First Response Pregnancy Test Review

A pink box of first responsse pregnancy test on the white.

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The Science Behind the Accuracy of Pregnancy Tests and Knowing Sooner

A pink box of first responsse pregnancy test on the white.

Home pregnancy test kits that were made to become very sensitive must be able to notice the gestation earlier the 1st day of your missed period and it should be able to know more than 1 form of the pregnancy hormone, which is hCG. Those tests must detect not just hCG, nevertheless also other types of pregnancy hormone like hCG-H, hCG, and hyperglycosylated hCG.  The cell will initiate when the fertilized egg has been implanted to the wall of the uterine, which will secrete the pregnancy hormone variation such as hCG-H.

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Moreover, the hormone will be made at the initial stages of pregnancy prior to the prime pregnancy hormone, which is hCG that is mainly produced right after the implantation of different cell sets. “The First Response early result pregnancy test” can identify the pregnancy hormone prior than other home pregnancy examination kits in the market.

The first response pregnancy test on the white.

The enhanced First Response technology can identify the lesser levels of hCG in women. Do you know that the more delicate the pregnancy test is, the earlier you will know if you are pregnant or not?  It is very essential to know that there are women who might not have enough quantities of pregnancy hormone in the urine after their missed period. This is due to the variety of hCG levels in women that makes it hard to know the precise date of the next period.


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The essence of doing early pregnancy detection

The 1st few weeks of pregnancy are crucial to the development of the fetus, so the initial prenatal care is so essential for a baby that will be healthy during pregnancy. The earlier you know that you are expecting, the earlier you can start making options for you and your baby and that includes your diet, restraining from being exposed to risks and your overall nutrition as well.  Now that you have the chance to know if you are pregnant or not even before you missed your period using The First Response Pregnancy Test.

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First Response will enable you to know the results sooner than other pregnancy kits in the market. You can be 5 days ahead than other women wanting to know if they are pregnant or not too.  There is no need to wait if you have the chance to find out if you are having a baby or not. For around twenty years, First Response has been providing help to women in knowing if they are pregnant or not. This is the only pregnancy test that is very sensitive to hCG even at the lowest level. As a matter of fact, it can also be used 5 days before your missed period.

Helpful review

With vast number of pregnancy test kits in the market these days, it is so daunting to know which is reliable or not. The earlier you know that you are pregnant the easier the planning and the pregnancy will be.  This test will provide you with an earlier result that you need to make your life easier along the way.



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