When to Get a Night Light for Your Baby?


Shopping for baby’s things can just be such a lot of fun, and of course, there are so many things to choose from, it’s difficult to know which the right things to buy are and which are just simply irresistible to buy. When it comes to having a baby and deciding about a baby’s light in his or her bedroom, the same difficult decisions you will have to face – what color, for what purpose, is it a good idea?

A baby circadian rhythm or his or her body clock is important to be set properly in order to let a baby, as he gets older, to sleep less during the day and more at night. There are the usual natural heavenly lights such as the sun and moon by which a baby’s natural rhythms will be set. Some experts in baby care or Sleep Institutes and others will recommend that parent don’t’ make use of night lights for the child bedroom because it is reckoned that it is important that a baby on their own starts to distinguish night and day and that keeping a light on the room may actually result in your baby not sleep as restfully as he should. As soon as you light an area, the production of melatonin is inhabited. Melatonin is a hormone in our bodies which helps us to go to sleep and wake up rested, so says Krista Guenther who is a baby and child sleep consultant. The National Sleep Foundations says that the ideal sleeping environment is one that is cool, dark and quiet.

However, some say that is easier for parents to check on a baby when there is soft light in the room. Some say that a baby has more calming sleep with a night light that is one. Having a dim light on in the baby’s room allows him also to get visual stimulation while dropping off.

Why Should You Get a Night Light for Your Baby?

A BABY lying on the bed with a nigh light there
  • Firstly, if you have a small child and you are entering their room to feed them – you naturally need to see where you are going so you don’t bump into things and even give the baby a fright.
  • Secondly, a night light is useful for little one who might be a bit older than 2 or so and they have started to become frightened for some reason and the presence of a dim light might help with comforting them in the dark. Tiny little babies aren’t scared of the dark at night, so it wouldn’t affect them if you were to have a pitch dark room with the door close – they wouldn’t mind. The bet night light to choose would be a reddish night light. Why? Because the blue lights are the ones that affect the brain to actually inhibit melatonin secretion. And you wouldn’t want to inhibit that in your child. You will want a light that can light up red and which don’t get piping hot, ones that can plug in at the wall. Orange and red are the best colors because these are the colors that are to be found in nature, like the sunrise and sunset. So basically around the age of two upwards is a good enough time to introduce a light if you notice that your little girl or boy is starting to get scared in the dark. There are some parents who opt for leaving lights on that are outside their child’s room and then leaving the door slightly ajar. This can be an effective method of providing a light source through the night, but it will use up more electricity than what the standard little nightlife in the child’s bedroom will supply.

Feature Lights are Great for Little Ones As They Enter Dreamland

baby is sleeping with featured night light

How your little boy will love going to sleep with a superstar like Spiderman watching over his room at night. These lights usually have plugs that plug right in at the wall and the light fixture stays cool even when the light has been on for quite some time. Often these lights have automatic shut-off buttons too. If Spiderman is not the one, then there will be Batman, or the Avengers, or Ironman with gentle enough lighting to soothe little boys and girls, too, off to sleep.

You will also find fantastic lights for little girls, many of them are themed characters like a unicorn light for instance, doing an excellent job of allowing a little girl to nod off into dreamland with her ‘magical unicorn’ or whichever light you have bought, to beckon her to dreamland. These lights create such a fascination for little ones, often they just drift off to sleep glad their ‘friendly’ light is with them.

Should You Use a Baby Night Light?

baby girl reading on the bed with the night light

Getting little ones to bed can often turn into a hectic task for parents because some children are scared of the dark and this can turn into a stressful time, even frightening.  And instead of children going off happily to dreamland, some lie in bed for hours worrying about bogeymen in dark corners or under the bed. Parents often spend tired hours comforting and staying up for their children’s benefit.  With such exciting, colorful, dreamy lights to offer children, night times can become something to look forward to, to invite them into the dreamland where sheer pleasures and fun with other dreamland children await!

Some lights even have other features such as thermometers which tell you what the room temperature is, some have musical boxes, soft and gentle to soothe baby off to sleep – some come with handles so that the baby can carry his or her light around. But don’t be swayed by all the extra trimmings when you don’t need them or won’t use them and which will just cost you extra. Parents usually will know exactly what their little boy or girl needs.

See the light, and get a baby light for your child, for peaceful nights.


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