How to Wash Baby Clothes? Things Every Mom Should Know


Babies are completely a different ball game when it comes to washing their precious little clothes. So that means before putting clothes on that squirming little bundle of pleasure to turn him into looking like a little prince or princess, all the sleeper, and fun outfits, and even little bootees need to be run through the laundry first. New-born babies, particularly, have super-sensitive skin and when you wash everything that belongs to your new-born and toddler; you get rid of all the irritants and residues that are in the fabrics.

You need to read what the label on the garment says about washing. Sleepwear for children should be flame-resistant and you should not use any bleaches on the flame-resistant fabrics – it will just reduce the effectiveness of the chemicals and also can ruin the fabrics. So follow the instructions on how to wash certain baby fabrics.

Tips to Try When Washing Baby Clothes

Some tips can make the whole process of washing Baby’s clothes easier.

  • The baby’s socks and all the other small items can be placed in a mesh bag while they are being washed and even dried. The mesh bag helps to contain all those little things.
  • It is a good idea also to fasten all the baby fabrics that have fasteners etc. in order to save them from possible damage. When you fold the clothes away, check that all those buttons, fasteners, and embellishments are still intact and aren’t loose or frayed etc. These things can all irritate a baby’s skin or hook on his or her little toes and fingers.
  • Many parents feel that they need to find only the best when it comes to detergents to wash the baby’s clothes in. The health experts say though, that it is not altogether necessary, and that the baby’s clothes can be washed using the same liquid detergent as the rest of the family. As long as the baby doesn’t have allergies and problems with his or her skin. Liquid detergents rinse out more easily than the powders do, which are known to sometimes leave flakes behind in the washing. If you are worried about using a regular detergent, try washing just a couple of the baby’s clothes and take note of when the baby wears it, if it seems to irritate them or not. Another solution can also be to double-rinse the baby’s clothes. Otherwise, you can use the baby laundry detergents until the baby is at least over a year.

How to Treat Baby Clothes Stains

Try and treat stains while they are still fresh, ensuring that much of the stain is removed before you launder.  For most stains, even poop stains, you can soak the stain in cool water that you have added a product that has enzymes in it. If that doesn’t do the trick, try out the all-purpose stain removers and launder the baby’s clothes like normal. If it’s a urine stain, dilute a tablespoon of ammonia into a cup of water, using this to treat the diapers or clothing. Dab the mixture to a small area on a colored fabric first to check that the garment keeps its color. Then use a stain-removing product and wash normally.  Never mix things like bleaches with ammonia or vinegar as they can create toxic fumes which can be dangerous around your family.

We all know too, that even though babies are small, with all their accidents, the spit-ups, all the messing in their diapers, a baby can certainly need to be changed few times in a day. This can amount to quite a lot of extra laundry.

Hand Wash or Machine Wash?

baby clothes washing by hands

If you want to wash your baby’s clothes by hand, you need to really give attention to the rinsing – not a trace of soap must remain behind on the garments. If the baby’s clothes have special little things on like embroidery or lace, these should always be hand-washed.

If you do decide to machine wash the baby’s clothes, then it is best to use the “delicate wash” cycle and maybe if your machine has it, the “double soak” button.  You could use just the common laundry detergents to wash the clothes, but exceptions should be made if you know that your child has allergies.

Parents always wonder about how often they should wash their little child’s clothing, but we all know that baby and toddler clothes can get dirty pretty quickly. It is suggested that in order to avoid using abrasive and toxic chemicals to try and get stains out, you need to wash the clothes as soon as they have been soiled. Bedding needs to be washed after about 2 weeks and towels can be used about three times or so. Following these tips will prevent skin disorders and allergies. You can never take enough care with your baby’s health.

Take Care of Washing Your Baby’s Clothes

Even if you do receive baby hand-me-downs from friends and family, wash them before your baby wears them. A baby’s skin needs time to toughen. You take care to keep your baby clean in a clean environment, with clean utensils for his food and drinks and naturally you would be very disappointed if he or she got an infection from clothes that were not clean, right? Come clean with your baby and follow the right ways to launder his clothes and his baby things, for goodness sake!


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