait any longer. Ive been using the pull out and condom method for about 10 months and moving forward Ill be using the pill as well if I decide to have intercourse. well I went to Wal-Mart and got (Spring Valley) Black CoHosh,(Spring Valley) Papaya Enzyme and (Nature Made) Vitamin C- chewable orange with natural flavors.Went to GNC and got (gnc herbal plus) DONG QUAI. ALL PILLS . PLEASE GET THESE SPECIFIC BRANDS because they are the most effective . take as soon as possible (with 2 bottled water
    I took all at once
    4 vitiman c
    5 Black Cohosh
    6 Papaya Enzyme
    3 Dong Quai
    This may seem like a lot but its all NATURAL from the earth
    I ate 2 pieces of bread in between I hadnt ate all day because I wanted the vitimans to work
    I waited 4 hours after that and took
    4 more vitiman c
    4 Papaya Enzyme
    2 Black Cohosh
    2 dong quai
    after that I let about 3 hours go by I started cramping a little but it wasnt the normal period cramp more like a small gas bubble. I went to the bathroom and went to sleep about 2hours my next step may seem dumb but I promise you its not.this will make it work and start your period HAVE SEX and not that slow making love bs Im talking about let him beat it down (may need a black man with a big penis and some force make sure hes hitting it from the front (face to face) with your legs up and a CONDOM ON!!!! as soon as you guys are done sit on the toilet for 10- 15 mins keep pushing out as if you are trying to pee take a 10 min cold then hot shower and your period will START ((I am in no way telling you to do this Im only telling you what I did and what worked for me. I am not a doctor or herbalist I have only did a little research and didnt have the time to wait to see if my period would ever come. as women its our body and no one should ever be able to tell us how to use it. In other countries they have abortion pills you can order and take yourself in the privacy of your own home for less than $300 and thats the deluxe pack if youre months along. being in America they are money hungry it shouldnt cost an arm &a leg to do this. the plan b pill only works 2or3 days after so that wasnt going to work for me some may think its wrong but what about all the sperm that die in condoms a throat or just splattered across the floor??? ((I also had bad cramping for a 2 or 3 days longer (a small nose bleed) than usual but its manageable))

  57. I m not sure that i m pregnant or not and i have done unprotected sex begore 3 days of my periods.i have done this before 2 days what should i do please tell.will vitamin c will heLP and tell best vitamin c medicine

  58. hey my name is oshine Cummings am 19 and am five months pregnant and I don’t want and I Want to know how to have a miscarriage cause if it gets any older am gonna kill myself I swear to god

  59. please I need help can anyone help me please please please I need help please my number is 18768911103 my life depends on it please am begging for help please I don’t want to kill myself please pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I need help please

  60. Has anyone tried cinnamon 1000mg supplements mixed with vitamin c 500mg supplements??? I would like to try that. Need results as quick as possible.

  61. The vitamin C method does not work. I tried it and it does not work please don’t waste your time try taking ibuprofen 600mg along with coke and black cohosh.

  62. Hi I am 14yrs old and I think I’m pregnant but me and the guy had sex like 5days ago so is it best that I start doing this now just in case becuz I can’t have a baby right now my parents would kill me. I am trying to find a way to buy a pregnancy test and I’m hoping it won’t be positive. If so which one would be best and more affective?

    • Hi all, I want to share how I miscarriaged using papaya and sesame seeds. I was maybe 6weeks when I started using papaya and I ate a lot , I couldn’t get green papaya so I bought which was not very ripe and I ate 1 papaya in 3 times that means 1 in the morning and 1 time in the evening and next morning, that much quantity I ate. I did it for 3 days and thought it’s not working so I started sesame seeds with it and on the fourth day I started to spot a little and I was happy to c that so I continued with sesame seeds method and after 1 week I started cramping and bleeding a lot so I stopped eating sesame seeds and in 2-3 days I had a natural miscarriage. I took 1 tablespoon sesame mixed with 1 teaspoon jaggery or u can use honey . I dry roast sesame seeds and kept aside and used that combination 1 time in the morning before breakfast and one at night after dinner. I was not very sure if it’s going to work so I took a doctors appointment also and the day I went to the doctor that afternoon I already had miscarriage at home which I didn’t come to know and when she did ultrasound she didn’t c anything. I wasn’t sure so she took blood test and repeated after 4 days and there was no pregnancy. I was in a lot of pain for 3-4 days so I stayed home and I was in no condition to work a lot because of cramps but in the end it all worked out. It’s been a week now and bleeding has almost stopped but I feel very week . I hope this helps someone because I searched every article online to help me through this. Hope it helps.

  63. For the cinnamon method… exactly how much cinnamon should I be taking. I bought supplements that are 1,000 mg and I’ve been taking 2 a day and also doing the vitamin C method as well… I’m too nervous to take a pregnancy test so I’m hoping by doing this will help me start my period soon….

    • I’ve been wanting a baby for so long but I cannot have a baby this way if I am pregnant…. my significant other is awear of the situation and he’s supporting me through it…. I’m scared to take the test because I don’t know how I may react if I’m pregnant with a baby who’s father forced himself upon me. I am only saying this because I have seen some replys to people saying terrible things and putting them down about “killing their baby”… but aside from being unprotected, that’s not always the case): I hope that people will realize that their very strong opinions don’t need to be said… and to those of you who’ve gotten pregnant by mistake, it’s okay. You are strong and you will get though it. Just do the best you can and if things get worse for you please seek attention from a clinic. But most of all please stay safe and be careful <3

  64. I was 1 week and five days pregnant. I took two teaspoons of Cinnamon (offbrand) and drunk two cups of coffee (foldgers) and the next day I was bleeding regular period pains nothing severe. I feel fine but I still recommended vitamin c consumption if you are more than two weeks. The more weeks the more methods you have to use. My advice is to cath it early as possible. After 9 weeks don’t expect too much a friend of mine tried all of these when she was nine weeks and had to end up keeping her baby because she was too far in. Everybody body differs but the coffee (very dark roast no sugar or cream) and cinnamon worked perfectly.

    • @bernita you’re too far along to use this method, your best option would probably be to get an abortion at a clinic .

      Best of luck …

  65. Hi, I’m 2 weeks pregnant and 17 years old. My fiancé and I can’t have a baby right right now, anyways what is the fastest most durable method and what do I do exactly? Does the cinnamon method really work, I’m not allergic to it.

  66. Hello, Can someone please help me? When I had unprotected sex I had my period like 3 days afterwards.Than maybe like 2weeks later I started feeling weird my stomach was hurting, My breast hurted for like a day and I was just scared. Than I took 5 pregnancy tests and they said Negative but im still feeling these pregnancy symptoms. Im bleeding and my stomach is hurting. Im going to start taking the Vitamin C pills to see if they work. Will they work? How will I know if this misscarrage worked?

  67. i’m only an early teen and i had sex about 4 days ago and its august 1st now, i haven’t been on my birth control for a while and he came inside me. It was the day after my period ended that we had sex, and i’m terrified that i could be pregnant. Because i 100% couldn’t have it if it got to that point so i’m wondering would/could i start these methods now??

  68. I think i am 3 weeks pregnant i started the cinnamon method and I’ve been trying to eat a lot of fruits that have victims c in them but nothen has happened so far my period was suppose to come a week ago

  69. hi. im about 9-10 weeks pregnant . i can’t afford an abortion nor can i afford to have another baby at this moment at life . ive seen some of the stories where the vit c method has worked for women up to 11 weeks. right now i am currently taking vit c, black cohosh, & cinnamon. i have placed fresh parsley on my vagina and also made tea out of it. any other suggestions? willing to try anything.

  70. when parsley leaf is been inserted into the vaginal or taken as tea can it cause|stimulate cervical dilatation during case the cervix refuse to open or dilate/

  71. Hey guys….im doin ma higher grade in a foreign university….im bleeding brown and pink….i guess its implantation bleeding…and in a week im having my medical check frm ma university which dey do every year…if dey found me pregnant i would be out of d country….so pls tel me to stop all dis stuffs!!

  72. I can’t have a baby, I’m far too young and I haven’t even started my life yet. I’m guessing that I am around four to six weeks, does anyone have any more recommendations for a natural miscarriage?

  73. Here is my experience from years ago: I tried vit c tablets (6,000 mg per day), black cohosh, parsley, and vit e. I took these for a week. By the end of the week, they were making me nauseous taking them especially the vit c tablets and black cohosh. I have a terrible aversion to them now. They did not work for me. I finally ended up going to a clinic. I was not far along enough, so I had to wait another week or two to get the pill. Pill worked great – for one evening I was in horrible pain and began to bleed.
    I recommend trying the herbal way… clinic way was a somewhat bad experience just from having to go there, etc. For me, I’d try high caffeine and vit c if this were to happen to me again… but probably won’t work. I used Ella before if I had a late period…(never took a pregnancy test though) I would call up, have it shipped, and take it the next day. I’d then get my period a week later after taking it.

  74. On October 3rd I was ovulating and had sex and the person did not pull out so I did some research and on the 5th I started taking vitamin c 6000mg the one without rose hips and drinking a lot of fresh parsley tea made from the leaves. I did it for four days also i ate alot of pineapple within those days then stopped about a week later I started spotting and then got my period on October 16th day before it was scheduled to come I did this as a preventive measure to make sure I did not get pregnant. WHEN YOU DO THIS METHOD YOU WILL KNOW IT’S WORKING WHEN YOU START TO OVERHEAT AND GET HOT FLASHES.

  75. Its nine days now from the day I missed my periods Iam going to use the lemon and hot water bottle method tomorrow I will be giving the results.keep posting guys.

  76. Do you start these things right away after unprotected sex? Or, do you wait until a couple days in. I’m ready to start it right now or the next day in. The guy I’m with is supporting me through it. ;; But, The happens to be my only question besides the fact of how I’m gonna get these things without anyone but, him and I knowing? I’m ready to start the things for abortion on this sight I’m just scared that I won’t be able to get it in time because him and I are both poor..
    Anyone, please get back to me as soon as you can. Thank you):

  77. with your roots and herbs you have enveloped my frown face with smile, slung to stand,tube tie burned alive, i used your herbs and root according to the instruction given it materialized,i have conceive now and delivered a baby boy,from letter A-z can’t speak how joyful i’m. contact him via on facebook (Oduduwa Ajakaye)

  78. I’m not sure how far i am at this point , but my period is a couple weeks late . Yesterday I went to a local vitamin shop and purchased the vitamin c capsule (1000mg) , went to Publix in the produce section and purchased fresh parsley and also picked up cinnamon. I’m currently taking the vitamin c every 2 hours , I’ve inserted the parsley into my vagina and I plan to let it sit about 6 hours then change it out , I also ate a stem of parsley with a little cinnamon sprinkled onto it , I’m starting to feel a little crampy …. hopefully this method works , will keep you guys updated :/

  79. Hey everyone I’ve done the black cohash with vitamin c papaya enzymes and Dong Quai ALL PILL FORMS. The 1st time I did it was back in March of 2017 I came on rather quickly but this time around I’m having a harder time. Right now I’m about 5 days late and I began using vitamin c and black cohash for 4 days now on the 2nd day I saw a very light pink mucus like discharge when wipping after peeing since then I haven’t saw anything. Last night I tried sex WITH A CONDOM of course so now I’m stepping up dosage from all pills TAKING ALL EVERY 2-3 HOURS IM WOKE & IF I WAKE IN THE MIDDLE IF THE NIGHT I will take a few

  80. I just wanted to talk about my experience. My lmp was 11/14/17. Typical 28 day cycle with occasional spotting 2 days after. My hubby and I haven’t had sex in 7 months. Of course the one time we do it, according to my app was one day after the fertilization day. My period was suppose to come 12/12/17. I waited until 12/16/17 to try one of these methods. I started with black cohosh 1080mg (because one tab was 540mg) every 4hrs for a day, nothing. The next day I added vitamin c 100mg every 4hrs along with the black cohosh for a day. I sort of got depressed and didn’t do the regime the whole work day. later that night I bumped up the dosages of vitamin c to 1000mg every 2 hrs with one 540mg (gives me terrible head aches if I take two but I pushed through it)black cohosh. That night I took 2000mg of Vit C and 1040mg black cohosh. This morning I did the same thing and every 2-3 hrs took 1500mg of Vit C and 540mg of black cohosh. After lunch my cycle started. I hope I’m done with this nightmare!

  81. High I’m 13 and I don’t think I can handle having a baby. I’m 3 months late and my stomach is getting a hardness that’s never been there before. My boyfriend is 27 or 28 I can’t remember so I don’t want to get him into trouble because he loves me a lot and we are going to get married when I’m 18. I know he will hit me again if I tell him because I think I was pregnant a year ago and he said hitting me really hard a lot in my stomach would get rid of the baby and it worked but it hurt really bad. I’m going to try to use these vitamins and herbs and see what happens. I will keep you updated lady’s.

  82. Hi all. Just wanted to share my experience. My last period was on 11 December. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex at least five times after my last period. My period has been following a regular 28/29 day cycle so by 12 Jan I was already 5 days late. I took two tests on kits, both were negative. I started drinking pure orange juice every two hours and skipping breakfast. I also drank a variety of tea everyday since and took both cold and hot tea on 17 Jan with vinegar. I had slight tummy cramps and severe backaches. I noticed spotting 15 hours ago, drank orange juice and went to sleep. I woke up 6 hours ago and there was no more spotting. I drank cold milk and went back to sleep. I woke up one hour ago and is now experiencing massive bleeding. I am thinking I probably started the whole process before implantation and implantation eventually became unsuccessful. Everyone has a different body. My suggestion is that if your test comes back positive, consult a doctor and talk to your baby’s father to discuss the best next course of action. In the event that you do not know who the father is, consult a doctor then decide if you want the baby. Thereafter, you may inform your family members about your decision if you think that you are too young to handle it by yourself. You can be rest assured that your parents will have more experience than you on this and they will be able to give you advice on your decision. Remember that suicide is never an option and that despite this being a practical world, there is actually no one that really wants you dead. You also do not want to leave the world with regrets and feeling sorry towards anyone. Take care.

  83. i’m only 15 and it’s been less than a week that i. had sex and i took a plan b on the 3rd day and too days later i had sex again but with a condom and i’m just so scared i could be pregnant and i don’t know what to do. My breast and getting sore but i’m not sappossed to start my period for another 2weeks

  84. What is the problem with going to a good gynecologist and having them prescribe or give these women/young women the appropriate medication and treatment which is necessary and safer than some of the stupid things being discussed in this comment section. This is heavily irresponsible and some of this should be reported to health authorities. I won’t judge a rape victim even a younger person, or whatever if you don’t want your own child. But, what happened to using a condom and contraceptives? I suspect a lot of bullsh*t here! I sure hope you women trying this are aware that when this doesn’t work you might be stuck with a heavily handicaped child who did nothing but come into existence. JUST go to your doctor and stop puttting parsely and other crap into your body because a website tells you to do it!!!

  85. I am 6 weeks pregnant I have been taking asprin, vitamin c and black cohosh I saw some browish pink spotting for a day and some period like blood it seems to be working but I dont know for stomach has been crampy but im worried it has stpped working any advice?

  86. I am 15 and I am possibly 4 weeks pregnant, I smoke but i dont know what to do because if my parents were to find out they would kick me out and I don’t know what to do I am so scared and I’m 11 days late for my period, I’m never on a scheduled period but I’ve never been this light before and last night I went for a wee and as I wiped there was a little bit of blood but having had anything since and I’m suffering with minor back pains from time to time? Any ideas?

  87. I am 17, and a little less than 6 weeks. I have been taking 6000 mg of vitamin c every day, as well as drinking parsley tea, inserting parsley, drinking red tea, I started smoking cigarettes, drinking over 300 mg of caffeine daily, eating cinnamon, exerciseing, taking black cohosh, and roughly massaging my uterine area. Nothing has worked at all. No discharge, no blood, no cramps. Nothing. I’ve been doing this for almost 3 weeks… These methods do not always work and you should not depend on them, especially the younger girls. The safest bet is to just tell your mom and make an appointment to have an abortion asap! I’m sorry for everyone going through this decision. You should most definitely try these methods but make the appointment and try these until your appointment.

  88. My breasts started hurting 3 days ago, not sure if I’m pregnant but there is a high possibility. Started taking vitamin c 1000mg pills every 2-3 hours today (stopping after 6000mg). I also took 3 500mg cinnamon tablets throughout the day. I’m already feeling cramping. Hoping bleeding starts soon. I know you can take 6000mg vitamin c for up to 6 days. Really hoping it doesn’t take that long though. The cramping is a good sign.

  89. I dont care about your religious beliefs, age, or reasoning for your decision to have a miscarriage. We came here to get answers to a issue we have in common. Im going to start taking all of the above by Friday. If there are any ladies that would like to try this out together im fine with that. There has been enough information on here to get an idea of how this thing works. So again if ANY LADIES WOULD LIKE TO TRY WITH ME SO YOU WON’T BE ALONE IM WILLING TO DO SO.

  90. There is forgiveness for the sin of murder. Those of you who have found “success” in killing your child, God, through Jesus Christ, offers healing. True healing. He can take your heart of stone that devises all manner of wickedness including murder, in trade for a heart of flesh that is capable of true love. You have transgressed against God. He loves you in that while you are a sinner He made a way to reconcile with Him through His only son, Jesus Christ. Believe on Him. Repent towards him and away from your sins.

  91. Its so sad that ppl judge ppl for what they do with there life if you are a child of god who are u to judge no sin s bigger then the other and if you dont like what some one is doing god said pray about it not bash them get closer to god and learn his word im a child of god and i have had and abortion but he forgives us for everything except killing our self so stop speaking on what you dont know about if you not god thanks you dont no what ppl been threw or there reasons for doing what they doing

  92. I was under 4 weeks.I did vitamin C 1200mg throughout the day 2000mg at one time between 2-3hrs.I also did the cinnamon 6000mg daily 3pills in the morning and 3pills at night.I also took advil ibuprofen 5pills at one time about 2 or 3 times a day. I also took black cohosh 2 times a day.All together my period came 4 days later it definitely work for me. NO PAIN OR NOTHING JUST A FEW SMALL CLOTS.I know I was pregnant when I saw breast milk leaking on my right breast. I went ahead and took the meds hopefully it will work for you.Good luck I know what you are going through.

  93. Im pretty sure those throwing stones have eaten a meal so good that you continue eating past your fill. Guess what thats gluttony. There is no big sin or little sin. Sin is sin, so you bible bashing Christians that are being judgemental, take the plank out of your own eye Matthew 7:5. As a matter of fact read all of chapter 7, judge lest ye be judged. He without sin cast the first stone John 8:7. I can keep going. You don’t know a person’s circumstances and that is THEIR decision to make and THEIR decision to live with. Beating someone while they’re down? Yeah that’s Christ-like! I’m so glad it’s not up to some of you who goes to heaven or hell! SMH.

  94. Hey…I am 7weeks and will be 8weeks Saturday….how do I go about having a miscarriage without going to an abortion clinic

  95. I get it if you have been abised, mistreated or something to the extreme happened that you want to abort and are in this situation. Only abortion I do not agree with is if you volunteered to open your legs because you wanted to have sex.

  96. I was desperate and I did the cinnamon one the parsley and vitamin C … I only did cinnamon one day Bc I caoukdnt stand the concentration of it , I did 1000mg of vitamin C every 2 hours for 6 days then I also chewed on parsley wich sucked ass omg it’s nasty but well I ate chunks of it during the day and that was it . I would’ve have been 3weeks pregnant if there was any pregnancy Bc my period was late 2 whole weeks . And it had never been late or early . I’m never having unprotected sex ever unless I get on birth control . Good lucky girls! Ooo and I also ate pineapples and green papaya and I did aspirin 150 mg every 4 hours . Good luck ?

  97. Hey…. im one day away from being 7 weeks.. i need a way to induce a misscarrige without going to a clinic, im 14 and really scared, im not ready to have a baby please help

  98. hi good day please i need an advice on how to abort my baby im almost 2 months pregnant and im eating all the forbidden foods like raw papaya pineapple crabs and also drinking drinks thats high in caffeine even energy drink but its not there best way to remove this quickly?please i need help


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