10 Positive Ways He Can Have Better Baby-Making Sperm


Even though you are the mother that would conceive and carry the child within a nine-month period, the expectant dad is duty bound to produce a healthy sperm because this would dictate if you could be heavy with a child in any way. Moreover, a healthy pregnancy is possible due to the strength and healthiness of the spermatozoa. A dad-to-be should learn various ways to have a better baby-making sperm in order to boost the vitality and vigor of his semen for healthy gestation.

How to Have a Healthy Sperm

Do you want to have a healthy child? Having a healthy sperm is the determinant factor for conceiving a healthy child, which is a good endowment from nature and what every mom prays for but this has become a nightmare in various homes due to the quality and condition of the sperm produced by the expecting father.  Most of the time, the fault is not the mother but the poor condition of the dad’s spermatozoa could be delaying conception. Let us look at the ways a dad can have a healthy sperm.

Consuming Prenatal Vitamins

Have Better Baby-Making Sperm

Are prenatal vitamins made for the consumption of a woman alone? Not at all, since the production of a healthy fetus is the responsibility of a man and a woman. According to Sherry Ross, M.D, Obstetrician, and Gynecologist, it is expedient that prenatal vitamins be prescribed for an expectant man too, as this will boost the production of spermatozoa making it be healthy, strong, and lively.

Zinc, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Selenium, Vitamin E are constituents of prenatal vitamins. The man can increase his low sperm counts and minimize the effects of birth defects with Selenium while Zinc will be useful in maintaining normal levels of testosterone.

Maintaining a Good Weight

Do you know that being overweight or underweight can destroy the sexual lifestyles of couples? Maintaining a good weight is necessary for having a high libido and enjoying an active sexual performance, especially for a man. Engaging in physical exercises regularly is one of the ways of keeping fit. Additionally, eating good meals comprising of dairy products, proteins, and grains can reduce the effects of weight problems on a man’s sexual activities.

Examining His Medications

Examining his medications is ideal to ensure your guy stays safe, healthy, and active for an enjoyable sexual intercourse and for a lively ejaculation. As you are planning for conception, endeavor to check all his medications with his doctor to ascertain if anyone will affect his libido negatively and consequently reduce the sperm count, thereby limiting your chances of having your baby.

Quitting Smoking Cigarettes

how to have healthy sperm

Quitting cigarettes smoking is not an easy affair despite the availability of e-cigarettes intended to cut down or prevent people from smoking. However, he can boost the condition of his gametes by quitting this habit. Experts have stressed the fact that cigarette smoking can cause low sperm count and inactive cells as well.

In that same vein, Lisa Mazullo had reiterated that hard drugs like marijuana, cocaine, and other illicit drugs could damage male reproductive cells making expectant moms experience miscarriages.

Adding Folic Acid to Diets

Folic acids are important for dads-to-be and not just for expectant moms alone. Experts from the University of California said that adding this ingredient to his diets is a way of increasing and maintaining normal levels of chromosomes in his sperm cells. Research has proved that semen containing abnormal chromosomes can fertilize the ovaries but there will be birth defects and miscarriages.

Folic acids could be gotten from whole grains, green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, cereals, beans, and other foods enriched with folate. However, the man does not have to be ingesting folic acid tablets but these fruits and vegetables can help him in this situation.

Avoiding Chemicals and Toxic Substances

how to have better quality sperm

Does his job expose him to chemicals and toxic substances? This is a precarious situation for his reproductive cells if his job exposes him to chemicals and toxic substances on a regular basis. Experts have suggested that this will definitely take a toll on the quantity and quality of his spermatozoa production.

Nevertheless, your guy will not be jobless, proper exposure to ventilation sources and wearing of protective gears such as face masks and other safety equipment can keep his semen virile and healthy for a better baby-making sperm.

Taking Less Caffeinated Products

Caffeinated products include chocolate, coffee, energy drinks, and tea. According to research, there would be a reduction in the production and concentration of male gametes if men always consume more caffeine and soda.

Enjoying a Cool Shower

ways to have better sperm

Have you ever wondered why the testicles of a man usually bulge outwards from his body? Most of the time, sperm production needs to be done at a cooler temperature but a man’s body temperature is usually very hot. Therefore, the testicles come outside to maintain coolness in order to be very productive, especially during a very warm weather.

According to Dr. Mazullo, regular visits to steam rooms, hot tubs, and saunas should be reduced to at least two times in a week. On that same note, Dr. Kavic surmised that the use of laptops on the laps increases the risks of genital warming that might lead to low sperm production and sterility in men too.  Laptops cooling pads are recommended for the laptops or preferably placing it on a desk to protect the male reproductive cells from undue damages.

Keeping Fit by Visiting the Gym

Keeping fit helps him in making better and healthier ejaculation. He can reduce abnormal semen concentration by engaging in workouts and other gymnastics capable of relieving him of stress and improving his sleeping habits and relaxation. Research has shown that stress can boost the production of abnormal sperm leading to the malformation of the embryo in the womb or other birth defects.

Consulting His Healthcare Provider

ways to have better sperm

He can check his fertility status by consulting his healthcare provider even before he starts planning to have a baby. During this consultation, the doctor will check for any genetic disorders, history of sterility in the family, body max index, habits and lifestyles, drugs and other medications that may prevent conception. After this visit, drugs and vaccines would be prescribed for the treatment of any diagnosed infection that could affect pregnancy.

Sleeping and Eating Well

Getting enough sleep and eating well are the two keys to having a better baby-making sperm. The consumption of fast foods and other processed and packaged foods increase the risk of having inflammations in the body. Junk foods drain vital nutrients from the body, which would have been useful in the formation of healthy sperm cells.

Furthermore, the consumption of nuts such as almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, mushrooms, and herbs such as turmeric, rosemary, resveratrol, green tea, and American ginseng is recommended too.

Using Sunscreen and other Body Care Products

Sunscreen and other body care products such as BP-2 and 4OH-BP contain two UV filters that have the potentials of reducing a man’s sperm counts. Men are advised to cool the effects of UV filters after being in the sun during the day by showering and minimizing the impacts of these body care products on his body.

Limiting Your Consumption of Alcohol

Dad-to-be should limit his consumption of alcohol for at least two times a day because most men are not sexually active when they are drunk. Sperm production could be improved and abnormalities reduced by lowering the rate of consumption of alcoholic products.

Let us critically analyze the effects of alcoholism on the gestation period.

Does Alcohol Affect Sperm When Trying to Get Pregnant

Have Better Baby-Making Sperm

Research has proved that alcohol consumption is detrimental to the production of healthy sperm because it affects the cells producing the male gametes. In addition, it affects the pituitary gland and hypothalamus in the brain responsible for the production of testosterone, the male hormone needed for fertility.

Another study has confirmed that excessive drinking can affect the testicles causing a shriveling and shrinking of this important organ necessary for testosterone production. In other words, the sperm count will be affected leading to a reduction in the quality and quantity of semen being produced during intercourse and consequently, the inability to fertilize the ovaries and produce a healthy pregnancy.

Moreover, he can maintain an average of five units of alcoholic drinks per week as this will have minimal effects on sperm production and conception ultimately. Every couple should note that the development and maturation of spermatozoa take about seventy-five days, which is approximately two to three months. Therefore, in the cases of subpar sperm production, which is a situation where the semen has short telomeres signifying DNA damages, leading to poor insemination or fertilization processes and the possibility of miscarriages and birth defects. The man can resort to using Chinese medicines or acupuncture to improve the quality of his spermatozoa production in order to have a strong and healthy sperm.

How to Make Sperm Stronger

All over the world, the issues of infertility is nagging most couples and this could be due to low sperm count, poor sperm quality and morphology, low sperm motility and many more factors affecting the production of the male reproductive cells. Let us learn how the dad-to-be can make his sperm stronger.

Allow Mild Temperature for Your Testicles

Do you know that much heat can affect the sperm? Experts have stressed the reason why the testicles are put in the scrotal sac outside the body. This is to prevent it from being damaged by hot body temperature. It is advisable for your guy to always put on breathable undergarments and pants that can keep the organ safe from being heated up. The testicles need to be in a condition that is two degrees cooler than your body temperature.

Keep the Laptop Away from Your Laps  

The laptop is one of the gadgets producing electromagnetic radiation; therefore, he should not always keep the laptop on his laps while working. The thermal heat emitting from the laptop can harm the testicles damaging the spermatozoa in the process.

Consuming Nuts and Pumpkin Seeds

ways to have strong sperm

During each ejaculation, men tend to lose zinc from their body systems, which could be evidenced by white lines on the fingernails. Consuming pumpkin seeds will help to restore zinc deficiency in the body while nuts such as Brazilian nuts are suitable for replenishing Selenium deficiency in the body and it is vital in the formation of a better baby-making sperm.

Drinking Fresh Fruits and Green Vegetables Juice

He can improve the quality of his sperm by blending and drinking a glass of juice made with a handful of frozen berries, a banana, an apple, organic lemon, and a handful of baby spinach.

Remove All Gadgets Emitting Electro Magnetic Radiation from Your Body

Unlike females, men do not have handbags or purses to put their phones due to the issues of EM radiations. He can get bags meant for men or those iPod arm sleeves for sports and carry it around. Removing away from your body all gadgets capable of emitting EM radiations is ideal to help you have a healthy sperm.

Regulating Your Metabolism through Exercises

how to have strong sperm

Exercising is one of the best ways of keeping fit by boosting your metabolic processes and enhancing your immune systems. Consequently, it will improve your blood circulation necessary to enhance a better, stiffer, and more durable penile erections.

Moreover, studies have expressed the importance of regulating your metabolism through exercises as a good method of improving your mood. During this process, there is an increase in your testosterone levels by the actions of endorphins released by the body after workouts making you produce stronger sperm suitable for pregnancy. Engaging in workouts will enhance the release of toxins out of the body systems through sweat and he will have a refreshing relaxation and good sleep.

Get EM Shields for Resistance

Another great way to develop and maintain a strong sperm is by getting electromagnetic shields for resistance against EM radiations. This device will protect him from the effects of thermic heat emissions from his phones and laptops as the case may be.

Other Ways to Make His Sperm Healthy

Most of the time, a man’s sperm laboratory analysis may be good and positive but he may not still be able to impregnate a woman due to various factors such as consumption of unhealthy diets, smoking, and other bad habits.

According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the main causes of infertility issues in marriages are tied to the health of the man. The reason is that if the man is healthy, he can produce virile ejaculation necessary for a healthy pregnancy. Let us analyze other ways through which you can make a sperm healthy.

Ingesting Amino Acids

The consumption of amino acids is necessary to make a healthy sperm. Examples of amino acids are l-arginine and l-carnitine, which are necessary to influence the production of healthy male gametes. These amino acids could be found in forms of capsules. However, consult with your physician to know the proper dosage you can consume.

Consuming more Herbs

how to have strong sperm

Experts have proved that some herbs can make your sperm to be healthy. Some of these herbs include green tea, resveratrol, saw palmetto, American ginseng, turmeric, and rosemary. Another good herb is Tribulus known for its capability of improving the performance of the testosterone. It can also enhance his sperm count and increase the motility of the sperm significantly.

You Can Have a Healthy Baby

Having a healthy sperm that can develop into a vigorous baby does not happen by chance because there are several factors posing as threats towards the actualization of that dream. The expectant couples must cautiously plan for it by the choice of foods and drinks the dad consumes, assessing his lifestyles and habits, and his ability to take good care of his body after every day’s tasks. These things can affect the quality and quantity of his sperm production. However, if you can have a mutual agreement with your guy and collaborate together, you can have a healthy baby.


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