10 DPO Symptoms VS No Symptoms – Time for a Pregnancy Test?


If you’re trying to get pregnant, there’s a good chance you’ve spent some time on pregnancy forums and message boards. Like any other community website, members often use acronyms to refer to a variety of pregnancy-related terms. DPO is one abbreviation that you’ve probably seen quite often. We’re going to talk about what DPO stands for, and the symptoms you may experience at 10 DPO.

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What is DPO?

DPO is an abbreviation for “days past ovulation.” You’ll see a lot of women using this abbreviation when talking about their cycles. For example, women may ask how many days past ovulation they can take a pregnancy test.

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In other cases, women may be curious about what possible pregnancy symptoms they may experience at a certain number of DPO.

If you’re like most women who are trying to conceive, you’re probably curious about what symptoms you’ll experience after conception. Many women start experiencing some symptoms as early as 10 days after ovulation.

Common 10 DPO Symptoms

If you’re 10 days past ovulation, you may start experiencing some symptoms if you’re pregnant. Some of the most common symptoms of very early pregnancy include:

  • Fatigue and exhaustion
  • Mild or dull cramping
  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Backache
  • Tender breasts
  • Nausea
  • Breasts feeling heavy or full
  • Sensitive nipples
  • Increased CM (Cervical Mucus)

By far, the most common symptom this early on in the pregnancy will be fatigue. Nearly all pregnant women feel more fatigued than usual, especially during their first trimester. This is because your body is now producing more progesterone, which can cause you to feel tired. At the same time, you’re also producing more blood to carry more oxygen and nutrients to your growing baby. All of this extra blood requires your heart to work harder.

Feeling tired is completely normal, but try to avoid stimulants like caffeine as these can be harmful to your baby in high doses. Eat a healthy, balanced diet and get plenty of rest if you’re feeling tired.

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Mild or dull cramps are also normal, and they’re typically felt in the lower abdomen. Don’t panic – cramps are perfectly normal early in the pregnancy.

Digestive issues, aches, pains and nausea are all common early on in the pregnancy. Remember, your body is going through a tremendous number of changes, so you’ll be experiencing all kinds of uncomfortable symptoms.

Remember, these symptoms do not necessarily mean that you’re pregnant. Some women have every symptom in the book, but still get their period. Digestive issues and nausea can be caused by something you ate, and fatigue can be caused by stress or lifestyle changes. The only way you’ll know for sure if you’re pregnant is to take a pregnancy test.

Can I Take a Pregnancy Test 10 DPO?

Many women wonder if they can take a pregnancy test when they’re 10 DPO. Yes, you can, but the results will likely be inaccurate. It’s better to wait until the day after your missed period to take your pregnancy test. At this point, your body should have sufficient levels of the pregnancy hormone to trigger a positive result if you’re pregnant.

At 10 DPO, implantation has only recently occurred. This means that your body is just starting to make the initial changes that occur during the first trimester.

Most women who take a pregnancy test at this point will see a very faint or faint positive result if they’re pregnant. A smaller percentage will get a standard positive result.

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If you do test at this stage and the results are negative, be patient and try again in a few days. Give your body a little more time to get your hCG levels high enough to trigger a positive result.

10 DPO No Symptoms

What happens if you’re 10 DPO and still not experiencing any symptoms? Don’t get discouraged. A lot of women don’t experience any symptoms this early on in the pregnancy. In fact, a lot of women won’t have a clue that they’re pregnant until they miss their first period.

Even the symptoms listed above are mild and can be confused with other issues. If you have gas and bloating, for example, you may just attribute that to something you ate – not being pregnant. So, if you don’t have any symptoms, this does not mean that you’re not pregnant. It just means that you’re like the majority of women who won’t experience any symptoms until later on in the first trimester.

No Symptoms Can Be a Good Thing

Believe it or not, many doctors say that having no symptoms is actually a good thing. Symptoms usually mean that AF (Aunt Flow) is on the way. So, don’t stress if you’re not feeling anything. Many women claim to have known or felt something the moment they conceived, but most doctors just attribute that to wishful thinking. Wait until after your missed period, and take a pregnancy test. In the meantime, forget about symptoms. Sometimes, we try so hard to look for symptoms that we actually create them.


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  1. Hi I am currently 10dpo and have been feeling really tired and emotional especially yesterday I slept all day near enough. Over the past few days I have had a little cramping I’m my lower stomach and on and off lower back pain. I also have a couple of shoting pains in my vagina put they have went away now. My boobs are in agony but it’s hard for me to tell if this is due to pregnancy as I have cysit in my breast and they flare up from time to time. I was on the marina coil for 4 years and only had it out 2 months ago and my body seems to be back to normal I had a proper period last month for the first time on years. My next period is due in 4 days I’m just so confused as have I just got pms for the first time or am I pregnant so fustrating.

  2. Hi Samantha

    Did you find out if you were pregnant? I did my first round of Clomid this month, and after ovulation, I started cramping on and off, I am currently 10dpo and my boobs started to hurt yesterday but my nipples had a burning sensation which is gone now, I have had on and off backpain and mood swings. also slept the whole day yesterday. when I checked my cervix this morning it was high and felt big and not hard but also not soft.

  3. I’m 10dpo today and I usually have PMS symptoms but this month exactly nothing. I thought that was strange because usually my primary luteal phase symptom is sore breasts and this month not at all. I didn’t even realize that I was so close to AF due date until I checked Ovia app. So, hopefully I can test in 4 days and see. My last 2 cycles I was very regular but my days on AF was short, just 4 days the last 2 months and very light. So, I have no idea what’s going on. Either that or AF will come in full effect.

  4. I felt some of the symptoms I had a cramps on my lower belly, I feel like I’m bloated, I pee maybe 7 to 10 day and night, every time I touch my nipple it hurts
    So I took a test this afternoon but its negative? Not even a faint positive its really negative? So im not pregnant?

  5. I am 10 dpo as well I also been have mild cramps my right nipple hurts when I pinch it the left hurts a little my belly feels heavy nauseous and around my nipples are getting darker what do talk think?

  6. I have been off BC for almost a year and have been having regular visits from AF. However I have not had a visit from her since April (though the only intimate contact was in mid May around the time she should have been here)….last visit from AF was 4/13 to be precise…
    I’m honestly afraid to take a home test for fear of wasting it and my time, but at the same time how much longer should I wait to do so!? I’m too old for this!

  7. I am 11DPO and I feel exhausted constantly have a headache, failing to eat, feel emotional, bloated and have gas. I took a test at 10DPO which was negative . I am still hopeful for a positive text after my missed period in 3days time


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