Best 6 Baby Bouncers Reviews and Comparisons in 2018


Baby bouncers are a great addition to the baby equipment you have. They have been around for a long time and they are really good to help your baby sleep in, eat, and just relax when you are working. Choosing the best baby bouncer can actually help you in a lot of aspects.

With the variety in the market, you are bound to be wondering which one you should get. Our buying guide will help you understand the factors that determine the quality of the product. For removing other confusions, you will find our FAQ’s to work out for you. Make sure to check out a few of the best products that we thought were there in the market.

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Top Baby Bouncers We Choose for You

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1.  Graco Little Lounger Rocking Seat Plus Vibrating Lounger

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The Graco baby bouncer is a two in one set that makes mothers’ life and expenses much easier than before. It can act as a bouncer along with being a still vibrating lounger which calms your baby and helps them in dosing off.

The item is easy to store with its ability to fold into a size that is convenient to carry as well.

To switch modes all you have to do is to pull out the stands that make the bouncer stationery. Two speeds of vibration are there to pick out the one that works best for your child.


  • The bouncer doubles as a vibrating chair as well
  • It can support infants up to 30 pounds
  • Multiples reclining settings can be adjusted according to the baby
  • There is a harness of three points which keeps the baby secure and safe.


  • There are not many colors available in the item
  • It does not come with a carrying bag


The Graco lounger is an extremely reasonable purchase with features that are hard to find in other products in the market. It is bound to make lives of new mothers easy.

2. Rockabye Bonita Butterfly Rocker

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The Rockabye rocker is a sturdy product that helps children relaxes by rocking in it for as long as they want. The covers are made with sponge and soft materials that are easy to wash at home. Children up to 80 pounds can use them at ages from 9 months onwards.

The rocker has programmed four songs to give your baby a much better time along with helping them learn.

The hard maple wood is polished to a finish to remain safe and stable for a very long time.  The colorful design keeps it exciting for the young ones all the time.


  • The soft sponge material is easy to wash and keep hygienic at home
  • The maple wood is polished and finely finished to help your children remain safe
  • It can support up to 80 pounds of weight
  • It is inbuilt with four educational songs


  • There is no volume button in the songs
  • There is no space for attaching toys


This type of rocking chair for babies is a great way to keep them busy while you finish your work and chores. It comes at a reasonable price that helps your pocket and you while it is in use.

3. Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

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The Fisher-price sits me up seat is an interim kind of baby bouncer for your newborn. For the provision of the best start of life for your kid fisher price manufactures top of the line baby bouncers.

This brand does not compromise on the quality and make the product according to the need of your child. It features soft material seat to make it comfortable so that baby can relax and play.

You can also find two linkable toys along with teether and soft wings. Its weight is 5.3 pounds whereas the product dimensions measure 21.9 x 16.4 x 10.1 inches.


  • It provides a natural sitting position to the child.
  • The cover of the fisher-price sit me up seat requires no extra effort for cleaning.
  • It comes in multicolor so you can choose the color according to the gender of your child.
  • This floor seat by fisher-price acquires large surface area however it is foldable.


  • Unlike other baby bouncers, it is quite bulky.
  • There is no tray in this fisher price baby seat.


 All in all, this baby bouncer by fisher-price gives your child comfort and fun together. Plus it does not ask you for more bucks and provides high-grade quality as well.

4. BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance Soft 

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Meet another brand BabyBjorn famous for manufacturing ergonomic bouncer that suits infants from day one. This balance soft bouncer is now a cult by the majority of the parents because of its superlative features.

The good news is it is suitable for kids that range from 0-2 years. It consists of a natural bouncing system that helps in developing both motor and balance skills.

The BabyBjorn bouncer balance soft proffers 4 positions for play, sleep, rest and transport mode. It takes different position according to the child’s need, for instance, it adjusts from play to rest angle.


  • It has certification from JPMA which means it is a trustworthy brand.
  • The fabric of this baby bouncer is easy to clean and machine washable.
  • It comes with a secure harness that let your kid enjoy while playing.
  • This BabyBjorn bouncer is perfect for babies with reflux and helps you to do house chores easily.


  • The price of this bouncer is bit high.
  • Its fabric color is not permanent which might change after a wash.


 In short, BabyBjorn is a good choice for those parents who look for 2 in 1 baby bouncer. Besides its high price, this is lightweight, sturdy and renders durability.

5. Bright Starts Playful Pinwheels Bouncer

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In our list of the baby bouncers, Bright starts is another name that amazes its customers with quality ranged products. Yet again, the playful pinwheel bouncer is its new innovation with some new attributes. This playful bouncer has adorable characters printed on it to make it more attractive for your baby.

In addition to this, it shows up with 3- point harness for the provision of plenty of support. There are some interactive toys in this pinwheels bouncer to let your child play and sit back at a time. It is surely a lightweight baby bouncer since it weighs 5.3 pounds.


  • The fabric this brand uses requires less effort in cleaning plus it is removable as well.
  • Your baby can be calm by the soothing vibrations from this pinwheel bouncer.
  • Against all these remarkable features the price range of this bouncer is affordable.
  • The Bright starts playful pinwheel bouncer is suitable for 2 years old.


  • If your kid is more than 29 pounds then it might not suit your kid.
  • The vibrations are not high-powered


If you are looking for colorfully themed baby bouncer then Bright starts are the right brand in this regard. You will not regret your decision because it goes well with your furniture as well.

6. Summer Infant Bouncer  

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This one is the latest addition to the bouncer market of 2018. It has already impressed the parents by its impressive look and the material. As the aim of this brand is to provide comfort to your child so it features UV canopy.

In this way, your child remains safe from scorching rays of the sun when you are outside. The frame of this pop n jump activity center is not hefty and allows unfolding in seconds.

In this baby bouncer, you can adjust up to 3-level height. Like other bouncers, the seat cover removes without any difficulty and is washable.


  • Suitable for kids between ages of 6-12 months.
  • It shows up with shoulder carrying bag for keeping the toys in it.
  • You can use this fabric activity center for both outdoors and indoors.
  • This baby bouncer is portable but your baby can still jump.


  • The material of the canopy is not sturdy and travel bag might rip off.
  • In comparison with a traditional bouncer, it contains fewer toys.


After considering all of the above, investing in summer infant pop n jump activity center is not a bad idea. For the reason, it is budget friendly, lightweight and has certification.

Buying Guide of Best Baby Bouncer 

To help the baby bouncer actually be worth every penny and take care of your baby and help you, you need to make sure your purchase turns out to be the best baby bouncer for you. To help you achieve this goal, we have compiled this buying guide.

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Ensure Safety

First and foremost look into the safety that your desired product is offering. According to international safety standards, you will need to have at least a three points harness to help your baby remain in the bouncer without falling down.

However, to be extra conscious, you can always go for the five-point harness. Make sure that the size of the belt is also adjustable so that you can double check the belt and make assured safety for your child.

Choose the Motion Intensity

Best Bouncers for baby

Some bouncers are very sensitive and even with the slight kicking, they tend to rock around. While others may seem quite stubborn as they move around just a little with the babies’ movement. You will need to choose the one that is more suited to your child.

For example, if your baby enjoys being rocked a lot, you can always choose the one that is sensitive. You can also make your bouncer stationery by going for a lock option which allows the item to remain stationary as per your requirement.

Select the One with a Removable Seat Cover

One of the important factors to look into is to make sure that the seat cover is removable and it is washable. Remember, hygiene is very important for your baby and you will need to make sure that the cover is clean at all times, even when your child makes it dirty.

A removable cover will also sometimes give you the option to attach different colors of covers and have a little color into the bouncer. Also, make sure that the seat cover is nice and comfortable and does not have anything that may hurt your child. Check it thoroughly before putting your child for additional safety.

Ensure Its Sturdiness

Since you will have your baby in the bouncer, you need to make sure that the product is extremely sturdy. Check to confirm that it does not rock abnormally even the slightest bit. Moreover, a wide frame can help in increasing the sturdiness of the bouncer. A low frame will ensure that it does not tip on the side if your infant decides to tilt to one side.

Look For Additional Features

Additional features always make a product better than it already seems to be. You can choose features like vibration, compact storage size, carrying bag, toys, songs, and others. Make sure that the additional features do not add up to your budget more than you would require.

Baby Bouncers FAQs

Buying the best baby bouncer for your child is very important and it may cause the curious mind of new parents to stir up some questions. We have answered a few of the most frequently asked questions to the best of our knowledge and tried to make it easier for our users.

questions about the baby bouncers

How do I make sure that the bouncer is actually safe for my baby?

It is not a hidden fact that over the years, bouncers have been the cause of a few accidents. To make sure your child is safe in their lounger, do not necessarily go for a cheap product as it may be of bad quality.

No matter how well known the company of the contraption is, making sure to check for valid international safety commissions’ approval and stamps. These are the best way to make sure your child is secure.

Is battery better or electric ones?

If you are going for bouncers that require some form of power source then you will have to choose between battery powered and electrical ones. To match many safety standards, it is ideal for you to not go for the electrically powered ones.

You want to keep your child away from any electric sockets in the first place, it is not ideal to attach their chair to a socket. It may not exactly cause accidents, but better safe than sorry, right?

Is there a baby bouncer with car seats?

By most well-known brands there are no baby bouncers attached to car seats, and there shouldn’t even be any. The reason is that these bouncers are soft and just move a little to keep your babies calm and soothed all the time. Keeping them in a car with a thing that rocks all the time can really make them dizzy and damage their internal organs.

Are foldable bouncers safe?

Unlike what the natural paranoia of new parents says, foldable bouncers are not likely to collapse until you do not overload it with more weight than it can handle. However, for more peace of mind, you can make sure that the ones that are foldable have tough locks on them that do not flinch no matter what happens.

Also make sure that when you are unfolding the bouncer, you are completely unfolding it. Check it, recheck it, and then re-recheck it to make sure of the status of the bouncer.

What kind of seat will keep my baby most comfortable?

Of course, having a seat that will keep your baby comfortable is ideal. And since your baby has developing bones, you will need to make sure that they remain comfortable. Many seats come with a memory foam material that takes the natural shape of your child allowing them to be comfortable.

This material also keeps your child continue growing without any spinal troubles. Some seats that are made of a stretched material are also comfortable. They also work like memory foam and allow full comfort to your child.

Are their loungers with reclining options?

Yes, many loungers have the option to recline your baby as much as you want or as much as you require. The settings are easy to use and are proven very helpful for parents all around. However, make sure that there is a reclining stopped to be extra careful.

Additionally, make sure you do not touch the settings while your baby is in the seat otherwise if a strong jerk happens, you can seriously injure the internal organs or your baby and a jerk can cause them many inconveniences.

What are additional features ideal to have in a baby bouncer?

Thanks to technology, you will always have a step ahead of what you want in everything. So, when you find additional features, go for them. The vibrating effect is one feature that parents love since you can put the lounger at a standstill position and vibrate it for your child.

Songs will help them keep busy while you do your chores or while you are catching a bite to eat. Toys are also a great past time for your babies and a great way to keep them busy.

Select the Best Baby Bouncer

Having a toddler is a unique and exciting time, but at the same time, you’ll get tired of roaming around with the kid. We have tried our best to narrow down the list of searches for you. Now it’s your turn to select the one which suits your needs more and make your baby happy and do your chores efficiently at the same time.

Have a happy bouncing baby!

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