15 Wonderful Places to Go with Your Baby


If you’ve just got the wanderlust feel, itchy feet, always wanting to be exploring and trying new places, having a baby with shouldn’t dampen your hopes of ever traveling again. The advantages of babies are that they are portable and lightweight when it comes to traveling, but most of all, usually airlines and hotels will give them a free ride.

Hers are top ideas of the ideal places to explore that Baby will love!

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Top 15 Baby-friendly Destinations 

1. Take to The Beach

A beach ranks as one of the top destinations for any traveler. But when it’s tot-friendly, offering plenty of services for baby and attractions, you cannot go wrong. One example of such a place is Paradise Island in the Bahamas.

Moms love it because it has a ‘Prompt Response Line’ allowing parents to call and order a baby’s needs.

Tots love it because there are acres and acres of water attractions like water-play areas, indoor pools and everything a tot will adore.

2. Exploring National Parksexplore national parks

A perfect place to visit if you have a baby or toddler is a national park. You can enjoy their wide-eyed wonder at the huge trees, the rippling brooks, the wide open green spaces and small animals, not forgetting the magnificent bird life. A baby will love viewing these things from his stroller. One example of such a place is the Olympic National Park, Port Angeles, Washington.

Moms love it because nature abounds for Baby to enjoy with plenty of hiking trails for strollers. The East Beach has a swimming area so shallow for babies to enjoy, plus sandy shores for digging and making castles. Picnic areas are dotted all over.

Tots love it because there are plenty of forest inhabitants to learn about in the great outdoors. There are also indoor activities a child will love, such as the Discovery Room. It’s all about exploration and intrigue for kiddies.

3. Life on The Farmlife on the farm

Little kids just adore feeding baby animals, helping to make cookies on the farm and participate in other activities. The whole family benefits from nature and just getting away. One such example is in the New York’s Catskill region, the Hull-O Farms. Simply put, it’s an experience your children will not forget!

Moms love it because they get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, relaxed and peaceful while little ones learn all about farm life and experience it.

Tots love it because they get to experience what living on a farm is like; getting involved with feeding baby animals; watching goats and cows get milked, fishing, kite flying and much more.

4. Cruise Control

A cruise ship has expansive outdoor and indoor places for the kids, apart from children’s programs and activities that will keep them going all day long. Such an example is Disney Dream or Disney Fantasy. It just speaks for itself.

Moms love it because children are safe and highly entertained all day with family-friendly movies, restaurants, shows, and activities.

Tots love it because of the exciting character meet-and-greets; wet-and-wild fun – let’s just say a kid’s paradise.

5. What about A Theme Park?

Theme parks just appeal, hands-down, to little tots. One to suggest is Sesame Place, in Langhorne, Pennsylvania.

Moms love it because there is so much on offer for little kids; rides and attractions and also a 10,000-square-foot pool for babies and toddlers.

Tots love it because the Sesame Street characters are there to enjoy the fun with the kids, and so much more!

6. At The Lakeat the lake

Calm placid waters offering picnics, theme parties, plenty of outdoor and indoor fun and family attractions. An example is The Tyler Place Family Resort at Lake Champlain in Vermont, where an award-winning children’s program awaits.

Moms love it because there are heaps of opportunities, programs, and special activities for families with young children.

Kids love it because there are healthy and adventurous activities that keep them energized and happy.

7. Down on The Ranch

Little ones just love the pony rides, cowboys, and sing-songs, to name but a few of the activities a family can get involved in together. An example is Rocking Horse Ranch in Highland, New York.

Moms love it because it is the type of place that is fully-inclusive, with child care being provided, custom meals for babies – everything is laid on.

Kids love it because there is so much in the way of plenty of outdoor and indoor activities; pony-and-wagon ride for little ones, playgrounds, splash parks – never a dull moment.

8. All-inclusive Resortsall inclusive resorts

When you’ve got picky little ones, that’s where all-inclusive type resorts come in. This is about family-focused all-inclusive care which includes nannies, suites that have separate kids’ rooms, baby meal programs and more. An example is Azul Beach Hotel in the Karisma Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Moms love it because there are special baby and toddler programs, baby meals, babysitting services, etc.

Kid’s love it because it’s all about play, play and play. What more could a child want?

9. Indoor Water Parks

Kiddies adore water, so indoor water parks are highly popular with families. Parents adore the self-contained aspects of the waterparks, with so many areas where babies and toddlers can splash around safely. Choose a waterpark which one which will become your favorite for the kids.

Moms love it because there are so many special places where a child can have such a lot of fun.

Kids love it because games and activities keep them highly occupied all day long.

10. Head for The Mountains

Plenty of these mountain vacations spots provide a holiday-of-a-lifetime for families. Daily kids programs are just so suitable for a little child and the family, from a baby to an older child. An example would be Jeffersonville, Vermont – Smugglers’ Notch Resort.

Moms love it because there are programs to cater for babies upwards, not forgetting mom and dad as well.

Kids love it because they have an array of activities to choose from and that means snow skiing as well!

11. Desert Hot Spots

Many of the beautiful desert resorts have the coolest pools, let alone spectacular scenery. An example would be Scottsdale, Ariz at the Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North

Moms love it because you get baby packages to make sure mom and baby are catered for, to the tee!

Kids love it because they are catered for in a big way at these type of resorts with activities such as train rides, pools and everything to keep them happy and entertained.

12. City Adventurescity adventure

Go downtown! Exciting, cosmopolitan and chock-o-block full of kids’ activities. Cities are especially great for weekend getaways if you have little kiddies.  A good example is Boston, Massachusetts, at the Colonnade Hotel. Kids are catered for at these type of hotels, and there are subway train rides, children’s museums, public gardens – a real look and learn experience.

Moms love it because while she gets to see the city, she can play along with the children.

Kids love it because they get things like a rooftop pool to splash around it, meals galore – not forgetting their ‘Kids See & Do’ package which includes breakfast. Cool!

13. Barrier Island Getaways

Barrier island getaways also provide a refuge to wildlife. This gives little ones the chance to learn and love nature and its wildlife. A great example would be Captiva’s South Seas Island Resort. This one is just about endless activities!

Moms love it because it offers laid-back easy places, full of vibe, restaurants, ‘Learn-to-Swim’ places for babies and toddlers, craft centers for toddlers and moms, etc.

Kids love it for the water parks and looking and learning experiences like taking care of the natural wildlife heritage.

14. Check The Inn Scene in the Country

Check the inn scene in the country

You might think bed and breakfast days are over when you have a baby, but there are plenty of these types of places that also welcome the small tot or toddler. An example would be Stockbridge, Massachusetts, at the Williamsville Inn.

Moms love it because there is special personal attention and services given, and places to just relax and revel in nature.

Kids love it because it’s in the country, there is a pool, a rope-swing; plenty of gardens and places to explore.

15. Say “Aloha” to Hawaii

It’s tropical, it got a foreign flavor to it without leaving the U.S., and children are especially beloved here. You will love Oahu and an example would be Ko Olina, Ohau, Hawaii.

Moms love it because it is just about sheer relaxation in beautiful grounds, surrounded by green and lush mountains, blue lagoons and golden sands.

Kids love it because they get things like character-breakfasts to start their exciting day, splash pools and full of family fun.

The above are truly wonderful places to visit if you have a baby or toddler, but here is a brief list of 15 of the best Countries to visit with baby

When a baby is a formula fed baby, parents will consider things like the availability of fresh and clean drinking water when traveling. But here they are:

1.Tokyo, Japan

Known for ‘Baby Cafes’, they especially cater for moms and tots. Plenty of child-proof areas.

2. London, England

A real stroller-friendly destination and free travel for a baby on all public transport. Plenty of kid’s friendly attractions and restaurants.

3. Tuscany, ItalyTuscany, Italy

Tuscany is ideal for the newborn. Italians love babies and will love cooing at your baby. Tuscany in Italy is a family-friendly location to visit and you won’t find any places here that will exclude you and your baby.

4. Chicago, USA

One of the most baby-friendly destinations in the world! Here you will find a plethora of baby activities available. You can even attend a baby matinee at the movies with your baby. The list goes on and on. Chicago has arms wide open for baby and you!

5. Ecuador

A place where children are cherished and adored. Lovely places to visit with a baby would be the Manabi Coast for example.

6. Belize

You will love visiting the Mayan Ruins, the beaches or the Placentia forests.

7. Taipei, Taiwan

This is a real family-friendly destination, filled with activities and attractions to appeal to moms, dads, and kids of any age. Don’t forget your stroller or baby carrier for visiting the city or wherever your child-friendly country leads.

8. Hawaii, USA

These islands are packed with family-friendly hotels, packed with activities and sight-seeing opportunities.

9. San Diego, USA

Plenty of baby-friendly beaches and the botanical gardens and the Birch Aquarium will fill a baby with wonder.

10.  Montreal, Canada

No matter what age a baby or child is, this city will offer young families plenty on offer, with child-friendly festivals offering heaps of free activities for children.

11. Wales, United Kingdom

Wales will spoil you and your baby, as they are a child-loving culture, embracing the family and keeping them occupied while they are in the country.

12. Tasmania, AustraliaTasmania, Australia

This Australian destination is a lovely choice for those traveling with a baby and older children. Tasmania has plenty of child-friendly experiences that will keep children and parents alike in awe of the natural beauty and activities.

13. Tulum, Mexico

Such a quiet, quaint seaside place, with plenty of family-oriented activities. Hotels offer top class care for you and baby.

Other Special Getaways for Parents with Babies

Most of us eagerly count down the days for our summer holiday, when we can recharge and take stock of our lives again. This time is profoundly beneficial for parents and children when parents can give their children a wonderful gift – that of time. It’s vital for bonding, enhancing self-esteem and concentrating on your child or children, without stress. Happy Holidays!


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