The Best Yoga Pants for Pregnant Woman in 2018


To help you maintain your healthy lifestyle and peace of mind, yoga pants were introduced which gained dramatic popularity in the 21st century. They are flexible and form-fitting pants which are used for practicing yoga or any other physical activity like games and running on a daily basis. Usually, they are made by a combination of cotton, polyester or nylon materials.

There are many different types of yoga pants for both men and women depending on styles, colors, fabric and even traditions.

In this article, we have listed 7 best yoga pants along with their review to help you choose the perfect one for your daily yoga training.

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Best Yoga Pants for Girls and Women

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1. 90 degree by Reflex- Yoga pants:

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Affordable yet fashionable yoga pants for girls and women of all ages, reflex yoga pants are a sure buy for your next yoga class. These are the Capri yoga pants with a length of 22 inches which is ideal for anyone. These yoga pants are available in different materials including nylon, polyester, cotton, and spandex. They are stretchy and not compressive at all enabling you to move in any direction. They have interlock seams which minimize rubbing.

Not only this, they are machine washable and dries up quickly in the air. With 30 days full money back guarantees, you won’t ever sacrifice for your comfort again.


  • High waist yoga pants which offer more stretch.
  • These yoga pants have a hidden pocket in them to carry the necessary thing.
  • Don’t get shrink even after a regular wash.
  • They have 4-way stretching material which has both the compression and support.
  • These yoga pants dry up quickly.


  • These yoga pants are see-through in some colors, especially lighter ones.
  • Grey one is not squat proof.


These yoga pants are an absolute choice for those looking for an affordable yet variety of yoga pants. They are available in a number of colors and materials and each has surpassed the expectations.

2. Oalka women power flex yoga pants:

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Available in two categories of material, solid which is 86% nylon and 14% spandex while space dye which is 87% polyester and 13% spandex, these yoga pants offer great comfort as you do your yoga. They are made of an A+ quality material which can stretch in 4 ways allowing full stretch in any direction. These are the full-length yoga pants with a hidden inner pocket. The pull on closures and interlock seams are smooth and reduce any irritation. Perfectly fitting on your body, these yoga pants can be returned if you are not satisfied with them.


  • These yoga pants are made of a sturdy material which will not tear apart sooner.
  • A little phone pocket for convenience.
  • The yoga pants are airy and breathable.
  • Fit perfectly and are not see through unlike many others.
  • The price is just perfect for the great material.


  • The stitching is somewhat loose and pops out.
  • They catch dust on the surface because of the material.


These yoga pants by Oalka are available for a much lower price with a vast variety of colors which fit perfectly according to the body contouring. These are ideal for running, yoga or any other physical activity.

3. Ododos high waist out pocket yoga pants:

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Made of high quality imported material from the USA, Ododos yoga pants are a perfect choice for your next yoga class. They are made from a combo of nylon/spandex or polyester/spandex material. Ododo yoga fabric is a 4-way stretch material with an anti-microbial property. The high quality fabric by ododo is moisture-wicking and will absorb moisture from your body. With flat, smooth and comfortable seam, they don’t irritate you as you exercise.

They have crotch gussets and a pocket outside for an added convenience. These yoga pants are not see through because of high quality thick material.


  • These yoga pants are designed in a way to give a streamlined look.
  • They are not see through yet great for a warmer weather.
  • Pockets are nice to carry small items.
  • These yoga pants are of thick material.
  • Available in a variety of colors.


  • They get a little loose on lower leg area with time.
  • They catch every lint and dust from around.


The yoga pants by Ododo are ensured comfort and stability while you exercise. The high quality material and styles which they use has made its customers satisfied for a long time.

4. Baleaf women’s high waist yoga pants:

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Manufactured from the high quality material, the yoga pants for women by Baleaf are available in three material types’ solid, dye and charcoal. They are a combo of spandex, cotton, polyester, and nylon. With a non-see through quality, you will not be cautious of wearing it in your next yoga class with your colleagues and friends. These yoga pants are made of fabric which has breathable quality and absorbs moisture from your body instantly.

With an anti-drop feature, these yoga pants fit perfectly on your waist with a waistband pocket for your convenience. They have chafe-free seam lock feature to avoid any disturbance as you exercise.


  • These yoga pants have crotch gussets which add to convenience while stretching.
  • They have fewer chances of wearing out after multiple washes.
  • Don’t need a muffin top and keeps you compressed.
  • Don’t get shrink after wash.
  • The design for the dye is very attractive as well.


  • The band on the top is thin one which is uncomfortable.
  • The waistband is so tight and digs in.


With a cheaper price and comfort, these yoga pants by Baleaf are a good quality material with various colors. The dye type is also nice to have a different style.

5. HDE women’s maternity yoga pants:

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A highly comfortable and soft yoga pants which are the best yoga pants for moms. It is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex which makes it breathable enough to help you in your workout. These are highly comfortable for those expecting mothers which are constantly looking for some soft and comforting wearing.

They are stretchy enough so moms can wear them at any time of their pregnancy. They come with their versatility to get them wear in springs or winters. Coming in different colors, they offer you a complete range of different sizes as well. With the high waist fold over, it gives you extra comfort and stability. Its stretchy material gives you a full control of movement in any direction. Not only this, it has a really low price to accommodate you with every yoga or workout class.


  • These yoga pants are made of a silky smooth material which does not irritate you.
  • Waistband can be folded easily.
  • Very stretchy and easy to wear for even a fatter person.
  • The stitching seams are well made.


  • These yoga pants are very thin and see through.
  • It gets loose with time.


This yoga pant is ideal for expecting moms and it is a very stretchy and comfortable to wear yoga pants. With the variety of color combos, it is surely a worth buying pant. The price is affordable and makes it a must buy.

Best Yoga Pants for Men

6. DrSkin compression cool running leggings yoga:

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With smooth and ultra-soft fabric, Drskin best yoga pants for men are a must buy for your next yoga class. Providing extreme comfort and support during your workout time, these yoga pants are made of polyester with a blend of spandex which is unbelievably smooth. For an excellent price, the fabric is non-abrasion and UV protection. Not only this, it also has the moisture-wicking ability so keeps your body breathable as you exercise thus marinating your body blood circulation. Tight elasticity also helps in improving blood circulation. With odd ramp sewing method, it has no overlapping of fabrics.


  • These yoga pants are the most affordable for your workout.
  • These pants are tight but fit perfectly.
  • You can wear these inside your regular pants to save yourself from cold.
  • Waistband has an elastic which fits snugly.
  • The material for the yoga pant is really soft and airy.


  • They are of a thin material and may tear upon more stretching.
  • They should have a larger size because they are small on ankles.


Drskin yoga pants are a choice for those who want some affordable and cheap pants for their daily light routine exercises. They have a thin fabric but breathable one to keep you cool in hot weather.

7. YogaAddict Men’s yoga long pants:

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Made from the finest quality fabric material, YogaAddict yoga pants for men are a perfect choice for your workout. They are made of a supreme material whose fitting matches your body shape in every manner. This yoga pant has two pockets for your ease with a drawstring waist. It has an open bottom for comfort. Available in grey, navy blue, black and brown colors, these yoga pants have thick waistband ideal for your yoga routine. They are made of a thick material which is not see through. Fabricated with a blend of cotton and spandex material, these yoga pants ensure the finest quality.


  • The fabric of the yoga pant allows you to expand or stretch in any direction.
  • You can wear these yoga pants casually as well.
  • The pants fit well on your legs.
  • Waistband is thick which does not disturb you as you move.
  • The material is thick and does not shrink.


  • They are a little expensive as compared to other yoga pants.
  • There should be more variety of colors.


These yoga pants by YogaAddict are a must buy for your workout or casual wear because of their style. They are a little bit expensive than others but their material, quality, and firing speaks itself.

Features to Look for When Buying Yoga Pants

Having the right yoga pant for your next yoga class can bring you great comfort and ease. There are some important dos and don’ts of buying any women yoga pant which is discussed below:

Buying the best Yoga Pants

  • Breathable Fabric

Always choose the yoga pant which has a breathable fabric. This will help to absorb any sweat from the body while keeping the temperature down so that a person can feel her environment. Usually, cotton is the material which is the most breathable.

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  • Design

Find those pants which complement your body. By choosing the right design that suits on one’s body type, you can get a perfect thing.

  • Length

There are two types of length: full length or Capri. If you have to practice yoga in some heat, it is preferred to choose a short length one. Bootcut pants are the most famous and frequently bought. Pants that are too long can cause a great problem.

  • Material

Never purchase those yoga pants which are made out of dense material. They will not absorb any moisture from the body and will retain it causing rashes and itchy skin.

  • Size

Buy any yoga pant according to your waist size which is neither too tight nor too loose. Mostly, pant sizes are 2, 4, and 6 for women. So, before buying any yoga pant, measure your dimensions to have an idea which will fit you.

  • Stretch fabric

Always look for a stretching fabric. There are 2 ways and 4 ways stretching fabrics. Two way stretches in one direction while 4 way stretches in two directions i-e vertically and horizontally. So, the more stretching material will give you more movement.

  • Color

If you want to make your yoga classes more fun, buy pants with different and unique designs, colors, prints, and features. There is a vast variety available for women only. Here shows the video about yoga pant buying guide.

6 FAQs about Yoga Pants

Some of the most frequently asked questions about buying yoga pants are;

Q1. What is the best material of fabric for a yoga pant?

Different yoga pants are made of cotton, polyester, nylon and synthetic material. The fabric which has the ability to absorb the moisture and sweat from the body thus making it airy is the most recommended one. This can be provided by cotton material and synthetic material as well. So, choose those yoga pants which are made of cotton yet stretchy material for an easy bodily movement. This goes for both men and women.

faq about the yoga pants

Q2. Are the yoga pants available all shiny?

There are some pants which are shine but not all. Also, it depends on the color that you choose.

Q3. What are the other things to look for while buying yoga pants?

Always look for a lightweight material with moisture-wicking ability. The pant should not be tight for your fitting and should allow you to move freely. There are size charts available for yoga pants of every brand if you are buying it online. They show the dimensions so you can choose among them which perfectly fits you.

Pay attention if there is a drawstring waist as they can be discomforting while facedown. There should be no compression at all in a yoga pant. They should be stretchy and enable you to move freely in any direction.

Q4. Are yoga pants washable?

Yes, most of the yoga pants can be machine washed.

Q5. Are there any alternatives yoga pants for men?

Pajama pants or sweatpants can be used as an alternative to yoga pants if you feel comfortable in them.

Q6. Is thick material preferred or the thin one?

It depends on your needs. If you are going to do hot yoga, prefer thin one which is airier. It depends on the blend of the material which makes it either thick or thin. So, any material which is breathable itself yet thick is mostly preferred.

Choosing the Best Yoga Pants 

choose the best yoga pants

It is important to choose comfortable clothing so you can focus on your work. Yoga pants have been adding comfort and ease along with style and grace to everyone’s workout and yoga routine. They are popular equally among men and women regardless of culture or tradition.

We have brought the best products for you so choose as per your requirements. If you want to go with editor’s choice then see below:

The above-mentioned yoga pants are some of the best options for yoga pants available in the market.

Keep Yogging!


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