Top 5 Towel Racks That Are Best on The Market (2018 Reviews)


Towels can be really cute and all unless they are wet and scattered all over the place like litter. That’s why we should always be thankful for towel racks. Towel racks help us to keep our bathroom spaces tidy and organized. Plus, they can even make your bathroom space look more interesting and pleasing to the eye. There are all kinds of towel racks for different unique purposes. So, whatever you needs – pool towel rack for your pool or a small bathroom towel rack for your apartment – there’s a towel rack for you. And guess what? We’ve got the crème of the crop right here just for you.

After reading through our reviews, we are very confident that you’d find the right bathroom towel rack for you right here. So, keep it locked and come with us on this ride.

Primary Feature Number of crossbars Material Dimensions Weight Color
Amba RWP-CB Heated towel rock (heats up to 149 degrees Fahrenheit) 10 Stainless steel 31.5 x 5.8 x 23.6 inches 11.5 pounds Brushed stainless steel
Whitmor Over the door towel rack 4 Steel 3.88 x 17.25 x 26.0 inches 1.85 pounds White
Kings Brand Free standing towel rack with shelf 2 Metal 19.75 x 12.25 x 39.5 inches 7 pounds Black metal with gold leaf
Towelmaid Outdoor Poolside towel rack 5 PVC 23.5 x 50 x 37 inches 19.75 pounds White
Omnihook Towel holder 1 holder Plastic 6 x 4.1 x 1.4 inches 4 ounces Blue


Top 5 Towel Racks for Your Need

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1.Amba RWP-CB Radiant Plug-In Curved Towel Warmer

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We start things off on a very hot note on our reviews today and we are talking literally cos this towel rack is piping hot! No, like really, it is hot because it’s a heated towel rack. So, what exactly are the details on this towel? We have them right here.

If you love your towels soggy, smelly, and mildew infested, then skedaddle, this review isn’t for you. This heated towel rack is specially designed for those who love their towels neat, dry, and toasty. For this sort of function that this towel rack is designed to carry out, this is a pretty affordable unit, although understandably, it is pricier than less sophisticated models.

We really commend Amba for making this rack very easy to install too. It hooks up pretty easily. And it looks really cute and elegant when it’s up. The stainless steel finish complements the sophisticated airs of a modern house just nicely. It’s easy to see how we are totally in love with this thing!

What We Liked About It: It is a heated towel rack and that’s already saying a lot! But besides that, this unit is pretty affordable, keeps towels warm enough and also looks super fantastic at it.

What We Didn’t Like About It: Well, as with every appliance that emits heat, you have to be super careful with this heated bathroom towel rack especially around the kids. The rods can get really hot and can cause an accident if children venture around them and touch them. Plus, it might be a good idea to remember that towels are poor conductors of heat. So, many times, the top part of the towel won’t feel as hot as the inner parts because, well, heat has a hard time traveling through.

2.Whitmor Over The Door Towel Rack

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Next, we’re taking this review off the hook with this rocking over the door towel rack from Whitmor. Did we mention that this rack is so affordable? Whitmor has made it such that no one has any excuse not to own their own towel rack. And for a towel rack that is so affordable, this is a model that works wonders.

First it can easily function as a small bathroom towel rack. So, even if you live in a small studio apartment, you still deserve to wake up to warm towels. This towel makes sure of that. It is a life and space saver. You don’t need to have all the living space in the world to mount this guy right here.

And it is crazy easy to install as welll. Anyone can set up this thing by themselves, even a third grader can do it and we kid you not. All necessary accessories for mounting are already made available in the package so you need not spend extra cash for any reason.

Well, maybe the space between bars could have been a little wider but hey, it’s to be made with the small apartments in mind. Plus, at this price rate, you’ll be getting a pretty amazing deal, if you ask us.

What We Like About It: A bathroom storage wall mounted is always a terrific organizational idea for small spaces. We love how this towel rack niftily manages space, mounts easily, and does a fab job of holding towels neatly. And all these for a downright competitive price!

What We Didn’t Like About It: Well, the cross bars of this towel rack are pretty flimsy, to be honest. So, you might want to be careful with the kind of towels you hang. Keep them light and you’ll enjoy your towel rack to the max.

3.Kings Brand Free Standing Towel Rack With Shelf

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Okay, so you don’t want to install anything cos you’re terrible with stuff like that, that’s good too. And that’s why there are free standing towel racks. You don’t have to set up or install anything. All you have to do is purchase it and put it to work holding your towels in your bathroom without thinking too much. Of course, you’d have to have a large enough space to accommodate this model but, a moderate space can work too.

You’d definitely love the look of this rack. It comes as a black metal rack with… wait for it, a gold embellishment! Add a touch of wow to this bathroom with this thing! It totally rocks and isn’t even so expensive even though it looks really high end.

To make things even better and more organized, this model is a towel rack shelf which means that it also comes with a space for the shelf. So, you not only get to keep your towels organized, you can also organize your bathroom slippers as well.

The towel rack is high but just right so your kids can hang their towels themselves without going all “mummy, could you” or more characteristically, just throwing it on the floor. And it’s even a lot better that it is super sturdy, that’s something you’ll want on your side with the kids. No accidents, and it lasts long enough. The kids could even help you assemble it if you want because the directions are so easy.

What We Like About It: It looks totally amazing and we love how it combines two different units in one. It’s both a towel rack and shelf, so you can store both towels and slippers. Plus, kids can hang their stuff on their own and even help to set up the rack.

What We Didn’t Like About It: It does tend to lean and wobble a bit, probably some manufacturing oversight on a few models.

4.Towelmaid Freestanding Outdoor Poolside Towel Rack 

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So, we’re going to step outside for a while. The Towelmaid standing towel rack is specifically made to be suited to the outdoors. So, if you’ve been looking to own your own pool towel rack, here’s a fantastic one you could try. It’s a tested and trusted unit and all the customers are raving about it.

The base of this rack is quite wide which is very essential to keep the unit stable on the ground. You know how pool areas can get, people running around, playing and all. You need something that’s stable and won’t knock all the towels to the ground. Aside that, you need a stable towel rack for the outdoors for the sake of the elements. If it get windy, you’d b sure that your towel rack is still standing and you don’t even have to hold it down with anything.

Also, it’s made of PVC, so it won’t rust no matter how long it stays outdoors. All you need to do to maintain your outdoor towel rack is to wipe down with a rag. Pretty simple. And then you’d have your shiny towel rack back again. It might not be the belle of the ball, but the rack sure knows how to do what it is built to do.

Lastly, this towel rack is one really sturdy dude. It holds several towels of different weights at the same time without budging. We love it! We love it!

What We Like About It: It’s a really sturdy outdoor towel rack. It’s made of PVC, so there’s no chance of rusting. Aside that, it comes with a very wide base to support the rack such that you don’t need to hold it down with any weights. So, whatever the weather condition or the weight of the towels, the towel rack remains sturdy.

What We Didn’t Like About It: Well, this towel rack isn’t exactly the prettiest rack in the world. It works great but if you’re looking for something really attractive, this isn’t what you want.

5.OmniHook Portable Towel Holder

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Alright, so we thought to include this towel rack for those of us on a budget. Sometimes things happen and you can’t just afford that extra dollar at a particular time even though you need a towel rack. But with these bathroom towel holders, you no longer have to bother about funds. And yes, you heard right. These come as two holders in one, and for a really competitive price at that. It’s like a give away!

They are made of plastic, so you can be sure they won’t degrade over time. It’s even more awesome because you can set it up anywhere. These holders aren’t picky at all. They can fit into your kitchen, your shower, or your bathroom equally well.

And they are so easy to use too. Kids and adults alike would love the ease of use of these holders. All you need to do is to push in your towel to hang it and pull it down to take it out! The good thing about this is that since you push your towel in to hang it, it won’t fall off by mistake – something that could happen with bars.

We can’t get enough of this guy. It’s really super amazing and super affordable too.

What We Like About It: These towel holders are a fantastic idea for buyers on a budget. They are really affordable, come as a value pack of 2, and are really versatile pieces that can be used anywhere. They can be used from kitchens to baths. And of course, these towel holders really hold towels securely.

What We Didn’t Like About It: These holders can only hold one towel at a time. It won’t do for people who have to store many towels at a time.

Tips To Choosing The Best Bath Towel Rack For You

It’s not as easy as it seems – getting a great bath towel that is. There are quite a number of things you’d need to consider if you want to get something that works for you… something that won’t leave you regretful at the end.

There are a number of reasons one would want to get a bath towel rack. Some might need it for decorative purposes, while some others might need it strictly for functional purposes. Whatever your reason, you must take out time to highlight what you consider a priority or wish in your ideal towel rack. Knowing these things will help you choose the best towel rack for you.

Best Bath Towel Rack

But hey, to help, here are our top three tips to picking the right towel rack.

  1. Find Out Why You Want a Towel Rack: This is the number one factor when getting a towel rack. It might be for decorative reasons, or simply to add an ambience of luxury to your bathroom. Then again, some others might just need it for a more functional and simplistic purpose. Whatever your reason, look out for the cross bars of the towel rack and ensure that they fit your unique purpose. By knowing what you exactly want, you can choose what you like without having to make any sacrifice.
  2. Consider How much You Can Afford To Spend:Towel racks come in a very wide range of prices. You can literally get them in any price range. It’s best to sit with yourself, make a plan, and determine how much you can afford to spend on a towel rack at this point in your life. This way, you can manage to stay within your budget while still getting an excellent rack choice.
  3. Look Out For The Size and Design: Of course, you can’t overlook this aspect. It plays a very important role in you picking the right rack. First of all, check out your living space and determine how much space you have. If you don’t have a lot of space, you might have to go for a mounted towel rack, it makes your space look less cluttered since the rack is on the wall now. If you have more space, then, of course you can go crazy.
  4. Material: Towel racks can be made of different materials, but majorly, it’s either metal or plastic and they both have their pros and cons. Metals carry more weight but are prone to rusting. Plastic carries less but will not rust under any circumstance. If you’re looking for an outdoor towel rack, then plastic might be your best choice for the sake of the elements. Towel racks that will stay indoors can be made of anything. If you’re hanging a lot of towels, of course, you should go for a metal rack.
  5. Additional Features: Towel racks come with different features. Some even come heated. If you can afford it, you could get one of those and have hot towels on demand every day.

People’s Opinion of Choosing the Best Towel Racks

A lot of people love the Whitmor Over The Door Towel Rack especially because it is so easy to install. In fact, one customer explained that she was able to do it herself without help. This was coming from a 70 year old woman with arthritis!

The Kings Brand Free Standing Towel Rack With Shelf and the Towelmaid Freestanding Outdoor Poolside Towel Rack seem to be polar opposites, at least in appearance. While most people can’t stop going on about how beautiful the Kings Brand towel racks are, the Towelmaid outdoor towel rack seem to be the runt of the litter, in most people’s opinions.

Aside that, they are both loved for their unique purposes – one for the outdoors and the other with its efficient storage for the indoors.

Our Top Pick of the Towel Racks 

So, this is where we crown our very best bath towel rack of today. For this position, we will be awarding the Kings Brand Free Standing Towel Rack With Shelf. Aside the fact that it looks totally rad, this towel rack is also very efficient in managing space since it comes with a shelf. Plus, it is affordable and it can fit into almost any space or any home décor.

We love!

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