Top 5 Reasons to Wear a Postpartum Corset


Ask any mom if she ever thought she would need to wear a corset after giving birth and her answer will probably be a big “No”. It is true that most women in the U.S. are not familiar with the traditions and benefits of postpartum binding. These women usually do not plan on wearing a postpartum corset — but in reality, many women do not realize how much they will need a postpartum corset until they wear one and feel a million times better and stronger.

The fact is new moms need a real support system after giving birth — from help with holding and caring for the baby so she can take a much-needed shower, to finding a garment that she can wear to heal her stretched and delicate postpartum belly. When it comes to support for healing after giving birth — women know that wearing a postpartum corset is a must. For generations, women from around the world have passed down the tradition of binding their bellies after giving birth. This common practice uses compression to help women feel stronger, increase their range of motion and give them a boost in confidence as they handle their new lives as moms. But why do postpartum corsets help so much? And with so many choices out there, how do women know how to choose the right one?

Why I Have to Wear a Postpartum Corset?

1. Postpartum corsets are designed for moms

Postpartum corsets are designed to be worn specifically by women who are recovering after giving birth via c-section or via vaginal birth. These postpartum corsets are generally enhanced with medical-grade features which accommodate the sensitive body of a woman who has recently given birth. Every fabric panel, stitch and corset closure is carefully designed to ensure moms have maximum comfort while wearing their corset, maximum endurance while caring for their baby and much-needed strength while living their normal day-to-day lives.

2. Medical-grade compression is key

Corsets crafted with medical-grade fabric* are the most obvious choice for women looking for serious support and healing. Medical-grade corsets are made to maintain their elasticity while firmly supporting a woman’s body and will endure long-term wear and keep up with high activity of busy moms. Medical-grade corsets are carefully made with hypoallergenic, breathable compression fabric which ensures that women will not experience any issues pertaining to their skin. For maximum comfort and to ensure that tension is distributed evenly through their entire core, choose a corset with 360 degrees of reinforced panels.

3. Helps heal abdominal muscle separation

Postpartum corsets help support and close the abdominal gap that women experience when they are diagnosed with diastasis recti (abdominal muscle separation). Diastais Recti is a common condition experienced by women during pregnancy. Abdominal muscles naturally stretch or separate during pregnancy, however, there are times when the abdominal separation is significant and the muscles do not retract to their original position naturally. This abdominal gap can range from a half inch to several inches which can significantly limit movement and cause serious discomfort to women while doing any task that involves engaging the abdomen. Wearing a postpartum corset helps ensure that the diastasis condition doesn’t worsen by keeping the abdomen tight, secured and evenly supported. Women with diastasis recti who wear postpartum corsets are able to increase their range of motion and perform all their essential mom-duties without pain and discomfort. Women with diastasis who wear postpartum corsets also mention that they saw a significant improvement and noticed that their abdominal separation is alleviated or fully healed after wearing the postpartum corset consistently for some time.

4.360-degree support, not just your belly

Postpartum corsets give full, 360-degree coverage to support your belly, back and groin areas together. This all-around support is more comfortable and helps diminish the effects of postpartum back pain, postpartum cramps and gives women the feeling of added strength on their core. This strength allows women to properly care for themselves and their new baby without feeling weakness in their entire core. Having full, 360-degree coverage also helps women wear clothes that normally would not fit right after giving birth. Those jeans that cannot be buttoned due to the postpartum jelly belly, will definitely be buttoned when a postpartum corset it was worn to stabilize and tighten the belly área.

5.Easy-to-use sizing tool to choose your corset

wear a postpartum corset

Purchasing a postpartum corset online should be stress-free. Many websites offer complicated size charts while others just show their sizes and women are left to figure it out in a stressful guessing game. Brands like Bellefit Maternity understands the importance of a simple sizing experience and offer women Easy-to-Use Sizing Tool** on the Bellefit website. In just a few minutes women can enter a few simple details about themselves and follow the prompts to choose the correct size & style corset.

Every woman’s pregnancy and recovery is unique and there are times when a woman will try several brands and sizes before she finds the postpartum corset that works for her specific body shape and her specific needs. These top 5 reasons to wear a postpartum corset should be used as a practical guide to making the best selection when it comes to choosing the best corset.

Women who wear a postpartum corset say that compared to previous postpartum recoveries without a corset, they saw results, recovered and fit into their pre-pregnancy clothes faster. Women not only enjoy the benefit of feeling better, but they also see a positive transformation in their postpartum body shape — which is crucial during a time when women need a boost of confidence as their bodies continue to change during their recovery. The best time to start wearing a postpartum corset? The good news is that Medical-grade postpartum corsets will give women results when worn anytime within the first year after giving birth. Whether women need a postpartum corset for support or to get back in shape, choosing the right one will make all the difference when it comes to results.

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