Most Accurate Free Online Pregnancy Test: Am I Pregnant Quiz?


Wondering if you might be pregnant? Whether you’re hoping to conceive or trying to avoid pregnancy, your mind is likely racing with questions. While it still may be too early to take a home pregnancy test, an online pregnancy test, or quiz, can help you determine if your symptoms are pregnancy-related. Read on to learn more about how these tests work and take a free am i pregnant quiz.

Online Pregnancy Test Quiz

This online pregnancy test is not to be used in place of an at-home pregnancy test. These medically designed tests will detect pregnancy hormone in your urine and tell you with great accuracy whether or not you are pregnant. Even if your answers to this quiz indicate that you are not pregnant, you may still be pregnant. If your answers indicate that you might be pregnant, you will still need to see your doctor and take a pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy.

What Is an Online Pregnancy Test?

Online pregnancy quizzes are not designed to replace a home pregnancy test. Instead, they are designed to help you determine if your symptoms are pregnancy-related. They are quick and simple, and you never have to leave the comfort of your own home to take it.

You don’t have to sit around and worry about whether or not you’re pregnant. Taking this simple online quiz can help you determine whether or not you’re expecting by answering a few simple questions.

How Does the Am I Pregnant Quiz Work?

Am I pregnant quiz with words

When taking the quiz, you will be asked to provide a few pieces of basic information and answer a few questions. All questions are simple and multiple choice. You will never be asked any personal information. Based on your answers, the quiz will help you determine whether or not you’re expecting.

The great thing about this online quiz is that it won’t cost you a dime to take it. You can take the quiz as many times as you want. If your symptoms change in a day or two, you can take the test again to see if you are pregnant.

All of the questions are based on early pregnancy symptoms, but you will also be asked about your method of birth control (if any), when your next period is expected and whether or not you have taken a home pregnancy test.

This online pregnancy test is not to be used in place of an at-home pregnancy test. These medically designed tests will detect pregnancy hormone in your urine and tell you with great accuracy whether or not you are pregnant. Even if your answers to this quiz indicate that you are not pregnant, you may still be pregnant. If your answers indicate that you might be pregnant, you will still need to see your doctor and take a pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy.


    • I cant tell if I am pregnant or not and I would really like it if someone could help me to see if I am pregnant or not and I am feeling sick. Like give me advice or have me explain my stohmes that I am having.

    • Im supposed to have my period tomorrow but im gain weight my niples are sore and ive spotted for 2 days but id take a test and it come out negative plus i pee alot more i cant even cough without peein how do i even know i have sex like almost every day but im on birth control

  1. Hello, since my last period I’ve had unprotected sex with my boyfriend I’m due on in 4 days, I I done a a pregnancy test after a week I had sex but it was negative which it assumed it was way too early to of done one. I have been feeling sick 24/7 had weird food cravings, felt sleepy, boobs have been heavy, been sensitive sensitive to smells, is the too early to get symptoms? Could I I be pregnant?

  2. I had sex.. While on my period. The day after I got off my period. And the day after that. I’ve been feeling super sick. And I’ve been sleeping a lot too. I’m on birth control pills but I haven’t been taking them.. I’m only 14 and.. If I find out I’m pregnant… Well.. Then what?..

    • relax if u are then u should be happy not sad or scared……tell ur loved ones in confidense i hope u have good luck…sincerly katy

    • I’m 15 and I’m worried about the same thing ?…. Did you end up being pregnant? Were you ok in the end?

    • Why are ya’ll opening up ya’ll legs at the age of 14-15? Ya’ll some little ass kids trying to be grown that’s exactly why ya’ll scared an don’t know what to do. If i was yo mom i would put u put along with yo kid and tell you to take it to the father who has been spreading ur legs for you. By the time you turn 20 and thats the age i am now…your vagina will be all used up.

  3. Me And my partner been having sex for three days now and I have been getting full up been going the toilet more been having tingling feeling I’m my stomach and been feeling tried more I Think I might be pregnant

  4. My last period was January 26-30th????. No period now and it’s March 9th. I’ve and cramping, water discharge, headaches, tirednes, sleeping all day. Nausea at times.. And a negative pregnancy test a week ago… So I don’t know what’s going on. Me and my boyfriend have been trying

    • Ask your doctor to do a blood pregnancy test. I have 6 children. My 4th baby no urine pregnancy would ever show hcg in my urine. They all kept coming back negative even the doctors urine rest came back negative. Eventually they did a blood hcg pregnancy test it came back positive by that time I was already almost in my 5th month of pregnancy I was pregnant with a precious babygirl.

  5. Hey guys, I’m curious about something. I’ve been feeling sick alot, but no vomiting, my period was supposed to start on March 12th, it came (or so I thought) the following Tuesday (March 15) but when it came i had light bleeding that ended 2 1/2 days later. I had sex with my boyfriend one week before my period (on March 5th) and now I have had Nausea, fatigue, my boobs are sore, headaches off and on, hot flashes and dizzy spells during the day, I have slept alot the past two days, (as well as falling asleep in class) and last night when my aunt cooked dinner I was sickened by the smell, decided to skip it, and went to bed. Can you guys help me? It’s my senior year of high school I am secretly hoping I’m not pregnant because I need to graduate. I’m 18, and so is my boyfriend, we used a condom but I wasn’t on any type of birth control…please hel me? I really need advice… I can’t afford a pregnancy test right now because I am not financially able to., but there is a place in town that gives then for free, I just need advice.. Should I go get tested or not?

    • i think you should go get tested. you never know if the condom broke or what not. you can also check use symptom checker on webmd to see other possible causes of your ill feelings. best of luck!

  6. I had a weird nightmare that felt so real. I thought someone had broken into my room and raped me and the last few days I’ve been super sick and tired, swollen and tender breasts and I’ve shown the other signs of pregnancy too. And my period ended last week so I’m terrified

  7. i had sex with my Boyfriend on 21st december and i used ECP and my period was regular in january, february and march but now in April it was due on 6April but still not.I am feeling some headache and belly pain………… it possible i am pregnant now?

  8. I am 37 days late for my period, i have taken 4 pregnany tests (one doctor and 3 home tests) It comes out at negative. My symptoms are listed below ;
    Nausea, Tender breast, Swollen ankles, Dizzy Spells, Constipation, Food Cravings that i cannot control, Frequent use of the toilet ( urine) Cramping in abdomen, lower back and around the vagina.
    I have now missed march and april menstral cycle. It is now may.
    I have unprotected sex, with no pills. I have had sex 7 times in two months with my bf.
    I had my last cycle in February and i had sex 7 times in that month with my bf.

    If anyone else has been through this or is going through the same thing as me please let me know

  9. Debating if I should do a test when really we all know if you suspect your pregnant the obvious thing to do is go pee on that magic stick its the only way you will know, as fun as this quiz is there is no other way to determine if you are pregnant or not.

  10. I have been feeling nasiaa and cramping a short pains in the stomach then my nipples are little sore, and breast sometimes sore, and my period should be on on the third week of last week, I need answer is this pregnancy or not

  11. My period didnt come in may nd now its june nd me nd my boyfriend had unpotected sex on may 14, 2016… nd now june of 2016 nd no sign of it yet… i do have irregular periods… but do yu think i could be pregnant or 2 early to tell…

  12. my periods come in may 5 till 09 and my periods should be on the 25 May since am 21 cycle was feeling period pains but no periods till today,i dd preg test 3 times came back neg and on 02 june my Gp did preg test also came back stll having period pains but no periods

  13. Hi I’m 19 and am almost 6 months late on my period. I took 3 pregnancy tests: 1 positive and 2 negative. I last had sex in September but still had my period until November. What is wrong

  14. Hello. My periods are always regular and time to time.i had my last period on 24 June and this month I didn’t get my period on time means it has late for a day and today is could I be pregnant? Pls suggest me this is my first time

  15. I had miscarriage on the 29 of June and my normal 28days later my period came on the 26 of July it did not come inbd month of July ever since the only things I feel are tiredness,craving for food,abdominal discomfort,heaviness nor sore breast but a tingling feeling sometimes in my breast no test yet is it possible that am pregnat or is my mind am scared of doing test because of my last experience

  16. I had miscarriage on the 29 of June and my normal 28days later my period came on the 26 of august it did not come in the month of July ever since the only things I feel are tiredness,craving for food,abdominal discomfort,heaviness nor sore breast but a tingling feeling sometimes in my breast no test yet is it possible that am pregnat or is my mind am scared of doing test because of my last experience no swollen breast

  17. Hello my name is Angel my period is 3 days late and my period is usually on time i have had sex almost every day for 2 months atleast 2 to 3 times a day ive been trying to get pregnant for 3 months and no luck but now my period is late my breast are tender and ive been having frequent headaches,tiredness, dizzy, my feet are swelling and its sometimes hard to fall asleep at night also i have lower back pain and been feeling sick alot here lately and been urinating more often i took a prenancy test about 4 hours ago and it was negitive. Can someone tell me if im pregnant or if it to early for a test or whats going on?

    • Did you take the test in the morning? If you take one in the morning the first time you pee, it’ll be more accurate.

  18. Hi I am aruhi..i didn’t have sex with my bf just done kissing and he kissed my lips and boobs and that day while my 1st period continu. .m I will be a pargnant please tell me about this

  19. I had my last period on the 4th of september and on the 12th i had my panties on and i think my boyfriend pre cum on my panties…..i missed my period
    I dont reàlly have appetite to eat….been really worried
    Could it be i am pregenant?

  20. Hi my name is ashlene. I have been having my periods regularly but a day before i got my periods in july me and my bf had sex. It is now november and my tummy is starting to grow. I urinate a lot. I cant sleep at night. But im always tired during the day. I recently got cramping in my lower right side tummy. My bf keeps making remarks of my tummy but when i tell him i think i am he says im not maybe its because im eating a lot nowadays. I took a pregnancy test in september and it came out negative. I didnt tell my bf i took it. Can someone please help me. Im 18 and on my way to college. I dont wanna go cause im not sure if i am pregnant or not. Please help:(.

  21. I had unprotected sex with my boyfrnd and got my period 3 days after,my period was normal 5 days but i have no symtomps or anything but just wanted to know if i cud still B pregnant..

  22. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and im really scared that I might be pregnant I looked up symptoms of being pregnant and the only thing I have is I pee just slightly more than I usually do and also it says it just might be pms because of the gas part and im just freaking out and I dont know what to do please help

  23. I’m vedha.i have some doubt during last period starts at 17th Nov 2016.i make pregnancy test on 22nd Dec 2016, 26th Dec 2016 and 3rd Jan 2017 but all negative. But still no period cycle is irregular. Sometimes 20days, sometimes 60days or 35, 30 days like that. Still I pregnant or not please suggests me…I’m very confused

  24. i ws currently using an iud,then i removed it last year in novermber,so a day after the removal i did da deed with my partner after 2 days i experinced the spotting since it ws my mensturation date,from dan ma periods dates start 2 change every month ……what could be the chances of me being pregnant please help me


  25. I have been feeling like I’m throw up and my pelvis hurts and I have had missed my period last month. I haven’t missed my period in a year since I got off birth control. I was having regular periods but missed February’s. I’m having every pregnancy symbol possible. I have took 3 test that came back negative but everything is coming back up and morning sickness and all the list of pregnancy. My boyfriend says I look pregnant. Could I be pregnant

  26. I had sex the day after I got off my period, and the day after that. But the thing is I didn’t exactly have sex with him that day but there was a little bit of penetration I’ve been feeling super depressed, I’ve been sleeping a lot too, been having weird food cravings, boobs have been sensitive too. Could i be pregnant? I’m so scared. I really don’t know what to do

  27. I had sex wit my b.f 2days before seeing my period.but this period was so I’m experiencing headache, I feel nauseous, I,m having pain at my back at d lower abdomen,I sleep a lot nowadays BT I don’t vomit.can I be pregnant?

  28. My name is leticia lemus when I got my period in april I spotted at the beginning of my period light pink then it went away then when I finally started my period I would pee and I would wipe but blood would only come out on the toliet tissue and then after that The blood finally started coming out in my pee as well.that had never happened to me before with any of my periods could this one be telling something? And this month of may me and my husband had sex all night until the morning on a friday and he came inside me 3 or 5 times and after that I got up to use the bathroom wiped myself and no sperm came out like before when we would do it at the beginning he pushed his sperm all the way inside me with his penis and then we did wednesday and he did the same he pushed his penis and sperm all the way inside me and now my stomach has been feeling different and strange could I maybe pregnant this month?


  30. am 21yrs.On 01/05/2017 I had sex with my partner,and on 03/05/2017 I had a light period and cramping.and after that I just felt dizzy,abdominal cramping and headache until 16/05/2017 I had sex again,from there I was having cramps on my hip for a week.and take a pregnancy test but became on 30/05/2017 I had a spotting brownish and late had light light bleeding with feeling sick with my
    I have pains that I can’t even axplai n and metallic taste in my that sign of pregnancy my nipples have white spots

  31. good morning i am abit worid i am on the three months injection and i didnt tak it late so i started get systoms of my previous pragnancy the nausea cant take fresh air then i wana vomit what can this actually be please

  32. i am 13 and had sex a week ago and i was to have my period a d=few days ago. i am hungry and need to know if i am pregnant cuz i dont know what to do being 13 and everthing. Help plz

  33. So I’ve never had a consistent period it just kinda comes and goes as it pleases. But on Halloween I had sex we used the pull out method and he swears he didn’t get any cum in me. But 2 days later I started what I think was my period it just wasn’t as heavy as I’ve had before. It lasted 5 days and after it stopped I started getting nauseous constantly no throwing up though and the other day I was at work and I started getting cold sweats and I was shaky. I’ve continued to be nauseous on and off since Wednesday. I’ve been kinda bloated but I’ve lost 3 pounds in the last 2 weeks. I’m just scared I might be pregnant.

  34. I’m 29 and I don’t know if I’m pregnant or not, is there another site I can go to see if I’m pregnant or not. I have been having sex everyday. I’m getting the symptoms of being pregnant. but I am not for sure if I am or not. Can you help me find out if I’m pregnant. Please. but i have had sex for the past 2 weeks with my boyfriend. Can you help me find out? Please. I’m been wanting to be pregnant for along time.

  35. hi doctor we are married relation. my baby avoid 6month anecephaly. 3 month take vitamin. January 2018 start 2 tablet folic acid poda solli erukkerar okya varuma podala family planning desaid pannalama plz help than you

  36. Comment:I had unprotected sex one week ago with my boyfriend my periods were supposed to happen in the last 3days,do you think am pregnant?

  37. Hi doctor,i had unprotected sex on d 6,9,13nd14 of dis months ,and my last period was on d 27/02/2018 and end on 2/03/2018.Can I be pregnant?

  38. i had sex on the fifth day of my period thinking i was clean and this time my husband came inside me no weird symptoms im already a mum of a 12 yr old we used the withdrawal method but after so long he didn’t withdraw this time is it possible to be pregnant if my period comes every 28 days ? i have a slight breast pain like sore but very distinct. i read that sperm stays alive for 3-5 days .

  39. Okay, I really need advice…my period was due to start sometime between yesterday and today (I typically start in the middle of the night…) And I have been monitoring my CM to get used to tracking my ovulation… for the past couple of days I’ve been getting small globs of snot-like mucus on my fingertips…. Today, I’m very dry and still have those globs… I’ve also been extremely tired lately, and nauseated… I’ve even avoided ice cream and other sweets, and instead eaten cherries(which I normally never pass on ice cream…ever…) And I was wondering if anyone could help me out… could this mean I. I’m pregnant?

  40. im 15 yr old. i think im pregnant bc me and my crush held hands and now i have dreams of having sexual intercourse. every day i have these dreams, sex in the shower, at school, in the cinema what should i do


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