Ideas for Woodland Creatures Nursery Decor for Baby Boy or Girl


One of the most exciting and onerous tasks for expectant moms and dads is that of preparing/decorating a nursery. These conflicting feelings arise because of the myriads of choices to be made as well as the joy of preparing for the new addition to the family. If you are not on a budget, you may have the liberty of playing with some ideas and discarding them if they don’t work. However parents-to-be on a budget have to be decisive about what they want and how to get it. In order to help you narrow down your choices while working within your budget, may we suggest the woodland nursery theme.

Woodland themed nursery started trending in 2017 and the reason is not farfetched. It’s an adorable rustic theme that works for any gender; so whether you’re expecting a boy or a girl, you’re covered!

Your woodland nursery décor may be no expense spared or on a budget; whatever the case, we got you!  This article would give you tips on how to create that adorable space for your little one.

3 Things to Consider before Woodland Creatures Nursery Decoration

No matter the theme of your nursery, there are things you need to consider before you begin decorating. We’ll just point out a few of them:

Consider safety issues – There are a number of safety issues that you must consider before you begin to implement your woodland themed nursery ideas. They include :

  1. Do all the painting and wallpapering at least eight weeks before your due date.  Ensure that the windows are left open for ventilation. This is to allow all the harmful fumes and chemicals to dissipate; we don’t want to risk baby’s health.
  2. Avoid wall to wall carpeting as they harbor more allergy inducing properties and are harder to clean.
  3. Check out the angles of the windows so as to determine where the furniture (especially the crib) would be. This might also affect the size and shape of furniture you should buy. The crib should be placed away from heavy draperies or décor that can fall over and harm the baby.
  4. Floor décor should be items that can be secured to the floor so that you don’t trip with baby in hand.
  5. Also make provision for a smoke and carbon monoxide detector.
  6. Electrical outlets should be properly installed and child-proofed; don’t wait until your baby is mobile.

Consider your comfort and that of the baby– Remember that as much as it’s the baby’s room, you’ll be spending considerable time in it. Take into consideration all that would make the room cozy enough for both of you. These include the following:

  1. Similar to point c above, consider the angle from which sunlight filters into the room and also the placement of streetlights. This can greatly affect your baby’s sleep pattern.
  2. Consider where your diaper and hygiene supplies would be. They have to be close to your changing table.

3.Make provision for an outlet for a nightlight and factor it into your design/décor.

Think of the future– Before you start decorating a nursery remember to think long term. Here are two factors to bear in mind:

  1. Parents-to-be always underestimate the amount of storage space they’ll need. When you have made a list of everything you think you’ll need, add extra space for unexpected items. This way, you’ll not end up with a cluttered nursery.
  2. Think of furniture and décor that would grow with your child. We don’t think you’ll be glad to be spending money on your nursery every three or six months.

Professional Decoration or DIY?

Some people have argued that decorating a nursery creates a bond between the parents and unborn baby. Others, however, argue that a professional decorator would bring would-be parent’s ideas to life; it would just cost more. While the issue of professional decoration may not entirely be based on finances, parents-to –be on a budget are better off with DIY decorating.

Girl’s woodland nursery or baby boy woodland nursery, whichever it is, there are a lot of ideas that you can work with.

There are things that you can do by yourself and there are others you can buy at very affordable prices.  Some of the things you can do by yourself include the following:

  1. Paint the Walls– Before you start choosing furniture, you can paint the walls. There are plenty of guides or tutorials online that can help you achieve the perfect woodland themed wall color.  Grey is a subdued natural color that allows you to add any kind of color combination that you want. It would also show off colors to perfection; allowing you to blend in your beddings, furniture and artwork. A contrast of dark blue wall and light blue accessories is a nice combination. It makes the room look natural and colorful. Green is a prime color for a woodland themed nursery. Combine with a touch of gold and see your colors pop.
  2. Laminate the Floor– Laminate flooring is inexpensive, sophisticated and just right for your woodland nursery decor. An added advantage is that it’s easy to clean.
  3. Add a personal touch – One of such personal touches is making an artwork of your baby’s name to hang over the crib or on the wall.  You can use lumberjack check, wooden letters, trees or woodland animals. There are many variations to this personal touch.Like we mentioned earlier, there are a lot of resources online that you can use. Another personal touch you can add is making stuffed woodland animals. You can check out this link for a step by step tutorial on how to do it. If you are not a craftsy person, you can download pictures and blow them up, then frame and hang them.
  4. Repaint/refurbish old furniture– Old furniture can come in handy when decorating a woodland themed nursery. An example is using old stools to make toadstools. Be creative and think outside the box; you’ll be amazed at what you can make out of “junk.”
  5. Make use of nature– Take a walk in the forest and pick up items like fallen twigs and leaves and pine cones. With this you can make different kinds of art work. You can use a branch, together with the items you picked and some cuddly pets to make a mobile. You can also create a woodland animals nursery and position it in a play corner in the room. This would come in handy when your baby transits to the toddler stage.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the things you can do by yourself to save cost but these should get you started.

10 Ideas for Decorating a Woodland Themed Nursery

Before one can confidently say that their nursery has a woodland theme, there are essentials that must be present. Although there are a thousand and one things that you can do and use, they are not all possible or feasible to use in one room. We shall list a number of decorating ideas and also try to give you tips on how to best to use them.

  1. Laminate flooring and /tongue in groove flooring mounted on the wall– You can choose to do one or both. The woodsy look gives the room a rustic and sophisticated look that says “woodland”.  The wood paneling on the wall can also be used as the focal point of the room. You can display both whimsical amateur artwork and professional art work on it. This would work really well for a nursery that you plan to grow with your little one (a transitional nursery).
  2. A patch of artificial grass– A patch of artificial grass tucked into a corner of the room designated as “nature corner” is usually a hit. Place some woodland animals and cuddly pets for your little one to curl up with as they grow older.
  3. Woodland Animals– You can decide to go with different animal themes such as furry animals, insects, rodents and the likes. These animals can be placed in different angles in the room or as center pieces on furniture. They can also be used as a mobile over the baby’s crib (ensure that your mobile doesn’t have animals that can fall and smoother the baby).
  4. Wall Murals – You can engage professional help to paint some woodland murals on the wall or you can do it yourself. There are also vinyl decals or wall papers that have different forest themed designs.
  5. Mobile – Every baby needs a mobile over their crib; what with their being on their backs most of the times.  A mobile made with things from nature and animals would keep baby occupied for hours on end. Don’t forget to ensure that whatever materials you use are safe for your baby.
  6. A Teepee– You can place this in the “nature corner” of the room. This can be in addition to the grass patch or you can just place in without the grass patch. This provides a cozy hiding place for your little one when they start crawling. Remember to think “safety” as you build and decorate this teepee. Avoid placing little items that your baby can ingest and also over the top items that can smoother him/her.
  7. Woodland Nursery Bedding– There are so many beautiful designs of beddings to choose from. The important thing is to get beddings that would fit into the woodland theme; your options are limitless.
  8. Nightlight – A campfire night light, a wooden shade lamp or an old fashioned lantern would make a perfect woodland nursery lamp. These inexpensive accessories would help tie your décor together while performing an essential function.
  9. Woodland Nursery Fabric– These include curtains, swaddle blankets and burp clothes with cute furry animals, forest or nature designs. To add an authentic touch to your décor, you can use small tree branches or strong twigs as curtain tie backs.
  10. Extras– Like we said earlier, there are a thousand and one ideas that you can explore. This means that we can’t exhaust the list of ideas. But here  are a few extras:

(a) A tree stump in place of a side stool– This is an inexpensive piece of furniture that may even be laying around your backyard now. Just a little sanding and curing and you’re good to go with it. However if you are not up to the stress, you can get yourself one at an affordable price.

(b) A tree-made shelf – A crudely made shelf from limbs and tree branches in place of plastic, wood or steel. This gives the room that pioneer forest look and feel; a word of caution, however, is that you ensure that it is securely bolted to the wall. We don’t want any part unraveling and injuring our precious baby.

(c) A simple scrap of wood as a clothes hanger – You don’t need any professional help with this; any old tree branch or piece of wood would do. You can get this accessory when you chop wood for your fireplace or from the pile you buy!

(d) A tree branch as a curtain rod – You can get a strong tree branch that you can secure to the wall and use as a curtain rod. After all, these were the things that our forebears used before civilization.

(e) Twigs for baby’s name instead of wooden blocks – You can use twigs to form your baby’s name and place on the wall. You can design this twigs anyway you want; it sure would catch the eye of all who step into the room. This video introduce the DIY nursery for baby.

Most moms or parents-to-be have been known to work themselves into a frenzy over decorating a nursery.  Truth be told, these things are just extras; the most important thing is receiving your baby with love.  Do not let yourself be eaten up with guilt because you cannot afford everything that you have in mind for your little one. Be creative (without the stress) and look around; nature is there to help you. That’s why this woodland nursery theme is a win-win for any budget, taste or proclivity!

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