3 Simple Best Homemade (DIY) Pregnancy Tests (That Actually Work)


There are various ways to tell if a woman is pregnant or not. you can get quick answers by kits. While for several years in the past, women have had their way of knowing if they are pregnant or not. During those times, dandelion has been famous when it comes to checking if a woman is pregnant or not. Besides, toothpaste and bleach also can be used as pregnancy test. These DIY pregnancy test are still practical and popular today. If it is not convenient for you to go to the medical center to buy the test kit or perhaps you don’t have the extra money to buy the kit, you can try the three ways. 

Homemade Pregnancy Test with Dandelion Leaves

When you are done picking the leaves, you need to pour the urine in a plastic Dandelion Leavescup with the dandelion leaves and make sure that all the leaves are soaked in the urine. Wait for 10 minutes and check if there are red blisters in the leaves. If there are red blisters there, this means that you are pregnant, but if there is none, then it means you are not pregnant.   Do you believe in herbs or natural remedies? Are you among those who are looking for a plant to answer your concern?

Dandelion might just be the best answer to your concern. You must have heard of homemade pregnancy tests that concerns strip pregnancy kits. You might have an idea about them and then decipher if they are really reliable in providing you the result that you need and not the result that you want.

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Dandelion as a pregnancy test will provide you with a safe and different kind of experience in terms of checking if you are pregnant or not. It is so easy to use and you can even find dandelion leaves at your backyard.  If you want to try, you can get the stems and the leaves and there is no harm in trying though. You can place them in a plastic container and then pour the urine in the cup. You have to wait for a while until the leaves turn red that is if you are pregnant, but if you are not, it will not change its color.  Dandelion leaves are safe to use compared to bleach and vinegar.

But of course, it hasn’t been proven by science to be effective in determining if a woman is pregnant or not. Later on you will still need the help of the over the counter pregnancy test kit to help you know if you are really pregnant or not. buying a pregnancy test kit will not make you devastated with the results or at least you will not be confused with the results compared to using the dandelion leaves wherein you don’t know if the result is accurate or not.

Homemade Pregnancy Test with Toothpaste

There are lots of things inside the house that can be used for some other things. Who would think that a cleaning substance can also be used as a pregnancy test? This is typically used to clean the teeth and now it can be used to check if you are pregnant or not? Some might not believe that this can also be used as a pregnancy test at home, but because this method of checking if you are pregnant or not is not really harmful, so you can try it if you want to.

The hCG is a substance that reacts to different substances and then it changes the color of the mixture. If a woman is pregnant, she has a high level of hCG in her urine and that may be determined through a urine test using a pregnancy test kit. A homemade pregnancy test using toothpaste is one of the methods that have been used by a lot of people during the ancient times. It just belongs to the old wives tale that became as a dependable testing tool for women then.  Those who are curious if this really works, they try it out of curiosity, especially because it is typically used at home to brush the teeth.

When you use it as a home pregnancy test, you need to pour your urine in a cup and then place an adequate amount of the toothpaste as well. The toothpaste should be white in color so that the result will not be confusing. The mixture will be foamy if you are pregnant, but if not it will remain white. The reaction of the mixture will depend on one person to another and just like any other home pregnancy test kits, you cannot be sure of the amount of urine or toothpaste that should be used in the test. It is still advisable for you to buy a pregnancy test kit to get an accurate result.

But of course, if the result turned positive, you need to contact your doctor and get a second test just to make sure that you are pregnant or if it’s another case that must be checked by a doctor. It’s hard to believe though that there are certain things at home that can also be used to know if you are pregnant or not and who would believe that a simple toothpaste plays a vital role in the lives of expectant mothers?

There are few advantages that you will come across with when you try the toothpaste as a home pregnancy test.

  1. Undetermined amount of urine and toothpaste that will be used for the test, which can provide you with a wrong and confusing result.
  2. The time of waiting is not known, but it’s enough to wait for around 10 minutes until the mixture becomes foamy.
  3. The result might be confusing.
  4. The mixture might not turn blue even if you are pregnant.

Homemade Pregnancy Test with Bleach

It is not a secret that bleach is used at home for whitening stained clothes. Who would think that bleach can also be used as a pregnancy test? Most of you are using bleach to whiten your clothes, so some are thinking how it can be used to check if a woman is pregnant or not. The use of bleach as a home pregnancy test is so simple, all you need to do is to place it in a container and then pour the urine in the same container.

Mix them together and wait for a foamy solution to form. As soon as there is a foamy solution available, this means that the woman is pregnant. This substance is a chemical that is essential for home use, but there are few women who know that this can also be used to test if they are pregnant or not. You can make your very own home pregnancy test by means of using the bleach.

The procedure

  1. You need to arrange the tools that you will use for this activity. You will need a plastic cup, the bleach and the urine. After gathering those things, you can now put the bleach in the cup and then pour the urine over on the bleach. If they will work and you are not pregnant, you will see the mixture bubbling. But if you are pregnant, you will see the mixture foamy. But for you to see these things, you have to wait first for a few minutes. But no one can tell how long the waiting time is.
  1. When pouring the urine over the bleach, you need to put on a mask or you need to keep away from the mixture. This is because the combination of urine and bleach will create a type of gas that will be risky for your health. This type of gas is formed by using the bleach for the pregnant test and that may be harmful for the baby if you are really pregnant.

Other information about the bleach pregnancy test

The graph below shows a typical rise in urinary hCG from the first detection of pregnancy.
Source: http://www.

DIY pregnancy tests at home are available if you want a different method of checking if you are pregnant or not. You can use bleach, which can also be a reliable tool. Those who have heard about it are actually amazed of how bleach can turn into a substance that can be used to test women if she is pregnant or not. For years, the use of bleach as a pregnancy test became famous and because it is also cheap, women can check if they are pregnant without spending much, since they only need to use the bleach in a smaller amount only.

Most Accurate Homemade Pregnancy Test

When the tools and procedures are not improper, the result can go awry. In some cases, the homemade pregnancy test may not be so accurate for the first time. Make sure that you have repeated the test until get the same result.

If you are still not sure for the result, then go to the doctor and ask for help will be a good choice. You know, when a woman is pregnant, there is a high amount of hCG that can be found in the urine. This is the one that reacts with the pregnancy tests. When you go to a doctor to check if you are pregnant through a blood sample, the doctor will look for the hCG in your blood, which is a sure way to know whether you are pregnant or not.


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