Cervical Mucus after Conception: What Does It Look Like?


Cervical mucus is expelled from a woman’s vagina all throughout her menstrual cycle. Many women will be confused, wondering if what their experiencing is one of the cervical mucus stages or implantation discharge. Understanding what you’re experiencing will require in-depth knowledge in both areas.

What Is Cervical Mucus?

Mucus discharge is produced by a woman’s cervix on a daily basis. Chances are, you’ve experienced this discharge from time to time. When the mucus levels become too high or they have nowhere else to go, they will eventually make their way out of the cervix and into a woman’s underwear.

The normal cervical mucus cycle occurs every month like clockwork. The cervical mucus stages include:

  • Egg white cervical mucus: When the mucus is an egg white color and stretches an inch or two without breaking, this is the time when a woman is most fertile.
  • Watery cervical mucus: Watery discharge occurs before the egg-white color is seen and happens right before your most fertile time.
  • Creamy cervical mucus: Thick and creamy discharge is not fertile and will actually hinder the sperm’s ability to move through the cervix.
  • Sticky cervical mucus: Women are least fertile when the mucus is sticky and feels like a paste. This will be chunkier than a consistent texture.

Mucus can be seen all throughout a woman’s menstrual cycle and is necessary for birthing. Some women will have less or more mucus depending on the amount of estrogen in their body, and many women will have “dry” spells where they witness very little mucus at all.

Don’t be alarmed if your mucus is not regular or the same as what’s listed above.

The only time you should worry is if your mucus is not white or clear. Brown mucus or red mucus can indicate that blood was leftover from your period and is just now being expelled from the body. If you experience this color change for any length of time, you may want to consult with your physician to ensure that you’re in a healthy state and that no other factors are at play in your mucus color change.

The Role of Cervical Mucus

Women experience discharge of cervical mucus regularly. However, this normal everyday process is actually quite important in the conception process.

In fact, it’s necessary in order for you to be able to conceive, since it provides a safe alkaline environment that assists in the transport of sperm. Since it’s produced in the tiny glands of the woman’s cervix every day, most women barely even notice cervical mucus after a while.

It’s very normal, but you will notice changes in the composition of the mucus depending on your fertility cycle. The consistency and amount will also have some variation, depending on your hormone levels in each phase of your menstrual cycle.

This is why there is almost no discharge during the first phase of your cycle when the follicle-stimulating hormone prepares the ovum for detachment. As your body begins to produce more estrogen, the amount of mucus will increase in time with it.

It won’t be abundant, but it will be thick and sticky, signaling your time of lowest fertility. Over time, just before your ovulation phase, you will see a lot of mucus that is fluid and can easily be stretched between your fingers.

This is the optimal period for women to attempt conception, since there’s tons of cervical mucus to help the sperm along. Of course, if you don’t get pregnant, the progesterone producing the mucus will decrease and your normal cycle will begin.

If you are pregnant though, you’ll enter the phase of implantation following conception. When implantation has occurred, the mucus will become more viscid, also changing due to ovulation and fertilization.

Cervical mucus, made mostly of water with added sugars, proteins and electrolytes, is necessary for the sperms to make their way to the uterus through the cervix.

If you don’t have enough, you may be lacking the necessary levels of estrogen, which may hinder the process of conception. Low cervical mucus may also indicate other issues like dehydration.

However, regardless, remember that this mucus, despite how often you might see it, actually plays a very important role. If you’re worried about the amount of cervical mucus you’re producing, chat with your doctor.

Outside of pregnancy, cervical mucus works to protect the genitalia from bacterial infections, a function which the mucus continues to perform even after implantation occurs. During pregnancy, the mucus will help with the elimination of weakened sperm cells.

The sperm cells that do make it through are given a favorable environment, thanks to the mucus. This is what contributes to implantation.

What Is Implantation Discharge?

Uncomfortable woman lying on the bed.

Cervical mucus after implantation is a little different. The process of implantation occurs when the egg and the sperm fertilize. The egg will make its way to the uterine wall and embed itself into the uterine lining where it will remain.

Women may experience some bleeding at this time, but it’s very light.

In fact, implantation bleeding is one of the first signs of pregnancy; however, only 1 in 3 women will experience this bleeding. You’ll know that it’s implantation when you’re spotting or bleeding when you wouldn’t have your normal period. It’s not a lot of blood, and very light in most cases. Bleeding lasts 1 – 2 days at most and will not be as heavy as your normal period blood.

Most women really don’t experience implantation discharge. Instead, it’s more of a change in the vaginal mucus discharge than it is a new type of discharge.

So, how does cervical mucus change after implantation?

The amount of mucus will increase to levels that are similar to ovulation levels. You’ll experience a mucus that contains far more water (98%) and that is more viscid. The goal of the mucus at this time is to protect the egg and not to allow sperm to flow through the body. You’re already pregnant at this point, and ovulation mucus will be more to protect the baby from harmful bacteria than to help with sperm transportation.

But, every woman is different.

Detecting Implantation Using Cervical Mucus

You can monitor your pregnancy very early on by keeping an eye on your cervical mucus production. Detecting implantation by taking a look at the composition of the mucus will let you know that you’re past the stage of conception.

You will also know if the egg has embedded itself within the wall of your uterus. Outside of pregnancy, there are generally five possible forms of discharge.

These are dry days where there is no discharge, thick sticky mucus, creamy-like secretions, abundant discharge and finally, an abundance of mucus. The latter will signal the best time for you to attempt conception.

Cervical mucus changes when you begin your pregnancy though, which you’ll begin to notice during the first two weeks. The cervical mucus will change in terms of color and consistency compared to what you experienced when you were not pregnant.

This is because progesterone is now running through your body more freely. Your body is going through a lot of big changes though, so don’t expect the mucus to remain the same during this time.

You’ll notice lots of fluctuations during this time, which signal that implantation has occurred. At the same time, you will also notice implantation bleeding, along with cramping, spotting, nausea, bloating and breast toxicosis.

It’s likely that you will feel some implantation pains as well but rest assured that this is all normal.

Changes after Implantation

After implantation when the egg has embedded itself in the uterine wall, you will continue to notice changes in cervical mucus. Generally, the amount of mucus will increase, signaling an early pregnancy.

This happens because your body is dealing with many changes, including increased blood flow to the vagina and hormonal changes in the body. First off, you may notice some blood in your mucus following implantation.

This is caused by the process itself, making your mucus look a little pink or brown. Once implantation is complete, your organs will start undergoing changes due to the shifting levels of hormones within your body.

You’ll be producing more progesterone to regulate your endocrine system, which swells the cervix and therefore, increases the blood flow. In turn, this produces more cervical mucus when the gland that produces it is stimulated.

A few days after implantation is finished, the mucus will have formed a protective layer of mucus to keep your fetus safe. The cervical pharynx will be completely plugged up for the purpose of protection. During the first trimester, you might notice an abundance of fluid discharge.

Usually, this will be minimal though and very thick, lessening over time.

Discharge after Conception

Conception occurs after sexual intercourse and normally within 24 hours of ovulation. The first discharge seen after conception occurs will contain both mucus and sperm, so it’s not a good indicator of how the discharge will look after conception.

Instead, after the sperm has left the body, the cervical mucus will change.

Mucus levels will ramp up and will be semi-transparent in color. Some women do not experience an abundance of discharge, while others will. The most important thing is that the discharge is not an abnormal color or consistency.

What Does Pregnancy Discharge Look Like?

Sticky cervical mucus on finger.

White discharge after ovulation is a good sign that you may be pregnant. At this time, your body is starting to produce hormones to help with the pregnancy and keep a baby healthy. These are the changes that have to happen for a healthy pregnancy, but they’ll also change the way that your discharge looks in the process.

The placenta is the main producer of these hormones.

What happens is that your estrogen and progesterone levels will increase after pregnancy has occurred. Even if you don’t know you’re pregnant, your discharge can be an indicator of pregnancy.

Estrogen levels will increase, causing you to have milky white discharge that is normally witnessed within the first week or two of pregnancy.

Note: White discharge is experienced at the end of your cycle and is also very thick. Do not confuse this discharge for you being pregnant.

Women that are using their discharge to determine ovulation will often make note of their color and consistency so that they don’t confuse end of cycle discharge with conception. If the discharge is thick and white but also very itchy, you may have a yeast infection and will want to consult with your doctor at this time. You shouldn’t feel any itchiness at this time.

Discharge during Ovulation

Discharge During Ovulation

Vaginal discharge during ovulation is clearer than it is anything else. This discharge becomes watery to allow sperm to flow through the cervix with ease, but it’s also very elastic. This elasticity allows sperm to flow through the cervix and fills in any crevices where sperm may get stuck along the way.

Discharge can be seen as strands or small ropes where the sperm is allowed to flow.

Ovulation occurs around 14 days after the first day of your last menstrual period. This will be when the discharge is at its highest level, and it will change rapidly over the first two weeks after menstruation starts.

The ovary will release an egg right in the middle of your cycle and vaginal discharge will also increase.

Discharge after Ovulation

Discharge after ovulation doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily pregnant. The cervix does not completely dry up at this time. Instead, it will be going through different cycles or stages depending on the amount of estrogen in the body.

If implantation has occurred and you have conceived a child, your discharge will remain.

The mucus will increase as the body produces more estrogen and progesterone. A good way to test this is to monitor your mucus texture and appearance, and then check it after you’ve had intercourse. Be sure to allow a few days in between. This is when you’ll be able to see if the thick white discharge is still present.

A pregnancy test would be the next logical step to determine pregnancy because cervical mucus after ovulation isn’t as accurate as a pregnancy test.

Your cervical mucus stages can tell you a lot about your current menstrual cycle and what’s occurring inside of your body. While not 100% accurate when predicting ovulation or conception, you can monitor and use your body’s natural mucus changes to predict when ovulation will occur and use it as a possible implantation indicator.

When to Go for A Checkup

Every woman is different. You might find that your mucus matches up to the norm and that you have no need to worry. However, some women do experience more or less mucus than normal.

If you’re a little worried about the amount of cervical mucus, it’s always best to check in with your doctor. After implantation, during the time in which your mucus is more minimal, also keep an eye on possible infections during your first trimester.

Signs of an infection include an unpleasant smell in your vagina, blood stains during discharge, or vaginal secretions accompanied by an itching sensation.

If you notice your vaginal discharge looking yellow, green, or dim-grey, or are dealing with redness or swelling, check in with your doctor immediately.

On the other hand, if you see that the discharge is transparent or white and has no specific smell, then you don’t have any reason to worry. Just be sure to maintain proper hygiene in order to prevent any future problems.

Your doctor can help you do this most efficiently, so you never have to worry about an infection in the first place. You should also make a trip to your doctor if you notice that you’re bleeding outside of your normal menstrual period and you don’t think you’re pregnant.

On the same line of thought, if you’re not producing the normal amount of cervical mucus that you need to conceive a child, your doctor is the best person to chat with.


  1. I was suppose to have my period last 8-3-16, but last 8-2-16, there had been a red discharge on my underwear. I thought it was a start of my period. But then, it didn’t have any blood discharge after that. And now 8-5-16, I’m having white discharge. I’m nervous that this means I am pregnant, because I don’t want to be pregnant yet. Help me.

    • I’m still trying to figure out my self if I’m pregnant to had missed period days of three then on the fourth day spotting with clear streak of blood with spotting of four days then this month just spotting for four days I’m know what u are feeling

    • Pregnancy planned or not is a blessing. I want you to know if you ever find yourself in a situation where youre pregnant, youre not alone. I was 20, college dropout, addict when I got pregnant. the ladies at the recourse pregnancy center helped me so much <3 I'm 29 married to my baby daddy, have 2 more kids, and finished my BSN.

  2. I had unprotected sex with my bf 3 times on my ovulation day last week and this week I’m seeing the clear discharge. I hope we’re pregnant!

  3. I’ve been having sex with my husband every other day and I’ve noticed we’ve been doing so while I’ve been ovulating yesterday I felt cramping but no mucus discharge like I normally see when I’m ovulating and now tonight I’m feeling lite cramps is there a possibility I’m pregnant

    • Have you check and see if your pregnant but if you are feeling cramps its because your body is changing i was in sooo much pain then couple month later the mucus discharge will come out everything will be okay think positive.

    • I’m in a similar situation. I normally have white discharge during ovulation before I got married and even after I did. I had sex with my husband consecutively two days and one day to my ovulation day. I was so tired that we couldn’t have sex on my predicted ovulation day. Now, I’ve been having serious cramps and no discharge like I usually experience when I don’t have sex. Can this imply that I’m pregnant? I really can’t wait to take a test. Hoping it will be positive.

  4. this is so hard to interpret! It seems like every symptom could mean any number of things! Plus “every woman is different” so I have no more of an idea of what’s going on than I did when I started reading.

    • Yes it does. There too many signs that can because of something else. I’m period due today no period (yeah so far) . Just few minutes ago had slippery stretchy egg whites with a little blood, nothing since. Hard to tell what’s going on. Wonder if delay implantation discharge (we hope that’s what it is). I been crying for no reason off and on for 2 days. I cried over sad looking cartoon character online and over a happy song my bf sent me 2 months ago that we both listen to all time . It would be nice if there was one big neon sign that you only got when pregnant.

        • never say never my husband and I had two failed ivfs and then got pregnant naturally but it resulted in an ectopic pregnancy that resulted in me losing my rt tube but now I am the proud momma to a beautiful 4 month old blessing and she was also conceived naturally.

      • What is going on with all of the posters? Your and everyone else’s grammar is unbelievably bad. It doesn’t change that I understand what you’re asking and the reason- but I am amazed. I came here to learn more about others who experience what I do as I’m trying to get pregnant. It makes me think that a lot of these posts aren’t real because who speaks or writes like this?

  5. Lol. This is all so confusing. We are trying to conceive our 3rd child. I ovulated 2 days ago. Today, I am still having white discharge and I track. So just keeping an eye on it, and hopefully this is it. Will update with my result two weeks from now!

  6. I am also curious as I have had relations with my partner every 5 days during my fertility widow and also the week of ovulation according to kits I used to test. today marks day 9 DPO and I have ha a bit of cramping and had some white DC today- clear. I am not due for my period until the 11-13 area… I took a test this morning FR and it said neg. I am so confused. I had a MC in June this year and I am wondering how it affected my cycles.

    • Weirdly in the same situation. My MC was in July. (Still haven’t had a normal period.) Praying for you and all the other ttc ladies out there. *hugs*

  7. Hello… I’m a married woman. From ovulation day I’m daily having white discharge and also we had intercourse before ovulation on the day of ovulation and after ovulation….so am I pregnant….

  8. I had my last period 29th of Sept and I had sex with my Bf on the day 7 ,10 and 11 then on d 12th I had heavy cramping pains I couldn’t even do anything and I was throwing Up split am also having discharge like white egg I did home test but it came out ngetive

      • Katie, Get a life! You’re ignorance and pettiness is probably the reason God hasn’t blessed you with a baby thus far!! With that said, I’ll use your own words against you that you wished for another… “I hope you never get pregnant, bc you BEHAVE like a 5th grader and have a mindset of a retard!!


        Very Educated & blessed with 3 beautiful children and one on the way!

        Baby Dust to everyone else….

        • Thank you! I totally agree with you about Katie. She is a bully, and her real name is probably Karen, and she is probably the lady in the long checkout line paying with a check who needs to see the manager because her BOGO coupon expired yesterday, and that just isn’t fair! I hope YOU don’t get pregnant Katie, and you are probably all 13 reasons why your potentially child wont even give life a chance!

        • Wow. You saying what you did makes you look just as bad.. whats wrong with being mentally challenged? My niece was born with a disability and is probably more smart than the both of you togetber!

      • Katie, I agree! These people shouldn’t procreate and contribute to our already unintelligent civilization. And anyone who puts conception down to the will of an imaginary friend (aka “god”) is the dumbest of them all!

  9. My LMP is Oct 18, and my fertile window and ovulation start from 23 to 28 of Oct. I had sex throughout 23 to 28, but after 28 i saw watery cervical mucus on the 30th up till 01 Nov. i don’t feel any ithness . for the past 3 months now my cycle is 26. What can this?

  10. my LMP was on the 20 /10/2016 and i saw discharge on the 30- 1st Nov, i had intercourse with my husband on the 2nd and 3rd. on this day 7th Nov, am now seeing whitish egg like discharge but no odour or itchning sign. what can it be, thanks

  11. Me and my husband had se Monday night… After sex He said “bae I knocked your period on”.. I went to the bathroom peed and it was like a small clot with clear mucus attached… I wiped and was bleeding! Got up this morning it’s gone…what could that be?

  12. hi iam on jadelle implant its my 1st time …i have thin, stearchy watery discharge i had sex on 4 nov 2016 am i pregnant or is it normal?

  13. i was inserted jadelle implant on 14 /10 / 2016 …and i had sex on 4/11/2016 …i have been experiencing back aches n diffrect viginal discharge from heavy creamy n streachy discharge …now i have watery slipery discharge with traces of cream …am i pregnant or is it normal?

  14. Hi I had my Period on November 5 and it ended on November 10 I had unprotected sex on November 13 and November 17 I’ve been having constant heartburn I’ve been so tired I feel like I’m going to start my period again I’ve been discharging now for over two weeks after my period can I possibly be pregnant

  15. This was actually really helpful! I have the really thick white stuff, and I was worried it meant something was wrong. Glad to know that it’s fairly normal, AND makes fertilization more difficult (I don’t want kids, so something like that is good news).

  16. Hello my name jasmine I Ben on the pills for almost two months ani miss a lot of them then I took a ovulation test an it had to lines on it then a couple of days watery stuff then cramps an then thick white creamy stuff come out of me it hurt when I lay on my stomach an I’m sleep all this the day can I be pregnant

    • I’m not sure if you ever took a pregnancy test as it’s now February, however the two lines on the ovulation test means you were about to or already ovulating, and the watery fluid/cramps are both signs of ovulation. Which just means you’re highly fertile/likely to become pregnant if you have unprotected sex (if you are not taking the pill as directed). And while fatigue is a sign of pregnancy you likely wouldn’t feel tired all the time due to pregnancy if you’re ovulating since you only ovulate if you aren’t pregnant. And fatigue usually sets in a few weeks into pregnancy. Hurting while you lay in your stomach is not a sign of pregnancy typically, unless you are several months into a pregnancy.

  17. Me and my boyfriend are trying to have a baby and i had sex on my fertile days and we done it twice on separate days and my ovulation was just a few days ahead and right now its been 4 days and i noticed a white discharge today and i waa wondering maybe if it could be a pregnant discharge. And im hoping that i am pregnant. I know its too early to determine.

  18. Okay , me and my boyfriend did it for almost two weeks straight and when I came home I had white discharge for a few days then it changed to milky brown discharge and for the last week now it’s got a little darker and now I see blood when I wiped it’s not period heavy but I think its implantation bleeding ! Idk can someone give me and idea I think I might be pregnant? Help !!!

  19. Think I Might Be Pregnant!


    I Was On It For 5 Years, I Been Off Of Depo For 7 Months Now. I Had A Regular Period Finally For A Full Week Which Started On The 31 Of December And Last Till Like A Week… I Had Unprotected Sex On Jan 20th & Its Been A Week No Period Only Pink Discharge In The Week On And Off Especially In The Beginning After I Had Sex. A Week I Was Feeling Naesious, I Take Naps And I Dont Usually Do That, Nipples Are Heavy And Saggy, My Circle Apart Of My Nipples Are Big lol, A Lit Bit Of Soreness, Eating More, Headaches, Strong Smells, Real Bloated Still A Little Bloated, Stuffy Nose With Cold Symptom Such As Sneezing. No Period But Cramps That Week , I Had Light And Coughing , Cramps Sometimes And Back ache. Bleeding For 3 Days Barely Any Cramps. After 3 Days Im Having Pink Discharge Agian And Liquid Discharge Like A Light White Liquid. Could I Be Pregnant? I Aslo Schedule And Appointment On The 8th. Thanks For Your Help.

    • hi Naesia

      I’ve been on depo for +- 10 years, came off it 5 months now. experiencing period like cramps but no period yet,terribly sore breasts, bloated tummy. not even a discharge. never had a period all the time on depo. hubby & I are TTC for our second child.
      anyh cvhanges

  20. Hello,me and my husband have been trying for our secong child,i had my period on january 10 to the 14th of 2017,and we had sex on the 26th my fertile wondow and then had sex 1 and 2nd,and on the 8th i had what was barely some hrown spotting on my panties and now its the 10th and i havent had any since and i feel fine could that be implabtation bleeding

    • My last cycle was January 23 to January 30 an next cycle was due February 13 but nothing all I had was like a brownish discharge that’s it so I am wandering if pregnancy in the air

  21. My period was due February 13 but hasn’t came An I am having like brownish discharge when is best to test for pregnancy or is this normal no bleeding as a cycle at all or should I just wait to see what happens

  22. my ovulation is past abt a week ago nd am having this watery discharge since on saturday that my pant, cloths get wet nd its giving me concern.

  23. I have my period on 24/2/2017 and ends 27/2/2017 and I have sex with my Bf on March 5 to 6 march .can I get pregnant.

  24. OK LMP was 3/14/17 on 03/24/17 I was like a dog in heat and we couldn’t vet together since he was working so we kind of did a video chat (sorry tmi) while touching I noticed it was very watery like ridiculously watery. I seriously couldn’t enjoy because I was freaked by how watery it was. OK so fast forward 4 days later 3/28/17 we do it condom pops and now I’m really freaked! My period tracker app says I passed my ovulation day but was apparently fertile on Tuesday. Can you get pregnant pass the ovulation date? P.s my period is set to come on 11 days from now so that would mean the egg was already released and passed the point were it could have been fertilized right?

  25. I have sex every day with my hubby even during ovulation. It’s 4month now since after my wedding but no issue yet. What could be d cause. Discharge and cycle is Normal

  26. I had sexual relationship with My boyfriend 4 weeks ago. It was during my ovulation days. My period was due six days ago. Instead of a period I’m getting a clear discharge. I can feel it slide out like if it was a period. I need advice. Does anyone know why this is happening? Please help.

  27. Hi, my last menstruation was last april 8. I think, I ovulated last April 18-19. coz, I have this watery, stretchy and egg liked discharge. then after that, I experienced dry days. but 4 days after april 18/19, i had a creamy discharge but not stretchy. Is there a possibility that I am pregnant??? TTC here. God Bless us all. Thanks

  28. Okay so the last day of my last period was
    the morning of March 31st the next day I had intercourse with my fiancé, Which was April 1st we didn’t use protection because normally my ovulation window isn’t so soon after my period. Well how wrong was I today I’m sitting here waiting for my period to come because it due yet there’s no sign of it. Thing is I went and looked at my period calendar today because I normally keep track of it but I’ve been so busy with my one year old we’re currently vacationing in California visiting family while my fiancé is back home. Anyways I checked it and I noticed that my fertility window opened up on the 4th of April I had inter our eyes with my fiancé April 1st I know sperm can live up to five days. Lately I’ve been feeling different, I’ve been producing a lot more discharge than usual. I don’t know if I’m pregnant as it’s only the first day of my missed period but my periods are almost always on time I’m wondering can climate change cause an irregularity in your period I mean I came from a cold climate to a really hot climate…. anyone have any answers for me some insight maybe anything helps really.

  29. I had sex twice on d last day of my ovulation period and i noticed after 2days i had a egg white discharge what could dat mean?

  30. My fiance and I have been TTC (trying to concieve) since 01/17. I have regular 28 day cycle and I already have 2 children 6 and 7. My fiance has a 9yo and he was actually the one who wanted a baby so badly. So far no luck but this cycle was different. My cycle started 05/11. I seemed to ovulate around day 11 or 12. My cm was very heavy and slimy like snot! (Sorry tmi) my fiance and I did the deed on the 18th and 22nd and I’m supposed to start my cycle again 06/07. Hope it doesn’t show! Wish us luck! ?

  31. So I’m on birth control, and I had missed a day for it, but I took it once I remembered and my last period was on 5-30-17, and well yesterday me and my boyfriend had intercouse, and now today i have clear sticky discarge with I guess blood in it. I don’t really have any one to ask about this and I don’t want to make an appointment with my gynecologist if I don’t have to. Is it possible I’m pregnant?

    • If you’re on the combined pill and took your pill as soon as you remembered you should be covered.
      While your fertile time should be starting soon after you wrote this the clear sticky fluid could be a mix of CM and seman and the blood could be caused by him bumping your cervix if your had vigorous or rough intercourse. This has happened to me before when my cervix has been low.
      My advice is wait to see if your period comes if it doesnt then do a Home Pregnancy Test and take it from there. No point stressing till you have mire indicators than just CM changes. Good luck

  32. hi my last period is may 18, 2017 for 4 days, i have un protected sex on th beach on june 3, and june 4 while standing. can i be preganant, please help as i am having some cramps and head ache now, and my due for next period is june 16

    • Standing sitting or lying down doesnt make a difference to possibility of pregnancy. If you have unprotected sex without using contraception three a possibility of pregnancy love.
      Now if you didnt get your period you’re probably pregnant take a test and go see your dr or ob-gyn

  33. i am trying to get pregnant i noticed a day after my period stopped i had clear egg white like mucus but i was waiting until day 12 like my dr advised now i think i might have missed my window any one got any ideas ? was it likely that was ovulation so close to my period i am regular as clockwork if that matters

    • I saw a model today that said the luteal phase (the time between ovulation and your period) is the same for everyone, 14days. It also said that the time between the first day of your cycle and your ovulation is what changes. If you’re pretty regular and tracking everything you should be able to determine around about when you’ll ovulate. Even if you missed this month youve got data to help with next month.

      Good luck.

  34. hi, i had sex on my most fertile day and after almost 2 weeks I have a white discharge, sometimes it’s watery, sometimes it’s a bit thick, cramps in my pelvis and my basal temperature is still high. I wish this time it will be a lucky one. 4 days until my period is due. Anyone experienced this? I’m also tired like all the time..might be the high temp. 🙁

  35. Hi me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex two days​ before ovulation. I am 6 due for period and I have been noticing pressure in bottom of stomach. Discharge has been more than usual. Have any one had those symptoms.

  36. I had too had sex everyother day within my ovulation window and even on my most fertile day (according to my menstrual cal.). I have noted my discharges too. Im super excited to become a mom for the second time now. And to add my babys due date is est. To be the same as her dads!

  37. Me and my husband are trying to have a baby and we have been watching signs for a child. I’ve had the discharge and I know my hormones are all over the place because I’ve been having mood swings. I just started bleeding today but my period isn’t due until the end of the week in like 3 days or so. Opinions wanted. Does anyone hopefully think this bleeding might be implantation? I know only time will tell because if I bleed past three days it probably is just my period but I can remain hopeful right?

  38. At first I’m having an elastic white egg then when my “mispereod” came, I’m having a white watery milky thing coming out … I had an withdrawal sex before these things happened. Help please I need answer

  39. My discharge is very liquid and has blood in it, I am only 18 and am on birth control. I used a condom, but I am still scared that I may have gotten pregnant somehow. Does anyone know what this means?

  40. Hi my period suppose to come two days ago but it didn’t instead I’m seeing this white milky liquid substance coming out it’s not thick but very liquid like and I’ve been trying to have a baby for the past couple months could someone give me some advice

  41. I have a 23days cycle after my period which. Was 7/14- 7/18 on 7/21 I had 1 days of spotting and thick egg like discharge tthen on 7/25 I had the discharge again and severe cramping what is going on

  42. My bf & I have been ttc & ive been tracking my discharge & basal body temp. My temp hasn’t gone lower than 97.6 & my discharge has been that thick creamy looking discharge for about a week now. I tested yesterday & was negative. My period is irregular. I’ve been so moody & tired. I hope I’m pregnant & not starting my period.

  43. My last lmp on 14/7/2017. My ovulation time is 24 to 28. I had sex vth my husband on 27 $ 28. I have watery discharge until that.now im pregnent

  44. Hi, my husband & I was trying to conceive. Today is my 9 dpo and I have a dry cm and I have tender breasts and feeling fuller, heavy breasts. I’m usually feel this 3 days before my menstrual period. I’m expecting my period on 14th of this month. Could I be pregnant? Please help me on this??? thanks

  45. Have been trying for 8yrs to get pregnant with dh. Hoping this discharge ive recently seen is good sign. Praying it so. If yu feel yu maybe pregnant don’t ask us if yu are lol. We aren’t physic. Get a $1 test and find out yourself, or see a doctor. Good luck to those that spend years trying. Don’t give up or lose hope. Will keep everyone updated.

  46. helo, I made love with my husband after which I started having serious cramps just about four days to my menstruation, bt two days to my menstruation, it actually came, I mean my menstruation came two days earlier than it supposed to n it was heavy with some tissues coming out, dis made me feel dat I miscarried, then d menstruation lasted for five days n still after blood n d tissues have stopped coming out, I still feel slight cramps n occasional back aches, plz who has experienced dis n wot could dis be bcoz am really confused, I need a reply please..

  47. Hey for three years I tried having a baby with out knowing it will be like this I started having back pain and missed my period this month and plus I had a pregnancy test and it’s positive..could I really be pregnant since my last period was last month from 8-07-2017 to 11-07-2017

  48. I had my periods a week late last month but since then I do not have any discharge of curvical mucus at all. Today is the 19th day after my previous periods.
    What does this mean?
    Does it mean Infertility?

  49. I had sex with my gf earlier. Its my first time and her also. During the interaction she was screaming so loud and in pain instead of having pleasure. I feel dry inside her. She have less mucus that is why its hard to get in her. Is it normal to have less mucus? And will she be pregnant cause i pre-cum inside her?

  50. I am due for my period on oct 2nd…. ovulation day was the 15th of sep and I had unprotected sex and he came inside of me on the 13th…. a week later I’ve had cramps, mood swings really bad, nausea I’ve almost thrown up twice and now I’m having watery discharge. Could I be pregnant or is this all just pms?

  51. Hi, I supposedly ovulatedon the 19th of September according to “Flo” ( phone app ) have had unprotected sex throughout my fertile window. In June sometime I fell pregnant for the first time with the partner I’m currently still with , but unfortunately miscarried , but that was the first time I ever experienced any spotting. But on the 24th and 25th of September ( this month ) I had the same thing . I am currently due for my period today or tomorrow but have had thick white discharge sitting in my vagina , a temp of 37.3 for the last few mornings as I’ve only started checking my temp . Other little things but what I was curious about was the clear cm I had when having sex Just as the texture was different to other times

  52. Hi everyone… I hope someone can help me… I am sitting here so very confused. I last had my cycle on the 23rd September 2017… My cycle is a 30 day cycle. Meant to start on the 22nd October 2017, and so far no period! I was sexually active while on my period 23,24 and 25th September and then my cycle stopped! Its normally 5 days! I was then sexually active again on the 05th and 7th October… Checked online and works out around the same time I was meant to be ovulating? Since then I have had a milky white discharge, since the 10th October consistently no change in the discharge to indicate when my cycle is coming like normal or disappearing and becoming dry 🙁 This milky white discharge has not changed at all, there everyday or on my underwear..I have been taking pictures since the 10th. There is no itch or any odour at all so no infection, sorry for TMI but I need help… On the 17th October I had a few spots of brownish blood on my underwear once and it was gone… Tonight the 25th, 3 days late for my period, I noticed a slight light pink blood mixed with urine on the toilet paper, but not strong enough to land on my underwear.. I have had serious lower back pain by my hip bones itself but no serious stomach cramps like I normally get before my cycle. Another thing is for the past 2 weeks Ive noticed my breasts have been sore when I push on them in the front and I have glands in them? Whereas before nothing. My breasts would get slightly sensitive just before my cycle, but not continuous for 2 weeks??? I have done 3 pregnancy tests and all came back negative..This is frustrating me as I do not know what is wrong. Am I pregnant or am I not?? What is the milky white discharge there for the whole time and my breasts with glands?? Now being 3 days late for my cycle I see very slight blood. Please help me… What could possibly be wrong??? And if by chance I am pregnant, exactly how many weeks would I be that a pregnancy test is not picking up?? From the start I could feel changes and felt strange etc…then just felt pregnant, like my 2 pregnancies before, I just knew… but never have I experienced these items before…. I am now very confused and frustrated… Please help!

  53. So im. Curious i ovulated the 13th of october n a week after ovulation i started to get tired n eating alot n the frequent urination and also when i test for my cervical mucus it came out. Creamy white and thick does this mean im pregnant and I’ve did a test 8 days after ovulation and also 11 days after and both came out negative n now my period is supposed to start and nothing as yet still the same discharge …..help please

  54. I and my boyfriend are trying to get pregnant…. my last mestrual cycle was on the 26th of January. We had sex on the 5th, 6th and 8th and I noticed a white discharge during sex, what does it mean?

  55. Hii,
    We have been taking infertility treatment since 5 yrs.last month i took hcg injection and we had sex alternate days from 14th to 20th day usually i have 29 0r 30 day cycle.

    But i found a white discharge right from 22nd day and had periods like pain since that day …
    Can anybody tell whats happening in my case.

  56. I took clomid and vitamin e for 5, 10 days (4/2/18) bcz I’m not ovulating due to the pco. From 11/2/18 to 20/2/18 we had love. After that 16/2/18 doctor proscribed me progesterone soft gland capsule for 14 days, I complete it on 1/3/18. But also before completing capsule I got Brown spotting one time. Otherwize All are perfect but 4/3/18 I have brown discharge. I think my period was coming and 4 day continued this discharge, I dont use and pad or tampons. 7/3/18 I got white discharge it means I am pregnant? Please anyone tell me

  57. Why don’t people on this group ever write back with their positive or negative results. It will be nice to hear what happened.

  58. Hello, I have had tubal ligation 16 yrs ago. I had my last period on February 9, and have not had it since. I have had nipple sensitivity, dull cramping in lower pelvic region, tired, I mean exhaustion when I get home from work, I have thin milky white discharge odorless of course, stuck my finger up during bath to just get some of it out and it just kept coming. I’ve had intercourse with my partner multiple times unprotected because I’m not supposed to get pregnant. Now I’m a little worried. It would still be a blessing. But in my 40s who would think.

  59. Hi I’m looking for some advice my period was due on 2.3.18 it hasn’t arrived it’s now 22.3.2018 I toke a test 7 days past due it came back negative I haven’t done one since I’ve had something that looks like watered down milk for a good 2 weeks now and the past 4 days had light spotting when I wipe but not on the pad sorry if that’s to much information could I be pregnant?

    • Meg I suggest go to the doctor and they will do a test for you. It will be more accurate or take another home preg at because if you are pregnant your hcc levels would have increased from last test and the test now would be more accurate

  60. Kanoe

    Your tubes can reattach after a decade. It is very possible you are pregnant. 1 in 50 or 1 in 200 women that have had tubaligation have become pregnant. I have read a lot of research on this subject. I would wait another week and test again. Get blood work done as well. Although I did at home pregnancy test and blood test with my third born and it came back negative. I did another at home test and it came back positive. Just keep retesting. I’m in the same position as you. Spotted 5 days before I was due and still have not started. Had a tubal 6 years ago. Sounds like we are on the same schedule as well. My cycle is right at the same time as yours

  61. Hi I’m looking for some advice so me and my partner had our business and I haven’t had my period yet. I’m also losing this milky discharge with what looks like egg whites mixed in with it I’m terrified if I’m pregnant I already have two smal children. My youngster is 17 months old. My oldest is 3. I’m on the pill btw but also got caught with my daughter on the pill I’m petrified as we dont want anymore kids especially with financial circumstances aswell we both work but. We’re both earning just enough for our family of 4 and our mortgage and bills etc. I don’t know what to do I did a test which was negative but I’m not sure what’s going on with my body


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