4 Causes of Watery Period – What Should You Do?


When it comes to period talk, length and regularity are often the center of the conversation. But what about the consistency of your period? No, I’m not talking about the regularity of your period. I’m talking about the texture and thickness of the blood.

For some women, their normal period suddenly turns into a watery mess. What causes this change in consistency, and are there any treatment options available?

causes for watery period

What Is a Watery Period?

Watery period blood is exactly what it sounds like – blood that’s light in color and very fluid in consistency.

Women who experience this will often find that they soak their sanitary pads quickly, and in most cases, there are no clots in the blood. Leaking may also be a problem.

Simply put, the blood looks like it’s been diluted in water.

4 Causes for Watery Periods

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What does watery period blood mean?

There are many things that can make your period thinner or lighter than usual. Some of those causes are nothing to be concerned about, while other causes require medical treatment.

1. Post-Pregnancy Periods

If you’ve recently given birth, your period may be unpredictable and “abnormal” for the first few months. It’s common for periods to be lighter, or more fluid than normal as your body recovers from the pregnancy and delivery.

Still, if your period is wonky after giving birth, talk to your doctor to make sure there’s no underlying medical condition to blame.

2. Lighter Period

In some cases, a watery period is nothing to be concerned about, and it may just be a lighter cycle for you.

Thin, bright red blood period blood is new blood that’s been properly prevented from clotting. Sometimes, fresh blood is so light and thin that when it mixes with cervical discharge, it can look like you’re having a watery period.

If you’ve just started menstruating, your cycle may just be lighter than normal. Every woman and every cycle is different.

3. Pregnancy

If you’re asking yourself “why is my period watery?” pregnancy may not be the first answer that comes to mind. Isn’t your period supposed to stop when you’re pregnant?Ultrasound photo and pregnancy test on wooden background

Yes, but light spotting is common very early in a pregnancy.

Many women also experience clear vaginal discharge during pregnancy. If the discharge mixes with blood from spotting, it may seem like you’re having a watery period.

Spotting early on in a pregnancy can be caused by:

  • Implantation – When the fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterine wall.
  • Irritation in the Cervix – Caused by a vaginal exam or sex.

A pregnancy test can confirm whether you’re having a watery period, or if your symptoms are a sign of early pregnancy.

If the bleeding continues for more than a day, it’s likely your period and not a pregnancy symptom. If you have confirmed a pregnancy and the bleeding continues, see your doctor right away to find the cause of the bleeding.

4. Labor SignsPregnant woman in labor room with doctor and nurse

If you’re pregnant and experiencing a watery period just days or weeks before your due date, it may be a sign that you’re about to go into labor.

Many women experience a short, watery period when the mucus plug comes out just before labor begins. In some cases, the mucus plug fluid can mix with amniotic fluid or leucorrhea, and give the appearance of a watery period.

This watery discharge will only last a few minutes or hours – not the full length of a typical period.

If you’re in the later stages of your pregnancy and you’re experiencing a thin, watery period, call your doctor to find out if your symptoms are a sign of labor.

When to See a Doctor for Watery Period

If you experience any of the following symptoms, see your doctor right away:

2 Watery Period Treatment Options

So, your period is more watery than normal – now what? First, see your doctor to find out what’s causing the change in the blood’s consistency. Your doctor will be able to prescribe or recommend treatments to help restore your period to its normal consistency.

1. Pregnancy TestClose up of one couple's hands with pregnancy test

A watery period can be an early sign of pregnancy. If there’s a chance you might be pregnant, getting tested can help determine whether this is the cause.

Remember, pregnancy tests are only accurate after a missed period, so you may have to wait a day or two to get tested.

There are many at-home pregnancy tests available online and in drug stores. These tests check your urine for HCG, a hormone that is only present in the body during pregnancy. While not as accurate as a blood test, urine tests are the go-to method in both doctors’ offices and at-home testing environments.

There are three main types of tests:

  • Strips: Testing strips are inexpensive, and most boxes include dozens of tests. Unlike a conventional test, strips are dipped into a cup of urine to check HCG levels. We like Easy@Home because the strips are easy to use and highly accurate.
  • Early Tests: Conventional tests require you to wait until after your missed period to test, but early tests can detect HCG levels days before your missed period. First Response is one of the most trusted early pregnancy test brands.
  • Conventional Tests: Of course, you’ll also find conventional pregnancy tests in most drug stores and online. Most kits come with three tests, and are available at affordable prices. We like Clearblue because the results are easy to read. Instead of lines, the results display as “pregnant” or “not pregnant.”

2. A Healthy, Balanced DietBalanced diet,healthy food on wooden table

A hormone imbalance may cause a watery period. Along with conventional doctor-recommended treatments, consuming a healthy, balanced diet can help restore your body’s natural balance.

Here are a few tips:

  • Eat healthy food, like avocados, olive oil and coconut oil.
  • Make sure you’re getting enough Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Improve your gut health with a probiotic and fermented foods.
  • Stick with whole, natural foods, and ditch processed foods.

Along with changing your diet, regular exercise, reducing stress and getting enough sleep can help restore your body’s natural hormonal balance.


  1. I had my period 26 of February and stop on 1of march and now period came on 23 of march could be normal one or its pregnant?

    • I checked the calendar with the information you provided, and you had a 26 day cycle between both periods. If that’s basically normal for you, then you should be fine. If you still have any concerns then I would recommend making an appointment to see your gynecologist just to be safe

    • It’s normal!!! Sometimes wen ur period ends in d beginning of a new month it starts at d ending of dat same month and vice versa depending on ur cycle especially if it’s 22 to 26 days

    • Comment: pls I have my period on November 27_29 , so I was thinking I should have another. but my period was coming like small on December 23_ still January 5, like lf some want to start period. I don’t understand pls me. I check my pergency test. but not positive.
      n I want to be pergency

  2. I started taking injection birth control about a year ago and ever since I’m on period. If I stop it’s only for a day or 2. Went back to tell the sister she said it will stop when the injection has sinked in my body but now I’m worried, even considering stopping what can I do?

  3. I’m quite confused on my period cycle. The last time it ended was 19 days ago and now I’m having another one. But this time however my menstrual blood is slightly pink as it absorbed by my pantiliner. It is not overflowing though, just some small amounts. But when I changed into a pad, nothing happens. No red blood, just some slight yellow. Was it a menstrual blood or something else happened?

    • Celestial – if you had intercourse 14 days ago you may want to take a pregnancy test. There’s two weeks between ovulation and implantation and implantation spotting is usually pink or brown and quite light. Wouldn’t soak a maxipad. Might not be the cause but would be good to know/rule it out. Good luck!

  4. I’m in the middle of my latest period. It’s been watery and bright red no clotting at all and no smell and only 1 and a half days of cramping. . Haven’t been on birth control since I had my first kid.
    My fiance and I were pregnant 2 months ago but I miscarried. I have no idea what to think or do.

  5. My breast are in pin from 14 may until now and my period have watary when I do pregnancy test it shows 1 line I don’t no what is the coz

  6. Last period was between 9 to 11th every month but i miss my period this month on july.. but as today 25th July 2017 im having like blood watery, what is that mean? Do i pregnant or i having my period but its just late? Do i need to see a doctor? Please advice as i first time having it.

  7. I would like to ask what makes menstruate 4 half a day stop nd start another day or menstruate for 1 day and stop

  8. I’ve never been regular but when I would get my period its either clotted or last for months but now I’m running like water sear ng tampons and pads neither are helping me also have had cramps but these are so bad I can barely get out of bed

  9. Hi my last period was on june25 2017 n thn july i ddnt see my period and then this august on the 10,11 and 12th i started seeing just drops of red watery blood whats going on wth me plz hlp

  10. Ok i have question i just strat my period today wit watery and camps really but as far i knw i cant be pregnant cuz got my tube tied so wht cause to have period watery?

  11. Hi please I have a very urgent question I had period signs then they went away then I get my period and it’s not as heavy as it usually is… Just very light.. Please reply

  12. Hi please I have an urgent question I had period signs then they went away then I got my period it is really really lighter than before I took a Home pregnancy test it is showing one line which means negative. And now am really worried

  13. So, I’ve been on the anticonceptive shot for several months now, and I’ve been very accurate in the days I’ve had it, tops one day late i get the shot. And in the last let’s say 4 periods, my period has been quite watery and I haven’t got a single cramp and super light flow when I used to have super heavy flow. On top of that I’ve also replaced tampons with the menstrual cup. So I don’t know if I should be worried about the watery period and very few cloths

  14. I exercise everyday and I work a lot and I have at very heavy for almost a month now and this month my period is very watery I never had this happen before and I hope it’s nothing seriously wrong.

  15. I want to ask I have my periods on 8 October now I have started again 25 october .It is watery having clot’s having a back pain I don’t. Understand


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