10 Amazing Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Loved One


Chocolates, flowers, and cards are great for Valentine’s, but you will want to be more enchanting by adding something else more unique, exciting and unexpected. Getting that ‘wow’ gift does not have to be so hard.

Before we give you some ideas, here are some key rules to follow.

  • It does not always have to be material things; sometimes, go for experiences
  • Add some hands-on touch by handmaking the gift or ordering customized ones
  • Give gifts to the person that your loved one is, not for the person that you wish them to be
  • You must have heard this a million times, but allow us to repeat it- do not spend on what you cannot afford. It’s all about the thought and not the amount.
  • Be sure to wrap the gift properly; looks always matter.

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Amazed Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Hanging Air Plant Terrarium

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Air plants are stylish and quite an unexpected choice. They are long lasting, easy to maintain and the idea of an earthy and funky interior is quite noble. The terrarium ball cannot only be used for displaying air plants, sand, and moss but also for tea light and votive candles for a special night. When arranged on the wall or from the roof, it also illuminates light to enhance the appearance of any room or garden.

2. Personalized Bouquet

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

The old tradition of flowers is never going to fade away, but that does not mean that you should conform to the age-old tradition. Instead of getting an everyday plain bouquet of flowers, consider personalizing the ribbon or vase. Add your spin also by sneaking in unanticipated items like feathers, dried vines, a customized floral note card or a customized mug as a vase.

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3. Gourmet Chocolate

Valentine’s Day Gift

It is said that “there is nothing better than a lover unless it is a lover with chocolate.” You will thus not go wrong with chocolate. Add a personal touch by ordering customization of the wrapping or the bars themselves.

4. Hand-painted Mug

All you need for this gift is a pair of mugs, a glass paint maker, and an oven- you will then be ready for the best Valentine’s Day surprise. It you are not artistic, do not be worked up, there are so many printable templates online. Once you print the template, begin by cutting out the preferred design then trace it on the mugs with a pencil. With your glass paint maker, color the images for appealing results. Let the painting rest for eight hours then put in the oven at 3500F for 15 minutes, and the mugs will be ready for use.

Here is a video of how to do it.

How about on one mug you paint Cupid’s arrow and the other, a heart that has been struck by the arrow?

5. Designer Leather Wallet

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the lover

For a lady, the gifts are easy to pick, but for him, you will do with a little mind-boggling. It is nearly impossible to get it wrong with a well-made quality wallet. It is a personal item that literally holds your man’s identity and speaks volumes about who he is as a person. Choose genuine, long-lasting leather with smooth finishes and pockets large enough for cards. For a touch of flair, personalize it with his initials, and in one of the pockets, sneak in a hand-written love note. You may have to pay a little more for a perfect wallet, but we promise that you will be totally sold.

6. To My Heart Key Set

Valentine’s Day Ideas for her

For a young couple, how about letting your partner know that they have full access to the deepest chambers of your heart? One part of a heart key set carries the heart while the other has the key. You can also engrave initials or romantic words to give a deeper meaning. It is not only unique but also an expression of love and promise.

7. Pillows and Cushions

Pillows and cushions are adorable, and you can make them by yourself. You can finish off with love hearts, quotes for Valentine’s Day or simply add glittering fabric jewels. Do not confine yourself to red color, as there are so many other bright colors that you can consider. Make it so beautiful that your partner will not hesitate to display it in the living room or lounge for everybody to see.

Check out this video on how to make heart cushions.


8. Photo Collage

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

A photo collage may be a bit predictable, but the emotions that it can elicit are all worth a try. Creating a photo collage is quite easy. All you need is to print out your favorite photos and arrange them nicely on a photo frame.

9. Jewellery

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for your lover

Jewellery is classic for a simple reason- it is generally small, pretty and simply special. If it is the first gift that you are giving her, we highly recommend a jewel. It does not have to diamonds and gold if you are not ready for such yet.

A necklace is a perfect choice for any Valentine’s Day situation. If you are planning to propose to her, a promise ring is an excellent pick too. If she is the romantic type, engrave the words ‘I Love You’ on the jewel of your choice.

10. Experiences

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Sometimes, satisfaction comes from the intrinsic value of moment to moment experiences. The overall satisfaction from material things goes down with time but experiences last longer. Do you remember what your parents gave you for your tenth birthday? Probably not. However, we bet that you recall each time they drove you for a holiday or accompanied you to matches. So, this Valentine’s, why not consider surprising your loved one with an unanticipated experience? For instance, if he or she is coming to see you from far, when you pick them at the airport or bus station, instead of going home, drive to a romantic or adventurous location.

Remember, when choosing a gift, you will not be picking it for “people” but rather for that person that you love and care about. That person has got real interests and passions. They do not care about how much you spend, but if you give from your heart.


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